Should I Spend Donuts on the Holo-Flag?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well right in the middle of the Terwilliger Event we get…another Event!  Well, an episode tie-in for this Sunday’s Season Finale episode of The Simspsons, Mathlete’s Feat.  And with this little weekend event arrives a couple of new episode inspired premium decorations…including one holographically awesome flag!  Now I know you may be trying to decide if this is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Holo-Flag to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of pledging your allegiance to this flag to YOUR Springfield!        


Building/Decoration: Holo-Flag
Donut Price: 15 Donuts
Bonus %: none
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +250
Where Can I Place It?:  Grass /Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk
Size: 3×3
Unique?: No, you can purchase as many as you’d like
What Does It Do?: When you tap on it the flag changes

-Really neat design/animation.  Love how the flag changes

-No bonus %
-Only impacts vanity, easiest to max out.

Final Thought:

Premium Take:
I like this one and it’s fairly inexpensive for what it does.  Personally, as a premium player I think this is one you should pick up.

Freemium Take:
This one is a freemium tossup, honestly.  There’s absolutely zero benefit to adding this to your Springfield…but it’s cool (and inexpensive).  So this is one of those items where I would say…if you want it grab it.  If not, pass.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you, I’m grabbing those one…but not really for any practical reasons..I just think it’s cool.  However, whatever you decide just remember that this holo-flag will be leaving our stores soon, so if you’re thinking about it getting it make sure you make your final decisions before May 19th or you’ll miss your chance.

And here’s a look at the various flags….

2015-05-14 00.55.162015-05-14 00.55.322015-05-14 00.55.51

What are your thoughts on the holo-flag?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield (or did you already)? Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 

48 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Holo-Flag?

  1. I wasn’t considering this (I was waiting until I saw the tie-in episode), but now after this column, I am considering it. I had no idea that the flag can be changed. Once you change it, does it stay changed or does it reset itself? I wonder if visitors see the flag version you selected or the default flag?

  2. Holo-Flag – I feel like you’re being charged a Premium price for what should be Freemium decor (Vanity is the easiest next to Tree Hugger traight to level up on).

  3. I had to spend the donuts for this flag. It is so worth the donuts just because you can change the flag.

    I’m really liking this decoration.

  4. Did I miss SISD on Rolling Rock and Captain Bob?

    • Nope…I haven’t posted them yet. WAY too much stuff hitting the game kept pushing them back. At least one of them will be up today…both of them as long as EA doesn’t throw us an update curveball

  5. I had to get this because it goes really well with my Ultrahouse 2.

  6. I am definitely getting this. Very cool.

    I was wondering if you guys had a squidport guide, specifically telling me what all can be placed on the boardwalk. Mostly what buildings. If you do, can you point me in that direction?
    Thanks, and you guys rock!!

  7. Has anybody noticed that SSB no longer does his “escape” visits once the Opera house has been opened up? Does this mean the Righteousness bomb effect he has is finally at an end?

  8. OrdinarilyBob

    I bought one. Seems cheap for something with cool FX and interactivity. I am considering buying up to two more so I can show all three flags at once. If it had even a small multiplier I would definitely do so (even small percentage like 0.5%), since it doesn’t, I’m on the fence for more than one (and leaning to “probably not”).

    Right now it’s “dumped” in my “new stuff” area of town. I have eventual plans to put it near my Super HQ.

    Thanks for the write-up Addicts.

  9. I might get this. It’s so inexpensive and pretty neat. I’m a little afraid though that it will get lost in my already busy town so I haven’t done it yet.

  10. This looks cool. On the hand I’ve been saving donuts since the end of the Superheroes Event in the hopes that a new president will be released on 4th of July but on the hand I think this would look nice next to my Bartcave.

  11. I purchased 2 one behind bartcave and the other by the rolling rock!!

  12. 15 sprinkles is still too much because I’m saving up to hopefully one day get the Duff brewery and/or Frink’s lab.

  13. Holo Flag looks really cool next to Bart’s hideout if you have it. Shares the same logo (if you use that option on the flag) as the one draped over his hideout.

  14. R u going to do a should I buy for rolling rock?

    • Yup…just haven’t done it yet. EA keeps dropping more limited-time items in the game (that end sooner) so trying to get everything covered.

  15. The Problem Child

    Off topic…but Harry Shearer MAY or MAY NOT be leaving The Simpsons, depending on who you read:

    If he does then it’s bye-bye to Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Skinner, Otto, Rev Lovejoy, Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, Rainier Wolfcastle, Kang, and others.

  16. Shayleighk652

    I really really like the holo-flag and I’m glad I picked up two. One for Springfield Elementary and one for my Hartman cave/Kamp Kristy. Might get another for City Hall.

  17. Freemium here (buy donuts a couple times a year)… but I snagged it. Perfect addition to the Bartcave.

    • I am very confused by comments like this. I thought a freemium player never spent real money on the game. Ever. Hence, ‘free’.

      I saw someone the other day claiming they were freemium even though they bought a boatload of doughnuts. The rationale there what that he/she hadn’t spent their OWN money on the doughnuts, and therefore were still freemium.

      I am not sure it really matters, I just want to understand the terminology. Completists (or however it is spelled) buy everything. Premium buys some things. Freemium ….. ? Is there something in between Premium and Freemium? Partly freemium? Mostly freemium? A la partly cloudy, mostly cloudy?

      • FWIW – I think it’s perfectly legit to claim to be freemium if the donuts you purchase are a result of earning them in the game and things like e-surveys, etc. I’m also sort of okay with purchasing using a gift card that was received as a a gift. But I think the moment you plunk real money of any kind down on the game (save maybe a scratcher or two…) then you are indeed a premium player. Having said all of that…..who really cares? Play how you enjoy and don’t feel the need to defend it, label it, or apologize for it. 🙂

      • lol….mostly freemium with a chance of premium! Love the meatballs reference *giggles*

        I define myself as free as mostly I try to save for the things I want but if something like the terwillergers comes along I cannot help myself! First time I ever purchased a significant amount : )

      • Maudlin Monarch.

        I refer to the term “Freemium” as not spending any of your OWN money, as well. This allows the loophole of gift cards, rewards, etc, imo. In my town, I have not purchased a single doughnut, golden ticket, mystery box, homer buddha, laffy meal, buildng, character, or combo with anything BUT the donuts earned through level ups, won through super bonus draws, or those given through special events. (There’s a run on sentence!) Yet, that’s just how I’ve play. LOL!

      • If you visit your neighbours every day you truly will be rewarded with random premium currency ie doughnuts. You will read people here receiving 4 – 6 per day – well, maybe I’m unlucky, but I don’t find this realistic. However I do average 1 per day with around 70 friends. It seems a chore sometimes especially on days where you earn nothing but it’s enough to spur me on to visit everyone every day. It’s how I bought my flag.

  18. TheWackyWombat

    I bought the holo flag to put behind my town hall, it looks good but I don’t love it as much as some of my other decorations. I think my main issue is that it’s very static until you click on it, looks more like a sign then a flag.

    Still a great decoration and worth the price.

  19. I like it, I haven’t bought it yet and probably won’t because I have no idea where to put it.

  20. I like the design, but this is one of those items that should definitely have been freemium (among with many other decorations, which I think are kind of “standard” for designing a city, if you know what I mean, for example apple trees etc.). I think premium items should always award a bonus percentage and all items that only add to the conform-o-meter should strictly be freemium. IMO that would be a fair policy.
    To say something positive, I actually liked the way EA has dealt with this in the past. Whenever they introduced small premium items (like the Beer Stack, the Dirt Pile or the Golden Calf), a quest line would award one for free and you could buy more using donuts. Should have been the same here, I hope this doesn’t mean they are changing this policy.

    • Maudlin Monarch.

      I started my town in Spring 2014. One thing which I’d like to see EA to reintroduce is the community prize thing. I think they stopped in Christmas 2013, or before that. Either way, I came in too late to experience that event aspect.

      It also *bites*, that when those particular prizes are brought back they are rather cost-prohibitive. I think they are basing that behaviour on novelty game promotions into “pseudo-collectibles”.
      “In celebration of reaching an attendance milestone, everyone who came to last week’s game received a free 4″ plastic bobble-head! … If you come in tonight and want one, it’s all yours for only $75.00!!! Enjoy The Game!!!”

    • while i agree that this item should have some kind of bonus multiplier attached to it, seems like wishful thinking to expect a bonus to be applied to ALL premium items. ea arguably has been providing us with ample opportunities to get free donuts of late, so i don’t feel like 15 is too much to ask for a premium limited time item that is actually pretty cool.

      as for the way ea has dealt with “this” in the past, keep in mind that this is an episode tie-in event; this IS how they have dealt with these events in the past, offering a free item at the end of a mini questline in addition to a limited edition premium item or two. i think it’s fair, but you can always express your disapproval by refusing to buy it…. 🙂

  21. It’s tempting at the price, and +200 vanity will help get me from 4.5 to 5 stars.

  22. I bought two of them, one for the skull image (which looks great) and one for the Starfleet image. I then rotated the Starfleet one to suit the area where I was placing it and the image turned out to be back to front! Extremely disappointed. It’s a hologram, not a physical object, surely they could of flipped it around it so it was readable.

  23. Thanks for the analysis of the holo-flag. Shame they couldn’t have put the local flag instead of the US flag on the list as I bet a Brazilian or a Brit would snap this up faster it it had their flag on it. Some flags are challenging, but the French, Italian, Belgian, Dutch, etc. tricolour would be very easy.

    On a different note. I understand you guys are losing sleep like the rest of us trying to just keep up with the game, but I have not yet seen any analysis of rolling rock (which I have seen and it looks too small for me) and Captain Bob (seen singing on stage). Are they donut-worthy? Did I miss these posts somewhere? Thanks

    • I think it’s just because The Simpsons are based in America…which is why it’s the American flag. Same reason why we have American flag decos in TSTO, but not other countries.

      • I understand that angle, but EA is missing out on a great opportunity because there are a lot of foreign fans, viewers, and players. I, for example, would love to know where my neighbours live. I know one has a Welsh name, for example, but he could live anywhere. Most do not recognise that sraige is Lithuanian for snail and comes from the fact that I raise GALS, mainly retics, here in Vilnius. It would be a great way to promote internationalism, but with an easy opt out, i.e. one could use the default US flag, for example. But I bet a lot of other people are just as proud of their country as I am of mine and would love to display their flag. I would even be willing to pay donuts for the privilege. And people in the US would probably like to display their favourite state flag. I realise that you do not directly influence the game, but who knows, perhaps someone at EA will also read this post.

        • That would be fun, actually. I would love to see where my neighbors are from. Putting in the U.S. states would be too much, maybe, but the 10-15 most popular countries playing the game would be fun. I can always spell out ‘Texas’ with shrubs if I’m in the mood to admit it 😉

  24. Hmmmm, freemium take on this, I think despite it’s various flags, really it is just a donut distraction in the middle of an event. I have more than enough to afford (113) but am aiming for higher goals within the event 🙂

  25. It only has three flags?

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