Celebrate the 4th of July with FREE Donuts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Be sure to log into your games today for FREE donuts from EA in honor of America’s Independence Day!!


When you log into your game today (July 4th) you’ll be rewarded with a sweet treat!

2015-07-04 08.03.00


But hurry these free donuts won’t be around tomorrow! Β (Free donuts will only be awarded from 0800 GMT (4am EDT) July 4th- 0800GMT (4am) July 5th. Β So get them while they’re hot!)

Happy 4th my friends!

43 responses to “Celebrate the 4th of July with FREE Donuts!

  1. I received the 13 donuts twice, not sure why but thanks! 😊

  2. I was thinking using my free 13 on speeding up my A.Bucks to get a ball but then realized doing so is just to help win only 10. I feel like Cookie Monster trying to divide 0 by 0 now :p

  3. Does anyone knows of the ball has a time exporation? Cuz I send one to another account last night but we cant find it anywhere, I even used the little eye thing to make buildings transparent but still a no show

  4. Before the free donuts, I had 56 donuts, but after the free donuts, I now have 70 donuts. Yay!
    I estimated that if the Community donuts gets hit, I will have 80 donuts πŸ™‚

  5. For once, I’m actually glad that the donuts are virtual and not real… I’ve been trying to diet the past couple of weeks and progress has been really slooooooow. A bunch of real, edible donuts would have really messed me up, lol! πŸ˜‰

  6. To Alissa, Bunny, Wookiee, and all those celebrating the day, wishing you a safe and happy Fourth of July!!!

  7. UGH. I’m having connectivity issues, too. :-/. Tried installing/reinstalling and still there. Hope it clears up soon! It’s so annoying when this happens during timed events. I have games to play and stuff to tap! lol

  8. Happy 4th to all 😊

  9. It’s great to get free donuts but not as good as the free characters people have got in previous years at 4th July.

  10. I got the prompt and message about the donuts, but didn’t actually get any donuts. . . πŸ™

  11. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. How does the soccer ball work’s? I’ve put 5 balls in my friends town on my A game , B game 3 & C 2. However they all have about the same. About 325,000. Am I wasting my time buying soccer balls? I’m not buying anything from a mature shop as all I want is what is needed with soccer balls. Oh yeah thanks EA for the free donuts now I can finally get the Barney blip that I have always wanted.

  12. Maybe no point making a comment if you guys really are OFF, but as I don’t believe you can go all day without a sneaky peek, I’ll risk it !

    Happy 4th of July to all of you in the U.S.A. πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸ—½πŸš…

    P.S. you guys deserve a day off , if I think of a question while I play with my balls, I’ll just wait till tomorrow ⚽⚽

  13. Yea i cant login either . 1st real problem in two years. I sign in , shows me at level 54 then gives me the opening scene and then as tje town loads with just homer it backs out and says can not connect to server..

  14. mmm…premium currency!

  15. Wow, 13 donuts is generous of EA. Everyone should be able to afford some sort of primeium item that they don’t have throughout the event (if they play just right). 13 today, event bonuts, hopefully the 10 community ones, and random FP donuts. I got 14 bonuts in act 1 and I can clear over 3000 hats a day now. When the time comes I should average getting 1-3 bonuts a day.

  16. It’s the season of donuts for me! I got 18 from EA, 13 today (the 4th of July), and I won 3 from the overtime bonus! And, I actually spent some of my donuts. hah πŸ™‚ (Part of this game is about doing that, isn’t it?)

  17. Yeaaaah ! Free donuts… in memory of the 13 old colonies ? Of the 50 actual states would have been better ^^

  18. This would have been great, but I can’t log into to Tapped Out or FG:TQFS. :/ I don’t know what the problem is, I can only assume it is my connection but everything else seems to work fine.

    • Not sure… my games work fine for both… hopefully it clears up for you.

      • Thanks, unfortunately I think it is to do with my connection. I won’t be going home until Thursday so I think I’ll keep trying, but will most likely just have to miss things. Tapped Out I don’t mind so much, the donuts are a shame, but the rest I could accept and try to catch up with, more upset with Family Guy as I think I will now lose one of the house skins and if I am unlucky, the Don character. It may be a restriction on my Dad’s connection, I’ll check it and see. I hope it is, as that way I may be able to fix it.

      • Scratch what I said ,I don’t think it is anything like that. Could be his firewall, but he apparently doesn’t have any restrictions. I’ll check again and keep trying, but I think I’ll just have to miss stuff until I go back. I’m more worried as I will lose the Bonnie outfit, Detective character and Bronze house skin, considering I have been doing a lot and spent a bit to keep earning and keep my prize place as much as possible. I think I will end up losing the skin, and if I’m unlucky, the Don character.

    • The FG thingy is hosted at TinyCo , which is completely different than EA, which hosts TSTO.

      • I know, I have contacted TinyCo and EA about these problems as I cannot see what the problem could be caused by. I was just saying that quite frankly, I am more disappointed by missing FG than Tapped Out, as I will have wasted money and lost more in that, than Tapped Out. Here I will miss some free donuts and a couple of freemium things, there I will mist on a lot of stuff I have been working hard to get.

  19. I’m experiencing bug where I log in and my entire town is gone. I’m still signed in and still have my doughnuts but it starts the game over. What do I do?

  20. Ciarathomp988

    Yaaaaay free donuts!! 😊🍩
    Can I also just say how HAPPY I am that this event doesn’t include a stupid Frink “tap radius” machine that you need to upgrade!! I always hated that part of events, just another thing you needed to spend currency on. Plus Frink annoys me so much, probably one of the only characters I despise on the show, and a purchase I’ll never be making in game LOL.

    • Haha. Behind Dr Nick, Frink is my 2nd favourite.
      How boring would life be if we were all the same?

    • I never took advantage of the radius thing last event. I didn’t know enough and it would have been helpful. Looks like the radius tapping isn’t too bad on this event. Could be larger, but like you say, less money to spend.

      • Hmmmm. I logged in this morning but no donuts for me. I also can’t play tap ball as it won’t pull up. My town folk are all on assignments so maybe later.

    • He is definitely a spin off of the many characters Jerry Lewis does. We watched a special on him the other night and there was a “short clip” of him side by side with the Family Guy dad sitting in his chair poking his cigar, moving around – the writers were spot on with the mimic. Frink is their hats off to Lewis’ genius Nutty Professor.

    • Is it just me or has the tap radius in your own Springfield (not friend visits) gotten bigger as the event has gone on? Not sure if it has been gradual like in other events or if it was patched to be bigger, but I feel like I get a much wider area of fans with one tap now than I did at the start. Or I’m just crazy ;-p

    • I think the radius has been automatically increasing over time… Don’t know if it’s related to your tap ball team’s level or if it’s just a time thing (or something else).

    • It didn’t supposed to made by Prof. Frink; In the Superheroes 2015 Event, the radius thingy was the Superior Squad HQ, but in Tap Ball 2015 Event, the radius thing is appears to be self-contained, and the radius animation is strangely, very similar to Superheroes event’s radius animation, and the Stadium Lights are again strangely have the Superheroes Event friend action collecting sound.
      The Terwilligers Event instructed to build the Herbicide Sprayer, which is built by Prof. Frink.

      • And I revealed that FG is heavily copies/d The Simpsons.
        Few examples include:
        The Indian casino
        Boy in the ball after getting a disease which needs quarantine
        The family structure
        Mother with gambling addiction
        The stupid horse
        (Sorry if I went to off-topic,and I don’t want to start a dispute)

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