Special Easter Bonus Questline…and FREE DONUTS

Happy Easter Tappers!

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a fun little questline from EA today.  Who doesn’t love a good Easter Egg hunt?

So here’s the deal…you solve the 3 Easter clues and find all the eggs and you’ll win FREE Donuts, who doesn’t love free donuts?!

We’ll break down the clues and steps for you below the fold…but know that things get started with Bunny 24601.  If you don’t have Bunny 24601 from last Easter you will be awarded it for free!

Bunny 24601


So now let’s take a look at this egg hunt and just what you’ll need to do to get those free donuts..

The first part should autostart for you…again you’ll need Bunny 24601, so if you don’t have it you’ll be awarded it for free.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find Easter Eggs, 3 times.  Sounds simple enough right?

Here’s the list of clues:

remember Bunny24601 starts each one..

Build Easter Fences- x5.  Go to the store and purchase and place 5 Easter Fences. 

REWARD: 5 donuts

Make Lisa Do an Easter Egg Hunt- 45s

REWARD: 5 donuts

Tap the Easter Float- x5.  If you have one in your town already that should work, or place a new one from the store and tap on it 5 times.  

REWARD: 10 donuts


And that’s it for this fun little Easter Egg hunt!

What are your thoughts on the Easter Egg Hunt?  Excited about the free donuts?  What are you doing for Easter today?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

149 responses to “Special Easter Bonus Questline…and FREE DONUTS

  1. So what’s the ‘new’ thing the tag keeps giving me ?
    anyone any ideas ?

  2. So after reading the comments here on the fantastic new mystery box possibilities i went a liitle crazy, and being loco paid off!! i spent 36 donuts but got the Tire Fire, Lard Lad Donuts, the Blue Haired Lawyer, the News Van…. twice, Itchy and Scratchy Billboard, and an extra bomb shelter… Whoo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Thanks you guys!!!!!!!!!

  3. You know today’s gonna be a good day when you get a free character, get 20 free donuts, and open LARD LAD Donuts from a free mystery box.

  4. Ok I am thankful thrilled etc… all the amazing words in the book for the mini easter quest but….is that all? I was so pumped waiting for easter getting my neighbors in order. Will there be more easter quest or do I have to stop procrastinating my studies and go back to focusing?

  5. Had 50 donuts, read this thread and thought, go on then…1st prize, bomb shelter. Not too overjoyed, I’d bought one already! Played again, Lard Lad! WOW! Oh go on then, play again, I mean, I got most of my 50 donuts for free this w/e anyway. Third play? Channel six van, hmmmm, got one of them too….guess I had to play again…Blue Haired Lawyer! Splendid! One more for luck then….Wait for it…30 Donuts! WOW! I’m now back up to 50 again with ALL of these ‘freebies’! Thanks EA, you rock 🙂

  6. So logged in today to recieve my mystery box prize from the daily sign in and got blue haired lawyer from it, I am one happy tapper in the past few days I’ve received 30 donuts from the free Easter mystery box 20 from the mini quest line, I bought two mystery boxes one had Kearney and one had a billboard.

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