Tap Ball 101: Daily Training Challenges

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Trying to figure out just what is going on? What to focus on first? Where to begin? Well, here to help as usual. Bouncing by with some of the Basic Mechanics of the New Tap Ball Event.

In this post, I will be going over that additional Prize Giving Option in the Menu. The Daily Training Challenges.

Daily Training

Completing Daily Training will bring a lot more goodies into your silly lil game as you complete each one. The really cool thing on these is there is NO TIME LIMIT on when you can start them. In other words, you can wait 10 days and then finish 10 in a row (depending on Character required, but you get the idea). The ONLY TIMER is the 24hrs to complete each task to get a Bonus.

Let’s take a closer look and get into more details on it.



First things first, the Daily Training will NOT show up until AFTER you have completed Meet My Trophy Life Part 5 and around Balls of Glory Part 3. Just look for the ! on the Soccer Ball & Mit Icon and see if you notice the Stop Watch Icon. Meet My Trophy Life Part 7 will actually prompt you to Complete the Daily Training Challenge.

In the Lower Right Corner of your game, there is the Soccer Ball & Mit Icon. Tap on it to go into your Event Menu Pop UP. Look for the Stop Watch Icon Tab and tap on it. You will see the Daily Training info.

Mit with Soccer Ball Event Menu IconStop Watch Icon

As you play along, you will also eventually see a Stop Watch Icon pop up in the Top Right Corner of your game. This will take you right to the Daily Training Challenges. (This Triggered for me in my game around Balls of Glory Part 4 & Fickle Fans. )


Once you are in the Daily Training Screen, you will see a few different areas of Interest. Let’s take a look at them all.

PRIZE LIST: You can scroll on through to see all the Daily Prizes that you can win by completing each Daily Training Challenge. Tap on the one lit up and unlocked to see the details linked to it below.

REWARD: This is where it will tell you what you can win by completing the tasks below for the Daily Prize you currently have highlighted and tapped on up above.

COMPLETE IN: Here you will see that it will take 24hrs to complete the current task in order to get the Bonus in addition to the Daily Prize. This will start to countdown as soon as you trigger the task below.

BONUS: This is what you will win in ADDITION to the Daily Prize if you complete the tasks assigned BEFORE the 24hr timer runs out.

PAY DONUTS…: This is how much it will cost you to rush the current set of tasks for the current Daily Prize item and instantly complete it.

DIRECTIONAL ARROW: This is the tasks you will be required to do for the Daily Prize you currently are looking at. Take a close look as some require you to do the task MORE than once.

Day 3 Daily Training

Example For Day #3

PRIZE LIST: Brain & Nerve Tonic

REWARD: Brain & Nerve Tonic

COMPLETE IN: 24h 00m 00s

BONUS: 800 Foam Fingers


DIRECTIONAL ARROW: Make Mr. Burns Brew Tonic, 0/3


Daily Training Do It

As soon as you tap on “DO IT” and start that very first Task for the Challenge, the timer will begin to countdown. You can keep coming back to check how many hours, minutes, and seconds you have remaining to complete it.



Daily Training 24 Hour Timer

The ONLY thing you will miss if you do not complete the Daily Training Tasks in the 24hrs is you will NOT get the Bonus listed. So if you really need that Bonus to help towards your Personal Prizes… completing all the tasks within the 24hrs will be very beneficial.

You will STILL get the Daily Prize regardless once the task is completed.



Stop Watch Icon

Two different things going on here. First, you will only have the Daily Prizes open one at a time. So every morning (about 8GMT/4AM Eastern) you will have a new task open. ONLY ONE A DAY WILL UNLOCK.

However, if you have NOT completed the day before it will still remained lock and will not unlock until you complete the Days in front of it.

In other words, you can’t just skip from Day One to Day Five. You will have to do every single one day by day by day … in order. And if it is Day 7, you can’t jump ahead to Day 8, 9, etc.



Here is the list of the Day, Task, and Prize. NOTE: This information is as of the day of THIS post. EA may change it at anytime during the Event. 

Some of these tasks will be completed by the Character in their “Sports” Costume. So keep an eye out for those.

1 Apu Sell Tap Ball Merchandise, 2hrs (x2)  ico_june2015_revive_02
2 Referee Homer Work on the Stadium, 5hrs (X2) stadiumbleachers01front_menu
3 Burns Brew Tonic, 4hrs (X3)  ico_june2015_tonic
4 ~ Tap Ball Win (X2)  stadiumlightsfront_menu
5 Celebrity Group Sing National Anthem, 3hrs (X5)  unlock_dredericktatum_boxing
6 ~ Tap Ball Win (X2)  ico_june2015_revive_02
7 Pin Pal Apu Work on Bowling Machine, 4hrs (X3)  bowlingpinsetupmachine_menu
8 Soccer Lisa Work on Balance, 2hrs (X6)  Lugash
9 ~ Tap Ball Win (X3)  stadiumbleachers01front_menu
10 Soccer Lisa Fill Soccer Balls w/Air, 3hrs (X4)  soccernethome_menu
11 Brainiac Group Analyze Tap Ball Statistics, 2hrs (X4)  ico_june2015_tonic
12 Milhouse Fret About Field Day, 6hrs (X2)  unlock_milhouse_fitmilhouse
13 Referee Homer Work on the Stadium, 5hrs (X2)  stadiumbleachers02front_menu
14 Fit Milhouse Order Unnecessary Fitness Gadgest, 4hrs (x3)  stadiumlightsfront_menu
15 ~ Tap Ball Win (X3)  lowblowboxing_menu
16 Youngster Group Play Real Football, 2hrs (X10)  footballtargetbigtire_menu
17 Tap Ball Players Group Sign Autographs, 4hrs (X8)  ico_june2015_tonic
18 Comic Book Guy Watch Kung Fu Movies, 4hrs (X4)  unlock_comicbookguy_kungfu
19 Brainiac Group Analyze Tap Ball Statistics, 2hrs (X7)  stadiumbleachers03front_menu
20 Comic Book Guy Attempt High Kicks, 2hrs (X5)  ico_june2015_revive_02
21 ~ Tap Ball Win (X3)  ico_june2015_tonic
22 ~ Tap Ball Win (X4)  ico_june2015_soccerball_lg
23 Lisa Hide Cats, 2hrs (X5)  Crazy cat lady babble
24 Celebrity Group Sing National Anthem, 3hrs (X5)  ico_june2015_soccerball_lg
25 Referee Homer Work on the Stadium, 5hrs (X2)  ico_june2015_revive_02
26 Tap Ball Players Group Practice, 4hrs (X20)  ico_june2015_tonic
27 ~ Tap Ball Win (X5)  ico_june2015_soccerball_lg



Many of these tasks are asking you to use a Character Group. It is NOT the one listed in your Characters Section in the game. It is actually a specifically coded one into the game (similar to past Events). Here are the lists you will need.

Note: Some of these will unlock DURING the Event. So you will not have access to them until you Win them in the 3 Acts, Personal Prizes, Daily Training, or Donut Purchase.

Tap Ball Celebrity Braniac Youngster
Ballet Ralph Abraham Lincoln CBGuy Bart
Baseball Jasper Arnie Pye Cecil Terwilliger Database
Boxing Drederick Tatum Booberella Crazy Cat Lady Dolph
Crazy Cat Lady Bumblebee Man Database Gino Underdunk Terwilliger
Fit Milhouse Chester Lampwick Dr Hibbert Greta Wolfcastle
Football Nelson Dr Nick Frink Hugo
Furious D Drederick Tatum Hank Scorpio Janey
Jockey Bart Duffman Lisa Jessica Lovejoy
Kung Fu CBGuy George Washington Martin Jimbo
Lugash Kent Brockman Sideshow Bob Kearney
Ned Krusty Sideshow Mel Laura Powers
Pin Pal Apu Lurleen Skinner Lisa
Referee Homer Miss Springfield Martin
Soccer Lisa Mr Teeny Michael D’Amico
Softball Mr Burns Roger Myers Jr Milhouse
Tennis Marge Sideshow Bob Nelson
Toreador Grampa Sideshow Mel Ralph
Wolfcastle Rod
Sherri & Terri
Squeaky Voice Teen




In my game, it was just a matter of WINNING 2 Tap Ball games. This even included a Single Player Game. So just as long as it says you WIN at the end, it should check it off.



ico_june2015_revive_02 ico_june2015_tonic

When you win items like the 4-Pack Obesotade or the Brain & Nerve Tonic (came in 3’s) those will go immediately to your totals.

stadiumbleachers01front_menu stadiumlightsfront_menu

When you will additional Decorations like the Bleachers & Stadium Lights, you will notice they will show up in your “Amateur Shop” to craft now. Here is the cost for the 2 so far.

Single Bleacher: 900 Amateur Bucks, 2x4base

Stadium Lights: 1650 Amateur Bucks, 3×3 base but VERY tall. Lights turn off and on when tapped.

unlock_dredericktatum_boxing unlock_milhouse_fitmilhouse

When you unlock a Character Skin, we assume you do need the Character themselves to put it on. We will know by tomorrow when Drederick unlocks how that pans out in “available to play Tap Ball” and will Update this post on it.


There you have it. You now have an idea of what to expect each day and who to possibly keep available so you can get started on these tasks right away.

What do you think of the Daily Training Challenges so far? Any Prizes you are looking forward to? How are yours coming along so far? Getting them done in 24hrs? Let us know.


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  1. The singing anthem task should be taking turn today, but it says I have completed all tasks and the singing anthem task doesn’t come up and I really wonder why

  2. Wow, very comprehensive! Thanks.
    We should win one game each “day” to get a bonus, right? Does this “day” start at 8AM GMT as well?

    • That all depends on you. One unlocks each day. I assume 8GMT (as I posted)

      • Thanks for the quick reply!!! That’s 5pm here so I’ll wait until then and see what happens. Until then, I’ll be losing to my 5-star neighbours^^

  3. Felicia Fancy

    Hi! Just wondering who Furious D is ?

  4. In daily tasks it states that I have completed all tasks! It was like this all day today. Nothing else will unlock. Is this a glitch? Is anybody else having the same problem?

    • Take a peek at this very post you are commenting on…. the reset time has NOT hit. We are still only on day 4 (Day 5 in another hour) so you will ONLY have access to 4 prizes. ONE a day. 😉

  5. Do you know what the deal is with the influx of annoying push notifications lately? All day I keep getting messages saying I haven’t checked my town in awhile, despite me literally just checking it a few minutes prior. It is getting absolutely irritating.

  6. This is amazing! Now I can plan and don’t have to stress about the unknown like I did during Terwiligers or Christmas 2014. Thank you for making my life easier.

  7. Probably a stupid question, but for tomorrow’s daily task, sing the anthem 5x, it doesn’t specify who, so can you potentially do all 5 at the same time on different characters, or is it still one at a time, because that would equate to 15 hours for a daily task.

    • It says Celebrity Group. Similar to the Terwilliger Event… different Characters are Grouped (see list under the prizes). So you can use any from the List. Will have more details when it ACTUALLY goes live after 8GMT

      • Awesome in that case I have 7 of the ones on the list, hopefully won’t take as long as it could have then. Thank you once again for the prompt response to another one of my obvious questions, I should have realized it said Celebrity group.

  8. What are the foam fingers for??

  9. Day 22, 24, 27 soccer balls are future event currency in act 3

    • I know what the files say, but until it goes live…. anything can change and there is now way to verify HOW MANY you get. Like the Tonic… it shows one, but you get 3. So… as usual… I would rather wait and see what happens. 😉

    • According to the help menu, it seems the next two currencies will be hats and flags

      • They are a different part of the game mechanics… but until they go live… there is no way to confirm how they will payout nor their exact use.

  10. You can FINALLY store the mutant rabbit!!!!

    What a lovely, lovely day!!!!!

    • Lol why doesn’t anyone like him!! He’s so cute and fat and he FLYS when you tap him!!

      • You’re thinking of Bunny #24601 from Easter. The mutant rabbit is the white one that looks like Binky.

      • Probably because people expected more from the purchase of the character and the fact that his task start and end animations are so long.

      • Ciarathomp988

        Ooooooh right. Wrong rabbit lol.

      • The reason I hate it is because if you tap on one of the multiple bunnies it jumps you to the main one. VERY obnoxious while trying to chase the jelly blobs in the last event around since the screen would refocus no matter how far away it was.

  11. I got the “win x2” reward after playing a game myself, and then having a neighbour lose against me while I wasn’t even playing: I came back, it counted as a win, I got the reward. So you don’t even need to play twice to get it.

  12. Hey all my fellow tappers 🙂 just wondering… One of the other posts had pictures of an old costume, young grampa Simpson, I believe and a homer costumes both cool and have been wanting the grampa one for a while now and it would be cool to have the other as well, just wondering if you guys know if these will be able to be unlocked or bought during the event, thanks 🙂 and have a great day 🙂

  13. Matt Groening should be a celebrity!

  14. *testing*

  15. who is Braniac in the youngster, i think i don’t know him :p

  16. Thanks for the task list! It’s great to have an overview of what lies ahead. And words cannot express how happy I am at the structure of the daily tasks. After the horror of Cecils daily tasks, I was fearful this event would require even more precision gameplay. Hooray for 24 hour timers!

  17. “Sing National Anthem” x5
    Five times in a row or can more than one celebrity sing at a time?

  18. It’s “Ballet Ralph” a previously available skin (like “Fit Milhouse”) or is he one that we’ll get during the event?

  19. OMG – I LOVE you!!! I *so* wanted to know what each day’s tasks would be in advance ever since I noticed that I could maximize my Amateur Bucks income by using the 24-hour tasks as much as possible (since per hour rate is the same for all task lengths and the 24-hour tasks allow you to earn bucks while you sleep or have a life). Now I can know when it’s safe to send my AB-earning characters on 24-hour tasks because I won’t need them for the daily task!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • If you love me so much why don’t you … 😛

      • What? What? Just ask – I’ll do it (provided its legal and doesn’t cost any money)! 😉

      • Hahaha, okay PeeWee!

        It’s legal now Sandra! Pick a state – any state! Woo Hoo!

        You guys could have a Donut Registry 😉

        • Lol – I’m proud to say that it’s been legal in my state since the “beginning”…never more proud to live in Massachusetts than that day 11 years ago. ❤💛💙💜💚❤

          However, as I believe that polygamy is not legal in Massachusetts, I think a union between Bunny and me is not an option at this time.

  20. So your saying on the daily task that you can not do them for 5 days and catch up or do all five in one day?

    • ???? They unlock Daily. We are only on Day 4 of the Event so only 4 will be unlocked currently. If you want to wait to do them…wait… you have til the end of the Event.

      Up at top of post…
      “In other words, you can wait 10 days and then finish 10 in a row (depending on Character required, but you get the idea). The ONLY TIMER is the 24hrs to complete each task to get a Bonus.”

    • I started this event late, and I’m catching up. As soon as I finished the first task, the second daily task was instantly available to me. I’m assuming that if you can’t play for a day or two, you will still be able to complete all tasks AND get the bonuses as long as you finish within 24 hours of starting each. It’s much more manageable than the Terwilligers!

      • Yes… it is in this very post right at the top of the Break…

        “In other words, you can wait 10 days and then finish 10 in a row “

  21. On the list of Youngsers you have Brainiac listed as a youngster..

  22. What are the soccer ball prizes? Is it just a soccer ball decoration to place in our town?

  23. Do you know if we get anything if you already have Fit Milhouse?

  24. i finished the the first 3 today, got up to the lights, and now all it says is “you have completed all tasks!” any idea?

    • As we are only Day #4 in the Event, and the lights are Day #4, the pop up was correct. Please read through this post again. The section on “When does the next Prize Unlock” may be helpful. 🙂

  25. Any idea what the soccer ball prizes actually are?

  26. Clam purchase? I think you got the wrong game in mind XD

  27. Good job Bunny, that is truely a lot to obsorb. I’m amazed at your phycic ability to figure out what tasks take place for each Daily Training challenge. Any numbers I should play in the Lottory? :p

    • 2 8 12 33 45 Powerball 6

      • Great, now I got to share the earnings with all these other people…

        4 8 15 16 23 42 wasn’t working for me anyway… I LOST everytime :p

      • I’m kinda wondering who is “Like”Ing our comments … It is kinda freaking me out. I think I’m saying “Kinda” far too much.

        • Tot – Well, you can kinda blame me for everything, kinda. I ” Like”ed your comment as a nod to the reference you made (I especially enjoyed it because I was watching “Under the Dome” at the time, which I believe has one (or both?) of the same producers), and I use “kinda” kinda a lot here, so you may be picking that habit up from me. 😉

    • It wasn’t me that ‘liked’ them initially, but I’ll like any post that references Lost! I have a Dharma Initiative tattoo, I’m kind of obsessed with it.

      • When I was at a stop light I got out of my car and asked the person (in the car ahead of me) where they got the 108 Countdown Clock Bumper Sticker (it was an online purchase). Haven’t found anything that matches my enthusiasm to that show yet. But I digress. back to Tapped Out it’s been more than 30 seconds since I checked it :p

  28. Task #16 at 20 hours is bad enough – difficult to complete in 24 hours.
    Task #17 is downright impossible – 4 hours x 8 = 32 hours. Better be one heck of a bonus to spend that many donuts to ensure it is completed in 24 hours.
    Other than that, who/ where is Dredick from?
    The Daily Prizes are merely “skins”, availabile only if the character is already in the game?
    what of Act 1 prizes such as Baseball Jasper – will he be an added character, or merely a skin?
    Quite a complex issue, says a player who started in late October of 2014.

    • Drederick orginally hit our games in early 2013 during Whacking Day. One of the Prizes.

      On the tasks, remember… many have MORE than one Character that can complete them. Look at the list below of the MANY Characters that can. 🙂

      All the items are skins. No Characters. Up to you to get the Character that goes with it.

      • junkfoodbetty

        I see Tracy’s confusion, because I felt the same way the first time I read it. When you see “Sign Autographs, 4hrs (X8)” you automatically multiply those two numbers. But you have to also notice “Tap Ball Players Group”, which, upon further reading, made me think that more than one person (up to 8 depending on how many players you have) can complete it at the same time, thus reducing 32 hours to potentially only 4.
        I don’t know if Tracy and I were the only people confused by this, so I’m not sure if it requires any further clarification on your part. I just wanted to throw that out there.

        • Each task has a X by it meaning how many TIMES you do it. Just exactly like it is listed in your game on the Daily Training. The task lists the “Character” as a Group. The Entire Group is listed below with every person in that Group possible named. I don’t know how much more specific or how to clarify it more than that. 😉

    • ciarathomp988

      Lol I was so confused by this at first too, and mad at EA, but after about a minute I got it lol.

      • Yea, makes sense, now. It’s just all the single character tasks we have had so far that confused. At least 4th of July is 6 hours twice – which is possible even if you have a long day at the beach planned. Start early and complet #1, start #2, head out, have fun and complete before bed..

  29. Any idea what the soccer ball is? Some kind of game currency for the second or third act?

  30. ciarathomp988

    Any idea on what the soccer ball icon represents as a prize? I’m assuming maybe less time in between games?

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