Random Changes Level 53

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Just when you thought you could sneak in a lil more time from Terwilliger’s Event, EA sneak attacks and drops a New Level on us. You were bored anyway, right? Lol. 😉

For the basics on Level 53 overview, see the post HERE.

For starting the new Level, you will need to have completed the previous Levels prior to move on. So you need Game Play Level 47 done to move to 48. 48 to 49. 49 to 50… and so on (Main Walkthroughs complete). You also need to make sure your XP Level is at the same Game Level if not higher (it is common for the XP to be higher than Game Play usually).


Now to the Random Changes….

First off, with another new level comes more new pricing. Well with this new update, you will NOT notice any changes at all. Why? Well EA decided to add ANOTHER Multiplier Tier to the pricing. This means every cost of buildings will stay the same and the new stuff will stay at a higher cost a lil longer.

Here is the NEW Multiplier Tier Breakdown.

Level 53: 4X Cost
Level 52: 4X Cost

Level 51: 4X Cost
Level 50: 3X Cost
Level 49: 2X Cost
Level 48: 1.6X Cost
Level 47: 1.4X Cost
Level 46: 1.3X Cost
Level 45: 1.3X Cost
(Level 44-1: No Multiplier)

As you can see, the top THREE Tier Levels are now all 4X the Base Price. So you will now need to wait 3 Levels to start to see a pricing change for the newest items. This now gives us a total of 9 Tier Levels.



Remember…the BASE price is indicated in Red.  The current price is in black. Don’t confuse the base price (in red) with the current price (in black).

Level 53

Spiffany's Large

Spiffany’s ($330,500)Base Price $1,322,000 Current Price



Homer Pronounce GroeningMarge Reject Artie

For many of you, you may have noticed a slight change in the way you hear them. Not a huge thing, but one of those subtle changes some may notice. If a Character is talking and in the middle of a sentence and you tap another Character, most of the time it will cut off the first Characters dialog.

As I said, not a huge thing… but putting it out there just in case.



This was introduced a few Levels back, so I am just updating it for the newest Level 53.

First it’s important to note that the higher the level you are the more cash you’ll get for your donuts.  Here’s the breakout at Level 53:

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_1 – $12,500 will cost you 9 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_2– $62,500 will cost you 30 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_3 – $150,000 will cost you 65 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_4 -$250,000 will cost you 100 donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_5 – $750,000 will cost you 285 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_6 – $1,500,000 will cost you 550 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_7 $3,000,000 will cost you 1,000 Donuts

Money Safe 1600 Donuts to Cash$5,000,000 will cost you 1600 Donuts

Again this will vary depending on your level.  The above numbers reflect it if you’re on Level 53.  As you increase your level over level 9 you’ll start to increase the payout for each one.  We won’t go into too much detail with this because we honestly do not encourage you to do this in your games. It is a waste. Do not spend donuts for in game cash…it’s just not worth it (at any level).




FYI, if you still feel you want to debate on picking him up, hidden within your Premium Items (Homer Buddha in the Menu, by the islands), he now seems to be a permanent fixture there for 100 Donuts. Should I Buy on him is HERE.


Now for that one thing we will continually keep reminding you to check 😉

CONFIRM DONUT SPENDdonut-loadingAnd of course, your constant reminder (as we ALWAYS get comments on this)…check that Confirm Donut Spend. NO ONE wants to lose donuts on accidental sped up tasks or purchases. The new menu, you will find this in any menu by tapping the cog wheel in the top right corner. (You can also reset your sound from here.)


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume


Confirm Donut Spend

Got some technical issues from the new update that we were unable to help with? Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if you need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. What do you think of the new stuff? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


116 responses to “Random Changes Level 53

  1. I need more land to build!! When will they release more land? I am on lever 53 need to build the steelmill but don’t have room,

  2. I know this isn’t from level 53 but I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, “the death of radioactive man” and “the return of radioactive man” now appear in the cutscenes part of the menu.

    • It’s the first time since launch they had videos in the game again. We had them posted in our links when it first hit with the event.

      Cool for people to go and watch it as many times as they want. 😉

  3. hi TSTOAddicts!

    I aced organic chem in undergrad. I know how to tie my shoelaces so they never come undone accidentally. Occasionally, I win friends and influence people. And I make a sublime lemon tart.

    In short, I am more or less a competent person, but this Tapped Out real estate multiplier tier pricing concept has kicked my rear. I don’t understand it. I can’t process it. I have tried. I’ve read and re-read your Red Blazer Realty Guide explanation, and I remain baffled and oblivious about what it all means.

    I write you today, a desperate woman, hoping for further explanation that might get this price multiplier thing to click in my brain.

    My questions:

    It the idea behind “base price” and “current price” that a building’s price is at its highest when first offered in a game, because the base price has been increased by the highest multiplier for that level?

    Does that mean the price of the building will eventually drop (to its base price) as the player reaches some subsequent, higher level?

    Using Spiffany’s as an example, when – if ever – will a tapper be able to purchase Spiffany’s at its base price (330,500) as opposed to its “current” price (1,322,000)?

    • Basically…it mainly only applies to newer players. So by the time they get to level 53 if level 62 is out by then (9 levels higher than 53), they’ll pay the base price. As new levels are released the lower levels prices change until they reach their base price.

      However, not every level gets a drop in price. Right now it’ll take 4 levels to drop the price for Level 53 (so when level 57 hits it’ll be at a lower price, but not the base). Does that make more sense?

    • Your understanding is almost, but not quite, correct. It’s not based on the player’s level, it’s based on how many levels have been released. So, when a new level gets released, the buildings from some of the lower levels (in this case, starting at four levels below the current maximum level), are decreased in price, making it easier for new players to eventually “catch up.”

      Let’s do an example (but I’m gonna have to make up some numbers and buildings, because I don’t have time to go look up the real ones)….

      Let’s say the “Taco Shack” (made up) is a building that’s part of Level 49 and it has a base price of $100,000. Because the highest level in the game is currently Level 53, Level 49 buildings have a 2x multiplier (true), so a player reaching the Level 49 questlines today will have to pay $200,000 for that building.

      However, when Level 54 is released, the Level 49 multiplier will drop down to 1.6x, so a player reaching Level 49 at that point in time, will only pay $160,000 for that building.

      So Player A and Player B will have paid different amounts for the same building, because there was a different maximum level in the game when they got to Level 49, which changed the multipliers for buildings that were at least three levels lower than the maximum level, on a decreasing sliding scale proportionate to how low a level the building is (but never lower than the base price).

      Does that help?

      • Correction: In my last sentence, I should have said “…at least FOUR levels lower than the maximum level…”

      • Dear Alissa and Sandra Shill, thank you so much!

        I think I understand it now. I was approaching it all wrong. Like Sandra said, I thought mistakenly the player’s level impacts the building price, when it’s actually all about the highest level available in the game.

        I wish I’d asked this question last year, instead of playing in confused wonder all these months. 😀

        Thanks again!

  4. Is it just me or visiting neighbors doesn’t give as many doughnuts anymore? I used to get 1-4 doughnuts per round, but these 2 days since the update, I got zero.

    • It’s been a little bit stingier lately for me, too, but that’s just odds at work. Two days with no donuts is a perfectly natural outcome…at .05% chance per tap, means an average of 1.5 donuts per day, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get donuts every day! So, getting no donuts is the same as getting 3 donuts, which I’m sure has also happened to you from time to time, and getting no donuts two days in a row it’s as likely as getting 2 donuts three days in a row.

      Make sense?

      • Thanks, Sandra. I previously didn’t know the chance rate, now I’ll just be patient and keep trying. More tapping, better chance right? Go go sprinklies!

  5. pinballinggrrl

    It looks like some characters and skins got reshuffled between premium and free. A couple of my Stonecutters came up at the free rate (Skinner and one other)- but Giuseppe, Kang, and Hugs Bunny all came up at the premium rate for their jobs!

    • It’s because they were at one time offered as a premium character. Giuseepe, Kang & Hugs were all originally free but recently came back as premium characters.

      • pinballinggrrl

        on the topic of character tiers- does having the news van buff Channel 8 characters or something? Kent Brockman’s 4-hour task is coming up at 200 instead of 175, and Bumblebee Man’s at 300 instead of 260.

        Not that I mind! But I was curious.

  6. Level 53
    You snuck up Me
    Mrs Quimby was Free
    Spiffany’s cost Money
    Malibu Stacey
    Isn’t Free

  7. Princess Kashmir now has a 6hr task ‘Move Your Moneymaker’ which uses the Florence of Arabia building! Finally the building has a use! 🙂

  8. Hey I noticed something new with my shadow knight that he didn’t do before level 53 update it’s nothing big but I just finished his ‘go on a killing spree’ and he started swinging his sword and stabing probably nothing too important just something I noticed today

  9. Has anyone else seen a decrease in their righteousness level? I was at 5 stars but now 4.5 for that category. What happened between Twelliger event and the new level?

  10. New glitch: This has happened twice in last 12 hrs. I have tapped all my completed characters. Sent roaming around characters & the ones I just tapped to release & send them ALL on new tasks. Go to Krusty Land & many of those characters are now roaming around KL. Send the 2 characters I want doing KL tasks on them (they were already in KL) & go back to Springfield to send the strangely free characters on tasks. Magically, all the thumbs up, completed task characters have never been released. So now I have to re-send all the roaming characters back on tasks I just did 2 min ago & tap the completed ones (again) to free them & then send them on tasks again.

    No way is it me & like I said, it has happened twice now so it is definitely the game. It is screwing with my schedule since I send everybody on 2 & 4 hr tasks (except Cletus & Martin, 3 hrs) & try to sync them up, now they are all staggered.

    Is anyone else getting this in their game? Or am I the only lucky one?


    • Sounds like your game is not syncing up properly. Could be a bad/corrupted file, to your WiFi Connection, to Memory issue. I would try some basic troubleshooting and if it does not help, contact EA.

  11. not a random change but just wondering (cause i noticed when i got mrs quimby): why is it that freddy quimby is in the civil servant official set, but during the event he didn’t have the civil servant tasks?

    • Those are two separate things. The Category you are looking at is the Character Sets in the game (he was there cuz Quimby is a “politician” and he is a rich boy). The one’s in the Event will not be the same Categories as Character Sets at all. They have at times 1 to 6 or more Categories in the Files they are dropped into. THOSE are what impacted the Event.

  12. Don’t Where to put this, but in “Say Cheers” part 4, the quest requires 4 Bar Flies. I only have 3, I sent those three, expecting to have to repeat, when finished, with one of those three. Didn’t happen.The game just allowed me to move on to Part 5.

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