Cecil Terwilliger Event Daily Tasks

Hey there Hoppereenos!

SIDESHOW EVENT IS IN THE GAME!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! This makes me SOOOOOOOOOooooo happy. You have no idea how happy. To phrase Alissa, “Bunny is gonna pee her pants!” Lol

Now… for the fun stuff. Very similar to the Daily Task Elf Tunnels from Christmas as well as a mix of the Daily Tasks for Number One in Stonecutters, looks like EA found something they like. CECIL’S DAILY TASKS.Cecil's Tasks

Just as in past Events. Each day you will have a limited amount of time to complete FOUR tasks to collect items you will need for the Event along with special surprises.

We of course will be here to help you out. So let’s get started.


This will vary each day. To start out today (4-14-15), the task times were as follows….


FYI, these are NOT the kind of tasks you have to finish each day for some extra prize on the last day of Event. These are only “Bonus” tasks to earn extra needed Materials for Event. You do NOT have to finish them everyday. So if you get them all… awesome. If not, see how your luck is the next day.



You can find them two different ways…

Cecil Terwilliger, by tapping on the Hard Hat Icon Bubble above his head. unlock_cecilindicator_terwilligers_ceciltask

Sideshow Bob Knife Trophy in the lower right of your game screen. This will take you to the Main Event Menu. Tap on the Cecil Terwilliger in a Hard Hat Icon and the Daily Tasks will show up for you.




Each day 4 Daily Tasks will be there for you to complete. Each task will ask you to send One Character from a specific Character Group to complete the Daily Task. You will NOT know what the next of the 4 tasks is until you complete the one before it. So you will have to go in order. What YOU see will vary from you neighbors. The main trick is to keep at least ONE of the Characters from each Character Group free to complete the task.

To find out WHO you have available for the task, just tap on “Do It”. 
Cecil's Tasks Do It


You will then be taken to a pop up screen (similar to Town Hall) but this will show only the Characters in your game in the Specific Character Group for the task. This one is Seniors. Just find one available and tap on “Go To” to start them on their task. (You may have to switch their skin if they are in the wrong one.)Cecil's Tasks Seniors


UPDATE: As many of you are asking, here is my picks of Characters to keep free to cover the Daily Tasks. Yours selection may vary, but this will give you an idea of how to have ONE Character cover multiple options. Choose YOURS depending on who you have unlocked in the game.  😉

Comic Book Guy WolfCastle Rod OR Todd Quimby Grandpa Abe
Brainiac X
Entreprenuer X
Celebrity X
Civil Servant X
Criminal X
Glutton X
High Roller X X
Dimwit X X
Youngster X
Kook X
Pessimist X X
Saint X
Senior X



The timer is set to YOUR time zone. It will end on YOUR time. For instance, I am writing this right now at 1:27PM and it is telling me I have 10hrs 33 mins left. So, I have til Midnight MY TIME to complete the tasks. So watch YOUR countdown to know how long YOU have to get them done.Cecil's Tasks Timer



These are the daily tasks. Some may NOT be available just yet, but you will see 4 Random ones selected for your game out of all of these options. Same with the Groups. WHO is chosen to send will also be Random.

Task Time Location Possible Group
Take Guided Volcano Lair Tour 1hr Volcano Lair Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ Glutton/ High Roller/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Saint/ Senior
Herd Plants 1hr Monsarno Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ High Roller/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Saint/ Senior
Collect Crop Samples 1hr Cletus’ Farm Brainiac/ Criminal/ Dimwit/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Senior
Donate to the Arts 1hr Springfield Opera House Entrepreneur/Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ High Roller/ Saint/ Senior


Task Time Location Possible Group
Pick Up Mysterious Parcel 2hrs Springfield Post Office Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ Glutton/ High Roller/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Saint/ Senior
Attempt Atomic Fission 2hrs Super Collider Brainiac
Watch an Action Flick 2hrs Aztec Theater Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ Glutton/ High Roller/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Saint/ Senior
Promote the Benefits of GMO 2hrs Channel 6 Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ High Roller
Taste Test GMO Foods 2hrs Krusty Burger Entrepreneur/ Criminal/ Glutton/ Youngster/ Pessimist/ Senior
Feed the Plants 2hrs Monsarno Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ High Roller/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Saint/ Senior


Task Time Location Possible Group
Clean Up the Brown House 4hrs Brown House Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ Glutton/ High Roller/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Saint/ Senior
Campaign for Deregulation 4hrs Town Hall Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ High Roller
Protect Intellectual Property 4hrs Monsarno Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Civil Servant/ Kook/ Pessimist
Reserve Seats 4hrs Springfield Opera House Celebrity/ High Roller/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Pessimist/ Saint/ Senior


Task Time Location Possible Group
Hide in Simpson Basement 6hrs Simpson House Celebrity/ Criminal/ Kook/ Pessimist
Milk A Cow 6hrs Cletus’ Farm Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ High Roller/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Saint/ Senior
Appear on a Chat Show 6hrs Channel 6 Brainiac/ Entrepreneur/ Celebrity/ Civil Servant/ Criminal/ High Roller
Complain to a Doctor 6hrs Springfield General Hospital Brainiac/ Glutton/ Kook/ Pessimist/ Senior
Plant Sterilized Seeds 6hrs Cletus’ Farm Entrepreneur/ Criminal/ Dimwit/ Kook/ Pessimist
Learn About the Benefits of GMO 6hrs Springfield Elementary Brainiac/ Dimwit/ Youngster/ Pessimist/ Senior



These are the Current Character Groups for the tasks. The Terwilligers will be added as they become available.







CIVIL SERVANTico_terwilligers_upgrade_civilservants CRIMINAL


Comic Book Guy Akira Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Fat Tony
Crazy Cat Lady Apu Arnie Pye Eddie Gino
Database Artie Ziff Booberella George Washington Herman
Dr Hibbert Comic Book Guy Brockman Judge Snyder Legs
Hank Scorpio Fat Tony Bumblebee Man Lou Louie
Lisa Guiseppe Dr. Nick Patty Quimby
Martin Herman Drederick Tatum Princess Penelope Snake
Professor Frink Lugash Duffman Quimby
Sideshow Mel Luigi George Washington Rex Banner
Skinner Moe Krusty Selma
Mr. Burns Lampwick Wiggum
Roger Myers Jr Lurleen
The Rich Texan Miss Springfield
Tribal Chief Roger Myers Jr
Sideshow Mel




HIGH ROLLERico_terwilligers_upgrade_highrollers DIMWIT






Barney Bernice Barbarian Bart Apu
Comic Book Guy Brockman Barney Database Brandine
Homer Fat Tony Chester Dupree Dolph Bumblebee Man
Quimby Hank Scorpio Cletus Gino Cletus
Space Mutant Krusty Dr. Nick Greta Wolfcastle Crazy Cat Lady
Wiggum Mr Burns Duffman Hugo Disco Stu
Mr Costington Grampa Abe Janey Gino
Quimby Homer Jessica Lovejoy Hans Moleman
Roger Myers Jr Lenny Jimbo Herman
The Rich Texan Otto Kearney Hugs Bunny
WolfCastle Ralph Lisa Kang
Sea Captain Martin Kodos
Wiggum Michael D’Amico Krusty
WolfCastle Milhouse Lampwick
Nelson Lurleen
Ralph Otto
Rod Professor Frink
Shauna Ralph
Sherri & Terri Rod
Squeaky Voice Teen Sea Captain
Todd Shary Bobbins
 Uter The Yes Guy








Agnes Father Sean Abraham Lincoln
Arnie Pye Helen Lovejoy Agnes
Comic Book Guy Maude Brockman
Dolph Ned Chalmers
Grampa Abe Reverend Lovejoy Grampa Abe
Hugs Bunny Rod Guiseppe
Jasper Todd Hans Moleman
Lampwick Jasper
Moe Judge Snyder
Mrs. Krabappel Lampwick
Patty Mr Burns
Reverend Lovejoy Ned
Roger Myers Jr Suzanne the Witch
Selma Tom O’Flanagan




Fertilizerico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg Spadesico_terwilligers_spades_lg Cornico_terwilligers_corn_lg XPHomerxp
1st Daily Task 25 40
2nd Daily Task 50 80
3rd Daily Task 160 40
4th Daily Task 320 90
Complete All Tasks 100 10


There you have it. All the basics of the Daily Tasks. Each day will vary. What do you think of them so far? Complete any yet? Does this help to have this breakdown? Let us know.


200 responses to “Cecil Terwilliger Event Daily Tasks

  1. Is there any way to access who your missing in a character group?

  2. I am not able at all to “plant” mutants into my friend’s neighborhood. Can anyone help me ?

  3. out of context i know, but does anyone else write on their springfield ?

  4. I spent some time trying to find this post again. Perhaps all the daily “daily tasks ” posts shouldn’t be tagged character groups so that this post stays higher in the google search

  5. 《○○★★○○》

    Just noticed, Marge isn’t in any of the categories.. Seems a bit unfair doesn’t it? Not sure witch one she should be in though.

  6. Mr. Teeny is missing from the Celebrities list.

  7. cut cheryl 1231

    When I visit my friends towns I am unable to send 10 mutant seedlings it is always just a few and only for a few towns why am I not able to send 10

    • Because 10 is the max per town. So if they already have some in their town the amount you can leave will drop…since 10 is the most they can have in their town at once.

  8. I had some time to kill, so I looked only at the characters who can’t run other jobs. These are no cost (in terms of the event) characters (I have all the free, plus a couple of premium) to leave free to do the daily tasks.

    They cover everything except Celebrity, Glutton, High Roller, Dimwit, Youngster, Pesssimist and Senior. You can leave just Wolfcastle, Ralph and Agnes Skinner to cover all those categories.

  9. Hi! Great site! So helpful, really. One question; I have one daily task left for the day, and I have 1.5 hours left on my clock, but my last task is 6 hours long. Does that last task have to be complete before the clock runs out for the day in order to receive any benefit, or is just getting the last task started before the clock runs out enough?

    • Has to be completed or it rolls over to next day

    • GodlessSquash

      Late post, but for future readers: the task has to be completed AND you have to collect (click on the thumbs-up icon) before midnight. I learned the hard way. One night the last of Cecil’s Tasks would be completed by my character by around 11:45 PM so I thought I was OK. I didn’t actually collect until a few minutes after midnight and the task had rolled forward to become the first task of the new day – just as it does when the character doesn’t finish in time.

  10. Has anyone started to craft the items yet? I have accumulated 3 new buildings and none of them seem to be any help in this just yet. The items to be crafted seem impossible to do. Did I miss something?

  11. Mairead E Harvey

    since they have set the daily task reset at midnight for everyones time zone I am surprised they don’t do the long task first I would prefer to put the long task on over night.

  12. Should I upgrade or craft first?

  13. I’ve upgraded to level 7 and can finally try and craft the items, after the remaining 8.5 days will they still be available? I’m not sure I’ll get enough fertiliser to get all items even though I’ve been playing for a few years, I’m maximum level and have lots of characters….

  14. Has anyone done the math as to which characters to assign to which tasks to be the most efficient/get the biggest bang for the buck? For example: I have Homer and Barney doing the Gluttons tasks instead of the Dimwits tasks because I have a lot of Dimwits (story of my life 😀 ) and not as many Gluttons, so I want to increase the amount of corn I get moreso than fertilizer. I’ve started a spreadsheet with each Level for Act 1 and the corresponding tasks/payouts, but I have a lot of sports to watch tomorrow (sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY!!!) so I doublt I’ll get to it (if/when I do finish it, I’ll post the results here or on another threat.) Thanks.

  15. I have planted corn before this quest started and its no finished for another 40 days. My question is do I need the farm for anything,should I rush the job ?

  16. Well, this event is being a bust for me. Can’t seem to get my hands on corn, so I’m pretty much stuck.

    • Same here. I only have time to play this game once a day, and to earn your first corn you have to complete at least 3 of Cecil’s daily tasks, so it is impossible for me earn any corn to upgrade to level 2 to unlock the characters abilities to earn corn… I am at a stalemate.

      • I’ve given up on the event now. It’s just too much trouble and I can’t move in with my city and leveling up while doing the Cecil stuff. For shame!

  17. Thanks guys a great post very helpful

  18. I’m wondering if you have a list of characters that don’t fit into any category, as It could be helpful in clearing up the town by storing them/sending on 24hr tasks.
    I haven’t been able to cycle through everyone, but aside from the animals, Freddy would be an example.My only concern is whether EA newly classified someone during an event… has this ever happened? Thanks!

  19. I’m at level 7 of the upgrade & it’s telling me to upgrade to 8 but can’t do nothing because it says wait for act 2 am I missing something here or what?

  20. kingofstillwater

    I’m surprised radioactive man isn’t there in the civil cervents category

  21. Okay – after printing out and analyzing these charts and cross-referencing the info with the info about the Mansano building upgrades, I’ve come to the conclusion that Bunny’s suggested list of who to keep free was *almost* perfect. However, because fertilizer is harder to come by than corn, and dimwits, pessimists, and seniors can, as some point along the upgrade journey, earn fertilizer, I suggest replacing Grampa (who is also a pessimist and a dimwit) with a senior who is neither of those, like Chalmers or Guissepe (if you have them). That way, you can still stand Grampa to earn fertilizer, even when a senior is needed for a task. Make sense?

    (FYI, there are already other characters on Bunny’s list who can fill the dimwit and pessimist roles, when those are needed for a task.)

    • They are good, I only put what I did because… well like you say… IF they have them. They are further down the line then Abe, so I went with those more common for ALL Levels of Players. 😉

  22. This is really one of those events where the players who’ve accumulated more characters over the year have the stronger benefit. It sucks none of the Superhero characters were put into groups for people who just obtained a bunch of them a month back. Or even the recent Level 51 characters.

    Radioactive Man – Celebrity, Civil Servant, High Roller
    Fallout Boy – Celebrity, Civil Servant, Youngster
    Plopper – Glutton
    The Collider – Celebrity
    Dr. Colossus – Brainiac, Criminal, Kook
    Petroleus Rex – Celebrity, Brainiac, Criminal
    Marvin Monroe – Brainiac, Entrepreneur, Celebrity
    Frank Grimes – Kook, Pessimist

    • Not really for Daily Tasks. Look at my Top 5 breakdown. They are all Freemium Characters. EA made it so ALL players can participate.

      The benefit will come in earning Materials, which I think is rightfully so. Those investing into the game to pay to keep it going should get a lil reward or benefit in return. 😉

    • I noticed that Mrs. Bouvier is not considered a “senior”. I was kind of upset over that.

      • A lot of Characters did not go on the lists. Most are part of groups that they don’t use in Events, like the women. That always annoys me.

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