Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Before we get into the Open Thread, a quick note.  I’m off in Virginia today celebrating my nephew’s 3rd Brithday.  So there won’t be a Should I Buy posted for Big Butt Skinner Balloon.  Instead I’ll just give you a quick rundown on the important details…it’s a decoration and you guys know when it comes to decorations I have a hard time telling you what you should or shouldn’t get.  It’s a personal preference kinda thing. Anyway, here’s the basics…

Conform: Vanity +400
Bonus %: 2% Bonus on all cash and XP
Can be Placed: Springfield, Squidport and Krustyland
Size: 2×2
What Does it Do: 
floats, but does not get airborne (it’s tied down).  When tapped it makes an air being let out of a balloon noise.  And when you buy it Skinner says “this is the worst thing to return to Springfield since my mother.”  Beyond that,  nothing else.  I’m probably passing on this one.  It’s a little to pricey for what it does and the bonus % it gives.   (Usually 40 donuts gets you 2%)  but if you like it and want it,  grab it.  That’s why I think decorations are a personal choice….

So now let’s get into that Open thread…

It IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Gil Deal has hit our towns this weekend, did you take advantage of any offers?  Do you think EA has something in store for us next week?  If so, what?  Some Simpsons news hit the presses this past week, what are your thoughts on the Season 27 sneak peeks?  Sunday Night Baseball tonight features the Reds at the Cubs, will you be watching?  The NHL and NBA finals are in full swing, is your team winning?  The Women’s World Cup is also in full swing, how’s your team doing?  Another beautiful weekend here on the East Coast, how about for you?  Do anything fun this weekend?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


318 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. This has likely already been asked and if so, please just point me to re response. I visit my friends everyday, and I use to almost always get at least one random drop donut in someone else’s Springfield. Over the past month or so I have gotten a grand total of two. Is this just really bad luck or did they decrease the drop rate? Thanks!!

    • Just bad luck. We see comments from people getting 6 and people getting 1. It’s all random.

      • I have heard of this and was wondering: Now that I have maxxed out my Friend Points, will I start getting donuts for visiting friends? That would be cool being that I am a Freemium player. Donuts are hard to come by and I really do not want to pay for them, tho it would make this more fun. . .

        On an odd side note – The other day I had a weird occurrence in my town while tapping handshakes from my neighboreeno’s I would like to share. I tapped through handshakes and found that iamaplayer10 had tapped 8 of my buildings in a single visit. I do not recall this friend, and this was discomforting, so I checked my friends list and iamaplayer10 was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! I always make sure to see who it was that visited me and I swear that I was tapped 8 times by iamaplayer10 in the one visit. I had never heard of this neighboreeno until they tapped me the 8 times, which freaked me out, and is still kinda discomforting. Has this happened to anyone else? Did this person make an account, friend me, tap me, and then unfriend me after they tapped my town? This has been bothering me since it happened. Someone PLEASE give me something, anything to explain this?
        OriginID – dufflite22

        • People CAN change their Origin names. If you’re linked to Facebook… players can access from there too under odd names.

          Also… it could be multiple visits.

      • -rian- Yes, you’ll now have the opportunity to earn donuts! There’s a .05% chance for each tap, which means that, if you have and visit all 100 neighbors, you’ll earn, on average, 1 or 2 donuts each time (but, since that’s an average, don’t be dismayed I’d toy sometimes go a few days without earning any).

  2. Sooooooo……has any one noticed “Lunchlady Doris” is called Lunchlady DORA in the game??? What is EA Thinking

  3. Julie (Jsander321)

    She did it! Brandine FINALLY birthed her first Spuckler! I forgot about her roaming around smoking and preggers that I got so excited when the little bugger popped up, I tapped to welcome him to town, he promptly got lost in the crowd!

    Brandine’s off and roaming my town again. 90 more days for surprise Spuckler #2.

    Curious to see where the first of the brood went off to …

  4. Ok, all the tasks did their thing- moved on, finished…after a few hours of being stuck. I see a bunch of other people had this problem too. Are you guys ok now? Also, I can’t find the original post, but a few days ago, there was a post about graffiti-ing others towns, and training walls hidden all over. Can someone explain this? Ty!

  5. Just had to sign back into the game as I was kicked out some time last night. Signed in and was faced with a 550BMB update.
    Don’t see anything different. Temporary glitch?

    • Just probably something with your game…

      • Think it was the update down loading. just had to wait until the next day (Wednesday) to initialize. Oh Seer of Seers – you called it – Wednesday for the Upgrade. And here I have every one in 24 hour tasks with Lisa in the Simpson house and no way to kick her out.

        • lol Wednesday is the popular day. Just good at following EA’s trends for updates 🙂

          And some are suggesting going to Krustyland and coming back. That should trigger the dialogue to start.

  6. Hi, I have been wondering about something ever since we were talking about people not liking to visit their neighbors and was curious about why get more friends then u like to visit or have time for? Thirty friends have been all u need to get the maximum benefit with all the events that EA has given us so far, as far as I know. So why not just get thirty? Just because u can have a 100, u r not really getting all the benefits u can get if u r not visiting them ALL everyday. My children don’t have the time to visit 100 friends, so they only have the amount of friends that they can visit everyday and not leave any out. They don’t seem to be missing anything in the game by doing it this way. I was just wondering why people get more friends then they can take care of. Mary Jo

    • GodlessSquash

      I can scoot through 101 (100 neighbors + Other Springfield) in about 15 minutes. It was even quicker during events that didn’t require tapping buildings.

      • I’m impressed! I’m not sure I can do it that fast even when I’m doing my one-tapping!

      • GodlessSquash, I appreciate your reply. What I was wondering about, and maybe I wasn’t clear, is why the people who do not visit all their friends because they do not enjoy this part of the game, why do they get a 100 friends? Just because they can have a 100 friends, does not mean they have to get a 100 friends and only visit some of them. Why not get the amount that they can visit each day? Maybe they don’t visit any, but it sounded, from the ones who responded, that they get bored after a few and stop. Anyway, that is one of my favorite things about this game, but not everyone feels the same, I know. I was just wondering. I wasn’t sure people understood that they don’t have to have a 100 friends, just because they can. Mary Jo

        • My guess is to “save” them for when they need them, like during events. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but it’s not necessarily on them to do anything about it; if a neighbor doesn’t appreciate it, they are free to drop whenever.

      • Sandra, I believe GodlessSquash has good neighbors that always have buildings that he can find and tap quickly and be gone. Or he is just extra fast at spotting them and moving on. Lol. Anyway, he is good. Mary Jo

    • @Mary Jo — Sometimes, when you visit a neighbor and they left nothing to tap, then you need another neighbor to go visit instead. So this would increase it from 30 to, say, 40 or so. Also, you do benefit (in $ and in FP if you still need it) from each neighbor that you visit or that visits you, with no limit (although the amount of FP decreases as you go on, of course).

      As for me, I try to visit all of my neighbors when I go out visiting. If there’s nothing to tap, I just go on with no return visit until next time, unless I really, really need that visit that day. During events where my neighbors do NOT benefit from my visits (Like the most recent one) I may sometimes only visit the number I need (i.e. 30), especially if time is an issue.

      Sometimes (like the last few weeks) I don’t have enough time to visit everyone, every 24 hours. Instead, I’ll clear handshakes and might possibly visit late at night if/when I can.

  7. Julie (Jsander321)

    Mr. Burns just finished throwing away all my money! Now he’s on his first task trying to climb the mountain. Hysterical!! I’m glad I’m finally done sending my townspeople on their task earning money just so Burns could throw it away instead of bank it. Ready for the next event, whenever it starts.

    Hi neighbors!

    I also want to throw a hi out to my neighbor Val and here’s to hoping your knee recovery is going well. I haven’t checked the threads the last few days .. Just catching up now.

  8. I hate how multiple character tasks get stuck even after sending the amount required, I usually spam through the 60 minute tasks as they auto default if the character has a 60 mins task, but quest tasks take priority, and I often accidentally send them on that quest task even after allocating enough springfielders

    • GodlessSquash

      That’s often a good thing. Since everyone will be in the same space one tap is all that is needed to collect. 😀

  9. Just got 8 donuts visiting all of my friends this morning!! 😝😝

  10. To those of you who bought a few items during Gil’s Deal… Did you place them all at once or a you going through the related questlines one at a time?

    I’m going more to the latter, so I don’t run out of stuff to do and get bored (and to kind of make it feel like I really gotten my donuts worth by having it last longer). Also, this way, I figure that if a big event does hit, I won’t have several other questlines competing against it.

    On the other hand, I know I’m losing out on the money and XP I copied be earning with those items that I have sitting in storage….

    At any rate, it’s always interesting finding out how different, and how similar, we all are, so I thought I’d put this out there! 🙂

    (Mods – Sorry for the repost…I just realized that I originally posted this to last week’s open thread by mistake!)

    • Hi Sandra! I bought Jimbo, Shauna, and Duff Stadium. I’ve been nervous, because Bart and Homer had 24 hr tasks, and Lisa, I’m not sure, but something long, and all I keep thinking is, it’s Brandine all over again! I’m worried an event will land and my key characters will be off doing something I’ve spent donuts on! So, no worry about being bored, I’m anxious. But, still LOVE this game! (Hey- how’s Plopper doing? Hope you know I visit him every day.)

      • Lol – Plopper’s off getting his nightly tummy rub from Homer…even after all these weeks, I still smile every time I send them on that task! 🙂

        As for the 24-hour tasks, as long as you keep the characters free who appeared early in the game (like Homer and Lisa and a few others), you’ll probably be okay, since they have to make the event playable for low-level players. So those are the characters who usually kick things off. (But I offer no guarantees – caveat lusor! 😉 )

  11. Just wondering, when you’re visiting neighbours, if you don’t wait for the dialog box, do you still get the 25 xp?

  12. Oh my god- I just watched Game of Thrones finale. Oh my god, oh my god! I didn’t see that coming.

  13. Rats! Day #5 Mystery Box yielded another Khlav Kalash cart, the 14th that I have in storage. Sigh, sold it for $190.
    A Fleet of 8 Fleeta-Pita look better than 8 food carts.

  14. Codename_b774

    I just chatted with EA. had tried to buy a mystery box but it took my donuts and gave me nothing. Tried all the regular things like logging out and shutting down device, etc. EA credited me my donuts back and said there was an issue with the mystery box and to not buy it.

    FWIW, I did get my free day 5 mystery box without problem.

  15. Hi! I don’t know what happened to my original post here so I’ll ask again if it’s not too late:) I was just curious to know why/how Cecil is walking around in some of my friends’ towns with a heart sign but none of the tasks that I send him on has him doing that. Is it a glitch or perhaps I missed something? Happy Monday!

  16. Hi all,
    Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week.
    I completely spaced on the big bottomed ballon. I was probably going to pick it up (such a sucker for limited time items) but Sunday flew by (to be fair, I was gaming so hours can fly by in what feels like 1/2 hour- and that’s a good thing for me right now because my back is still painful and I can’t sit so I stand and play).
    I did get Jimbo on Saturday. Very pleased with the price and it’s nice to complete my bully set.

    Any one else excited for the release date of Fallout 4? Hopefully the price of the ps4 will drop drastically and soon (ahhh wishful thinking).

    Does anyone know why some screen names are in blue and others in black on this thread? And is there any benefit to subscribing to word press besides being able to like a comment? Thanks if anyone has any info!

    I have a lot of fun looking at the screen names people come up with on here and in the game. Some are seriously funny (and pun-ny), some are crazy mysterious. I wanted slipstream but ended up with Sliqstream (I think slipstream was taken). Oh well. I’m killing time before pt so I’ll end this with I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.
    Alissa hope you had a wonderful time at the bday party for your fam!

    • Blue just means there’s a link behind it…black means no link.

      • Thanks Alissa! It’s weird though because I clicked your name and it took me to the homepage of this site and then I tried HandsomeHank down below and got a page thingy. Oh well. I’m not into clicking links (isn’t that how most datas get bugged?) but now I’m curious.

        Hey XboxOne owners, you’re going to get back compatibility with Xbox360 games you lucky ducks! and it looks like the modding community can start modding out fallout 4 sometime next year ON CONSOLES. woot woot! (Cross fingers that Sony does this too cuz I don’t own an Xbox).

        Thank you Alissa for the community here and that awesome lis re: coupled tasks!!!! Hope you and the baby et al. are having a glorious day.

      • Oops a page not found page thingy*

  17. For those unaware…

    If you accidentally vandalized friends building there is a way to undo it. Just leave the town quickly before the cash drops out and when you re-enter their town you’ll have another chance to tap a different building.

    Hope this works for you as it does for me. I’m unsure if operating system or processing speed affects it happening.

  18. shawtymclittle

    I have been trying to fix up my Springfield. I got a building warning message, what will happen if I go over 4500 mark?

    • Nothing. Your game just may run slower. You could also run the risk of it not being able to load because there’s so much stuff in it. Buy usually at 4500 that doesn’t happen

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