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There are loads of characters in TSTO, right around 207 204 (just recounted and made a list, I get 204 from the character collection list.  Including NPCs, but NOT including skins.  204 characters, 58 of those are NPCs) at the time of this posting.  And while many have individual tasks, there are a few that enjoy social interaction and have tasks with other characters.  These are called dual or joint tasks.

Joint tasks require both characters to be free in order to set them on the task, which is why sometimes you’ll see them locked out (usually that means the other required character is not available).  Joint tasks also pay more than if the character performed the task on their own, because you’re sending two characters to complete one task.

We’ve had numerous requests for a list of all of the joint tasks in TSTO, and now that we have some downtime we can put together a list for you guys.  So here’s a list of the joint tasks in TSTO…

Rex Banner & Flanders TSTO Marge and Homer romantic

Updated to add a few missing characters and indicate if the task is visual or not.

Characters Required Task Length Earns Visual
Agnes & Comic Book Guy Get Help Crossing the Street 2hrs $220, 54xp Y
Akira & Kumiko Speak Japanese with Kumiko 6hrs $575, 145xp N
Artie Ziff & Marge Propose to Marge 24hrs $1,200, 300xp Y
Barbarian & Homer Chase Homer w/ an Axe 12hrs $840, 200xp Y
Barbarian & Homer Drink Out of Enemy’s Skull 1hr $140, 34xp N
Bart & Kang Run Away w/ Kang 10m $43, 12xp Y
Bernice & Dr. Hibbert Argue w/ her Husband 8hrs $550, 140xp Y
Bernice & Marge Pick on Marge 4hrs $350, 90xp N
Chester Dupree & Dr. Hibbert Borrow Money from Dr. Hibbert 1hr $175, 43xp N
Database & Nelson Get Bullied 8hrs $550, 140xp Y
Ebenezer Burns & Smithers Money Fight 24hrs $1,600, 375xp Y
Grumple & Homer Fight Homer 4hrs $435, 115xp Y
Helen Lovejoy & Rev. Lovejoy “Worship” Alongside Rev. Lovejoy 20hrs $1,100, 270xp Y
Homer Barbarian & Lisa Take Lisa out for Veggie Pizza 1hr $140, 34xp N
Homer Barbarian & Nelson Chase Bully w/ an Axe 4hrs $350, 90xp Y
Hugs Bunny & Homer Battle Homer 8hrs $695, 175xp Y
Kang & Homer Probe Homer 36hrs $2,065, 525xp Y
Kang and Kodos Exchange Long Protein Strings 10hrs $1,050, 270xp Y
King Winter & Miss. Hoover Go on a Date 1hr $175, 43xp N
Legs & Louie Interrogate a Squealer 1hr $140, 34xp Y
Lisa and Rod or Todd Babysit Rod and Todd 8hrs $825, 210xp N
Manjula & Apu Reunite the Family 1hr $210, 52xp N
Manjula & Apu Get Away from it All 24hrs $1,600, 375xp N
Marge & Homer Go for a Romantic Stroll 5hrs $400, 100xp Y
Martha Quimby & Mayor Quimby Give Joe an Earful 2hrs $220, 54xp Y
Matt Groening & Homer Attempt to Erase Homer 24hrs $1,200, 300xp Y
Maude & Homer Get Revenge on Homer 8hrs $695, 175xp Y
Maude & Ned Chat w/ Ned 1hr $175, 43xp N
Mayan Marge & Mayan Homer Perform Ancient Dance 8hrs $840, 210xp Y
Miss. Springfield & Mayor Quimby Enjoy an Evening w/ the Mayor 3m $22, 7xp N
Mr. Burns & Blue Haired Lawyer Dino Ride 16hrs $1,250, 325xp Y
Mr. Burns & Smithers Ride Ferris Wheel 10hrs $1,050, 270xp N
Mr. Teeny & Krusty Go for a Walk 12hrs $840, 200xp Y
Plopper (Spider-Pig) & Homer Enjoy a Tummy Rub 12hrs $1,020, 250xp N
Puritan Flanders & Sacagawea Lisa Attend a Peace Feast 10hrs $700, 180xp Y
Rex Banner & Flanders Interrogate Flanders 8hrs $695, 175xp Y
Rod & Todd Play on See-Saw 4hrs $350, 90xp Y
Selma & Jub-Jub Cuddle Jub-Jub 6hrs $575, 145xp Y
Skinner & Bart Dress Bart Up Like an Elf 16hrs $1,000, 250xp N
Smithers & Mr. Burns Exercise for Mr. Burns 1hr $140, 34xp Y
Stampy & Bart Carry Bart 12hrs $840, 200xp Y
Stonecutter Homer & Stonecutter Jasper Get Paddled 16hrs $1,500, 400xp Y
Strongman Homer & Mr. Burns Piggy Back Mr. Burns 24hrs $1,200, 300xp Y
Stupid Sexy Flanders and Homer Loosen Up 12hrs $1,020, 250xp Y
Stupid Sexy Flanders and Homer Invade Homer’s Dreams 4hrs $435, 115xp N
Suzanne the Witch & Homer Cast Wicked Spells 12hrs $840, 200xp Y

Note: Lisa’s task with Rod & Todd, only require Rod or Todd if you have them.  You will be able to send Lisa to babysit them before they arrive in the game.  You just won’t make as much money off of the task.

Now I realize it’s entirely possible that I may have missed some…with over 200 characters & tasks constantly changing it’s hard to keep it all straight sometimes.  So if you see any tasks missing from this list that you know of please feel free to mention them in the comments below & I’ll add them to the post. 

So there you have it my tapping friends…a list of all of the joint character tasks in TSTO!

What are your thoughts on the joint character tasks?  Any tasks that are your favorite?  Any you hate doing?  Any you didn’t realize before?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Michael Winstead

    Ebenezer Burns & Smithers 24hr job doesn’t work.
    The 24hr job for Ebenezer Burns is solo


  2. Thank you for the post! I think Doggie Smithers and Robot Smithers 4 hr task has been missed.

  3. Time to update this overview?

  4. Great post! I’m gonna use this to make visiting my town more interesting. I’ll let you know if I find new items to add to the list so you can update it.

  5. The Parson & Rev Lovejoy – 8 hours.

  6. I still have a question about the swabbing the deck quest. Why is it always greyed out? Usually if it’s a quest for a certain time of year, they take our away after awhile. I can’t ever activate it and im really curious.

  7. What an awesome post, Alissa! Glad to see I can always come to this blog and find the Addicts on their game, even in between events and during a steamy June on the east coast that is probably making us all a little grumpy 🙂

    I don’t have all of these character combos, but among the ones I do, my personal favorite is Rex Banner interrogating Flanders. The innocent misunderstanding, the “I take myself impossibly seriously” determined look on Rex’s face, the well-meaning gestures of Flanders. It all makes me laugh every time, just like that episode.

  8. I cant see the option on my game for skinner and bart to dress up like elves is it limited time or something?

  9. Just a suggestion: you could add a column to that table indicating which character starts the task. Thanks 😉

  10. 4kidsandacatdog

    Excellent job Alissa! Much needed.

    On a side note, during the lull between updates here I have been putting all characters on 24 hour tasks whenever possible. It’s making me nuts that Helen Lovejoy doesn’t have a task this length! Do you think this might be a possible future addition? Or does it come with a building that is already available (which I obviously don’t have yet?)

  11. …does kang drinking hilarium count?

  12. Stampy and Bart is a favorite.
    I really,really,really don’t know why EA made an indoor task for Stampy. For crying out out, if you have an elephant, you should be able to see it 24 hours a day !!!
    When Bart is busy, I usually just let Stampy wander around town.

    • I used to let Stampy roam too but then I got short on cash so I asked him to redecorate every day. Now I’m good on cash but I’m so used to making him work that I forget to let him out for exercise once in awhile! 😉

  13. Thanks for doing all the work to create this list. Could you define the term NPC and what it means in terms of game play? Thanks.

  14. Hi, it looks like Matt G. try to erase Homer has been missed.

  15. One of my absolute favorite task animations in the whole game is still Agnes and CBG’s “Get help crossing the street.” There’s something about it that’s just so darned sweet, the way she parts his arm and stuff. I know it’s not big and flashy, but I really love it. I also like when Stampy had timeslipped enough that I can send him on his task with Bart overnight and, even though it’s not visible (how awesome would it be if it were?), every time I send Homer off to rub Spider Pig’s tummy, I get a smile on my face.

    I guess I’m just a sucker for sweet, happy things!

  16. Hillary redwine

    Just wanted to pop in and thank you for reminding me about Homer and Marge’s stroll~ I had completely forgotten it! Alissa, Wookie and Bunny thank you for all you do! My gameplay has improved tremendously with your tutorials! 😍

  17. Jeanroux Horn

    Thanks for the hard work!! For the list and as well as running this site 🙂

  18. I love reading TSTO addicts. Your blogs have helped me so much through all these events! I’ve been playing since summer 2012, and I’m mostly a freemium player. I have splurged a couple of times on Donuts though!

    I would love to see some kind of chart that shows which tasks have the highest payout with cash and XP! I always put my characters in their skins with the highest payout, but I wonder if doing the joint tasks is EVER more profitable? I’m too lazy to do the math and you guys come up with the NEATEST charts!

    It’s definitely getting harder to level up (currently my counter is set on 1400000!).

  19. Wow, I didn’t know there were so many of these. I mostly noticed Artie’s, cause he has do few tasks.

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