Tap Ball Act 2 Is Live

UPDATE BUNNY 7/3: So we got a lil update in our games. You now can see a running total of your Amateur Bucks in the Lower Left Corner of your game along with the Hat Count. Soccer balls too.

You will also notice that your Fans in your own Springfield have some added help, Amateur Bucks. So you can now get the Hats (20) & Amateur Bucks (1) from tapping on them. WOOHOO!!

Still checking a few other games, but so far… it looks like the Neighbor Actions are 90 for Act 2. When tapping the Fans there, you will ALSO get 1 Hat & 1 Amateur Buck now. WOOHOO!!

Checking for any other noticeable changes, but so far… those are the main ones. 🙂


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Good Morning to you all.  It’s about 4am here on the East Coast and Period Act 2 is Live!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Homer will kick things off for Act 2…

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

Soccer Event Splash Screen

New Prize Currency for Act 2..

ico_june2015_hats_01 Hats

You’ll be awarded Hats for tapping Fans, winning Tap Ball matches an completing the Daily Training during Act 2.

You will earn 20 ico_june2015_hats_01 for every fan you tap in Act 2.

Daily Training

It’s still around.  Now you’ll earn 800 ico_june2015_hats_01 for Act 1 (Days 1 to 10) every set you complete. 1200 for Act 2.

Daily Win Bonus

Again you’ll still get the Daily Win Bonus for winning your first Tap Ball game of the day (remember the day starts, when YOU start it.  So whatever time you trigger your first daily win bonus, the next one won’t be available until that same time the next day).

For the Daily Win Bonus you’re awarded 120ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md and 200 ico_june2015_hats_01

Act 2 Personal Prizes

alleymcballs_menuAlly McBalls- 5,800 ico_june2015_hats_01

gauntlet03_menuWire Obstacle- 11,900 ico_june2015_hats_01


unlock_springySpringy- 17,800 ico_june2015_hats_01

gauntlet04_menuLog Obstacle- 23,800 ico_june2015_hats_01

unlock_marge_tennisTennis Marge- 30,000 ico_june2015_hats_01

I know the amounts look more intimidating than the last round…BUT you’ll earn more ico_june2015_hats_01 for each fan tapped than Act 1.

Bonus Donuts

Yes..they’re back once you finish all the Act 2 Prizes!  We’ll get into this more as the morning moves along 🙂

3 donuts

Act 1 Prizes

IF you didn’t collect them all…they’re still there (just move the tab over) BUT you can no longer collect fingers.  So if you want those prizes you’ll have to fork over the donuts.   At least that’s what Bunny and I both have seen in our test games.

UPDATE BUNNY 7/3: I also now see the Obstacle Wall (1200 Amateur Bucks) & Obstacle Tires (1200 Amateur Bucks) in the Amateur Shop for Purchase. 



New Items in the Store

We’ve got new items added to our stores for Act 2…


These end July 13th, when Act 2 Ends

tballstand_menuT Ball Stand- 30 Donuts. .50% bonus on all cash and XP

burnsbasketballstadium_menuBasketball Stadium- 90 Donuts Earns $500, 45xp/24hrs. 10×12 in sizw

lasertag_menuSimpson Laser Tag- 145 Donuts.  Earns $500, 45xp/24hrs.  8×6 in size.

Ends July 21st…

unlock_bart_jockey unlock_furiousdJockey Bart and Furious D- 100 Donuts.

Clay_Stadium_EntranceClay Stadium Set- 50 Donuts.

Returning Items..

End July 13th when Act 2 ends

200px-Tapped_Out_Gorgeous_Grampa_artworkGorgeous Grampa- 75 Donuts.  Cannot play Tap Ball but has Amateur Buck earning task…should I Buy

Tapped_Out_Gorgeous_Grampa_BillboardGorgeous Grampa Billboard- 50 Donuts.  2% bonus on all cash and XP

duffbeercar_menuDuff Racer- 45 Donuts. 2.25% bonus on all cash and XP

Duff Barney BlimpDuff Barney Blimp- 70 Donuts.  2.75% bonus on all cash and XP

Community Prizes

Yes, my friends…THEY’RE BACK!  Community Prizes have made their return!

To earn the prizes you’ll need to collect ico_june2015_soccerball_lg


Community prizes will unlock at Part 9 of Meet My Trophy Life (this is the second part when Act 2 starts, part 1 (part 8) involves Homer in a motion capture suit)

Once you get to that you’ll see this popup:
2015-07-03 08.21.18You will then have to BUY a sports ball (ico_june2015_soccerball_lg) in the Amateur Shop for 500 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md.  Then you can go to another Springfield and “Play Catch”.  You should see the ico_june2015_soccerball_lg icon in the top right corner.  Tap on that and you’ll “Play Catch”.  Each time you do that it counts towards the Community Prize total.

Here’s a look at the Community Prizes…

Tapped_Out_Community_Prize_Donuts10 Donuts- 110,880,000 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

springfieldarms_menu Springfield Arms- 230,400,000ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

tasteofdufftruck_menu Taste of Duff Beer Truck- 402,200,000 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

thegridiron_menu The Gridiron- 538,040,000 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

And that my friends is the details of Act 2 of Tap Ball!  We’ll be back after we catch a few more zzz’s with the Act 2 Calendar, Turbo Tappin’ and more.

What are you’re thoughts on Act 2?  Excited about the prizes?  How about the Community Prizes?  Thoughts on playing catch?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


406 responses to “Tap Ball Act 2 Is Live

  1. won tennis marge but her skin is nowhere to be found checked folders and checked on her etc not sure where she is


  2. i won tennis marge but she not showing up at all not on her or in the storage.


  3. Thomas Simpson

    Hi there! 🙂 Is the clay stadium set only the entrance that we can see in the picture or a set to build an entire life stadium?


  4. Is anyone else not getting the correct pyout for the first win of the day the pop up is correct but it doesnt add right amount.


  5. Too difficult to locate soccer ball I KNOW my son sent to my town!


  6. The balls are incredibly disappointing… They are so small that they are hard to find, it doesn’t tell you one has been dropped or by who so you can reciprocate and they seem to go away after a period of time if you don’t see them to collect them. My brother has dropped several in my town and I’ve only collected 2. Plus my ball count never goes up so you must buy them in order to use them. If my friends can’t collect them or don’t know I left them to reciprocate I just don’t see the point. The other thing I’ve noticed is I stop getting any hats after 20 taps. So I’m my 7th friend I only get 1 hat out of my 3 taps. There are a lot of fun things in this event but these things have made it less satisfying.


  7. Are we going to see SIB for the new items?


  8. I have found 5 balls in my town and tapped on them. It’s says you’ve collected a ball, but doesn’t give me credit for the balls so I can throw it back. Is that how it’s supposed to be? Or do I have a glitch?


  9. So, what’s the word on the 90 neighbor actions? I’m still not getting any hats & amateur bucks after tapping 50 fans in neighbors towns. I’ve seen a few other comments saying the same thing.


  10. And playing catch with yur friends is going sloooooow eeej. Just like to collect those suckerbocks eeerrr soccerbucks :-)… maybe a weeeee bit more please… it is even going mooooore slooooooweeerrrr to collect something good. Oh I forgot… damn…right… creditcard…pay…yeeeeeeaaaahy….if ya don’t pay ya don’t get the creamy stuff….ooh god…ripped for pleasure and its a doozy.
    They should indulge US free players with other nice good stuff, the paying man just BUYS everything so what’s the point…Some of them just waste money AND then EA dares to say that we (free players) can profit of those nice graceful and generous persons that spend their money on the game???
    Come on!!!! And what I can read here on this forum….man people THROWING balls, buying the same premium items over and over 50 times…like that… that is real money just outta the window…generous ofcourse, upgrade the free prices then…these millionaires have enough real money to endorse this game and the maintenance of the free playing man.
    Ok enough bile and bitterness…sorry… No more questions, thank you 🙂
    It’s more of a Christian/Satan thing going on…heheee….brothers in arms but what a hell of a game ya get eej!!! lol


  11. The ten doughnuts is kind of lame for community prize. Just saying. I’d rather a weird character npc or building. Ten doughnuts could have been earned from 20 wins in tap ball n another for 50 wins.


  12. Wondering if I should spend all ab on soccer balls. As I am sure EA will re evaluate n make it easier to get them or ab or they’ll lower the soccer ball amount we need. Cause 500 a ball is ludicris. Should be 100-150 I mean look how many we need just to earn ten doughnuts.


  13. If you get nine bowlers to fight for free stuff at ally mcballs then later get the tenth to do it you can then have the other 9 do it again before the tenth finishes. This will allow for characters who don’t normally collect ab to do so. Hope this helps.


    • I found a total of 21 characters that can do the fight for free stuff task. Great strategy! However, I tweaked a bit by doing the 9, then doing all 21 the second round for a total of 30.


  14. At this rate we’ll never get any of the community prizes. It’s been over two days since it’s launch and we’ve barely broken 1 million. I’m not getting my hopes up. Just focus on daily training and merch prizes.


    • Want to make a bet on that? If we had some way to bet each other for donuts, I’d definitely bet you 15 donuts that we will.


  15. If the camera isn’t on your field when you first look at your town, you should scan for a ball.


  16. What is the community in community prizes?
    Is that everybody playing?

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Does anyone know an easy way to locate the sport balls dropped in my town? A friend has left me a couple, but so far I just have located one.
    Thank you


    • Turn on your Move mode (the icon with the four arrows), then hide everything but decorations. Should be easier to spot them, then. (Not sure if they’re even considered a decoration; if not, then hide the decorations, too, and the balls should be REALLY easy to find!)


  18. I don’t get the full 90 tickets from neighboring Springfields. I think I’m out getting tickets from my first 17 neighbors, for a total of 51 tickets. Any advice?


  19. Are you planning on doing a SISDO for the new items available in the store? I’d especially like to see SISDO for Jockey Bart and Furious D, the Basketball Stadium, Simpson Laser Tag, and the Clay Stadium Set…possibly even the tennis court if you can find time, but more so the other ones I previously mentioned. Thx


  20. I do like this event lots of freemium content though the premium items have gone up in price it seems……thank you for the advice about community tap balls I hadn’t activated as I was keen to upgrade my teams……I have 3 now if I upgrade a player every time.

    Well keep tapping


  21. Bunny, are you sure about the 90 neighbor actions? I just went through my neighbor visits and I stopped getting hats & amateur bucks after tapping 50 fans.


  22. So I am really enjoying this event but was really disappointed that no sub for those of us that already had fit Milhouse. HAPPY 4th to ALL.


  23. If we spend the 100 on the outfit for Bart do we get furious D as a charecter or just a an outfit for the horse?


  24. g2-fe5fa43bdf49eb92271515d1c8e30a94

    Is everyone getting hats and bucks for 90 friend actions. I was only able to get 50, which is more than act 1 but not 90.


  25. I did some rough numbers on the community prizes and don’t see how we hit the 535 million mark in twenty days. Are we going to get soccer ball drops from fans or friend tapping?


    • I did too and it came out to a crazy amount of days. Here’s the ting, in the past when they did community prizes, it seemed the same way but we all got them. Some theorized that it has nothing to do with actions and was just an auto timer. Either way, I have faith we’ll get them. Ultimately, only time will tell.


  26. Hi!
    I just have a quick question about the soccer balls. I thought that if I dropped a soccer ball into a neighbor’s Springfield they could toss it back to me. However, I tossed one into a friend’s Springfield and have not had anything sent back. Is there something I have to do to get the soccer ball back? Thank you such for reading my question, and happy 4th of July!


  27. I still got only 50 actions in friends’ towns today. Are you sure about the 90-action limit?


  28. I’m not sure if this has been asked, but will you have an earning guide/in depth info on the soccer balls and the Community Prizes? Just curious!


  29. LOL – I’m on autopilot at the moment. I don’t understand what I’m doing and I haven’t go a clue about so many things in the game! But it’s fine, I know the info is out there but this is my first event when I’ve been working and I’m actually just enjoying the game playing it in almost complete ignorance.
    I haven’t got any tactics or strategy and I don’t care! It’s so out of character it’s almost liberating 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Hi guys. Love the event, and thanks for all the info you guys been sharing. Im abit torn atm. what do you guys think, should i save my 180 donuts for the crazy cat lady or get furious D and bart?


    • Personally I’d go with ccl. But that’s me

      Liked by 2 people

    • Crazy Cat Lady is also more likely to participate in future events than Furious D. Plopper, for example, almost never participates. It would be nice if someone could bring all the statistics together and show which premium characters are most likely to participate in events. Then people who wanted to earn event currency faster could concentrate on those characters. No guarantees, obviously, that they will continue to participate.

      Liked by 2 people

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