Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Simpsons are all new tonight, what will happen in the new episode?  Act 2 of  The Terwilliger Event hit our devices earlier this week, how are you doing so far with Act 2?  Sunday Night Baseball tonight features the Yankees at Redsox, will you be watching?  NBA and NHL playoffs are both in full swing, how’s your team doing?  The NFL Draft was this past week, did your team pick up anyone good?  Do anything fun this weekend?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


311 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Is anyone else addicted to upgrading? I was going to stop my Monsarno building at level 17, but now it is up to 20. The only thing I’ve crafted so far is the farmer’s market. I hope DNA is easier to get in Act 3 because it is slow going collecting them in Act 2.

  2. Sandra Shill

    Has anyone else ever noticed that Stampy’s trumpeting is the same three notes as Simthers’ anguished “Ahhhhh” cry? I just tapped those two characters back-to-back and it was really funny to notice that!

  3. Umm sorry if this has been asked before, but I just finished my daily tasks for today, and now Cecil is telling me to collect 3000 gas masks. Are the daily quests over, because that seems like a quest for donuts IMHO.

    • Those aren’t daily quests…that’s the bonus. I’m assuming you got Dr. Robert? Once you get all of the prizes you have the chance for free donuts, every 3000 gas masks you collect. This is represented by Cecil’s icon in the task bar, but it’s not his daily tasks. The daily tasks will never show in the task bar.

      • Right! Thanks Alissa, I should have realized, forgot Dr. Robert unlocked at the same time as I finished my last task. Now that you brought it up, I do see that it still says “new tasks will unlock in xx hours” so that’s what it was. I probably should do more research on stuff before posting lol

  4. So… EA based an *entire month-long event* on a long-awaited character (Sideshow Bob) but he isn’t even voiced?!?

    After playing daily for the last two years I was so thrilled to FINALLY get him in my town today, and I couldn’t wait to hear his lines. But… nothing 🙁

    • It’s not really surprising. He’s not played by one of the Super 6 main actors…only the super 6 characters are voiced.

  5. How do I get more DNA strands to craft the Gas and Grub???????

    • Upgrade, send your characters on tasks frequently, complete all 4 of Cecil’s Daily tasks each day & tap mutant blobs and sideshow bob clones.

      • Just speculation, but any chance they might issue packs of DNA and other stuff in the shop, for those that didn’t quite make all the items they’d want to craft? This event is pretty intense in that fact, upgrading two things, and still need the same items to craft 3-4 other items.

        • The DNA pack comes up when you upgrade the squirter (i believe around level 7/8). But it only lasts 3 days. Beyond that not sure if they’ll bring it back at the end…I think they will. But at the moment, just not sure.

  6. Mairead Harvey

    Feeling happy just opened my weekly gift box and found w0 free donuts alcohol.

  7. Not game relates: Did anyone watch Montage of Heck last night? I’m curious about your reactions/feelings.

    Game related: Does the send Bob to prison task use the minimum security prison? Because I haven’t placed that yet. Just got the opera house today so I have 24 hours before getting Bob.

  8. Need more land! I appreciate all of the buildings and decorations they’ve been making available, but between the Radioactive Man quests and now the Terwiliger quests, I’m completely out of land (again). Why not open up a couple more strips of land? EA seems slow to respond and react on this always.

  9. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. Every premium item that is released, I’m saying it’s too expensive.
    I know that I obviously need to change my expectations, and it’s clear that EA is not targeting people like me.

    But it makes me wonder. Am I in a small minority or are there lots of people like me?
    Almost every premium item would tempt me if they were priced about 25% of what they are. Are EA really maximising their profits with their current pricing scheme? They must’ve done their research and they’ll know more about these things than I do but they definitely aren’t maximising what they could get out of me!

    • You should play Family Guy if you wanna talk about Expensive. Compared to that…this game is a bargain. And at least the premium items add a benefit to your town in TSTO.

      In TSTO at the premium package (which is why I think they based their prices on)..1 donut + $0.029. So just a couple of bucks for each item…so not too bad. At least to me. but i buy the $99.99 package, when Gil’s in town so it’s even cheaper for me (since he gives you more donuts). So i can understand why it feels expensive if you don’t buy the highest package or donuts at all.

      • One of the many reasons I gave up on FGTQFS…
        Agree though Swiss, it does seem a bit too premium weighted for this event.
        Freemiuming along I’m up to 64 sprinkles, but I try to reserve these for charracters primarily, in events I’ll aim for these or towards the end I try and grab what I can.

      • Maybe if you look at things one item at a time it doesn’t look too bad, but they add up really quickly.
        £2 for the 5 corners, and 0.15% bonus seems expensive to me whichever way I try to look at it, as does £3 for a skin.
        A quick look on Amazon tells me GTA V is about £20 new.
        I know the 2 games don’t really stand up to direct comparison but in my opinion it’s easy to see which offers better value for money.

      • Don’t get me wrong Swiss and Alissa, actually enjoying the game quite a bit with this event.
        I think the premium stuff is a bit expensive, but on the other hand I have been receiving so many sprinkles and prizes from the mew Mystery Box that it does seem possible to achieve one of the premium characters, failing that I’ll pick up some of the other unique premium stuff before the end.
        And with the crafting and free items (to be fair, they have given us a bit so far, Monsarno buildings, Opera house, Springfield farm, Springfield market, rakes, etc…) there should be enough for avid tappers to be doing stuff regularly.

  10. Just read the awesome news that the simpsons has been renewed for another 2 seasons after 26 ends.

  11. Hmmm, farming discrepancy, it takes Cletus seconds to grow weeds on his farm, but the Ol’ Simpsons farm takes two days?!?
    Not happy Jan!

  12. More stuff! All of which I can’t afford / don’t see the point (as a freemium) to buy… no just cash stuff, all sprinkles? I thought at least the rakes would be cash 🙁
    Bad EA, naughty! Especially for updating whilst our poor mpderators slumber 🙂

    • lol the bonus multiplier they add should have been a premium tip off 😉

      • I know, and with Sideshow Bob and the Terwilligers entering the fray I kinda figured most if not all stuff would be premium for this event, two years of demand for him and his family, unfortunately EA can charge what they want. I’m trying not to be too cynical here, but I know how the business world works. ..

      • True, and his bro! Keep getting Frasier flashbacks ;p

    • I’m just consoling myself with the fact that this event has so far given me 3 free characters, will give me loads of free buildings – from crafting and prizes, and will also give me about 100 donuts (27 from Act 1).
      That’s not a bad haul for a free event that I’m enjoying – most of the time.

      • It’s those days between, right? Of sending everyone on the sames tasks and tapping whenever you can with all the 1-2 hour jobs?
        Bit monotonous, but like you keep telling myself that it’s all for big rewards when they come…

      • Nah, for me those are the bits I’m enjoying. The challenge of getting as many red box payouts as I can is time consuming but is a challenge I’m really enjoying.
        It’s the bits when the red box isn’t there, i.e. during quest-lines, that I’m finding boring.

  13. I’ve been level 51 for a while now, and I’ve just finished off all the main questlines (which I was a bit behind on). Over the last few days I’ve started getting random tasks from old questlines. e.g. Mr Burn had one of the power station tasks, then Duffman has popped up with a Duff brewery task. They don’t seem to go anywhere, just come up and go away again when they work the task, and there is no dialogue with them. Is this normal, and is there any sort of bonus payment with them?

  14. For those … nope … 4 everybody out there!!!
    Who’s going crAzy after for “Gas and Grub”?
    and them “Welcome Bob Sign”

    I feel d despair u folks r felling
    (Maybe by the end of the Act3 I could make it ) … 8*{

    meanwhile i will listen to some music
    make some donuts on SocialButterfly

    “4lvinos listening:
    Circuladô de Fulô – O Sol, a Lis e o Beija-flor”
    it is a Brazilian band

    cheers! x D

    • Personally I’d be satisfied if I just get those two items, upgraded both the building and the sprayer immediately, so still working on the Market. Seems if I go for that, the sign and the Gas and Grub are a lost cause.

  15. My Farmer’s Market is building! Halle-freaking-lujah haha

  16. So far ive gotten kearney, the blue haired lawyer , news van x2, minnow pond, food stand, lard lad, and 30 donuts x2. Its been great to me. I hope they switch it up again so we can earn other items. Or if they put it back to the normal box at least give us a better chance at earning the harder to earn prizes like duff man and frink. Ive been playing for 2 years and still no luck. 😢

  17. argcallie427

    I apologize to any neighbors that I have not reciprocated mutant seedling givings. The names fly by so fast I usually can’t tell who I am getting them from. I am trying to go through my list and give seedlings to everyone, but that takes time. Hope all are enjoying the event. It’s taken me a while to get into it but the bigger the explosions get the more I’m liking it 😉

  18. Eek, a neighbour sent me 5 mutant seedlings earlier but I totally forgot which neighbour it was. Sorry if I didn’t manage to resend the seedlings to the right neighbour!

  19. Oh no! Just noticed that the toy shop is making toys, manger lights are on, Willie’s electric mill is moving and there are people moving around in Apu’s apartment too!!
    Do I have something from Starwars in my game today? Gpikky

  20. Have you noticed that “Work the Land” is no longer highlighted like the other quest jobs? So, characters with multiple quest-jobs will list “Work the Land” after the highlighted jobs, in with the other timed tasks. Characters with “Work the Land” as their only quest-job (Disco Stu, Kang, Kodos, etc.) will not come to the top of the list in the character selector.

  21. Would someone please get krusty some more rice crispies!

  22. Will Cecil stick around after the whole event ends?

  23. I started playing this game just before the big Easter event last year and this morning I just got the message that I have created the max amount of Squidport tiles! I feel like that’s dedication lol.

  24. Just gotta say loving how fast fert collects at 25 per cob after upgrading the sprayer to 15. – that’s really paying off and it’s fun to see the totals rise

  25. why is it that all of my friends have both the mutant plants and bob clones at the same time, while mine has only the bob clones?
    and do i need to craft springfield market first in order to trigger the ” is there an al coholic here” task?


  26. Thanks much for the quick and helpful response! It never fails, every event I always turn to this site. You guys know the “In’s and out’s” and you make navigating much easier. 😉

  27. If they add the monorail, I assume we’ll get Lyle Lanley as a character. Since it’s a Phil Hartman character, I wonder if that will open the door for Lionel Hutz and Troy McCLure

  28. Will there be a “should I buy” on the 700 DNA for 25 donuts offer as I’m tempted by it as the collecting seems to be really slow with little payout and I want to hopefully get both the sign and cash and grub.

    • Nope, not for that. It’s an individual decision (since everyone’s pros and cons will be different), personally I don’t think it’s worth it. BUT if you’re really struggling with it and have the donuts to spend…

      • Ok thanks think I will buy to get a boost to buy the sign and have some left and then with 7 days to go work for the rest towards gas and grub.

  29. Well…May the forth…… with all you Star Wars fans out there!!
    Sorry…just HAD to get that one in!!😆😆

    Well a long day with Specialists…but FINALLY someone listened to me!! I am now having some nerve studies done to see if all of this nerve stuff and the tunnel problems isn’t ONLY from the thyroid but ALSO from the stenosis and spondilosis in my neck vertebrae!! AND they’ve marked it urgent so it SHOULD be done in the next 30 days. Means more trips back and fro, but feels so good to be heard!!
    Lol…even if I’m wrong at least they looked!..unfortunately as far as my right wrist n thumb and the electric shocks are going…Spec says it’ll wear off in couple of weeks. But he gave me some painkillers for nerve pain and if no better when I see him again in 6 weeks then they will sort out a different strategy for the poor thumb.

    AND I discovered who my Fairy Godmother is!! Can you believe it is a dear old friend who now lives on the other side of the continent from me in Perth?? I was gobsmacked. Apparently she rang our local branch and asked the girls to pop the money across for me. Sometimes it’s good to live in a little country town. 😉

    Needless to say after the docs we went shopping!! I had to curb my enthusiasm and remember I only have a little Tiida!! I wanted to get more and more but had to remember I needed to fit Jamie and myself back in the car as well, lol. I still have groceries to put away but that can wait for morning now!! I’m pooped and the perishables are all away, so the rest can sit and acclimatise till morning!! That’s my reckoning and I reckon it sounds like a good plan!! Lol

    Iam away for bath and then bed!! Nighty night all and happy tapping….oh and Swiss….congratulations!! That’s awesome news on the job. Hope all continues to go forward for you.

    Cheers all, Julie.

    • At least they’re now investigating, and more importantly listening. Good stuff Julie, keep going, the saga will end 😉

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