Level 51 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got ourselves an evening update in Springfield…
(Sorry this was a late..I was driving home from work.  Updates during rush hour = poor timing)

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Level 51 has arrived…and with it some ghosts of Simpsons past!

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Lisa kicks things off, with a quest to build a useless building.  No, not a Yoga Studio…Dr. Marvin Monroe’s Family Therapy Center!

The Therapy Center will cost you $1,200,000 and take 24hrs to build.

Back from the dentist.  Passed with flying colors…thrilled no cavities.  And now the finer details of Level 51….

We’ll be back with more in a little while.  I actually have a dentist appointment here in a few minutes, but I’ll try to get you the details just as soon as I can!

Again more details (images and finer details) coming after I get back from the dentist..but here’s the basics..


New Buildings

monroestherapycenterMonroe Family Therapy Center- $1,200,000.  24hr Build.  6×10 in size.  Comes with Dr. Marvin Monroe.

New Decorations

walkintherapystandWalk-In Therapy Stand- $50,000.  Instant Build.  Improves Consumerism.  Limited to 1 per Springfield.  5×5 in size.

New Character

unlock_drmarvinmonroeDr. Marvin Monroe- Comes with the Monroe Family Therapy Center


New Decorations

forgottengrave_menuForgotten Grave- 160 Donuts.  Instant Build.  Adds a 3.75% bonus on all cash and XP.  Comes with Frank Grimes.

monroetombstone_menuMarvin Monroe’s Tombstone- 40 Donuts.  Instant Build.  Adds 2% bonus on all cash and XP.

New Character

unlock_frankgrimesFrank Grimes- Comes with the Forgotten Grave.

A Note About Frank Grimes:

When you purchase the Forgotten Grave and place it in Springfield, you won’t instantly unlock Frank Grimes.  It’ll take a little bit of effort.  You’ll need to work through the questline in order to unlock him.


For Frank’s questline you’ll first need Homer free.  He’ll start the questline with a task.  Once that task is done you’ll then need to “dig at the grave”, that will take 2 hrs.  After that’s complete you’ll have to “dig harder”, this time it’ll take 6hrs. You’ll then have to “work fingers to the bone” at the grave, this one will take 12hrs.  With each step you’ll unlock a little more of Frank. At that point you’ll then unlock Frank.

Mr Teeny

I’ve got to explore the update a bit, but a few of you are commenting that with this update Mr. Teeny has gone missing.  Let us know in the comments below if he’s missing in your town too…

Update on Mr. Teeny: He’s not missing…he’s just now an NPC.  He no longer has a task in Springfield, so you’ll have to search your Springfield to find him wandering.

What are your thoughts on Level 51?  Are you excited about the character choices?  Where will you place the therapy center in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

392 responses to “Level 51 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Great new update! And thank you for the info on Mr Teeny – I was getting worried that my update download had gone wrong or I had a bug or something. Only problem with the update and actually every going on since Christmas: There really is not anymore land left!!! The storyline keeps me hooked, but the fun of building the city is ruined when new building have to be cramped into much too little space. Is land addition a great technical problem??? Thanks for any reply!

    • More land creates more issues with speed, lag and crashing. So they release it slowly. Land was just added with the Level 49 update so I anticipate it’ll be a while before they add more.

      • I agree it’s not as fun to win the cafeteria and monkey research lab and just find some corner to stick them in and then they can’t be seen. If they just got rid of Krustyland perhaps that would free up some space? I maybe go there once every other week when I remember it exists. Wouldn’t even come close to missing it

      • Thanks for commenting! I had already forgotten about the one-strip-of-land-addition with level 49 because it was so small and so needed. I see your point with more data slowing down the game, but I would think characters (with tasks) and buidings represented more data? Guess I’m just fixated on this point. I’m all for letting Krusty Land go as there is nothing left to do there, but new players will most likely feel differently.

        • Please get rid of Krustyland. My friend is always telling me my Krustyland is a mess and I should design it. I keep telling him I don’t care enough about it.

  2. CutterDriftwood1

    It be great idea for an update to make it possible to create dirt roads. Even better make it possible to place the cars on the roads! So many possibilities!

  3. Excited about today’s update, can’t wait to see how they roll out the rest of the terwilligers and mutants!!!

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