Where Did THAT Come From: Sani-John Smokehouse

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?sanijohnsmokehouseflipped

This post I will be going over the Origin of the the Sani-John Smokehouse. Introduced into our games with the Terwilliger Event, in the Craftables Menu. Why on earth is someone trying to cook in a portable potty? What does it have to do with our silly lil Event? People actually eat that meat?Let’s take a look at the TV Series to find out.


Season 8, Episode 16: Brother From Another Series
The Series starts out with Krusty at the Springfield Penitentiary, and guess who is incarcerated there? Sideshow Bob of course. Sideshow is “reformed” and let to go live with his Brother, Cecil.

Sideshow goes to work with Cecil at the Springfield Dam. He is getting annoyed at all the “local yocals” working with him that do not seem to have any intelligence or knowledge as to what they are doing. (Characters like Cletus and his cousins.) They even went so far as to turn the Sani-John into a smokehouse.Sani-John


That was about it. A quick lil glance at an item tucked into yet another episode surrounding the Terwilliger Family has made its way into our silly lil game. Did you make one yet? If so, where did you put it? Do you even want to make one? Did you remember seeing it in this episode? Let us know.


28 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Sani-John Smokehouse

  1. I’ll be crafting one seems I’ll enough items to craft atleast one of everything

  2. cjbrownlv788

    Sani-John Smokehouse
    I lol @ you (funny Episode)
    But I won’t craft you (need more land)

  3. Man… Now I want one of those… Maybe I’ll get one at the end of the event.

    • yeah, i couldn’t resist and crafted one as soon as i could (after upgrading my hq to level 20, herbicide to level 15, and crafting the farmers market). i thought about waiting until the end of the event, but knew i would want one for sure anyway. it goes great next to the farmers market and/or the bucket of horse parts!

      • Tapebelt-
        I’ll definitely be crafting one before the event’s over… My finger has been itching to tap to craft since Act 1.
        Question for you: how high are you planning on upgrading your Monsarno Research? I bumped mine up to 21 for extra corn payouts, and I’m thinking 22 will boost DNA. Since our faithful Addicts tell us fertilizer won’t be as important in Act 3, I’m thinking I’ll give it a shot since I’ll have some of that to spare.
        Of course, the Act 3 update hits in an hour, so I’m going to check that out before my final decision, but it seems like a sound plan.

  4. I have enough fertilizer for the Smokehouse (I have 2 cane fields and the farmers market). Should I go ahead and craft the Smokehouse or should I save my fertilizer for Act 3 upgrades? Will there be Act 3 upgrades?

      • EXCELLENT! Thank you! That was EXTREMELY helpful. Just a note. My Monsarno is level 19 and Herb Squirter level 15 and I’m trying to get Gas and Grub. So, for that last several days I’ve been focusing on DNA…if I have a DNA option, that’s the one I pick for tasks. Two days ago I was able to get about 1600 DNA in one day. It went down to 1466 yesterday and even further to 1145 today. I don’t know why this is happening. My strategy hasn’t changed in the last two days.

    • I signed into WordPress and my post name changed. Amy = slinky3333 😉

  5. While I enjoy the deluge of stuff we’re getting with this event, the sudden flood of buildings (most of them LARGE buildings) is really wrecking hell on my Springfield’s layout, especially since we also got a large batch of large buildings with the Superhero event as well. Already had to put several things in storage and move things around to fit in new character/outfit linked stuff (and a few of the new odds and ends as I love the rolling rock).

    Really, really, really would like to have at least two more strips of land at the least..

  6. GodlessSquash

    This episode has one of my favorite lines from The Simpsons, delivered by Cecil: “There may be a slight ringing in your ears. Fortunately, you’ll be nowhere near them.”

  7. I’m about 1000 fertilizer away from the Sani-John. Hopefully I’ll get it tonight and then the Gas n Grub in the next 4 days or so. I’m not moved by the sign or cane fields or walls so I’ll wait on those until the end of the event.
    Thanks for the background on the Sani-John.

  8. how big is the cane field? I haven’t seen one in any friends’ towns yet. Thanks!!

  9. Half asleep here, so may have missed it at some point, but is/was there a SiB post for the new items in the works? Thinking of getting some of the timed items but in the past things have bit me in the butt after reading the SiB, ended up purchasing when I shouldn’t have.

    • No premium ones yet. Too much other stuff to get out lol

      They’ll all be around until the end of the event…so i’m working on them hopefully they’ll be up soon. So. Much. Stuff. lol

      • That’s true, sorry to rush you three, just eager to get those items, if in fact they are worth getting lol.

  10. Since EA in their infinite “wisdom” are throwing a plethora of superfluous buildings at us non stop now, I am going to choose to craft the smoke house instead of the farmer’s market.

    Mmmmmmm, port-a-potty bacon !!!!

  11. Sorry not about the smokehouse but can someone tell me what the 3 rakes are for again? They have been sitting on my land for a while now and keep wondering if I am supposed to be doing something with them or just meant to be a deco?

  12. Nice find! I’m pretty sure the Welcome Bob Sign was in that episode too.

  13. How can I obtain Sideshow Bob? Nothing has presented him yet. I am at level 52. Thanks for help!

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