Tapped Out Level Walkthroughs: Level 52, Lunch Lady Dora Serves Up The Mystery Meat

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 52 hit our Tapping Devices right in the middle of the Terwilliger Event, and with it arrived one of the most requested school workers in TSTO history…Lunch Lady Dora (formerly Doris)!

While we’ve had the Turbo Tappin’ walkthrough up since the update first hit (you can view it here) I know many of you still love going back and reading old walkthroughs.  They’re great if you missed any of the dialogue while playing the level, or if you just want to know what to expect when you reach Level 52.  So for those that may have missed it (or for those of you that want to live it again)…I bring you all the meat and GMOtatoes  of Level 52….

unlock_lunchladydora Slaughter House Action

Dora the Endorser Pt. 1
Brockman starts

Brockman: Kent Brockman, reporting live on the scene of my own studio with this urgent report!  Outbreaks of bird flu, swine flu, and the once thought to be impossible hybrid – flying pig flu – are sweeping the nation, shutting down the town’s restaurant industry.  In the face of catastrophe, Krusty, can you tell us how your restaurant is coping?
This wouldn’t have been a problem if we were allowed to switch to all B.E.E.F. patties.
 Don’t you mean “beef”?
 No, B.E.E.F. Byproducts of Endangered Entrails of…you know what, let’s leave it a mystery.  The upside is we’re taking matters into our own hands and building a good old-fashioned slaughterhouse to produce our M.E.A.T. locally.
Reach Level 52 & Build Springfield Slaughterhouse- $1,260,000, 24hr Build
Lunch Lady Dora: The slaughterhouse and Springfield Elementary have a lot in common.  For example, neither perform background checks.

Dora the Endorser Pt. 2
Principal Skinner starts

Skinner: It’s great to have you back in the kitchen, Dora. The children were growing suspicious after a week straight of “Bring Your Parents’ Lunches To School Day”.
Lunch Lady Dora:
 I’m happy to be back.  Sorry, what I meant to say was I’m back.
That’s the spirit! We also need someone to fill in as school nurse. You up for the job?
Lunch Lady Dora: 
Can I steal all the tongue depressors I want?
 If that number is less than three, then yes!
Make Dora Work a Nursing Shift- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Dora the Endorser Pt. 3
Lunch Lady Dora starts

Lunch Lady Dora: It’s your lucky day kids! We’ve got an all meat menu provided directly from the Springfield Slaughterhouse.
 But what are vegetarians supposed to eat?
Lunch Lady Dora:
 I dropped a few cigarettes in the pot. Tobacco’s a plant.
Why don’t you put something nutritious on the menu? Like baby carrots.
Lunch Lady Dora: 
How about I meet you halfway with baby cow? Veal’s nutritious and delicious. And not nutritious.
That’s disgusting!  Good thing I never leave home without my Malibu Stacy “Mouthy B” portable protest kit.
Make Lisa Protest the School Menu- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Lunch Lady Dora Serve Lunch- 4hrs, Earns $1175, 45xp

Dora the Endorser Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Lisa: Principal Skinner, the national standard for school lunches demands a balanced meal. Does a diet of all meat, all the time sound balanced to you?
According to this food pyramid it does.
That’s just a pile of raw meat on your desk!
Our new nurse, Dora, already branded her stamp of approval into this pyramid.
 Well if you believe it’s so nutritious, you won’t mind me inviting all the parents in town to sample this disgusting slop?
Lunch Lady Dora: 
Disgusting Slop was yesterday. Today is Disgusting Slop Surprise.
Place a Meat Can- $2,000
Make Dora Find Ingredients- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Parents Eat Cafeteria Food- x10.  Send 10 parents to eat Cafeteria Food.  4hrs.  Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium
Can send Homer, Marge, Cletus, Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, Rev. Lovejoy, Agnes Skinner, Kirk, Dr. Hibbert, Chief Wiggum, Sanjay, Bernice Hibbert, Fat Tony, Kearney, Maude, Luann, Mrs. Muntz, & Brandine (I may have missed a couple…if you see anyone else please let us know in the comments below)
Homer: Is this the slop they’ve been feeding our kids? And more importantly, are there seconds?
 “Salisbury steak now with 100% less Salisbury”? “Chicken nuggets now with 20% more chicken face”? I don’t like the sound of any of this.
Mrs. Muntz:
 If my boy keeps gettin’ steak at school, pretty soon he’ll think he’s too good for the rest of us.
Frankly I think the word meat should be forbidden from school entirely. It’s too sexual.
Helen Lovejoy: 
I’m not joining this campaign just because I like shouting slogans… but FIX IT OR NIX IT!

Dora the Endorser Pt. 5
Principal Skinner starts

Skinner: Young lady, this is no place for independent thought and creative problem solving – this is a school!
Lunch Lady Dora: 
All the parents are riled up, but where am I supposed to find fruits and vegetables? They don’t grow on trees!
You could try increasing the budget.
Are you kidding? I can’t even afford the red ink we need to tell us how in debt we are.
Healthy eating is an important part of children’s growth. It’s like art or music.
Of course – just like art or music! I’ll cut lunches entirely!
Make Parents Pack Lunches- x5.  Send 5 parents to pack Lunches.  2hrs.  Earns $110, 27xp Freemium and $175, 40xp Premium
Can send Marge, Kirk, Cletus, Rev. Lovejoy, Flanders, Dr. Hibbert, Wiggum, Sanjay, Agnes, Bernice Hibbert, Brandine, Fat Tony, Kearney, Maude, Luann, Mrs. Muntz & Helen Lovejoy  (I may have missed a couple…if you see anyone else please let us know in the comments below)
Bernice: As a working mother, I never thought I would have to stoop so low as working as a mother.
Doing this day in and day out has started to take a toll on my notes to Milhouse: “I packed extra cookies. I hope you choke on them. Love, Mom.”
Homer keeps eating the lunches I pack the kids. I tried decoy lunches, but he got those too. Same for the hidden lunches, backup lunches, and emergency lunches.
Helen Lovejoy: 
Won’t somebody please think of the parents!

Chief Wiggum: Ah jeez, Ralphie. The evidence closet is all out of peanut butter and jelly taken from the scene of the Sandwich Strangler murders. What else do you want?
 How about sushi? It’s like your body is a stream and the fish are swimming down it.
Chief Wiggum: 
Sushi, eh? Well as long as it can stay in an unrefrigerated sack for five hours, it’s fine by me.

At this point you’ll see this popup:

2015-05-06 18.57.36

If you have Happy Sumo, or purchase it, you’ll get a bonus questline with Ralph.  We’ll cover it below. 

Dora the Endorser Pt. 6
Lunch Lady Dora starts

Lunch Lady Dora: Parents! I spent all night slaving away in the school kitchen and I’ve come up with an affordable meat-based recipe.
Mmmm! This is both unusual and delicious! And I should know, I once ate a frozen pizza with the wrapper still on.
Mama-mia! This is good enough to serve at my restaurant. And no, I don’t have a child — I thought this was a meet-up for single Italians.
 But what about me, what about my dietary needs?
Please Lisa, this isn’t about you. Who even remembers how this all started.
I started it. I called you all in. This is completely about me!
Lisa, there’s no me in meat. Now apologize to Dora – I’m sure whatever she made this food out of is as healthy and nutritious as it is cheap.
Make Dora Grind Gym Mats- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Dora Mash Insects- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Lisa Spy on Dora’s Operation- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Lisa: Apu! No one understands my choice to be a vegetarian. Why won’t they listen?
I learned long ago to accept people as they are without judgment, and to ignore all those meat-eating imbeciles.
 Huh. Then maybe I won’t tell them that the Lunchlady is feeding kids a mix of old gym mats and bugs.
Disgusting…and intriguingly cost efficient. Do you think she’ll share her recipe?
I can’t do it. I can’t stand by and let my fellow students eat gym mats. I must report this to the press.

Dora the Endorser Pt. 7
Brockman starts

Brockman: I’m Kent Brockman covering this hour’s scandal of the century.  Dora, is it true that you’ve been feeding Springfield Elementary children a mix of gym mats and bugs?
Lunch Lady Dora: 
No, Kent. It’s also 10% pencil shavings.
What about all the free meat from the Springfield Slaughterhouse?
Lunch Lady Dora: 
We had to sell it, along with that patch of fertile soil located behind the school and our robust seed collection, to afford enough gym mats and insects husks.
Well there you have it – a problem without a solution. It’ll be interesting to see how Springfield parents react, but not as interesting as this next clip of me jet skiing.
Make Students Eat Cafeteria Food- x5.  Send 5 students to Eat Cafeteria food.  1hr.  Earns $70, 17xp Freemium and $105, 25xp Premium
Can send Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, Dolph, Martin, Database, Jimbo, Kearney, Rod, Todd, Shauna, Sherri & Terri, Uter, Hugo, Janey, Michael D’Amico, Jessica Lovejoy & Gino Underduck Terwilliger.
Bart: Lisa, of all the mysteries you’ve solved, this is the one I most wished you hadn’t.
The truth hurts. But I am surprised how little parents seem to care that kids are eating grasshoppers and old wrestling mats.
Lisa, raising kids is a lot like rear-ending a car in a grocery store parking lot. If no one sees it, it’s a victim-less crime.
Dad, did you rear-end someone in a parking lot?
Not that anyone saw. Now pass the Malk!

Sushi Ralph Pt. 1
Ralph starts

Wiggum: Now Ralphie, apparently you are aging out of day care and our attempts to make you a latchkey kid have failed horribly.
Keys taste delicious but I don’t like what they unlock in my tummy.
Luckily for us, the Happy Sumo has opened up this unpaid sushi internship for kids.  It sounds like this program breaks any number of laws, but I’m no expert in what’s legal and illegal, so I’ll just focus on the positive – all the free ginger I can eat!
Make Ralph Drop of a Resume- 10m, Earns $26, 7xp

Sushi Ralph Pt. 2
Akira starts

Akira: Let me examine you, Ralph. Such a blank stare, such tender fingers softened from years spent inside the nose. And is that a never closed fontanelle?
Oh yeah. I know it’s tempting, but the doctor said try not to poke it with a chopstick. Each time you do, Ralphie loses another word.
Ralph, what are you thinking right now?
In Japan, sushi chefs spend years meditating to achieve an empty mind. Your son was born with it. He will be a master!
Make Ralph Prepare Sushi- 3hrs, Earns $200, 55xp
Akira: Such fine sashimi – how did you learn how to use a knife like this, Wiggum-san?
I’m not allowed to use a knife because I forget which end to hold. I used safety scissors.
 I have chosen wisely! Wiggum-san, you are a prodigy! I am proud of you, my apprentice.
Prood? Pruud? Proud? What does that mean? I’ve never heard it before. Or I lost it from a chopstick poke.

Sushi Ralph Pt. 3
Wiggum starts

Wiggum: Hear that, folks, my boy is a prodigy. He brings honor to the family name. I should’ve known – Wiggum’s Gaelic for unisex fish genitals.  In honor of what I can only assume will be his greatest accomplishment, all the sushi you can eat! Paid for by the Springfield Police Department.
Isn’t the police department funded by the taxpayers, meaning this meal will be paid for by us?
 Shhh, little girl. Here’s a cucumber roll.
 It’s so good! Finally, a vegetarian dish I don’t have to lie about liking.
Make Springfielders Eat Sushi- x10. Send 10 Springfielders to Eat Sushi.  2hrs.  Earns $175, 40xp Freemium or Premium.
Sea Captain: Yar, this is the freshest sushi I’ve ever eaten, and once a fish committed suicide by jumping into me mouth.
Why, I’m eating fish and it isn’t even Friday. It’s so good I don’t even care that I’m breaking the 138th secret commandment.
Judge Snyder: 
This fish is guilty… of being delicious. I demand to see the chef in my chambers.
Like a lotus blossom floats on the water, so will I raise my prices.

Sushi Ralph Pt. 4
Homer starts

Homer: My stomach feels t-t-terribly wrong.
Sea Captain: 
Yar, me belly’s heavin’ like a dinghy lost at sea. Or like a man makin’ a metaphor before he pukes.
 I don’t feel so good either.
Alright, that’s it, we’re going to see Dr. Hibbert.
Make Springfielders Get Stomach Pumped- x10.  Send 10 Springfielders to Get their Stomach Pumped.  2hrs. Earns $110, 27xp Freemium or Premium
Dr. Hibbert: Why, all of these people have been poisoned. Food poisoned!
Oh no, it must be Ralph and the Happy Sumo. I knew it was too good to be true.
Dr. Hibbert: 
Looks like it was tainted Krusty Burgers… which apparently everyone in town ate after their sushi because pieces of raw fish on rice just don’t really fill you up.
 I wish you had told me that before I fell upon my sword to defend my honor. Little help, please?
Wait, I didn’t eat any Krusty Burger last night. Why do I still feel sick?
Dr. Hibbert: 
Mr. Simpson, after pumping your stomach we found several Krusty Burgers, some still in their wrappers. We also found six pounds of shrimp scampi, $8.50 in loose change, and-
Alright, alright, you’ve made your point. Now I’ll take my $8.50 and my shrimp scampi and be on my way.
Seriously, I could really use some medical attention.

And that concludes the Level 52 main questlines!

It’s a fun little update/way to bring Lunch Lady Dora in, but don’t worry about finishing it right now.  Level 52 will still be in Springfield when the Terwilliger Event ends.  Spend your time and energy focusing on earning those crafting materials…they’re going to be needed if you plan on getting any of the items.

If you run the Level 52 questline from start to finish, without using donuts, it will take you 2 days, 20hrs to complete without the Akira/Ralph questline and an additional 7hrs and 10m if you have Akira.

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  1. I got to the part where Lisa exposed the yoga mats and bugs, and it asked me to send kids to eat cafeteria food. I wanted to make sure that a few kids were on more important tasks and then send the rest to eat cafeteria food so I arrowed out of the window. But then the Dora quest icon disappeared from my quest bar and I’m unable to complete it. Any ideas on what happened? Or better yet a solution? I’m playing on android.

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    • Could be they visit you twice before you clear your town…

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