Something’s “Evil” Lurking….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So…I was in the process of writing up the Level 51 Conform-O-Meter post and I decided to pull the files once again, just be ensure nothing changed from last week…and what do I see?!  An event…sitting there, lurking in the files.

Version 4.14 is sitting there just waiting to hit our games.  This means…an app store update!  Look for it to hit our app stores (hopefully) later this afternoon…if not tomorrow.

While our policy is no spoilers…I can tell you EA’s sticking with the theme of older characters coming back (no not Herb, not yet anyway) and something “evil” is about to happen.  Any guesses on just what/who it might be?

Here’s a little hint…



Again…this is currently not live in our games just yet.  This is what we’re seeing in the game files.  So hopefully it’ll hit (and soon)…

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  1. I really wish EA would do a better job of letting us know that I need to go to the store to download the update. If i didn’t have this site, I’d still probably have christmas snow in my springfield. Plus now ive missed almost a whole day bc i don’t have email access at work.. I hope they consider this

    • Your app store doesn’t alert you when there’s updates to download? My always pops up on the status bar saying new updates available. And they’ll let you know in about a day that an update is required to continue.

      • No, it doesn’t. I’ll have to check settings I guess. I was getting notifications about the grimes addition in notification center but never an alert that an update was available

  2. I got excited until the game crashed 5 times on me.

  3. I always thought Sideshow Bob was wasted on his random appearances. I’m so glad they’re making him a real character. Here’s hoping they do the same with Maggie at some point!! I was actually hoping they’d do another Whacking Day event since I missed the first one, but this is much better!

  4. I was having a super boring afternoon before I checked the site! You guys ROCK!

  5. Argh – I have to wait until 6pm (end of work day) to be able to go in and update my iPad. Frustration! (But also, Antici……..pation! 🙂 )

  6. google play’s page for Simpsons has the update, but they don’t have the actual update yet.. *tries refreshing page over and over and over*

  7. Maybe they are following the stoy i wrote out for this site 🙂 Time for homer to go in witness programm 🙂

  8. Alive and crashing … Can’t start it After updating. 🙁

  9. This is sad.

    I’m so freaking excited about this update, my finger is shaking too much to click “Update”!

  10. …not patiently waiting for android…

    Hurry up google play store!

    • Update is live for me!
      Go to the TSTO app and click on it even if it doesn’t list as for update.
      I did that and it showed up ready for update now! 🙂

  11. yess!!! im done updating. Cecil is making amends. Excited!! Ooo, nice rainy day to cuddle with The Simpsons.

  12. quickly get the corn growing….just in case!!

  13. It’s here! The update just hit the iOS App Store!

  14. Just started updating 😊😊😊

    It’s a sideshow bob update, you get Cecil straight away and the whole family is in it as well as mutant GMOs

  16. What a nice surprise on my lunch break! It’s live!

  17. Update’s up.

  18. Ooohh…I just thought of something.

    Assuming that the whole event might be driven by SSB and associates, and assuming that their tasks might be a bit on the evil side, is there any chance that while Bob and his family are off doing all sorts of nasty things, our Righteousness ratings might in turn take a hit?

    Of course, this is all assuming it’s really a Sideshow Bob-based event.

    • I just saw SSB still walking around my neighbor’s city sooo… He’s not a playable character yet..

  19. Oh sounds like something wicked this way comes. Thanks for giving us thr heads up, will keep characters on short tasks. One things I like about this and your other site, you drop a nice little nugget of information rather than a post full of spoilers. Don’t ever change…..

  20. Im still waiting for the monorail we were ment to get last year? Or were we ment to forget?

    • It’s a slow process…we saw stonecutters and now sideshow Bob…could still be coming.

    • I’m so anti monorail! Why do you all want this so bad? We would have to rearrange our towns to get it to zip through it. That’s a lot of work! For so little thrill!

      • Plus the space that most of us do not have to spare. A monorail sounds like it would take up quite a bit of it. Unless its like the rollercoaster in Krustyland.

  21. Teaser, spoiler, whatever anyone wants to call it…I can’t wait!

    I’m just about through with Dr. Monroe and Level 51. I was gonna do a bit of housecleaning and re-org my town a bit, but I think I’d much rather tackle a new event.

    Guess it’s back to playing TSTO every 3-4 hours again!

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