Today’s Lunch Special: Level 52! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like Level 52 has just hit our tapping devices!  Woo-hoo!

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Finally Springfield Elementary will get lunch…as Lunch Lady Dora arrives in town!

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Back with more in a bit…but for now know that Kent Brockman starts things off (of course it has to be a DNA earning character!) and you’ll be tasked with building the Springfield Slaughter House for $1,260,000.  It’s a 24hr build.

Back with more as we go through it…details below.  This post is a work in progress, so keep checking back for more details as I go through them all..

Ok guys there are a couple of questlines running with this…the MAIN Level 52 questline (the one that unlocks Lunch Lady Dora is started by Brockman (as it says above).  That will kick off the build time.

Now there’s a secondary questline that will be started by Mr. Burns once you’ve gotten through the first part of Brockman’s dialogue.  (Note: the Burns questline will start first if Brockman is busy).  We’ll break it down below..

But first the level basics…



slaughterhouseSpringfield Slaughterhouse- $1,260,000.  Comes with Lunch Lady Dora.  24hr Build and it’s 7×11 in size.  Earns $90, 10xp/4hrs.


horsepartsMeat Can- $20,000.  Improves Vanity.


unlock_lunchladydoraLunch Lady Dora- Comes with the Springfield Slaughterhouse.



springfieldymca_menuSpringfield YMCA- 120 Donuts.  Comes with Coach Krupt.  7×7 in size and earns $175, 18xp/6hrs.

vesuviuspizza_menuVesuvius Pizza- 50 Donuts.  4×6 in size and earns $55, 5xp/hr.


unlock_coachkruptCoach Krupt- Comes with the Springfield YMCA.

Now let’s talk about the questlines…

As mentioned a couple of times above…Lunch Lady Dora’s questline is started by Brockman and called Dora the Endorser.

Now there’s a second freemium questline that’s started by Mr. Burns.  That one’s called Rolling In It. Here are the details of the first part:

This will start for you if you’re Level 25 or higher

Rolling in It
Mr. Burns starts

Make Homer Enjoy His “Day Off”- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Mr. Burns Peruse the Latest Issue of ‘Snobby Hobbies’- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp 

THIS will start the Ain’t No Mountain High Enough task.


This is something we haven’t seen with Level play before.  Basically you complete various tasks and at the end you’ll unlock an exclusive outfit for Mr. Burns…


The first part you’ll be required to place the Money Mountain, which you can then find in your store for $5,000.  It’s pretty big (11×11).

moneymountain base


The higher the level the bigger the Mountain grows (vertically) until it reaches it’s max at Level 11.

And then you’ll have to start throwing Money into it.  This will take away your in game cash…so be prepared.  Each time you have to make Mr. Burns throw money into the Mountain it costs your own in game cash.  The total through all 11 Level is $5,500,000.  That’s to complete the mountain and unlock the Monty Moneybags Costume.

The Monty Moneybags Costume will also come with a questline.  

I’ll break all this down in another post, because it’s a lot to go over in a rundown post.

Note: There’s also a questline for Coach Krupt.



And that my friends completes the Level 52 rundown post!

What are your thoughts on Level 52?  Excited about Lunch Lady Dora?  How about Coach Krupt?  What are your thoughts on The Moneybags questline?  How about the Money Mountain?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


311 responses to “Today’s Lunch Special: Level 52! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Hi firstly sorry for my english I’m french 😉 I’m at level 59 I finished money moutain level 3 and when I optimized to the level 4 I have to collect on the banner ok !? And when I do it I don’t know why the game suddendly stops and reconsider myself on my Iphone’s home screen.. How to fix it please ? I can’t continue to play since several days.. Help me please !
    Thanks !!
    ID : Knoxvillec997

    • It sounds like you may have a memory issue. Possibly too much going on at once. Memory too full. Or even town too full. Try a few basic tips.

      Make sure you run the game on a solid WiFi signal whenever possible.
      Make sure ALL other apps are completely closed on your device before playing TSTO.
      Make sure your Memory on your device gives the game plenty of room to function (I give it 2-3GB).
      If your town is really really full and you have seen the pop up message that you have too many items in town, try to store some.
      Try restarting your device.

      Last resort, try to uninstall and reinstall the game if you have it saved to an EA account.

      • Thanks for your reply Bunny !! Ok I’ll see and try.. As soon as I’ll get to fix it I’ll tell you.. Thanks again 😉

  2. Can someone please tell me why my level did not go up to 52 on 5/6 – It stayed in level 51, I got the Mr. Burns Money Mountain but the game did not advance to the next level. Now I am two levels behind. Does not make any sense. Thanks.

  3. Why won’t the “rolling in it” quest star for me ? Does anyone else have this problem or something I haven’t done ? Please help asap 🙂

    • if you have a lot of quests pending it may take a while to get it to trigger. Don’t worry about it…just play it’ll eventually trigger. It’s not timed. 🙂

  4. just wanted to chime in regarding the new premium content. vesuvius pizza is worth the 50 donuts for its dual animations alone! when untasked it sits there with smoke fumes coming out of the top, and when tasked it has an eruption larger than anything i woulda expected out of it. i did my best to make it look like an extension of death mountain, and was satisfied enough with the results to keep it. the permanent task is 2 hours, and so far i know at least cletus and dora have it.

    the ymca and coach krupt building+character combo is a pretty good deal at 120 donuts. while the ymca is a great looking building, it does not have the best animation when tasked (windows light up and you can see silhouettes walking around). however, watching coach krupt bombard a kid with dodgeball after dodgeball in front of springfield elementary for 8 hours more than makes up for it! does that make me a bad parent for enjoying such a task? hehe

  5. When Level 52 arrived I bought just one meat can, now that I want to purchase more meat cans I can’t find them… I was wondering if anyone else noticed they aren’t available in the store anymore?

  6. Seems a lot of money to spend on a outfit and giant pile of money, does anyone know if the mountain makes money when completed? And can you sell it?

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