Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Football Nelson & Boxer Tatum

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Tap Ball is sweeping the streets of our Springfields and during this first Act of the event a few characters get into it and actually play Tap Ball!  Two characters have been added to our games since the event launched…one was added to the store and the other is awarded via the Daily Training Tasks.  Football Nelson is available in our stores as a premium skin and Boxer Tatum is awarded for free via the Daily Training Tasks, but of course you’ll have to have Tatum to use it.

Both characters come with a complete questline, something to keep you busy tapping while you’re waiting to play your next Tap Ball match!  So let’s take a look at the quick walkthrough for Football Nelson and Boxer Tatum…


The Full Nelson Pt. 1
Nelson starts

Make Football Nelson Bully Homer- 4hrs, Earns 4 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 70xp
Make Bart Chuckle to Himself- 4hrs, Earns 4ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 70xp

The Full Nelson Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Soccer Lisa Kick the Soccer Ball- 4hrs, Earns 4ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 45xp
Make Football Nelson Go Long- 4hrs, Earns 4 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 70xp
Make Pin Pal Apu Bowl for Goal- 4hrs, Earns 4 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 45xp

The Full Nelson Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Bart Run Into the Fence- 12hrs, Earns 12 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 100xp
Make Lisa Trip Over the Ball- 12hrs, Earns 12 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 100xp
Make Football Nelson Yell Angrily- 12hrs, Earns 12 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 100xp

The Full Nelson Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Make Homer Eavesdrop on the Kids- 1hr, Earns 1ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 17xp

The Full Nelson Pt. 5
Homer starts

Make Lisa Kick the Ball- 8hrs, Earns 8ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 70xp
Make Pin Pal Apu Bowl the Ball- 8hrs, Earns 8ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 70xp
Make Bart Throw the Ball- 8hrs, Earns 8ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 70xp
Make Football Nelson Score a Ball Down- 8hrs, Earns 8ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 105xp

And that my friends concludes Football Nelson’s questline!

And here’s a look at Boxing Tatum’s questline…once again Boxing Tatum can be achieved via the Daily Training Prizes…(if you were following along each day he should have been unlocked on Saturday 6/27)

Million Dollar Baby Pt. 1
Homer starts

Make Boxer Tatum Get Back into Shape- 24hrs, Earns 24 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 225xp

Million Dollar Baby Pt. 2
Tatum starts

Make Boxer Tatum Fumble Around with his Gloves On- 8hrs, Earns 8 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 105xp
Make Boxer Tatum Bond with his Pet Tiger- 24hrs, Earns 24 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 225xp
Make Homer Perfect his Raw Egg Recipe-
32hrs, Earns 32 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 200xp

Million Dollar Baby Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Moe and Boxer Tatum Have a Boxing Match- 4hrs, Earns 8 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 90xp (requires Moe)

Million Dollar Baby Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Boxer Tatum Shadowbox- 4hrs, Earns 4ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 70xp

And that completes Boxer Tatum’s questline!


What are your thoughts on Football Nelson and Boxer Tatum’s questlines? Did you purchase Football Nelson? Thoughts on the dialogue?  How about all of theico_june2015_amateurbucks_md earning tasks?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

43 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Football Nelson & Boxer Tatum

  1. I bought Football Nelson but am having issues with clearing The Full Nelson quest line from the task bar. Lisa and Apu’s tasks show up, but only when they’re already busy with other tasks. Once they’re free, the option for them to “do it” disappears from the task bar!

  2. Hi, I’m new here, I hace sort of an issue after unlocking the guy front he gym, the russian or wherever he is from, he has a mustache, long story short I can’t find him anywhere in my Springfield, not in the store or the polo of characters; anyone has this problem???

    • Sorry for the spelling, my iPad is in Spanish so it autocorrects the words

    • Here is the question, did you already purchase Lugash and his gym from the Premium Characters list for 175 Donuts? If not, you can’t use him. It was only unlocking the option to use his Character to play Tap Ball.

    • I have this problem which I already contacted EA about. Despite not having the premium character, both Jasper and Tatum appeared in my inventory and so should Lugash. EA is looking into it.

      • Lugash should NOT appear in your inventory. He’s not a skin, it just unlocks the ability for Lugash to play Tap Ball. You have to actually buy the premium character in order to use it. So nothing will appear in your inventory when it comes to Lugash…or Crazy Cat Lady later on.

        Baseball Jasper and Boxer Tatum are both SKINS for those characters. So you won the skin, it’ll sit in your inventory. However, Lugash is not a skin…it’s just Lugash. If you don’t have him you’re SOL on that prize…

  3. I feel silly but exactly HOW can I use Jasper/Boxer when I have them on the games?

    • You can send the Tap Ball Players on regular Event Currency Earning Tasks and use them to Play Tap Ball at the same time. Even if they are on their 4hr cool down.

      So… send them on a Task and use them to play Tap Ball. Get MORE Event Currency in a 4hr time frame by doing two things at once. 😉

  4. I started the tasks for Full Nelson Pt 5, but when I returned to the game it was no longer in my tasklist and I haven’t seen it return. I’ve tried storing Nelson and this was a few days ago so obviously I’ve visited friends, Krustyland, etc.

    Any suggestions?

    • Part 5 is the final step…

      • Alissa, I guess I wasn’t clear. I started Part 5 but it disappeared from my task list before I was able to complete it. Specifically, I never sent Pin Pal Apu on his task. But I cannot get it to reappear and along the same lines as gdmcrjunkie’s question below, I *cannot* continue to send Bart on his Throw the Ball task, it’s no longer an option.

  5. A question! Is there an advantage to finishing / disadvantage to not finishing Nelson’s questline? I want Bart to continue earning amateur bucks so I stopped at the last part.

    • Nope, no benefit. So you can keep doing what you’re doing.

    • i got football nelson but it never started the quest line. anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

      • Could be that you have too many tasks currently open…could be another issue. You can try the standard, visit Krustyland and come back. Or hard close/restart. Or uninstall/reinstall. I wouldn’t worry too much about it just yet, it’s not critical for advancing.

  6. Is football Nelson worth the price? He is a bit expensive? What about Luigi and his gym? I usually try to get the cheaper combos to save donuts. Any suggestions as to the pros and cons?

  7. yikes. i just tried to purchase the balance beam (after much deliberation, because it seems useless, but i love gymnastics) and instead it gave me football nelson! submitting a ticket to EA but what gives?? football nelson was nowhere on the screen.

  8. I wish EA would give you the characters when they release skins. That’s what keeps freemium players like myself interested.

    • I agree. They should have given alternate prizes if we don’t have the Boxer Tatum character. Same with Jasper.
      Bummer 🙁

  9. Emmanuel Chavez

    Did anyone get that dialogue with the evil Luigi? What was that about. I had no idea which quest triggered it

  10. Does anyone have Mr.Burns baseball costume/skin yet. i just need 250ish orange tickets to unlock it. 🙂

    • Ciarathomp988

      I’m at about 17000 right now, unlocked the training wall yesterday. I’m thinking I should have it by tomorrow night ☺️

      • Congrats on getting the training wall got that on Saturday…Already unlocked Mr. Burns baseball skin a while ago. Now he’s at 3 star level. Remember in your daily task tomorrow you can unlock Lugust to play tap ball if you bought him already with his gym. Just remeber to not make Lisa do any task tomorrow.

  11. JohnTappedOut

    If your neighbors field is brown, then yes, they are definately hacking. I personally say delete them. Not a fan of players who hack. I never understood hacking in any game. What’s the point of playing if you just got everything without working for it. It is so much more rewarding and fun when you earn those prizes! Just my two cents. I’m really enjoying the pace of this event. It is nice and slow but still fun. Hoping for some good ole character returns for the 4th of July so I can complete that collection. They were released when I first started playing and I could only get one.
    Happy Tap Ball Playing! 😀⚽️🎳🏈⚾️🎾🏀

  12. If you recently bought Tatum for this event, then until the normal Tatum quest line is finished you won’t be able to start Boxing Tatum quests.

    Before locking up Homer on the 32hr part of this, best check he’s not needed for daily training task during that time. Old hands probably know this, newbies could get caught out.

  13. Functus Officio

    For some reason my Boxer Tatum questline won’t start. I have Homer free and have checked both with him wearing his Referee skin as well as standard Homer. Does the initial non Boxer Tatum questline need to be complete first? Any suggestions are appreciated. In the meantime, thanks for the hard work here to all of you.

  14. Pretty sure the soccer balls are used later in the event (based on what I read on the wiki),

  15. I’ve just earned Baseball Jasper but he’s in my inventory and is locked. I can’t seem to unlock him. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks. 🙂

  16. Ciarathomp988

    Another thing I saw today, I have a neighbour who I’ve known for a while has hacked his game, his Radioactive Man zoooooms around his town so quickly, and today I saw his soccer firld went from grass is brown mud/dirt! Maybe that’ll be an option for our games in the future!

    • Ciarathomp988

      Went from grass TO brown dirt/mud*

    • I think I have a few hackers as friends lol one brought 40 of the crickets a few weeks ago and I’m sure they were like 35 donuts each so must be a hacked game as surely no one would spend all that unless they got unlimited donuts. also another neighbour has had a dead radioactive man laying on their street in exactly the same position since the beginning of the superhero event and it just looks stupid if u ask me as the other characters just walk over it!

  17. Have you posted boxer Tatum’s task list anywhere on the site? Thanks in advance 😀

    • Full task list, not yet. But when we do it’ll probably just be on Tatum’s SIB post.

      I’ll be adding his amateur buck earning tasks to that post shortly…

  18. I’m starting to think that maybe the soccer ball icons in the daily task tracker are really just there to HIDE what the prize actually is. Especially since the very last big daily prize is also a soccer ball, I think they’re just covering up a few of the prizes to surprise us 😊

    • It is possible. I do wonder when looking at the categories, Apu looks awfully lonely in the Pin Pal category. I would like to see Jacque (the smooth talk’n bowler) besides his name sounds like JOCK.

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