Housekeeping Note: Industrial Showoff

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you all know we’ve decided to postpone this week’s industrial showoff.  Since the event hit there’s just tons of content we want to get out, and I’m sure you guys are focused on playing Tap Ball at the moment instead of working on your industrial designs.  So…we’ve decided to postpone it for this week.

So when will be do the industrial showoff?  Well, next Saturday is 4th of July here in the US (well around the world really..since everyone’s calendar says July 4th, but it’s Independence Day here 😉 )…so we won’t be doing showoff then.  SO…we’re postponing the industrial showoff for two weeks.  It’ll go up on July 11th.  (and yes, we’ll post a reminder since that’s 2 weeks away)

So to sum up…the Industrial Showoff is Postponed this week and rescheduled for July 11th.  (so entries must be in by 8pm EDT on Friday July 10th)

Hope you’re having fun playing Tap Ball and can’t wait to see your Industrial Designs in 2 weeks! 🙂

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  1. So umm any update on this show off or did I complete miss it somehow? Just curious, this old man tends to forget things sometimes lol

  2. HELP! I’ve been wanting to participate in the Springfield Showoff ever since I discovered TSTO addicts which was just before the Terwilliger event, but my LG Optimus phone won’t take screenshots within TSTO app. I keep getting a message ‘can’t capture screen’ and it’s really frustrating. I even tried the Quick Memo feature on my phone where you can crop a portion of the screen and save it as an image. What am I doing wrong? Is there an alternate? I really would like to be a part of the next showoff especially since it will go up on July 11 which is my birthday!!

    • I am not familiar with that particular device. All I can suggest is to seek online support on the Manufacturers page unless someone here has a suggestion.

      • Thanks, I’ll see if I can find anything. Hopefully I’ll get a solution before the next showoff!

    • Mrhockeyfan17

      You hold both volume buttons down at the same time

  3. Goodmorning, well after Noon, after a good rest and dreams of Celebreties ignoring me at a party I am awake and ready to go. I noticed something that I thought was worth pointing out. Vandalism from neighbors whom have been playing Tap Ball – which means that it isn’t by choice or maliciousness but by the Game it’self defaulting to do so. :/

  4. Irrelevant to this post but my game won’t open. All of a sudden it force quit and I haven’t been able to get back on it. I closed the app, logged out, turned my phone off, uninstalled the app and reinstalled and nothing worked. It force quits everytime it tries loading my town. Anyone else experiencing this?

  5. Hi. Is there in-game messaging for EA? if not, I was going to suggest a timer for the daily tasks. I keep forgetting to check the time when I complete one, so I’m never sure when to be back. Just a thought. 🙂

  6. So I’ve been reading comments and waiting for people to argue and complain – why some characters that do sporty type tasks are not earning Amateur Bucks for those activities. Then Wookie having a Diary entry about sports and what defines an activity from a sport. But as I mentioned it is after 1 am here and I’m not drunk but my brain is so tired it is like it is (I call this kind of thinking “Drunk Tired”) which you would be amazed the number of errors I’m making just righting thins *Writing This* (needed to show you an example – which was real by the way). So in a way I am texting while under the influence of a lack of sleep. So I apologies for the rambling… goodnight (Collapsing Head First into a pillow)

  7. Any idea when the daily tasks reset?

    I’ve only completed the first three, and it’s after midnight, but I’ve got a message that says “You have completed all tasks!”

  8. Since this thread isn’t crowded with comments yet, I’ll KICK things of and get the Ball rolling on some off topic (show off wise) thoughts.

    I think Tap Ball Strategy would be lose at the five star players (as suggested earlier) but remember the First Win of The Day bonus.

    Someone suggested not upgrading characters until after a round of Tap ball because when you upgrade them they become active… I sort of do that but never have the patients to save enough for multiple players.

    I have donuts but I don’t want to spend a single one on this event. I’ll wait for Gil to return with all these things a year from now :p

  9. “Industrial Showoff?” I think I missed something… What is that and when was it mentioned? I looked back a couple of page’s worth and didn’t see anything, but maybe I’m just being dense…

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