Tap Ball 101: Daily Training, Days 1-5

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Trying to figure out just what is going on? What to focus on first? Where to begin? Well, here to help as usual. Bouncing by with some of the Basic Mechanics of the New Tap Ball Event.

In this post, I will be going over the day by day prizes that unlock for The Daily Training Challenges. This one will be Days 1 thru 5 (23rd- 27th)

stadiumlightsfront_menustadiumbleachers01front_menu  unlock_dredericktatum_boxing

Completing Daily Training will bring a lot more goodies into your silly lil game as you complete each one. The really cool thing on these is there is NO TIME LIMIT on when you can start them. In other words, you can wait 10 days and then finish 10 in a row (depending on Character required, but you get the idea). The ONLY TIMER is the 24hrs to complete each task to get a Bonus.

For a LOT more in depth details as well as what YOU can expect Daily, see the main Daily Training Challenges HERE. 

Now on to the Daily Tasks and Prizes.



Daily Training Do It

As soon as you tap on “DO IT” and start that very first Task for the Challenge, the timer will begin to countdown. You can keep coming back to check how many hours, minutes, and seconds you have remaining to complete it.

Complete it in 24hrs for a BONUS boost in your Event Currency.



Daily Training 24 Hour Timer

The ONLY thing you will miss if you do not complete the Daily Training Tasks in the 24hrs is you will NOT get the Bonus listed. So if you really need that Bonus to help towards your Personal Prizes… completing all the tasks within the 24hrs will be very beneficial.

You will STILL get the Daily Prize regardless once the task is completed.



Stop Watch Icon

Two different things going on here. First, you will only have the Daily Prizes open one at a time. So every morning (about 8GMT/4AM Eastern) you will have a new task open. ONLY ONE A DAY WILL UNLOCK.

However, if you have NOT completed the day before it will still remained lock and will not unlock until you complete the Days in front of it.

In other words, you can’t just skip from Day One to Day Five. You will have to do every single one day by day by day … in order. And if it is Day 7, you can’t jump ahead to Day 8, 9, etc.


DAY #1- TUESDAY 23rd

Day #1 will Require you to Make Apu Sell Tap Ball Merchandise, Twice, 2hrs.

Day 1 Daily Training

Your Reward for Day #1 will be a 4-Pack of Obesotade. And IF you are done under 24hrs, 800 Foam Fingers will be added to your Event Currency.

Day 1 4 Pack Obesotade

You will now see 4 Obesotade added to your totals in the Event Menu area.




Day #2 will Require you to Make Referee Homer Work on the Stadium, Twice, 2hrs.

Day 2 Daily Training

Your Reward for Day #2 will be one section of Single Bleachers. And IF you are done under 24hrs, 800 Foam Fingers will be added to your Event Currency.

Day 2 Single Bleachers

You will now be able to place the Single Bleachers in your Springfield or put it in your Inventory. You will also now notice you can get MORE Single Bleachers in your Amateur Shop for 900 Amateur Bucks.

Amateur Shop Single Bleachers

stadiumbleachers01front_menuSingle Bleacher: 900 Amateur Bucks, 2x4base



Day #3 will Require you to Make Mr. Burns Brew Tonic, Three Times, 4hrs.

Day 3 Daily Training

Your Reward for Day #3 will be a 3 Brain and Nerve Tonics. And IF you are done under 24hrs, 800 Foam Fingers will be added to your Event Currency.

Day 3 Brain & Nerve Tonic

You will now see 3 Brain & Nerve Tonic added to your totals in the Event Menu area.



DAY #4- FRIDAY 26th

Day #4 will Require you to Win TWO Tap Ball Games. In my game, it was just a matter of WINNING 2 Tap Ball games. This even included a Single Player Game. Or even if someone Challenged you and YOU won AFTER the Daily Task was triggered. So just as long as it says you WIN at the end, it should check it off.

Day 4 Daily Training

Your Reward for Day #4 will be one Stadium Light. And IF you are done under 24hrs, 800 Foam Fingers will be added to your Event Currency.

Day 4 Stadium Lights

You will now be able to place the Stadium light in your Springfield or put it in your Inventory. You will also now notice you can get MORE Stadium Lights in your Amateur Shop for 1650 Amateur Bucks.

Amateur Shop Stadium Lights

stadiumlightsfront_menuStadium Lights: 3×3 base but VERY tall. Can turn the Lights off and on when tapped.



Day #5 will Require you to Make ANY From the Celebrity Group Sing National Anthem, FIVE Times, 3hrs (see below for breakdown of group)

Day 5 Daily Training

What Characters are in the Celebrity Group? Well, that will depend on WHO you have in your town, but here is the list of ALL possible that can do this task once you trigger it in your game. So, if you have at least FIVE of them, you will have this task done in 3hrs.

Abraham Lincoln Kent Brockman
Arnie Pye Krusty
Booberella Lurleen
Bumblebee Man Miss Springfield
Chester Lampwick Mr Teeny
Dr Nick Roger Myers Jr
Drederick Tatum Sideshow Bob
Duffman Sideshow Mel
George Washington Wolfcastle

Your Reward for Day #5 will be the Character Skin, Boxing Drederick Tatum. And IF you are done under 24hrs, 800 Foam Fingers will be added to your Event Currency.Day 5 Boxing Drederick Tatum


Now this next part is Critical, depending on WHO you have already will determine how it plays out….


If you ALREADY own the Character Drederick Tatum and his Springfield Coliseum (Currently 190 Donuts), you will see these next few Pop Ups… 

You will see the Unlock for the Character Costume/Skin…

Unlock Screen Day 5 Boxing Drederick Tatum

You will see him in the grouping with the Sporty Tough Guys Characters…

Sporty Tough Guys

Then you will see a ! over Drederick in the Boxing Costume ready to start his new Questline, Million Donut Baby. You will also see him now available as a Tap Ball Player starting out at 1 1/2 Stars.

Team Management Boxing Drederick Tatum



If you do NOT own Drederick Tatum and his Springfield Coliseum, you will NOT be able to use this Character Skin. Instead, this is what you will see…

The Pop Up telling you the Character Skin you have just won will now be placed into your Inventory Storage under the Characters Tab.

Placed In Inventory Boxing Drederick Tatum

If you go into your Inventory Storage and tap on the Characters Tab, you will now see him in there locked. If at anytime in the future you do pick up Drederick and his Springfield Coliseum (190 Donuts), this Character Skin will unlock and you can put it to use.

Character Inventory Screen Boxing Drederick Tatum


As you can see, this is what we expected would happen as they unlock. Similar to many of the Past Events, the Skin remains locked in the Inventory until you purchase/acquire the Character it goes onto.


There you have it. Days #1-#5. The next one should unlock around 8GMT/4AM Eastern, Tomorrow (Sunday in USA).

What do you think of the Daily Training Challenges so far? Any Prizes you are looking forward to? How are yours coming along so far? Getting them done in 24hrs? Let us know.


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  1. Hi I didn’t get the tyre ring thing from the daily training although it has a tickmon it , is it just me or has this happened to others to??what should I do I checked out invent to but nothing there.:-(

    • Contact EA let them know, they should be able to restore it for you.

    • I found my Tire Ring hidden behind a school building!! I was panaking a bit for a couple days, but found it by tapping on the “eye” that shows the buildings to see thru and what’s behind them!! Good Luck!!😀

  2. Hi, I’ve unlocked the mustached guy in a brow sportfit (forgive my ignorance because i don’t know his name) but I can’t find him anywhere in the game, nor as a character or as a skin. Am I missing something?

    • That’s Lugash. He’s a premium character. The daily task unlocks the ability for him to play Tap Ball. It’s not a skin or a character, just unlocks his ability to play. You need to own him in order to use him.

  3. NotSimpsonAddict

    Hi there,
    Could we get an update (for example days 6-10) on this post ?
    Thanks and regards

  4. Does the new Tatum skin change the conclusion on the “Should I Spend Donuts on Tatum?” post in any way?

  5. Brittany (Brittanyjones18)

    Hey Bunny. Will the daily training days go away and we get new ones when act 2 starts?

  6. I recently purchased Tatum for the event, but haven’t completed his questline. When I won his boxing skin, Million Donut Baby never triggered. Do you think that might be the reason? He only has three tasks available, and only practice tapball to earn amateur bucks. Is anyone else having this problem?

  7. Rico, private, skipper and kolowski

    Did it let anybody else just do all the daily tasks right away? I actually cam to find why fit milhouse couldn’t play but I guess because I shouldn’t have him? I wondered why they were ‘daily tasks’…

    • If you miss days it lets you catch up, but it will stop you at the most current one. Which for today is the pin setup.

      Fit Milhouse can’t play until you win him in the daily training tasks.

  8. How do you get more Characters that have task that earns tap ball cash?Now I have Lisa and Apu plus I can now broadcast sports for those orange bucks. By the way thanks for showing me that those where red lights on top of some fans heads. I just thought they were steaming mad that their team had lost at tap ball

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