Terwilliger Clarifications: Gas Masks & Mrs. K

Hey there Hoppereenos,

Just wanted to bounce on by with an update on two main issues we saw with Act Two when it hit the game. The Gas Mask count being 3 and Edna Krabappel needed to continue in the Main Act Two Questline.

ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lgEdna 4

So just what is going on with these two items? Let’s take a look.



We caught an error with the Gas Masks I have been speaking with EA about. The Specialist Team looked into it as well. We went back and forth pulling details, stats, checking games. They see what I do with the counts and there is an obvious error that needs correcting. How this will impact game, I do not know yet. That will depend on the final decision at the Studio on how they will proceed at this point.

For now, 3 Masks will drop from the Mutant Sideshow Bob Clones in your Springfield, IF they go the route I am hoping they do… we may see an in game update increasing it to 5. But for now, 3 is what you will see.

I will let you know if I hear anything further back from the Studio in the meantime.



Edna 2

Mrs K hits our games round the Level 22 Mark, but why is this a concern? We saw going through the main questline that she is required to progress to the point just prior to players getting Sideshow Bob and the Opera House (Pushback Part 5). As these two items are CRITICAL to this Terwilliger Event, we had great concern for those just starting and/or on lower levels getting stuck at this point in long questlines that may not be able to complete before the Event ends let alone triggering the needed items.

So I addressed this issue with them as well while we were looking into the Gas Mask issue. I offered my thoughts, suggestions, and concerns on the matter. They are going to be looking into this as well. Again, the final decision will lie with the Studio on whether or not they will be making a change to the questline or put in a workaround to trigger an alternate Character for the task.

I will also update if I hear anything back. In the meantime, please send in a ticket to let them know how this will impact your game play progress for the Event. The more attention brought to it the better. I did not start a forum post on it as of yet, as I want to see how they proceed, but if you would like to… just let us know and we will be happy to help flood the forum.


There you have it. Two main concerns in the Act Two portion of the Terwilliger Event. I am hoping that we see an update to help resolve them within a week. Either way, just know we are keeping and eye out for you. πŸ˜‰

What do you think of all this? Are you stuck in your game without Edna K? Have you notified EA? Let us know.




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  1. Could finish the event because of Edna I was only level 7 when the event started now I’m 20 but got screwed for the event

  2. Ya that is my biggest problem Edna krabappel and its way 2late to even try I really hope there is some sort of consolation or maybe perhaps extended time πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m almost done with Act 3 but no Mrs K and no Opera House?

  4. My husband is a beginner and doesn’t have mrs krabappel, so cannot complete act 2. As the rest of the family are bounding through act 3, this is really demoralising him. He too may well quit the game. I can’t believe EA would leave beginners in the lurch like this. Lots of masks and nothing to do with them. Always liked tsto as goals were at least achievable. Hope they sort it out. Sorry to ask, but how do we complain to them?

  5. Has anyone else had their images of characters in the top left disappear? It happened to me last night and it’s still there this morning after restarting the game. And I can’t find how/where to report it in-game.
    Is this a known issue? Or am I special?

  6. Jeah I didn’t play the game for quite a while. I just hit lvl 15 and I really wanted to unlock Sideshow Bob as it is one of my favorite characters. Got no idea if I can make it due to the Ms. K. thing =/

  7. I’m really really frustrated about this… I started to play on march, and I was on level 21 when Act 2 ended! Too bad! I was really enjoying this games before that stupid “terwilliger” stuff started but now I’m just thinking to quit. What a waste of time! πŸ™

  8. I am getting opera masks now, but I was never prompted to build opera house…. I looked it up and was supposed to be prompted on the 12th… Very frustrating. Please help.

  9. I wont get the side showbob quest what the requrements for that?

  10. Any update on the Mrs. K/level 22 issues? My main towns are fine, but I have a few (I am embarrassed to admit how many) extra towns for when things get slow.

    I have the task to build the apt building, but not the cash. Will the quest still be there, or does it for sure expire tomorrow? If so, what time? Midnight, or 4/5 AM Eastern time?

    • Nothing on mrs. K yet. The questline will still be there because it’s the trigger for Act 3. So you have to finish Act 2 questline to start Act 3, which means if you don’t finish it’ll still be there tomorrow.

  11. Thank you! I absolutely adore Sideshow Bob, as I’m sure some others that have read this do too. I even have a Grammer signed photo. Its critical that I get Sideshow Bob, but I’m only level 15. I talked to someone on the EA team and they said there was no current plans to change the quest line, but she would bring it up with the higher-ups. I’m very anxious to hear more about this, ugh. I have Francesca and on my way to Doctor Robert and Gino, leaving Bob and Dame Judith. I simply require every Terwilliger.

  12. bill kragline

    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but a word of warning: It ISN’T just Mrs K who you need! If you don’t already have it, you must also get the Gilded Truffle for her to do her task.

    I just got Mrs K, having spent minimal donuts on speeding things up (which isn’t needed, unless, like me, you’re going to be away for parts of Act Three, and you want to start soon so you can still get Dame JD). Then, I found out, and now I’m two days behind once again.

    So, yeah, BE WARNED!!!

  13. What is the cheapest, quickest way to get xp so my son can get from level 18 to 22 to get mrs. K? I’m on level 46 and 17 monsarno and I did get the opera house and sideshow bob today. He’s insanely jealous and wants the opportunity to get the character too.

    • That low of a level Volleyball Nets and Weather Stations

      BUT…be advised that just because your XP level says the correct level doesn’t mean you’ll unlock Mrs. K. You have to play the in game questlines to get her. To unlock each character/level it requires unlocking the character/building from the previous level. So he’ll still have to do some work in questlines to get her. Fortunately tho, it’s usually only unlocking the character from the previous level and then the next level questline will start.

      • I just experienced something a little out of order according to the walkthrough on here for getting to Mrs. K. As soon as I finished Nelson’s house, I was prompted to send Bart and Lisa to school. As soon as they got out, Skinner prompted the building of Mrs. K’s apartment, and Nelson hasn’t even finished his second task. So, that at least saved me several days of Nelson tasks!

        • Usually it’s just the build and character unlock you’ll need to complete (often just part 1 or 2) and then the next level will trigger (As long as your XP level is there)

  14. Hi! I don”t get the possibility tot build The opera house after Quimby finished vis hiding job or whatever. I have no more Quest running at all! What van I do about it? My daughter was running behind last week, but now she is building The opera whereas I het stick in The storyline…

    • Quimby needs to be free to start it. If you fully completed Push Back Part 6 (where Quimby hides and the Springfielders riot) and it’s not starting for you (and Quimby is free) try storing and replacing Town Hall. Also, double check your tasks in your task bar and make sure the task fully cleared (Push Back Pt. 6). Tap on each icon, just to make sure.

  15. the 1 hour work the land tasks are not showing yellow anymore for me since 5 mins ago any sollution for this? πŸ™‚

  16. Bunny, thanks for looking out for us. As always, you guys are the best.

  17. With this, could you provide links to the best way for us to contact EA to add our comments to the list so they know it’s a widespread issue? I’m sure I can find it myself by looking, but it might make it more likely for some people to reach out if the information was just right in front of them. Also, did they give you a ticket number others could reference? With a large enough issue, they’ll likely create a master ticket and relate all tickets from individuals to it which lets them see how wide spread this really is.

  18. Any update on this? My son just hit the Mrs K requirement and although he is level 22, he’s only on the police station quest line and so is many days away from unlocking her. It’s been made worse because he’s been ignoring the main questlines recently so he could concentrate on the event tasks!

    • No word yet.

    • Good luck! He can ignore the King toots quest line and the one for skips diner (i have and they didnt stop me from progressing) and just focus on the police station – luigi – penetentiary – retirement castle – town hall – muntz house- krabappel. hopefully the act 2 questlines dont have to be finished before act 3 starts and you can catch up. the main thing is having enough cash for each building one after the other which does mean having characters focus on earning money as well as the event – good luck!

  19. Thank you, Bunny, for all your hard work and diligence! It is my experience that folks at EA will listen to you, before they will listen to us. You are the best! And you are very much appreciated!

  20. lizwaldman899

    Just checked walkthroughs and no way I can get from level 14 and get crafting supplies to get Mrs K. /opera house etc. Glad to know that tho. Even if disappointed.

  21. My worry is that they find a solution just for Edna K. and then I will be stuck in the last task (I don’t think I will get Major Quimby until the end of the event) πŸ™

  22. I’ve no idea why I haven’t been given the opportunity for the theatre , not been asked to do the tasks and yes I have mrs Krupp too !

    Any ideas ?

    Lev 51 and 19 monsarno .

  23. bill kragline

    I’ve just started the ‘Re-Elect Mayor Quimby’ taskline, and am willing to spend the very few donuts that I have (about 10) on speeding up the buildings, so that I can get to Krabappel’s Apartment. I’m so desperate to get Bob and don’t want to risk anything!

    Does anyone know, at what point during the Quimby tasks can I start the Muntz, and at what stage during Muntz can I start Krabappel??? Like, e.g. you don’t have to do all of the Grampa-Lisa-Retirement Castle tasks before you can start the Quimby one. Thanks.

    • Ive been going through the same thing trying to get there! For me, the second I had the town hall built and quimby unlocked, the first muntz task unlocked for me to send bart to school. I was then able to start the muntz build once part was done and martin played the lute for 45 secs. The second the muntz house was built, the task to build krabappels apartment started right away simultaneously with the nelson quests. So fingers crossed if your game goes like mine all you need to do is have the cash to buy building after building. Good luck!

  24. cjbrownlv788

    Thank you for addressing these “in game” issues Bunny … I hope EA does the right thing (Tappers who don’t have Ms Krabappel may find themselves not earning Springfield Theater / Sideshow Bob) ….

  25. elizabethc59

    Thanks for posting about the 2hr jobs being in white for some players.
    I also think I read about upgrading the one place to 19 or so.. What’s a good level to stop the herbicide plunger? Thank you for having such a great site!!!

    • It’s really up to you. I think mine’s at Level 8…but I see some players are at 5. You only have to upgrade to 3, after that it’s up to you.

    • Level 15 is the last level that adds anything to what number of materials you get. After 15 it just increases the radius. I just hit 15 on the squirter and stopped at 19 on the other.

  26. Come on, Bunny. What does the Opera House look like? I cannot find it.

  27. throughalphanoir

    Happened to me during the CoC event, requiring Smithers but not having him… EA should really include a way around this, it’s not hard programming-wise but would make people happier

  28. Random off topic question: why the heck can’t I store the mutant rabbit??? He’s so annoying I wish I never got it. lol

    • Good question, and a perfect one for EA. lol we have no idea why they do certain things…but it makes us crazy! πŸ˜‰

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