Random Changes Level 54

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Things were kinda quiet around here… a lil TOO quiet… so EA decided to dump ANOTHER Level into our silly lil games.

Let’s take a peak at what the New Level 54 Changed in our silly lil games.


For the basics on Level 54 overview, see the post HERE.


You have two things running in the game… XP Level and Game Play Levels. In order to move on to the New Content BOTH need to be in the same Level.

XP Level: This is at the bottom Left of your screen. This is ONLY the XP Counter. It will need to say Level 54 in order to see the New Content.

XP Level

Game Play Level: This is essentially the Walkthroughs. The Dialog you MUST complete with each Level to move on to the next. In other words, you will NOT be able to see Level 54 if you have not completed all the required prior Level Content before. So make sure you completed Level 51, 52, and 53 Walkthroughs in order to see Level 54.

Game Play Level

You can use our Walkthroughs for each Level to see where YOU are at in Game Play and find out what you need to complete to move forward.


Now to the Random Changes….

First off, with another new level comes more new pricing. Last Level 53, EA added ANOTHER Multiplier… bringin it to 9. Well… I guess they changed their minds, or made a mistake. Either way, we are currently now back down to only EIGHT Multipliers.

This means the top 8 Levels of the game have a mark up on the Buildings Costs as they are the “Newest” Levels.

With it dropping back down to only 8 Multipliers again, you may notice a bigger drop in costs for the top 8 Levels this Update than usual.

Here is the NEW Multiplier Tier Breakdown.

Level 54: 4X Cost
Level 53: 4X Cost
Level 52: 3X Cost

Level 51: 2X Cost
Level 50: 1.6X Cost
Level 49: 1.4X Cost
Level 48: 1.3X Cost
Level 47: 1.3X Cost
(Level 46-1: No Multiplier)

So back to the Top 2 and Bottom 2 Tiers being the same Multipliers.


Remember…the BASE price is indicated in Red.  The current price is in black. Don’t confuse the base price (in red) with the current price (in black). Base Price is the lowest possible cost you will pay for the Building… IF you wait until several more Levels are released and it moves down the Multiplier Tiers until there is no more Multiplier.

Current Price is what it will cost you RIGHT NOW in the game. 

Level 45

Fortress of Choclitude

Fortress of Chocolitude (Aspirational) $10,000,000 Current Price

(Aspirational buildings will NOT change in pricing. They are a set price.)


Indoor Tennis Courts $129,000 Current Price


ZiffCorp Office Building $254,000 Current Price


ZiffCorp Sign $137,500 Current Price

Level 46

Classy Girl Strip Club

Classy Girls Strip Club $300,000 Current Price

Level 47 (X1.3) 

Quimby Compound

Quimby Compound ($250,000)Base Price $325,000 Current Price

Level 48 (X1.3) 


Gold Navy ($181,000)Base Price $235,300 Current Price

Level 49 (X1.4) 


D’Amico Summer Home ($273,000)Base Price   $382,200 Current Price


Old Abandoned Warehouse (Squidport)($177,000)Base Price $247,800 Current Price

Level 50 (X1.6) 


Municipal House of Pancakes ($250,000)Base Price $400,000 Current Price

Level 51 (X2) 


Monroe Family Therapy Center ($300,000)Base Price $600,000 Current Price

Level 52 (X3) 

Slaughter House Action

Springfield Slaughterhouse ($315,000)Base Price $945,000 Current Price

Level 53 (X4)

Spiffany's Large

Spiffany’s ($330,500)Base Price $1,322,000 Current Price

Level 54 (X4)


Shot Kickers ($265,000)Base Price $1,060,000 Current Price


Seething Sisters ($85,000)Base Price $340,000 Current Price



For whatever reason, many of you were “missing” Dr. Monroe’s 24 hr task from your games. Looks like it is back. (We were able to confirm it back in Alissa’s game.)

Prove He’s Alive 24hrs, $600 & 150XP

Marvin Monroe 24hr Tasks


Dollar Sign Icon Menu Check Icon Money Stack Icon

The Icons around town are becoming a bit MORE noticeable. In the past there was a slight movement in the Icons over your buildings. Now the “floating” effect on them seems a tad bit more amplified.

To many, this will give the Icons now a more “bouncy” appearance. I think this is just another way for EA to draw attention to the Icons so Players will notice they are there.


This was introduced a few Levels back, so I am just updating it for the newest Level 54.

First it’s important to note that the higher the level you are the more cash you’ll get for your donuts.  Here’s the breakout at Level 54:

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_1 – $12,750 will cost you 9 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_2– $63,750 will cost you 30 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_3 – $153,000 will cost you 65 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_4 -$255,000 will cost you 100 donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_5 – $765,000 will cost you 285 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_6 – $1,530,000 will cost you 550 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_7 $3,060,000 will cost you 1,000 Donuts

Money Safe 1600 Donuts to Cash$5,100,000 will cost you 1600 Donuts

Again this will vary depending on your level.  The above numbers reflect it if you’re on Level 54.  As you increase your level over level 9 you’ll start to increase the payout for each one.  We won’t go into too much detail with this because we honestly do not encourage you to do this in your games. It is a waste. Do not spend donuts for in game cash…it’s just not worth it (at any level).

Now for that one thing we will continually keep reminding you to check 😉

CONFIRM DONUT SPENDdonut-loadingAnd of course, your constant reminder (as we ALWAYS get comments on this)…check that Confirm Donut Spend. NO ONE wants to lose donuts on accidental sped up tasks or purchases. The new menu, you will find this in any menu by tapping the cog wheel in the top right corner. (You can also reset your sound from here.)


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume


Confirm Donut Spend

Got some technical issues from the new update that we were unable to help with? Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if you need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. What do you think of the new stuff? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


36 responses to “Random Changes Level 54

  1. Have the character locations, like within the character select rotation changed? Because for me Dolph and Kearney are now before Number 1 and other characters have moved around.

  2. Thanks for the “Confirm donut spend” tip. My fellow tappers and I complain a lot about accidental taps on donut speed-ups, but due to bad translation we would have never checked that box. In Spanish it says “Gastar rosquillas” (ie, “Spend donuts”), instead of something like “Confirmar gastas rosquillas”, so you have to say yes to spending donuts, in order to avoid accidental spending.
    BTW, I think this is my first reply. Thanks for your great site!

  3. My righteousness has taken a big hit (down to one star) so I was going to place some training walls but can’t find them in the menu. I’ve scrolled through all of the categories and there’s no sign of them, Any ideas?

  4. ciaranmarl820

    Does anyone know about changes to friend points for visiting neighbours?
    My meter currently reads that I will get 1 FP for the next 177 actions (!).
    Have I missed a post on this?

  5. I just got a new quest for the Little Black Box!

  6. I play on my iPad so I have the sound turned off and my iPad on mute when I am at work, but every time someone visits my town, Homer’s voice comes out, very loud, saying “visitors, gotta get pants on” (something like that). I can only imagine what my co-workers in the offices next to mine must think. Anyone know how I can stop this. It’s not so much fun to hear it in the middle of the night either!!

  7. Thank you for the informative post regarding changes to the game app in Level 54 (time to check my Conform-O-Meter to see if I am still 5 Stars on everything) 🙂

  8. Was it just my imagination this morning or has Giuseppe found his voice?

  9. I bought “Gold Navy” 1 day before the update!!!! arghhh

  10. I’m not a big fan of making the icons more bouncy and noticeable. I wouldn’t mind it if I could clear them from all of my buildings (like we can during some events), but we can’t, because we have to leave stuff for our neighbors to tap. So they’re just there, taunting us and making it harder to get immersed in our towns as if they were kinda real.

    • Wait… We have to leave things untapped for neighbors??

      • Yes! Except during certain events, when there are special things to tap (like the mutants during the Terwillger event), your neighbors can only tap on buildings that are “ripe” (the ones you can tap to collect on) or buildings that are graffiti-able (if they, and you, don’t mind). So, if you collect all of your ripe buildings yourself, you leave nothing for your neighbors to tap. And, if your neighbors frequently find nothing to tap, they’re likely to (justifiably, IMHO) delete you as a neighbor, since you’re of no real use to them.

        I know there’s an article about visiting neighbors in the site here that explains about that – I’m sure one of the mods will post it for you, if they haven’t already (I’m answering this after reading your post via email, not on the site, so I can’t tell one way or the other).

      • I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and only realised this a few weeks ago. I’ve set aside a separate block of houses which I leave untapped now. Only a couple have found it tho lol 🙂

    • You could do a section of brown houses for your neighbors.

  11. It always takes me way to long to level up. I used to play about twice a day but as I got further and further behind I now play twice a week. Are there any tips to level up quickly if you don’t play regularly?

  12. I can’t find my Sumatran Century plant. Anyone else?

  13. Why is spending over 1K donuts for cash even an option?! Who in their right mind does that?

  14. Doh, I just started the build on the D’Amico Summer Home yesterday! I guess it’s only $100K or so, but still.

    • I was going to save money to buy the D’ Amico Summer Home yesterday, but bought more land and use $250,000 on the Money Mountain…so glad I waited…save $100,000. So glad other buildings dropped in prices..;)

  15. Pretty random: dolph has a new mug shot in the character task selection box.

  16. Thanks for the info! 🙂 Hmm, back to 8 multipliers for the buildings… I’ll finish off level 45, and already finished 46 as I thought I’d have to wait two level updates for the 1.3 to 1.0 decrease. I spent most of the time after the level 53 update (and the 9 multipliers) finishing off Krustyland: I just started building the Tooth Chipper this afternoon. Now for me to decide if I should wait another level update before starting level 47, with the remote chance EA will return to the 9 multipliers, or go ahead and do levels 47, 48 (no multiplier decrease on next level update anyway), and 49 (only a minor decrease from 1.4 to 1.3). For now, I’m thinking of waiting, bring most of my people back from Krustyland, building up my cash reserves, and topping off the Confirm-O-Meter in both Springfield and Krustyland, expand some land, and clean up some crowded areas. If that takes a couple weeks, I’ll probably wait, but if I’m done in under a week, I’m not sure I’ll be patient enough to wait. 🙂
    The musing is for my B Town; my A Town is building the Shotkicker with almost enough reserve to start thinking about one of the $10mil aspirational buildings without worry of another level update and its new buildings.

  17. I was about 50 or 60k from level 52 last night, but when the update hit, I was suddenly like 200k away from level 53. I think they lowered the requirements, because it was around 650k for level 52 and now it’s 513k for level 53.

  18. LOL, I didn’t even know Dr. Monroe was SUPPOSED to have a 24 hour task. Nothing there, nothing grayed out, and the task is an indoor one so I never saw it in friends’ towns. I just assumed his last task was the 20-hr one, and I’ve been wishing he had a 24-hr this whole time. Never knew it was just “missing” from my game.
    Although… Now that I have it, I probably won’t use it. I only use 24-hr tasks on characters with fun outdoor visuals, with the exceptions of Stampy (due to lack of options) and Princess Penelope (she just irks me for some reason so I hide her away).

  19. Is the Monroe 24 hour an indoor or outdoor quest

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