Should I Spend Donuts on Laura Powers and the Powers House?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 54 hit our devices yesterday and with it two more strong females arrived in Springfield!  Level 54 marks the arrival of Laura Powers and the Powers house to our tapping devices!  Now I know you may be trying to decide if this is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Laura Powers to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding Bart’s crush to YOUR Springfield!

       unlock_laurapowers powershouse_menu

Building/Decoration: Powers House
Character: Laura Powers
Donut Price: 150 donuts
Earns: $175,18xp/6hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Indolence +10
Size: 8×6
Level Requirement: Must be at Level 54, unless offered Early Access when the update first hit

-Comes with a quest line
-Premium character earns 50% more on all cash and xp than a freemium character
-Laura does have a task at the Power’s House
-Considered a kid, and Laura will be able to jump in the Moon Bounce

-No character interaction after questline
-Weak building animation. Shadows appear in the windows.
-Not voiced
-Short questline, that relies heavily on Bart & Lisa

Final Thought:
Premium Take:
I like the combo, but it’s not my favorite.  However, this one I will be picking up.  I don’t think it’s a crazy price for a premium building/character combo.  And I like the fact that it’s another house for Springfield…always nice to have some variety!  Premium players I’d say this one should be on your list, but as a nice to have not a must buy.

Freemium Take:
As a freemium player…this one isn’t too bad.  Freemium players you may want to add this one to your list, but I do think there are better character/building combos in this game to grab (like Akira, Coach K..even Luann).  So as a freemium player I’d add this as my nice to have but not before these characters….

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I will be purchasing Laura.    However, this is NOT a Limited-Time Item so take your time with your thought process.  Laura will still be there in a few weeks.  So if you’re on the fence or worried about saving up your donuts relax..there’s no rush to get her.

Laura’s Permanent Tasks:

laurapowers_do_calisthenics      laurapowers_attract_bad_boys2     laurapowers_victory     laurapowers_attract_bad_boys

Task Length Earns  Location
Attact Bad Boys 1hr $105, 26xp Outside
Prank Call Moe’s 4hrs $260, 70xp Power’s House
Do Calisthenics 8hrs $420, 105xp Outside
Mess with Teenage Minds 12hrs $600, 150xp Android’s Dungeon
House Sit at the Simpsons 24hrs $1000, 225xp Simpsons House

What are your thoughts on Laura Powers and the Powers House?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring her to your Springfield (or did you already)? Where have you placed the house in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 

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33 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Laura Powers and the Powers House?

  1. Can’t believe I got her for sixty Doughnuts
    God dam it I’m stoked

  2. Just got her for 60 donuts.

  3. Decided to buy her. Yaaaaaayyy Laura!

  4. One of my favourite characters from one of my favourite episodes
    Just a shame she ain’t voiced by Sara Gilbert lol

  5. Argh is it my imagination that most of the females are premium
    Or am I losing it

  6. Getting it
    I don’t care about the weak story line or lack of out door tasks
    It’s Laura powers she’s an iconic character from the glory days of the simpsons it’s a must how can you not want her she was voted one of the best characters of all the simpsons not bad for a one off character they at one time thought about having her character
    On the show full time

  7. Like Elspeth73, I am buying every female character I can without breaking the bank. I picked her up last night Sad she doesn’t talk or have more outdoor missions, but I like the variety of houses, and a female is a female.

  8. As much as I want more women in my Springfield, she’s not voiced and has no outdoor 12 or 24 hour task. So it’ll be like she’s not even there. *sigh* A reluctant pass….

    • Crusty Krusty

      Yeah, I planned on getting this to, had donuts ready. But after reading the short quest line (which I only do if I hear it’s short or weak), I don’t see the point. Who cares about using the bouncy house?

  9. Laura Powers / Powers House – yes, there are better character/building combos in this game to grab (but this long time Freemium Tapper is still impressed by this combo) 🙂

  10. As a freemium player i have a list of things I want to get when I have enough donuts. This will make the list, mainly because I’m trying to prioritise female characters to try and even up the genders somewhat.

  11. Got Laura but the house size seems out of kilter with the town…maybe it’ll be like Helter Shelter and the ratio will be fixed on a later update? Mr Powers convertible seems the wrong size too.
    Looking forward to seeing animations for Laura…still in quests.
    My advice to freemium players is save your sprinkles for something better.

  12. As a freenium player I wonder when I can afford this. I think might be 10 years later and I will be an old man.

  13. Got Laura first thing when it came out..:)

  14. This is on my maybe list… Would love to have another type of house and Laura is my favorite name (plus it’s always good to have as many kids as possible during Halloween and this kid is less mean than many of the others), but there are a few other things I’ll likely get first. The pricing on this deal falls into the “average” category…nothing special there, but nothing to say “no way!” about, either.

  15. I will definitely get her, because we share a first name and that makes me feel really cool. 😉 😀

  16. YES! I reluctantly gave up my house farms, only to create burdensome neighborhoods throughout my Springfield, eating up precious land. Yesterday I stored 30 white houses, 10 purple, and 10 blue houses. Ouch! So this appropriate house, neighbor to Marj Simpson, is perfect for helping me get over my houses in storage. (Although, (sigh) my white houses are now a beach community in very close quarters.)
    Oh yes, and I’m enjoying the quest with Laura.

    • Matthew Szekeresh

      I recently did the same. At least I got a great price selling them back in-game. Used the proceeds to buy the slaughterhouse.

  17. I like the look of the house, but it bugs me that they give us a house with a fence attached to it that we don’t have matching fence peices for?

  18. kimberlyah794

    I bought her yesterday. 🙂

  19. My thoughts? When introducing new premium characters, a larger proportion of their tasks should be outside ones. A major portion of the fun in having premiums is seeing them interact with stuff, doing visible animations and so on.

    Out of five tasks, only two of Laura’s are outdoors, and one of them is just an hour — which I doubt many people will take advantage of due to it being so short.

    • ^^^THIS

      Give us premium characters with 3-4 outside tasks. And at least make the building animation somewhat interesting.

      With that said, I want the Homer’s Ballet

    • Maybe they don’t have more outdoor tasks because if people had too many outdoor tasks going at a time, it would cause lagging, etc. for some folks. Outdoor tasks are a lot more memory-intensive. But they certainly are more fun!

      • but people that wanna set outdoor tasks will do it regardless, so why not offer more outdoor options for premium characters? i think that’s a great idea, along with better animations for premium buildings when you DO set indoor tasks. the one for this item seems pretty lame… they really need more awesome ones like vesuvius pizza!

        • As Sandra said… it is a HUGE Memory drain and therefor very very risky to have MORE options in there. It could cause so much memory drain it could potentially lock a player out of their game. I do not think a Player would want to spend days or weeks … or more… out of there game while EA rolls it back to a save point where they can get back in just to get another outdoor task. Doesn’t seem worth it to me. That would cause so many issues.

          As much as we love the visuals… game stability is #1 concern. 😉

        • Tape – The fact that “they’ll do it, regardless” is exactly why they may not be offering that many options in the first place…they don’t want to deal with folks complaining about the game not running smoothly (whether it’s the person using those animations or folks trying to visit that person).

          Don’t get me wrong…I’d like to have more fun animations, too. I think that they’ve been getting especially lazy with the buildings (Vesuvias excepted) – how many times are they going to reuse the “people moving in front of windows thing,” which I suppose is a bit better than the old “vents spinning on the roof thing,” but it’s really starting to lose its novelty, at this point. I play on an iPad, which is pretty powerful compared to a lot of smartphones, I think (definitely seems a bit better than my Kindle Fire HD (original version), which isn’t too bad, either).

      • Agree. I really wish they would add an icon to tell us what are indoor so I can pick them more often. Less crashing.

      • the game already allows you to assign, without any kind of warning about memory or performance issues, ALL your characters to visual tasks. and every character has at least one, so it’s safe to assume that there are players out there that exclusively set visual tasks. giving the option of additional visual tasks for each premium character isn’t going to affect memory drain any more than it already does for them. if ea is concerned about players setting all visual tasks, on purpose or otherwise, and complaining about the game not running smoothly, they should either add a warning in the game like they do for the object count, or provide multiple tasks with the same duration, where one is outdoor and one is indoor. the fact that ea doesn’t do this suggests that it may not be as big a deal as you guys are making it out to be. after all, it’s obvious the game refreshes your town as you swipe around the map, so it really only matters what is currently on your screen at any one time.

        and bunny, i get that you got locked out of the game and are paranoid about that happening again, but perhaps things are better and more stable, both in the code and server side, than it was back when that happened to you. i run the game on two devices, an original nexus 7 tablet and a nexus 4 smartphone, both “outdated” tech from 2012. my object count is above 7000, i have over 100 characters, and i routinely set most of them to visual tasks, my favorite being outdoor tasks in front of buildings, animating both the character and the building. i have been doing this for months on end, with no major instability or performance issues. i really think they did some major updating when that superheroes event hit, because since then everything about this game has been much better. so, perhaps it would be okay for ea to provide our hard earned donut purchases with a little more bang for their buck. especially in the case of this particular premium item…….

      • Bangles Dupree

        I set a lot of my characters for outdoor tasks too. I also have close to the limit of trees and flowers. I play on an iPad and I don’t have any trouble with game stability that I know of. What I do wonder is about visiting friends and maybe my town takes forever to load for them. Some of my neighbors’ towns are pretty slow to load, but they are also freaking gorgeous!

    • When I want a character to do an outdoor task, that in itself takes priority over the length of the task. Nothing in the game (or in real life) is forcing me to clear a 👍 when it’s done. I often let characters keep going well beyond their finish time. I think what would be better and would make more players happier in the big picture would be to do one of two things:
      A) Give each character a set list of tasks, but give the PLAYER the freedom to choose the duration of the task (i.e. Maybe I want to have Cool Lisa “Be Cool” for 8 hours. Or maybe I want to have Homer “Play on his MyPad” for 4 hours.)
      B) Make ALL characters follow the same guidelines when it comes to tasks/durations. This would also allow EA the opportunity to plug in tasks of durations that characters don’t currently have (I have seen many complaints on here that Ralph, Shauna, and Mindy each don’t have a 4-hour task.
      Once ALL characters have been programmed to have the same set of task lengths, then it comes down to personal preferences. I personally believe that every character’s
      1-, 8-, and 24-hour tasks should be outdoors. In reality, Bart and Milhouse will always have a task to Have a Sleepover, because that is how they roll in the Best. Show. Ever. They could do a lot better with a lot of other characters, but to me, again, what’s most important is that each character is outdoors, and each task length is irrelevant.

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