Turbo Tappin’ Premium Stuff: Laura Powers

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 54 was a real Power trip…with the arrival of Ruth and Laura Powers!  This time around Laura is the premium character…

So now that there’s a new premium character in our tapping devices, you know what that means right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin!  So with that let’s jump right in and Turbo Tap the Premium Questlines of Level 54!

As we mentioned in the Level 54 rundown post Laura Powers and the Powers House could be yours for the premium price of 150 Donuts.  Once purchased and placed in your Springfield the questline will start up (as long as you have Lisa free)!

So now….let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!


Rock, Paper, Sister Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Hang Out with Laura- 12hrs, Earns $1,200, 300xp (requires Laura)
Make Bart take a Bath- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Rock, Paper, Sister Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Make Bart Take Another Bath- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Rock, Paper, Sister Pt. 3
Bart starts

Make Lisa Avoid Laura- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Rock, Paper, Sister Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Sneak Out to the Library- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Laura Follow Lisa- 4hrs, Earns $260,
Make Bart Follow Laura- 4hrs, Earns $175,

Rock, Paper, Sister Pt. 5
Laura starts

Make Laura Mess with Teenage Minds- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

And that completes Laura’s questline!

Running from start to finish, with out using donuts, it will take you 2 day to complete.  This one’s an ok premium questline, with some fun dialogue!

What do YOU think of the new update?  What are your thoughts on the characters chosen this time around?  Have you purchased Laura Powers?  Any thoughts on the dialogue?  Where have you placed the Powers House in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

22 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Premium Stuff: Laura Powers

  1. Lisa started part 5 for me, laura is doing “mess with teenage minds” and it says “rock, paper, sister pt. 5” so there’s a mistake in the walkthrough for that part

  2. Please EA fix the character sayings 60% or more of my characters don’t complete their phrases once a task is complete. Heck that’s a big reason I play is to hear those clever phrases from years past.

  3. Read somewhere that if you don’t keep visiting Krustyland, you’ll miss out on getting donuts. I thought the only way to get donuts there was the balloon pop? ALSO: if you receive the warning that you have 4500 or so items in your Springfield and the system may give you problems, does that include the stored items as well? And the items in Krustyland? I have been selling stuff that to prevent this. Help. I read this to see if you have already answered this, but can’t seem to find an answer yet. THANK YOU, You guys are awesome.

  4. Thank you Alissa!

    Hi fourkidsfull! Nice to be able to say hi here 🙂

    I asked because I am also confused about it. I learned from a few posts that it’s best to tap the quick turnover buildings in my neighbors’ towns (brown house, Quik-E-Mart, Etc) but others counter with more complex theories about how it’s most helpful to tap the slower big earning buildings.

    I just try to leave several plots where quicker turnover buildings (1-3 hours) can be found close to where neighbors land, so there’s a bit of diversity of stuff for neighbors to tap.

    But I’ve been using the Open Air Stage a lot to earn $1000+ every 3 hours (using the B Sharps) to build up for $$ Money Mountain, so if someone taps that I’m not sure that’s s good thing for me.

    So it all seems really complex, and I just want to be a good neighbor and vice versa. 🙂

    • Neighbors can only tap on things that are done and ready to collect, and it starts the timer over again from when they tap. If you come in and clear the timer starts over when you tap. So you help your neighbors and they help you by tapping on longer things (if it is a two hour building and they tap it and 1.5 hours later you clear the handshake, it will be ready again in 30 minutes instead of two hours.)

      BUT radio shows, tv shows, open air shows, and crops can’t be restarted because you have to decide what that next action will be, so it isn’t harmful, but also not really helpful UNLESS someone’s crops are wilting. Tapping those brings them back to good status so they will get something out of them if them tap them soon enough.

      • How do you know if a neighbour’s crop is wilting?

      • @hodgsonpl618 – the icon hovering over the completed crops will go from normal looking(healthy) to dead/driedup-looking(wilted). Once you tap it the healthy crop springs back ‘to life’ and I’ve heard rumors that you actually get more money from that harvest, I guess because of the added friend cash?
        Can someone remind me about the wilting corn trick please? I think it’s relevant here and I’m hoping that it is actually a thing and not just something I dreamed up…

    • Seems we hijacked this post into an open forum thread! But I am glad you brought it up, I read so much on neighbour etiquette and couldn’t find any concrete answers then ended up feeling that I was defusing a bomb every time I visited a neighbour.

    • Ok, being seeing a lot of questions about this so here’s my .02¢

      I’ve gotten to the point where I have enough money to leave all my houses ‘ripe for the picking’ as Sandra calls it, and when I first started thinking about all this neighbor visiting stuff I made a list of all the houses sorted by turnaround time and then by amount earned.
      I started out with only freemium/cash buildings, figuring everyone up to a certain level would have these buildings placed somewhere in their towns so I wouldn’t be searching around in vain, and that in itself was a big list. Recently I’ve started adding in all the premium offerings, and it can seem really overwhelming, and I’m prolly waaaay over-thinking this but I’d be curious to see who agrees/disagrees with my choices and why…
      So here are my 1st picks when visiting neighbors:
      1.Burns Manor
      2. Krabappel Apartments
      3. Courthouse
      Boom. Done. Move on! You just earned your neighbor $1560 (all earn $520/50XP each) not counting their bonus multiplier and also hopefully saved them some time on those looong 48 hour turnaround times.
      I won’t post the whole list here, as I’ve probably already lost all but the most nerdy/addicted readers by now anyway, but here’s the next few top freemium buildings on my list:

      36 hours
      Turban Outfitters – $400/40xp
      Spinster City – $400/40xp

      24 hours
      Springfield High -$400/30xp
      Pimento Grove – $350/30xp
      Quimby Compound – $300/30xp
      Unemployment – $300/30xp
      DMV – $300/30xp
      All Night Gym – $300/30xp
      General Hospital – $300/30xp
      Penitentiary – $300/30xp
      Library – $200/20xp

      And out of just those buildings I can usually find 3 that are available in any given town… I don’t have this list committed to memory or anything, just a general vague group in my head that earns my neighbors the most cash while saving them the most time…

      If you wanna throw in premium buildings too I always look for the Stonecutter Lodge, Up, Up, & Buffet, Volcano Lair, Duff Stadium, Museum of Nat Hist, etc etc. The list really does go on and on, but you just have to remember that not everyone is lucky enough to have all the premium stuff.

      Again, I’ve probably thought about this way too much, but it gives my Type A personality something innocuous to focus on, and I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts…. also mods: please feel free to move this (ridiculously long) post to the ‘Off Topic’ thread if that’s where it belongs…

      And if you’ve gotten this far thanks for hearing me out!

  5. Sorry this is totally on topic, so Laura -I am surprised, I thought she and Shauna would have a cat fight or something, or Laura go on a date with Jimbo. In the series she just vanished but Ruth is seen frequently as a background character. So I wonder where Laura vanished to (series wise).

    The House. is it not the original house that was next door to the Simpsons but later in the series was transformed into the Cool Brown House well after the Powers moved out? Because this is causeing me (a mild obsessive compulsive) to debate which house to place next door to the Simpsons home. I know it’s a game and people place the Flanders home in crazy places away from the Simpsons house but.. I can’t.

  6. So, this has nothing to do with this post but, after the recent Gill sale I wondered, do the premium rides in Krusty Land ever go on sale? I haven’t been able to add anything in Krusty Land in months & I’ve nearly maxed out the land. Thanks!

  7. I likewise got Laura without hesitation and I’m loving her quest-line. It’s nice to actually feel a little bit sorry for Bart 😉 Actually, I’m simultaneously working through Shauna’s quest, so this has been a big week for his failing love-life.

    I was disappointed that once again no additional Squidport Boardwalk sections were offered. We’ve had at least two town expansion offerings since the Squidport was unveiled and to my knowledge have never gotten an increase in the number of boardwalks allowed. As the town grows my boardwalk is looking smaller and smaller. Have y’all ever heard anything about when or if this might be addressed?

    • Nope and I don’t think it will be. I think the cap is set for a reason and that’s limitations of what the game can hold without crashing.

  8. …totally unrelated but yay first spuckler born today at 3.30…busy playing the fiddle and mother pregnant again and smoking already lol : D

  9. Sorry this is a bit off topic but during this mostly down time between major events I have seen more discussion here (Open Thread) and elsewhere about how best to be a good neighbor when visiting other Springfields. There are so many different theories expressed about what to tap – low payout/short timer items or the 24 hr high paying buildings get mixed opinions. And what constitutes good ‘neighbor etiquette.’

    Would you please repost the neighbor blogs that best answer these questions? Many Thanks. New and old players might really appreciate a refresher and/or a good basic how-to guideline.

    • It’s something we can do. Let us get out a bunch of Level 54 content and then we’ll repost 🙂

    • I’m glad this was brought up, skyfinger is one of my neighbours and I apologize if I’m not tapping the correct buildings but I honestly have no idea what the proper buildings are to tap and I’d really like to know.

  10. Got Laura the minute the update hit….

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