5/13 In-Game Update: Mathlete’s Feat Episode Tie-In

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got ourselves a little episode tie-in in our games today! This covers the Season Finale of the Simpsons airing this Sunday on Fox…Mathlete’s Feat.  

This auto-started for me in my game with some dialogue from Principal Skinner….

As always, we’ll be back with more details as we go through them

More details below the fold…

As mentioned above, this auto-started for me in my game.  But if it doesn’t auto-start for you see if it’ll trigger once Skinner and/or Bart are free.

Bug Fix Alert….The Opera House Can now be upgraded by tapping on it.  This was fixed with this update.  If you see anything else that changed, please let us know!

Your first task will be a 6hr task for Bart (we’ll have the full walkthrough later in the post).  Once you complete this task you’ll see some popups for this weeks episode, also info about the new items in the store.


There are 2 new premium items in the store…

holoflagpillar_menuHolo-Flag- 15 Donuts.  Pretty cool animated decoration (when you tap it) Improves Vanity. (From what I can see there is no bonus% with this one) .  This is not unique, you have have as many as you’d like.  (also will come with a task to tap the Holo-Flag).
You’ll see this popup in your game…..

It’s just telling you that you can buy it..you won’t be awarded one for free.

waverlyhillselementaryschool_menuWaverly Hills Elementary- 115 Donuts.   Improves Obedience.  Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs.  6×11.   Does have a questline associated with it (Principal Skinner starts it, task is for Cletus)

Now I know some of you are saying…what the heck?  Nothing for freemium players?!

There IS a free item you can earn by working on the main questline…the Anti-Gutenberg 3000.



This is awarded during Part 4 of the Episode Tie-In questline.

anti-gutenbergAnti-Gutenberg 3000- FREE with questline.  Improves Obedience.

Here’s a look at the walkthrough for the episode tie-in (note: it’s the full dialogue version)

Print is Dead Pt. 1

Principal Skinner: That’s odd.  My trouser pockets have mysteriously acquired several slices of lunchmeat before our class trip to the zoo.
Bart: Ugh, so close!
Skinner: Detention is too good for you, Bart Simpson!  I sentence you to…Book Collection Duty!
Bart: Why do you want books?  They went away with book stores.  And every other kind of store.
Skinner: Schools have books.  Or computers, which we don’t have.  So books it is!
Reach Level 12 and Place Bart’s Treehouse
Make Bart Scrounge for Books- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Print is Dead Pt. 2
Bart starts

Bart: Man, finding books is harder than you’d think.  Flanders is old and boring – he must have some books lying around.
Flanders: I’d be lie-burying the truth if I said I didn’t!  I’ve got New Testament, Old Testament, King James Version, Ving Rhames version…
Bart: They won’t let us bring those into school, Mr. Flanders.
Flanders: No religious texts?  What intelligent Designer would intelligently design such a world?  You can take this self-help book I found in the driveway.
Bart: “The Handbook of Sciencetonomy”?
Flanders:  It’s mostly instructions for how to brush your teeth.
Make Bart Collect Books- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Print is Dead Pt. 3
Bart starts

Bart: Hey, Lisa, I’m collecting crappy old books for school.  How many thousands do you have?
Lisa: Crappy?  None of my books are crappy!
Bart: Come on, you must have some old ones you’re finished nerding out to.  What about that one?
Lisa: “Fifty Shades of Grey?”  I’ve never see that book before in my life.
Marge: It’s mine, and don’t read it!  It is NOT the guidebook to sunbathing I thought it was.
Make Bart Collect Fifty Shades of Grey- 4hrs, Earns $174, 45xp

Print is Dead Pt. 4
Bart starts

Bart: Okay, Skinner, here are your stupid books.  Most dust collectors for the library storeroom.
Skinner: Thank you, Bart, but only place these will be collecting dust is in our furnace.  Fire dust, that is.  The school board mandates a monthly book burning.  It’s something to distract the Huck Finn-haters and the Catcher in the Rye-oters.

Here you’ll be awarded the Anti-Gutenberg 3000…for free. 
Make Willie Feed the Anti-Gutenberg 3000- 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp 

And there you have it my friends, the basic details behind today’s episode tie-in!

What do you think of the new items?  Will you be buying any of the premium items?  Which ones?  Thoughts on the Anti-Gutenberg 3000?  Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!



83 responses to “5/13 In-Game Update: Mathlete’s Feat Episode Tie-In

  1. 😛 My game glitched and reinstalled the update starting me back at where I was this morning. It kicked Bart out of the first task so I have to start over.

  2. anybody else having issues with the price of buildings?……my kwik-e-mart dropped to $480 to purchase, but the orange house went up to $180000, which i failed to spot before i had purchased 3 of them

  3. Since the update, Cecil’s daily tasks have an icon in the task bar. And the glitch with the nit highlighted tasks is getting worse.

  4. I keep getting a “Cannon Connect to Server” screen when I try to update.

  5. Hmmm… Captain bob or waverly hills school… So tough…

  6. I’m seriously considering buying Waverly Hills Elementary….Not really because I like the way it looks but because it reminds me of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It’s considered one of the most haunted places in the U.S. and ghost hunters has done several episodes on it. I’ve even had the privilege of seeing inside it and getting a tour from one of the owners when I was younger…I know they aren’t related but it still triggers memories for me.

    • Marion (AnothrAddict)

      In Louisville, KY…I thought the same thing. I went to Louisville for a broken bells concert last year and wanted to go to to the sanatorium so bad, but they only have tours on the wknds and I was at the concert Friday, left sat, so didn’t go. I was crushed. Took pics at the entrance of me hopping the rope by the mini gargoyle though.
      But the elementary is too many donuts for me, would have spent them on a haunted sanatorium though. 😛

      • Yeah, we got to go before they were “officially” doing tours and before they started fixing it up….For a nominal donation lol…We got pictures and got shown stuff they don’t even show on the tours now…it was pretty awesome:)…I highly recommend anyone who has the chance to go to do it:)

      • Marion (AnothrAddict)

        Nominal donation. Lol. That sounds super cool. I read somewhere, not too long ago, syfy’s ghost hunters were filming another episode there. Must be a pretty spooky place since they keep going back for more. Did you feel/see anything spooky?

    • A few things…but they were probably all in my head lol. I’d have to say the best part was walking around and listening to the guy talk and share facts and stories about the building and the history that went with it.

  7. My Dora tasks is just saying ERROR so is mr Burns moneymountain task to. Anyone else has this problem?

  8. OrdinarilyBob

    I’m always a fan of MOAR CONTENTS!! So, yay that! Thanks for the ProTip about waiting for Terwilligers to be over before finishing this questline. I suppose I shoulda waited until I saw your thread. …I had just started Lisa annoying Bart this morning (24hr task), then got this update a couple hours later. Before this article was posted I had already bounced the Treehouse to free Bart and got him Scrounging for books… Oh well…

    Not an entire loss… I sent Lisa off on some 4hr task she had on some other questline (can’t remember which, now… I think something to do with Doc Robert)….

    Anyway, once they’re both done with these sidesteps, it’ll be back of the line for these new questlines, and I’ll get Lisa to annoy Bart again.

    I’m quite amused by the name of that book shredder. LOL @Anti-Gutenberg 3000. HA! And free items are always welcome. Woot!

    As for the Premium items… I dunno. One of my friends is a hardcore premium player, so I’ll scope out how the flag looks first, but unless it’s really horrible, I will probably buy that. As for Waverly… Looks nice, but I don’t need another (what appears to be) large building w/out a character… especially for the pricey 115 donuts. So that’s likely a pass, for me.

  9. Tie in started for me but my opera house seats disappeared and a re-boot did no good. I received a message when I re-booted that my other device was closed improperly and that I might lose progress but I only play on this one device (iPad) what next??

    • Check to make sure the upgrade to get them is still there. If it is contact EA and let them know what happened, they should be able to restore them for you.

  10. Wowsers!

    First we get the SSB event. Then a new level with the Dora event. Then Part 3 with another item to upgrade. NOW an episode tie in!!

    I’m predicting a Gil deal in the near future. I think Gil’s the only thing NOT thrown at us yet.

    And I welcome it all! 😀

  11. kimberlyah794

    Notice after the update more event tasks aren’t highlighted. My kids can go to the opera house now, and their “Candy Corn” task is no longer highlighted. This is a glitch that is starting to really get on my nerves. It shouldn’t be THAT hard for them to fix. :/

    • i was wondering, maybe the task are not highlighted anymore because you have enough resources for the craftable items? for example the 2 hr tasks of seniors stopped being highlighted for me after i had enough ferilizers to craft any of the prizes which would need them.

      • kimberlyah794

        That’s an interesting idea, Veronica! Although if that was the case, none of my corn tasks should be highlighted because I’m *swimming* in corn…

  12. Sani-John Smokehouse’s crafting is now in task bar also…

    • 4kidsandacatdog

      Yes I crafted this earlier today. Like all craftable tasks it awards you event currency.

      • Do you remember what the reward was? Trying to decide whether this craft it now or hold off…

  13. Is there a time limit on completing this? And will there be a should I buy on the items? Thinking no on the flag already though.

    • Always a SIB but it won’t be up till tomorrow probably (work’s a little crazy today).

      As far as a time limit. It ends May 19th…BUT the kill date for the questline is June 19th. So it’s ok to hold off on completing the questline until after Terwilligers (however just make sure you start it…in otherwords make sure the task for Bart to complete part 1 is in your task bar.

  14. thanks !!!

  15. Need. More. Land!!!!!

  16. They’re not selling me real well on the flag. On top of already too many premium items, the flag doesn’t even do premium stuff, it only improves Vanity like any other freemium. And for 15 Donuts, might as well get rakes for that. Even a 0.25% increase would be nice, since the rakes do 0.10%.

  17. I love episode tie-ins they’re always fun n cute. I don’t mind that its during an event, considering Bart is only used to collect a few supplies (its just like 8 corn you’re missing out on).
    Thanks for keeping us updated!! 🙂
    Also the holo flag seems to invert the american flag when its horizontal. Bug?

    • Possibly…

    • Depending on where you are in the game. For me, Bart was around 8 hours into his 24 hour task with Lisa in the Act 3 questline (Plantom of the Opera Pt. 5). He will then go in straight away for another 24 hours on Plantom of the Opera Pt. 6. He also has access to earn theatre masks in the 6 hour quest for youngsters which I had unlocked. A little annoying he is double tasked right now and this takes him 18 hours away from earning Theatre Masks.

  18. I think the task times should be a lot shorter since we have so much with the Terwilliger Event.

  19. The Cecil daily task is also added to the task bar for me since this update.

  20. I agree with the other comments. Bart has too much to do right now to start the “print is dead” questline. I just sent Bart and Lisa on a 24 hour task for the Monsarno event. Sheesh!

    • I had JUST sent Bart and Lisa and the 24 hour task for Monsarno when this launched, of course! So much stuff going on at once!

      • Same here! It figures…an hour before this happens, I got the 24-hour quest. Figured nothing else is going on with them, aside from crafting-item collecting…and then, boom: freemium item quest!

  21. Damn. Still no new land to buy. 🙁

  22. I’m feeling premium item fatigue, so many premium items have already been released while the event has been running and now two more. Both the school and the flag look good but at the moment they’re not something I feel I ‘need’ in my Springfield.
    I am looking forward to getting the Anti-Guttenberg machine, I plan to put it in front of my library 🙂

  23. Will this be a limited time only questline? You think we should concentrate on this or the Terwilliger’s?

    • Official end date is May 19th, BUT the questline kill date (when the questline will be pulled) is June 19th. So I would start it (at least trigger the first part in your task bar) and then concentrate on Terwilligers. And go back to this once Terwilligers is over.

      • When you say “trigger the first part in your task bar,” do you mean we have to have Bart scrounge for books? Or is just seeing the opening dialog enough (which happened automatically after the upgrade ran)?

        I *definitely* want to hold of dealing with this until after the event is over, if I can, but I don’t want to miss out on getting the freemium item!

      • Great – all set then! Thanks! 🙂

  24. I don’t want to complain that there’s too much going on , but THERE’S TOO MUCH GOING ON !!!!! lol

    So many things for Bart and Lisa to do. Can we get Monsarno to clone them instead of Bob?

    • lol wouldn’t that be nice?

      Pro tip…questline kill date is June 19th. So as long a you trigger this to show up in your task bar you should have a month to complete it…and then you can concentrate on terwilligers.

    • Reading the walkthrough, I’m happy to completely ignore the fact that this mini-quest even exists.
      Move along! Nothing to see here. 😉

  25. stephchavarin

    Way to much going on, and ALL of it it very Lisa-centric! I need that girl to earn me DNA!

    Also, congratulations alissa! When I read the announcement post a few minutes ago, I had this funny/morbid image of the doctor saying “I’m regret to tell you that your tsto addiction during your pregnancy has left your baby addicted to casual mobile device based games!”

  26. I think they have to much going on at the moment and should have saved some of this for after the current event is over – just my opinion but thanks for your hard work 😉

  27. This has not popped up for me. Does it require certain items?

    • Nope it just started for me. Bunny’s having issues getting it to trigger too tho. Try usual troubleshooting (hard close, restart etc)

  28. TechnoTrousers0

    Jeepers! As if we didn’t have our hands full already. 😉

  29. Hopefully this is a fairly short questline, since it starts with Bart who is busy for the next forty some hours for those of us wanting to stay on track on Act 3 without donuts…

  30. Marion (AnothrAddict)

    Your so good. Always on top of it. Awaiting further info before I proceed. Thanks preggers. 😜

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