Terwilliger’s Guide to Leveling Up the Opera House: Act Three

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The final Terwilliger Act has arrived in Springfield…Act 3…and Cecil’s final incentive to inspire the residents of Springfield to like him is to build an Opera House!

So, now that you have the back story let’s talk about the Opera House.  The Opera House is basically the key to the final act of the event.  Once you’ve started Act 3 you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade the Opera House and earn the newest crafting currency, Theater Masks.  To craft items in Act 3 you’ll need Theater Masks (as well as various other items).  One way you’ll get more Theater Masks is by sending characters on various tasks for these items.  And the way to unlock these character tasks?  Leveling up your Opera House!

Now that Act 3 has arrived it’s opened up a whole new set of Leveling up options …an infinite number in fact!  So we gave you a quick breakdown of what each level does in the Act 3 Rundown Post. But I know you guys  love the details..so let’s take a closer look at what it takes and what happens when you Level Up the Opera House during Act 3…


Before I get into the Act 3 Level Up Details…you got it…let’s quickly recap the Leveling up basics for those that have may have forgotten…

Note: For those of you that don’t have the Opera House….you NEED to finish the Act 2 questline to get it.  (ie Unlock Sideshow Bob).  You can find more details on what you need to do here.

How Do I Upgrade?

Note: The Opera House Upgrade Bug was fixed.  You can now Upgrade the Opera House by tapping on it (in addition to the steps below)

Upgrading the Opera House is a bit different than upgrading Monsarno, as in right now there’s only one way to upgrade.  Right now the only way to upgrade the Opera House is tap on the event menu (remember you access that via the Knife Trophy on the bottom right of your screen…icon looks like this: ico_terwilligers_trophy).  And the last item listed is the Opera House Upgrade screen (you’ll have to scroll down to get it):

2015-05-13 00.29.46See the Opera House Icon?  That’s the one you’ll want to be on.

Right now you cannot upgrade by tapping on the Opera House.  Eventually EA may fix this, but for now you can only upgrade through the event menu.

What’s Needed to Upgrade?

DNA and Theatre Masks.  The same stuff needed for Crafting.  Different amounts are needed to upgrade to a new level. (we’ll get to that in a minute)

ico_terwilligers_dna_lg ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg


How Do I Earn DNA and Theater Masks?

ico_terwilligers_upgrade_dna ico_terwilligers_upgrade_theatremask

A few ways.  Both items can be earned from clearing Bob Clones and Mutant Blobs (from Mutant Seedlings your neighbors leave in your town).  Note: They DO fall from Bob Clones, they’re just rare.  So it may be a while before you see them…but they will fall from Bob Clones.

You can also earn both DNA and Theater Masks from completing Cecil’s Daily Tasks.  Just note that you must get to (and complete) at least the 3rd Daily task from Cecil to earn Theater Masks.  Theater Masks are the rewards for completing the 3rd and 4th Daily Task from Cecil.

You can also earn both items by completing character tasks.  For DNA you’ll send your characters on tasks at Monsarno (details here).  For Theater Masks you’ll automatically start with a task for Kooks to earn Masks at the Opera House (even before you upgrade).  Kooks will have a 12hr tasks as soon you unlock the ability to upgrade the Opera House.

And now…let’s look at the new stuff….

What Happens When I Upgrade?

Well, at each upgrade point you’ll unlock more stuff.  This stuff could be tasks to earn Theater Masks, new craftable items or higher payouts on existing tasks.  Here’s a look at what you’ll earn at each Level:

Remember for a list of who’s in which group check out Bunny’s post on Cecil’s Daily tasks.

Level 1 unlocks a job for Kooks to get masks (what you start with…12hr task for Kooks.  Earns 13 Masks)

Level 2 unlocks a job for Celebrities to get masks

Level 3 unlocks the Opera seats (you’ll be awarded one for FREE) and increases mask payouts from jobs

Level 4 unlocks a job for Youngsters to get masks

Level 5 unlocks the Ticket Booth (you’ll earn one for FREE) and increases mask payouts from jobs.

Level 6 unlocks a job for Entrepreneurs to get masks

Level 7 unlocks Opera Seats (yes again for FREE) and increases mask payouts from jobs

Level 8 unlocks a job for Criminals to get masks.

Level 9 unlocks a job for Saints to get masks.

Level 10+ increases mask payouts

There is no cap on level upgrades for Act 3…so you won’t reach the max.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade at Each Level?

Here’s the breakdown…

Level DNA Masks Reward
1 0 0 Kooks for Theater Masks
2 100ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 225ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Celebrities for Theater Masks
3 200ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 450ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout, Unlocks Opera Seats
4* 300ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 675ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg  Youngsters for Theater Masks
5 400ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 900ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout, Unlocks Ticket Booth
6 500ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 1125ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Entrepreneurs for Theater Masks
7 600ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 1350ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout, Unlocks Opera Seats
8 700ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 1575ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Criminals for Theater Masks
9 800ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 1800ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Saints for Theater Masks
10 900ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 2025ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout
11 1000ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 2250ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout
12 1100ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 2475ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout
13 1200ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 2700ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout
14 1300ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 2925ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout
15 1400ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3150ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg Increase Theater Mask Payout

*At Level 4 (once you’ve upgraded to it) you’ll unlock the 3-Day Theater Mask Sale in the store.  625 Masks for 25 Donuts.  (I’m not planning on doing a SIB on this.  It’s purely a…if you need them/want them and have the donuts get them.  Pros and cons are self explanatory)

For each level you want to increase your Opera to after Level 15, add 100 DNA and 225 Theater Masks to the previous requirement.   That’s how much it’ll cost to upgrade to that level.  Each level after 15 will increase Theater Mask Payout slightly (remember…it’s not on all tasks, just some)

What Are the Payouts for the Character Tasks?

Here’s what upgrades look like for the first 10 Levels 

Task Length Unlocks At Earns Lvls 1-2 Earns Lvls 3-4 Earns Lvls 5-6 Earns Lvls 7-9 Earns Lvl 10
Kooks for Theater Masks 12hrs 1 (start) 13 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 20ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 26ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 33ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 34ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Celebrities for Theater Masks 8hrs 2 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 14ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 18ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 23ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 24ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Youngsters for Theater Masks 6hrs 4 n/a 11ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 14ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 18ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 19ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Entrepreneurs for Theater Masks 4hrs 6 n/a n/a 10ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 13ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 13ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Criminals for Theater Masks 2hrs 8 n/a n/a n/a 8ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 8ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Saints for Theater Masks 1hr 9 n/a n/a n/a 5ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 6ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg

And here’s what they look like if you decide to upgrade over Level 10 (I stopped at 15, but you should get the general idea from the chart of the minor increases)

Task Length Earns Lvl 11 Earns Lvl 12 Earns Lvl 13 Earns Lvl 14 Earns Lvl 15
Kooks for Theater Masks 12hrs 36ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 37ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 38ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 39ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 41ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Celebrities for Theater Masks 8hrs 25ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 26ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 27ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 27ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 28ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Youngsters for Theater Masks 6hrs 19ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 20ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 21ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 21ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 22ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Entrepreneurs for Theater Masks 4hrs 14ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 14ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 15ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 15ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 16ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Criminals for Theater Masks 2hrs 9ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 9ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 9ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 9ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 10ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Saints for Theater Masks 1hr 6ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 6ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 6ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 6ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg 7ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg

What Happens When I’ve Reached the Max Level?

There is no Max Level in this one…so be careful and don’t burn all your resources on upgrading to get to the Max, cause you won’t reach it.

If There’s No Max Level, When Should I Stop?

That’s really up to you.  You’ve got to decide which tasks/payout upgrades you want & what’s worth it to you.  However, I recommend NOT upgrading past Level 9 (and that will be my own strategy as well).  If you unlock to Level 9 you’ll unlock all of the character tasks (including ones for Saints and Entrepreneurs..they’ll FINALLY get used!), which will help earn loads of masks quickly.  But as you can see the increase in payouts from Level 10 and up is pretty small.  IMO it’s just not worth the resources to upgrade there.  But again…it’s up to you.

So DNA and Theater Masks Are Required for BOTH Crafting and Upgrading, Which Should We Focus On?

I’ve been saying it since Act 1…Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!  The more tasks/characters you have earning for you the better off you’ll be.

However, just like I said when Act 2 started with the Farmer’s Market..if you’re close to the Gas and Grub (like a couple of thousand away), I would continue working towards crafting that to get it out of your way and then you can focus on the new items.  BUT that was just my opinion and what I would do.  At the end of the day, you’ve got to do what you think is best for you.

What About the Opera House items, How Do I Craft Those/What’s Up With Them?

As noted above Levels 3, 5 and 7 will unlock Opera House “accessories”…

At Level 3 AND Level 7 you’ll unlock the Opera Seating:


You’ll be given one for free once you reach Level 3 AND Level 7 (yup you’ll get 2 free)…

And you can craft additional ones via the crafting Menu.  Here’s what’s required to craft more Seats..
900 ico_terwilligers_dna_lg
3,400 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg

At Level 5 you’ll unlock the Opera House Ticket Booth:


You’ll also be given one for free once you reach Level 5…

And you can craft additional ones via the crafting Menu.  Here’s what’s required to craft more Ticket Booths…
400 ico_terwilligers_corn_lg
1,700 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg

So if you like them and want more than 1 (or 2 in the case of the seating) you can continue to craft after you’ve gotten your free ones.

And that my friends concludes the info on the Opera House Upgrades for Act Three!

What are your thoughts on upgrading? Have you upgraded yet?  Thoughts on the character tasks associated with earning more Theater Masks?  What are your thoughts on the event overall so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

215 responses to “Terwilliger’s Guide to Leveling Up the Opera House: Act Three

  1. In addition to the character type tasks that open up, e.g., masks for entrepreneurs at level 6, aren’t there also individual character jobs that open at different levels? I thought I saw a grayed-out job for Apu to sell seat cushions at level 6 (I’m at level 5), and one for Ned to sing like an angel at level 9. Can you tell me – are these non-event currency reward tasks, and will they be available after the event ends? It would help me decide whether to upgrade the opera house any further, especially if any of these are outdoor tasks. Sorry if I missed this info in a different post. Thanks.

    • Never mind lol. It just dawned on me that those are probably just the descriptions of the event tasks for those character types. Disregard, please! 🙂

  2. I had a couple of those reminder tasks to craft items, and now I have one thats asking me to upgrade the M.research lab to 20/25 and the opera house to 10/15. I don’t want to upgrade these anymore … Or is there a special bonus for doing it? In addition to that, SB wants me to craft 10 items.,. :-\ is there any upside to doing these to tasks?? Or will it just burn me instead. I’m still trying to craft the gas & houseboat items..

  3. I just want to thank you so much for all the tips! I was able to craft (not all items) but at least the ones I really wanted like the Farmes Market, Gas and Grub and now the Simpsons Houseboat eek! I did however, stopped upgrading the Opera Stage at level 7. I found it to be better to focus on one task at a time and just send my characters to earn the needed materials for crafting that particular item. Now my focus is on that smokehouse and I think I might be able to obtain it before the event ends. 😁

  4. Hey I was wondering if my total bonus from conformity and decorations, which is 58.2%, applys to all the characters I have on jobs at the opera house and monsarno? I seem to be earning quite a bit of crafting materials and it appears as if I’ll be able to craft all the items before end of event. Is it because I have this bonus?

  5. Not sure if this has been covered but could you do something like this for the gas and the Center?

  6. So is anyone else having issues with earning notes in their friend’s towns. I can only earn 3 fo reach town and after only about half of my friend’s it stops adding them.

  7. Hi, I play frequently, have neighbours etc., but I’m starting to think that I am barely going to get any of the prizes because the amount of items you need is taking ages to collect. Is it just me…am I doing something wrong or are we not expected to get all the prizes like the houseboat etc. I am following the levelling up advice given here but this seems pretty labour intensive without getting all the rewards. Or is it me?? Thanks.

    • It is a pick n choose style. It is meant to be created so YOU decide what to go for. If you want more, pay donuts for it. There more recent way of customizing the game for each player.

  8. Thanks for this post. I’ve stopped upgrading the Opera House now that I have the Saints on hour tasks. Next stop will be crafting the Simpsons Houseboat.

  9. Definitely not worth upgrading past level 9… upgrading to level 10 costs 2025 masks, which will take awfully long to recap if you consider the meagre one-mask increase for only SOME of the jobs… not to mention the DNA which is also better spent on craft items.
    Was anyone else hoping the job unlocked for the Saints would be a 16-hour one rather than a 60-minute one?

    • Yes, it is stupid. The upgrade teaser said increased mask payout for jobs, making people assume ALL mask jobs. However, once you upgrade, it suddenly says increased mask payout for jobs at Monsanto research… And we all know how many jobs there are at the research centre that earn masks…

    • That’s recoup, not recap. Maybe autocorrect, but in case you didn’t know…

    • I was actually really happy it was a 1h job. That adds up much faster, you only need to do it 7 times to make more than the 12h job (so if you do it 12 times instead, you make much more!) For me that works out great because I have tons of free time right now.

      I kinda screwed up and leveled it up to level 10… and to make things worse I leveled Monsarno to level 20 when I got the task for it… I missed the pet plant in Phase 1 and now it’s looking like I’ll never make it, so I’m going to focus on the houseboat. Then if I make it, I’ll send everyone to get fertilizer (I already have enough corn) but I need to make 26k fertilizer, I don’t think that will be easy.

      For my upgrade of the opera house to level 10 to be worth it, I need to send my Saints (I have 7 of them) on their hourly task 289 times (all 7 of them). That would take 12 days even if I did it every single hour, non-stop. There is also a higher payout for a few of the other tasks, but those take longer so I can only do them a few times a day, so my gain is only a few extra masks a day. Considering there are only 6 days left, uprading will NEVER be paid for.

      That’s my mistake. Fortunately the only prize I still want that requires masks is the houseboat. Taking into account the total mask gain instead of just the difference, I might be able to make it on time if I send everyone on mask tasks constantly, keeping in mind I’ll get some masks from squishing clones too.

      I’ve given up on the tomato plant at this point though. The tasks don’t earn many of them, and 26k, seriously? Not gonna happen.

      • Don’t feel too bad about missing the mutant plant NPC (and definitely don’t spend materials to craft him!) – he’s mildly cute but mine will probably go into storage once the event is over.

        • Thanks!

          At least I got all the playable characters (well, not Dame Judith Underdunk yet, but I’m on the right track to get her). So oh well. The mutant doesn’t seem to do that much anyways.

  10. Hi- sorry if this has already been covered (I can’t find it if so). But where do I find out who the “saints” are? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it for me to upgrade the opera house from level 8 to 9. And without knowing how many additional characters are involved, I’m a bit confused.

    Also, your website is AMAZING and I read it several times a day, just waiting for each new post. I can’t imagine playing this game without y’alls advice. I’d be so lost! Thank you thank you!

    • Glad we are able to help you out. It’s what we love to do. I believe the post you are asking for is this one…

      Feel free to locate any post you need for the Event by tapping on the sideshow bob icon on our main page to link to all the Event posts. 😉

      • Amazing. Thank you so much. So if you were me, would you level up to 9 if I could reach that today or tomorrow? I have all of the saints except father Sean. I only have the Springfield farmers market right now and would like to get at least two of the following three things: gas and grub, homer decoy, or simpsons houseboat. Maybe getting two isn’t possible at his stage. But is it to late to still be upgrading at this stage in your opinion?

        • For myself, I would want to unlock all possible options of Characters tasks that I can. See what would benefit YOU depending on who you own in the game. Calculate what they can provide you in the time left. Will it be enough to reach your goal? Worth the upgrade? Or will you fair better keeping the materials you have and getting what you can?

          It’s hard to say who should do what as there are a lot of factors that go into place. How often you play and reset those paying tasks, how many Characters you have that can perform those tasks, etc.

      • Also Monsarno is at level 14 and sprayer is at level 15 if that matters.

      • It depends on how often you think you can check your saints.

        Rod and Todd both have the youngster job so, at best, they net you an additional 12 every 6 hours if you tap every hour without fail. We’ll ignore their contribution for a moment, though.

        You have 4 saints besides them (if you don’t have Sean). I am writing this with 9 days to go. The cost of rank 9 is 1800 masks (will assume DNA is not limited)

        That means you need 1800/(4*5*9) = 10 taps a day of the older saints to make even by the end of the event. If we add in Rod and Todd’s average net gain we end up with 1800/((4*5*9) + (2*2*9))= 8.333 taps per day. So they save you about a tap a day IF you cap tap them every hour for a few stretches of 6 hours.

        And that is just to get even. So in reality, you need to be able to tap 10-12 times a day within hour or slightly longer brackets to make it worth your while. Certainly possible, but not everyone is can put in that kind of time.

      • Thanks so much! I think at this point it’s best for me not to upgrade any more and to try to earn as much as I can. While I log in tons of time each day, I don’t want to be stressed if I can make it back within an hour 10-12 times a day for 9 days. This is a game, so it’s supposed to be fun, right? Really appreciate the advice. Best of luck with the event!

  11. Right now I’ve got 1800 masks and a level 7 opera house and the last thing I want is the house boat, so if that’s the last thing I’m getting(I’m good for corn) should i upgrade the opera house twice more to get all tasks or just focus on getting masks?

  12. I think the key was getting the squirted up to level 15. Getting 25 resources from each mutant Bob makes a huge difference.

    • Agreed. Wouldn’t it have been nice if they’d kept spawning every 5 minutes?

    • I only upgraded the squirter to Level 8 (so payout of 13 each squish) and now it’s too late to bother any further in terms of the DNA it will cost and the returns. I have upgraded Monsarno to Level 19 and Opera House to Level 9 though. I have already crafted the farmer’s market and think I will manage to get Gas N Grub and the Houseboat by the end but not much else. I regret not upgrading the squirter earlier but I was churning away for the farmer’s market.

  13. I’m currently at Level 7 and was original planning to upgrade up to 9, as suggested. However, I know that, at some point, there won’t be enough days left in the game for me to recoup my expenditures and then gather enough currency to get the houseboat, but I feel like it would be a major project for me to do the necessary calculations to figure it all out.

    From reading all of the comments on this site, it appears that a few folks have created spreadsheets to help them do their calculations and planning. I’m wondering if anyone who’s done that would be willing to share their spreadsheet through Google Docsv or something, so that others could use it to do their own calculations? That would be REALLY helpful! 🙂

    • Drew on the previous page has done some work to start you off perhaps Sandra, Alissa replied if it helps you track the thread 😉

      • Thanks, Matt, but I’m looking for an actual spreadsheet that I can just modify a bit to match with my own games info (which characters I have, what levels I’m at, etc.). I know I can create one, and Crew’s info would certainly be helpful, but I was looking for a less time-consuming (for me) by leveraging a spreadsheet that someone else might have already created for him/herself. If I had already made one, I’d be happy to share it! 🙂

    • Sandra, I’m writing this with exactly 10 days of the event left.
      The maths is quite easy from here.

      Going to level 9 won’t be worth it unless you have both Father Sean and Maude. So forget about that. (If you have them both, let me know and I’ll do some quick sums)
      Let’s look at whether going to level 8 is worth it.
      I’m guessing you have the following criminals:
      Fat Tony, Herman, Legs, Louie, Snake, Cecil, SSB, Quimby.

      Fat Tony is an entrepreneur and SSB is a few things that can already earn masks albeit at a lesser rate – so for simplicity sake, let’s forget them.

      That leaves you with 6 criminals that will earn masks that couldn’t before.

      The upgrade costs 1575 masks. To make it worthwhile you’ll need to get more than that, obviously. But with the cost in DNA (as well as the loss of DNA from lost jobs, e.g. Quimby’s) it’d be nice to get quite a bit more than 1575.

      6 criminals earn 8 masks per job. That’s 48 each batch.
      If you send them 33 times, you will make 1584. Let’s aim for 40 times, to give you 1920, a 345 mask profit.

      40 times to send them on 2hr jobs in 10 days. You only need to send them 4 times a day to make it worth it. Even if you count just 8 days, you only need to send them 5 times per day. For 2hr jobs, it should be easy.

      Do it!

      • Oh, let’s say you can’t send them as often during the week, maybe just once in the morning and twice in the evening. That’ll still be 15 from the Mon-Fri efforts, but in the 10 days left we have 2 weekends – so you just need to send them at least 25 times in the 4 Sat/Suns – 6 times each day. Easy!

      • Herman’s an entrepreneur too, of course, so 40 instead of 48. You still need to send them 40 times, so the ultimate numbers are the same, basically.

      • Ooops – I didn’t get a chance to keep up with the site as usual today and, but the time I’d read this, I had already leveled up to 9, though, unfortunately, I don’t have Father Sean or Maude. But I should be able to send the Flanderses (;)) out on their new mask task about 10 times a day (maybe 11 or 12, some days), if that helps…

        I must say, though, it feels awfully good to finally be done upgrading everything as far as I had planned to! Now I’ll have to sit back and see what it all gets me in the remaining days!

    • It depends on how tight you are playing.

      Upgrading is worth it, when you’re going into the game almost every two hours for level 8 and you don’t mind losing dna.

      Its not worth to upgrade to level 9 unless you are going into the game minimum 10 times the day. The extra payout in the last case is, minus the masks you have spend for upgrading, only around 200 masks for 10 days left. For level 8 around 500.

      So you will lose 1500 dna for upgrading till level 9 and win around 700 masks. If you are really playing hard you can make it up to around 3000 masks. Means, you have to set your alarm clock every one hour… (except in the night).

      Its pretty hard to get your investment back, that’s why I stopped at level 7.

      • And this is why I should have come here before going into my game when I got home today after being out most of the day. 🙁

        Really appreciate your taking the time to answer me in this, but I’ve already done the level 9 upgrade and it was in the evening, so I won’t even be able to take advantage of the new task for a full 10 days.

        Oh well – as long as I earn enough masks before the end of the event to get the houseboat, I think I’ll be happy!

  14. I have to say I am extremely reluctant to bother upgrading the opera house. I upgraded the other two to the suggested levels but still haven’t recovered from that. The ONLY thing I have enough resources to craft is the cane field. I don’t really understand why I am doing so poorly. I got donuts at the end of Act 1 and twice for Act 2, which makes me think I am playing enough. Really discouraged with the whole crafting aspect and planning to just forget about and see if there’s anything I can get on the last day. Just need to decide if upgrading is worth it to get the booth and seats I guess. 🙁

  15. I’ve been doing the math for my game and came to the conclusion that it’s not worth the upgrade from 7 to 8, so I’m going to stay at 7. Moving to 8 would give 3 of my characters a 2 hour mask task that are otherwise doing nothing useful (aka earning corn), but it would take nearly the rest of the time left for them to earn enough to recover the cost of the masks. Considering the dna cost in there as well and I’d much rather keep the dna for crafting. I should still be able to earn enough to craft everything I want and I won’t have to check in with the game as frequently.

  16. Unsure if I am missing a post somewhere or not. But is there much point to ugrading the opera house and 2 other items that needing upgrading? I feel like i will waste all my masks etc on upgrading and i wont get to craft anything!

  17. Well, I’m done upgrading now – time to start collecting stuff.
    I definitely want the houseboat and would quite like the Homer decoy too, which means I need 15k masks in 10 days (give or take).
    Can I collect 1500 per day? I hope so. Let’s see!

    • I picked up more than 3000 in less than a full day.
      I’m resetting my sights, and am now aiming for 2 houseboats, if it lets me.

      Anything else is a bonus but a good few cane field things would look good at my Simpsons’ farm.

      My only dilemma is whether to go for the 2nd houseboat or try to maximise my donut return. In each of the first two acts I picked up 27 bonuts (54 total!). But I think it’ll be tougher to do in act 3, which is why I’m currently thinking down the houseboat route.

      • Why are the two mutually exclusive? One takes currency, the other materials, and the activities required to earn currency vs. materials don’t really overlap.

        I’m sure you know what you’re talking about (since you seem to put a lot of thought into your game) – I just want to know, so I can understand, too!

  18. Did you see that SSB will get a 2 hour (money) task at the opera, if it reaches level 8? Do you think that will stay after the event?

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