Should I Spend Donuts on the Nightmare Pile?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well right in the middle of the Terwilliger Event we get…another Event!  Well, an episode tie-in for this Sunday’s episode of The Simspsons, The Kids Are All Fight.  And with this little weekend event arrives a creepy looking clown (“can’t sleep clown’ll eat me”)…how fitting for a Sideshow Bob Event!  Now I know you may be trying to decide if this is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Nightmare Pile to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this nightmare to YOUR Springfield!        


Building/Decoration: Nightmare Pile
Donut Price: 100 Donuts
Bonus %: 3% bonus on all cash and XP
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +1000
Where Can I Place It?:  Grass /Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk
Size: 3×3
Unique?: Yes, only 1 per Springfield
What Does It Do?: Brings back Halloween Costumes for selection TSTO youngsters!

-Comes with a nice bonus % (at 3%)
-Similar to Moon Bounce, Channel 6 and others…will add a 4 hour task for a select group of children
-Makes it Halloween year round in Springfield, as the kids tasks are to wear the Halloween Costumes.
-It’s the creepy clown!  One of the more iconic items from the Simpsons

-Takes a while to unlock all of the costumes for the kids to wear.  (you have to complete a 2hr task 3 times to unlock the costume for each child.  More details are here)
-Only one child can wear a costume at a time

For those curious…here’s what the costumes look like for each kid.

REMEMBER: These are not individual skins for each character.  They’ll only show up on your character when they’re on the task with the Nightmare Pile.  So you won’t see them listed as a character skin for that character.

Here’s a look at the children that will have a task there:


Final Thought:
Premium Take:
Personally, I’m picking this up…but for one reason and one reason only.  I love the clown bed.  Way back before Addicts started, the clown bed is one of the things Wookiee and I became friends over (that and Christmas lights).  So I’m grabbing it purely for that reason and that reason alone.  (especially since I hate Halloween)
Here’s the premium take on this beyond the sentimental attachment…it’s pricey for what it is.  Not thrilled with the fact that only one child can do the task at a time.  So as a premium player, it’s not a must buy.  If you like Halloween and like the Halloween costumes, it’s a good pick up.  Otherwise save those donuts for something better…unless of course you just love the clown bed like I do 🙂

Freemium Take:
Freemium players, this one is a pass for sure.  The donuts aren’t worth it for what it does.  You’re better off saving those hard earned pink sprinkles for something better down the road….

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you, I’m grabbing those one…but not really for any practical reasons.  However, whatever you decide just remember that this nightmare will be leaving our stores soon, so if you’re thinking about it getting it make sure you make your final decisions before April 28th or you’ll miss your chance.

What are your thoughts on the Nightmare Pile?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield (or did you already)? Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 

115 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Nightmare Pile?

  1. I’ve got this, but once all your kids have unlocked the Trick or Treat task, it does nothing. Nothing at all. It doesn’t take one of the other kids or characters and put them in costume. If all your eligible kids are trick or treating, the Nightmare Pile does nothing at all (except the 3% bonus, sure). Disappointing.

  2. I have been playing for years and have never bought doughnuts. This item made me break down and do it. I love the Simpsons Halloween, but have missed several of the items. I love the costumes and am not disappointed at all. Rerelease more Halloween stuff!!!

  3. You hate Halloween???

  4. So if we werent around for earlier halloweens and we own no premium costumes, this item does nothing…other than look just plain awesome??? Cant sleep…clown’ll eat me…

    • There weren’t any premium Halloween skins until this last event. The pile gives you the choice for one kid to go trick or treating. The outfits come with the pile but can only be used by one kid at a time and only for the 4 hour trick or treat task. Not all kids have costumes. Only the ones available during I believe it was the 2013 Halloween event. So nothing for Greta or Maggie or any of the more recent kids.

  5. One question I can’t seem to find an answer to, when the kid is in costume, does that make their task a premium payout, or still regular? (sorry if this should be an obvious answer)

  6. Occasionally I see several of these costumes at once in a neighbor’s town. Any idea how that could be?

  7. Help I can’t see the nightmare in my town so my progress has halted. What do I do. Tried all the normal troubleshoots. Playing on an iPhone 6

  8. For whatever reason, Kearney never had a task for the nightmare pile for me and as a result does not show up on the task list. I’ve tried basically everything but no idea how to activate this quest. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  9. I blew nine dollars scratching for donuts to get this, and I don’t regret it. No, it’s not quite what I wanted (was hoping all kids could be in costume at the same time) but I still would have bought it. Hhhmmmm I’m not a premium player but I’m not a freemium player either. In 3 years ive been playing I’ve probably dropped under a hundred dollars into this game. But this was my last inapp purchase allowed until 2016 because really, nine dollars, for pixels? I done lost my mind. 🙂

  10. With only a few hours left, I’m still on the fence about this one. I was originally leaning towards getting it, but now I’m leaning the other way. For the price, it’s kind of a small decoration. I wish it was less donuts, even if the bonus was smaller. As I said in my previous comment though it would be kind of cool to revisit those Halloween costumes again. Still, I just don’t know if it is worth the cost. Perhaps I’ll save the donuts for something I’m more excited about. Then again, I may just get it before the timer runs out. Tick – tock – tick – tock…

    Is it animated (I’m guessing not)?

    • I was ignoring this completely then found out I can access the costumes albeit limited. Didn’t the costumes cost donuts before?

      • I don’t believe they cost donuts, but as I recall it was earned during a Halloween event and was only associated with certain tasks during the event. Once the event concluded, so did those tasks.

  11. I found a pretty fun design use for the Nightmare Pile!

    Yesterday I purchased the Republican headquarters, and started using other castle parts to make a nice big castle for it. Someone mentioned adding the Elf Canon to it, and so I put it behind the castle walls pointing out. It looks like it fits right in with all the purple. Well, behind that I was building a small creepy area, and today I realized if you put the Nightmare Pile right behind the Elf Canon, it looks like a creepy clown is firing elves out of the canon! Hysterical!

    I also added one of those bombed out brown houses a little ways away to make it look even more realistic. 🙂

  12. Since I wasn’t getting any more tasks for the rest of the kids. I placed the clown bed in storage and took it out and placed it and now the tasks are triggering again.

  13. Thanks for the post, glad I held out til I read it. Was gonna jump at this cool item for the costumes but now I know it’s one kid at a time doesn’t seem worth it!

  14. I bought the pile and completed the Bart & Lisa quest attached, then Nelson. However that is all it is allowing me to do, no quests for Milhouse or any other kids…has anyone else had this problem?

    • I had the same problem after I was finished with Martin. To fix this problem place the clown bed in storage and take it out of storage and place it wherever you had it.

      After you’re finished the tasks should trigger again. This is how I just fixed my problem with the clown bed. I should have thought of this when the problem first happened.

  15. No task for Homer to consume ghosts!?? Ah well, he’s arguably not a kid. So I’ll pass this item…

  16. Thank you for this, I’m really on the fence on this one after reading your post. I was about to get it when I checked this site and read this. I like how the nightmare bed looks, and I really love some of the costumes from Halloween, especially Shauna’s devil costume (she’s kind of a hottie, ha), Kearney’s Joker cosplay, Milhouse astronaut, and Dolph’s symbiote Spider-man suit. But It sucks that you an only do one at a time, and I don’t like that they are only 4-hour jobs. Weren’t they 16 hours originally? That is what I was hoping for. those two things together make something that was potentially really fun a little disappointing. But yeah, I’ll probably end up caving in and getting it before the time is up…maybe. Thanks again for the info and review.

  17. Has anyone listed the numerous references to past Springfield, or will this be part of a “Where did it come from” coming soon 😉 ?
    My favourite would be the monkey wishing paw!

  18. I liked it when I saw it, but after seeing it on a neighbor’s I just got bummed down cuz it’s very small for 100 donuts :/.

  19. can someone who has the clown bed please add me so I can see it in someone’s neighbourhood? I’m kasash1307282… please and thank you!

  20. Im confused, you say it sends a kid on a 2 hour task, but the screenshot shows 4 hour tasks for all the kids??

  21. Whats with the new kids?
    Wulfcastle, D’amico?
    What costumes are they wearing? Do they have costumes?

    • Only the kids listed in the post have tasks.

      The newer kids arrived just around or after Halloween 2014, therefore they didn’t have costumes. Not sure if they’ll be added in the future.

  22. Is anyone else having a glitch were Lisa is walking around in her halloween costume when you didn’t buy the Nightmare Pile? Since this happen in mine and my sister’s city.

  23. IMHO ti’s too expensive, requires too much effort to finally be fully effective and ultimately I would care more for Ralph’s classic easter egg collection animation from last year.

  24. Does an icon perpetually hover over the thing when not in use? I got rid of the bounce house because of the ticket driving me crazy. I’m still on the fence because I love Halloween, and this is packed with awesome little Easter eggs but I’m lacking in donuts, and despite efforts to stay away, I keep going back to my sprinkled addiction…

  25. Anyone else playing completely freemium having great success with the weekly mystery box? Scored Lard Lad Donut, then Kearney, and now the news van. Most I earned the past couple years is like the white picket fences.

  26. I’m leaning towards getting it… I thought it was cute to see all the kids dressed in costumes during the Halloween event. Though if I get it and can see them in costume any time, will it make the Halloween event less special (assuming the kids will go out trick-or-treating again)? Perhaps they’ll get new costumes?

    I keep the Bounce Castle in storage because I find the hovering yellow ticket above it when it’s *not* being used to be distracting. I’m assuming this does not have anything like that when it’s not being used, right?

    Hmm.. It would give Ralphie another 4 hour task other than eating yellow snow.

  27. It’s not just me right? That IS the time traveling toaster at the foot of the bed? And a dead Funzo?
    Anywho, no way I could afford to get it, would much three grab another premium character.

  28. “Only one child can wear a costume at a time” …. EA almost had this long time Freemium Tapper making a purchase with real money, until I saw that “only one child at a time can be sent in a Halloween costume throughout Springfield” (what a bummer) 🙁

  29. I dont have enough Donuts to buy the “It’s a wonderful knife”, but think I can get there before the event end. But I do have enough to buy this. Decisions decisions. I’d hate to fall just short of 150 donuts at event end and end up with neither… but im sure Act II will bring even more temptation. I just dont have the $$$ to just spend on a game 🙁

  30. This was an instant purchase for me. Halloween is the best day of the year. Love the clown bed. I was disappointed to read this post and find out only one costume at a time. I usually wait until I read should I buy posts. I don’t think this would have stopped me though. But I will complain about only one character at a time to EA! What snots!

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