Happy 4th of July From the Addicts!


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today is America’s Birthday!  Being that Bunny, Wookiee and I are all located in the US we’re taking the day to spend time with our families and friends to celebrate the day America announced it’s Independence. So we really won’t be around much today, as we’re taking a much needed day to recover, relax and celebrate with our families!

Remember you can check out all of the Coverage so far on Tap Ball here and all of our coverage on the 4th of July Event Here. Most of your questions should be addressed in one of those posts.

Hope you all have an amazing 4th and an even better weekend ahead!   Do you have any plans for today?  How about this weekend?  Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!

-Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee

4th of July Alissa 4th of July Bunny 4th of July Wookiee


PS Don’t forget to log in to TSTO today for your FREE Donuts from EA!

P.P.S I’m thoroughly going to enjoy a day “off” today…but I know A LOT of you have questions about Community prizes.  While I’m going to write a post on it…next week, NOT today..I figured let me give you a little bit of info to ease some of your minds..

-Yes, you have to buy a Soccer Ball for 500 Bucks to advance the questline for Act 2.  If you don’t finish the Act 2 questline, you can’t start the Act 3 questline once it starts.  So just spend the 500 Bucks when you can…or as they say in baseball “suck it up and take one for the team”.

-Yes, you will see the balls rolling around in your town if someone leaves you one.  They’re hard to see and can often hide behind buildings etc.  If you see one and tap on it i’ll say “Ball Collect”.  Nothing else happens, just that.

-No, you will not see any kind of in game popup about balls being in your town.

-No you cannot “play catch” literally with your neighbors.  You can’t throw balls back and forth.  Once you put one in a neighbors town..that’s it.

-Relax about the Community Prizes.  It’s only a day or so into it.  It’ll take some time for them to build up.  Don’t be Doom and Gloom about it right now…it’s barely into the start of them.  Don’t start thinking “it’s not possible” until it’s been several days, please.  For the sanity of the moderators of this site….

-If you’ve never done community prizes before…relax.  They’re fun.  As long as the goals are met by the Tappers World Wide (yes it’s everybody that plays TSTO world wide, not just your own neighbors) you’ll get every single prize.  So just relax, have fun and play.

-And finally…yes, participate.  Buy some balls and put them in your neighbors town.  You don’t have to do it a ton, but every once in a while is nice.  It helps everyone out to get those prizes.



129 responses to “Happy 4th of July From the Addicts!

  1. How do I put them in a neighbor’s place

  2. When tapping a fan in own town what is the payout supposed to be? I just noticed I’m getting 1 amateur buck from each fan. Was it changed or am I missing something. I thought I was getting 20 each, or maybe I’m mistaken. I’m just a bit funcused… Thank you! Oh, strike that.. Figured it out, it’s the hats that are 20. Sorry. Thanks much.

  3. OrdinarilyBob

    Happy (Belated) America’s Birthday, Addicts! I hope yours was a BLAST!!!


    Thanks for posting the large avatar pix. They’re so well done!

  4. My friend cannot find the ball I dropped yesterday. She has tried dimming everything and still can’t see it. Do they stay in the town till they are found or do they go away on their own if not found?

    • Eventually they disappear, after how long? I have no clue. They’re also really hard to find at times, considering they can hide behind buildings etc.

      • Thanks for the reply…I think that EA could have made this part a bit easier. Oh well….we get what we get! 🙂

  5. Could someone help me please, not sure what the ball in neighbours is, I have 2 balls placed one a few days ago, what do you need to start the task, thanks for the help

  6. All this talk about balls makes me think of that AC/DC song. Can’t get it out of my head these days 🙂

  7. Idk if it worked for anyone else but I received a bouncy beach-ball in my town, collected it, & was then able to drop that ball (football image) into a friends town. My little left corner counter said 1 which is why I tried it & it worked! Plus, it cleared my buy a soccer ball & give a soccer ball task. A couple hours later the tasks for competitive/non-competitive started. Maybe a glitch? Or something special for the first one? It’s worth a try.

  8. Ooops sorry for that random comment before the proper one lol 😂 no idea how that happened.

  9. I had some spare doughnuts so bought a few balls, enough to send one to like half my neighbours but damn they are tiny and I fear they will be lost forever in ther huge towns, I had two balls in my town and had to shade out everything apart from characters to see them.

  10. I have picked up two soccer balls that neighbors left in my town and neither counted in my total. The game congratulated me for picking up a ball and it never tallied in my count. Is anyone else having this issue? What should I do?

  11. Ciarathomp988

    Grrrrr I can’t believe I wasted those amateur bucks when I could’ve just waited to get a ball from a neighbour 😒
    Oh well. I have a few questions though. I’m STILL only getting 50 friend actions. I’m on the part of the questline where everyone’s arguing over competitive/cooperative but I thought the 90 actions was supossed to appear before that?
    Also does Fit Milhouse not have a questline? Unlocked him early yesterday and nothin. Searched the site and he’s supossed to have an episode tie-in quest? He’s free right now and I’ve went back n forth from Krustyland many times to trigger it but nothin!

  12. So… The balls are expensive. Is there a chance to get one on a random drop from tapping fans either at home or at neighbour towns? Also… With them being so small, it’s probably best to hide some decor to find them in the town. I’ve not found any yet so I don’t know if that would work? I seem to remember it working last year with elves and aliens on Halloween and Christmas, but you had to leave characters visible.

  13. Those balls sure are tiny. I’m playing on an iPhone and barely noticed one bouncing around my Springfield yesterday.

    • I’m playing on an iBone too and I haven’t noticed a single ball. Then again, it’s possible nobody has dropped any balls into my Springfield.

  14. I will just keep the balls rolling.

  15. Just few little tricks I found and would like to share with others (not sure if you mentioned it before).

    1. When upgrading tap ball players, there is certain amount of amateur bucks before you upgrade them, that premium upgrade turns to 0 donuts. So you can upgrade your character with 174 amateur bucks when he requires 188. Not much, but with slow inflow of amateur bucks it may be helpful. Same applies to other levels – just try it.

    2. I built Alley McBalls building. There is quest for 10 bowlingers to go Fight for free stuff for 16 hours for amateur bucks. For me Krusty, Eddie, Helen Lovejoy, Cletus, Mindy, Arnie, Snake, Otto, Moe, Nixon, Chief Wiggum, Willie, Brockman and Rev. Lovejoy can do that quest (maybe I forgot someone who is currently on quest. And you have to change stonecutters to their normal clothes to see that quest).
    The trick is sending only 9 of them to do the quest and next day (when finished) send all of them for amateur bucks. Again, not much, but at least it will pay for the soccer ball.

    • Wow – your second tip is a fascinating one!! But, now that I think of it, are you sure you couldn’t just have sent everyone I it in the first place? Usually, when there’s a task like that, even if it just requires x amount of people, you can still send everyone who’s eligible to do it. In that case, I’m not sure that there’s a benefit to breaking them up into two groups over two days…

      • Well, I will first finish it with 9, so that the quest does not close (I suppose it is non-recurring quest). One spot will remain unfinished and then I can send in everyone, including the 9 who already finished and are free again.

        The gain is 9×16 amateur bucks more than just sending everyone in at once..

      • GodlessSquash

        Check my math, but it seems to me that if you stop short by one the first round then for the second round send those same nine again plus any and all others eligible then one can earn 144 more bucks (16 bucks * 9 characters) than by sending all eligible characters in the first place. Whether it’s worth your time to do this is another matter. Seriously, please check my assumptions and calculations and speak up if I’m missing something.

        • Okay – since there were only 14 characters eligible to do that task, I decided to dump everyone out of Ally McBalls and try your clever approach so as to get the extra 4 x 16 Amateur Bucks (18 people instead of 14). Of course, this assumes that some of the folks who did it the first time will be eligible to do it again, but, since that’s usually the case (to help out newbies with few characters), I figure it’s worth the chance.

          Guess we’ll see what happens… If this works, I’ll be quite grateful for your clever idea! 🙂

      • If you send 16 or 20 people as I have, you’ll get 20 lots of 16 bucks.
        If you send 9, then 20, you’ll get 29 lots of 16, so a good bit more bucks overall for those who then stop earning bucks.

      • Worked for me. The first 9 finished, 1 task remained. Then I sent everyone from my town with the task in. Currently doing the task: Kent, Willie, Chief Wiggum, Krusty, Sea Captain, Mindy, Moe, Arnie, Luie, Eddie, Luigi, Otto, Helen Lovejoy, Snake, Cletus, Barney, Nixon, Reverend Lovejoy, (found some more since my initial post). Homer and Ned can do that task too, but I keep them on 4-hour quests at stadium (train tap ball). If I find someone else, it is possible to add him to this quest till the first one of this second group finishes (completing the building quest).

        I suppose all this qould be meaningless, if the quests for the building are repeatable. But if they were, there would be much more fuss about it, so I suppose once you do it 10 times (with 10 springfielders), it is gone for good. My trick just gives possibility to get 9 springfielders try it twice. So 9 + 18 for me, if I sent everyone in immediately, it would be only 18×16 amateur bucks.

        Earn bucks long and prosper 🙂

  16. chris mueller

    I really hope those community prizes come through. The amount of points needed is insane.

    On a side note, is there a list anywhere of things that can be moved from springfield to krustyland? I noticed the rainbow flags and trees can be put in both and i want to know what else can go in both. Thanks.

    • Yup it’s sitting in drafts waiting to be posted…too much going on and didn’t have the chance to post it during down time.

  17. BTW, you do know that over here in England we’re a bit confused as to why you would celebrate July 4th, do you? 😉

    • lol something about tea and stuff 😉

    • Lol – you’d think by now that you guys would be used to it, what with the plethora of counties out there who celebrate their independence from yours. (I could be wrong, but I think that England was probably the most imperial country of the modern age, no?)

      But I will say this…the UK has done a better job staying friends with its former colonies than most relationships have after a breakup. I don’t know how common it is for a bloody revolution to end in decades (like with India), or, in our case, centuries, of friendship.

      • The empire was certainly pretty big, I think the biggest there ever was, not much of it left these days but we still have a special relationship with most of the Commonwealth. And that is a fine thing in my opinion.

    • GodlessSquash

      You were supposed to have received a copy of this one-page memorandum, but it appears you were omitted from the distribution list. We apologize for the delay and are grateful for the opportunity to rectify this 239-year-old oversight. 😉


  18. Oh dear. Sounds like I spent 500 thingummyjigs when I didn’t need to. Rats.

  19. I’m not letting myself be worried about the community prizes, I’m just enjoying the game, but I think EA might to have to change something.
    Goo was the event currency for TreehouseofHorrors XXIV, and you got the prizes from how much goo everyone accumulated jointly.
    In the Christmas 2013 event it was gift bags you got for free (or bought for donuts) and placed in neighbors towns.
    This time you have to use event currency to buy balls, which cost quite a lot when they’re in competition with normal play like upgrading tap ballers and buying craftables from the amateur shop.

  20. You do NOT need to buy a ball. If you acquire a ball by tapping the ones in your down (it happens every so often, happened to me twice so far), it validates the “buy a ball” questline. It did for me. Then I threw the balls I had in other towns, and my quest is gone. And I got the next step (making Springfielders for for competitive mode or co-op mode).

    I will probably still buy balls when I get enough tickets. But you do NOT need to do that in order to validate the quest.

    • GodlessSquash

      Thank you. That explains my experience. When I received a ball for the first time, I tapped it and it was added to my supply. I then sent it to someone else and assumed this was the way it worked – a perpetual game of bouncing balls from neighbor to neighbor. I assumed I still needed to buy at least one ball and until I read your post I didn’t realize that task was gone. I have received four more balls, but when I tapped them they were not added to my supply like the first one. I wasn’t sure what to think anymore.

      For the record, I have received three soccer footballs and two American/ rugby footballs.

    • I read elsewhere that when you tap a ball in your town, there’s just a 20% chance that you’ll acquire the ball. The rest of the time, it will count toward the community prize but you won’t be able to place it in another Springfield, it will be gone. If that’s right, a player would need to receive five balls, on average, to fulfill the task. I’ve received a grand total of one ball so far from my 90+ neighbors, so I’d probably have to wait a long time if I hadn’t bought one.

      And if many players decide to just wait for a neighbor to send them a ball, the chance you’ll get a ball to keep from a neighbor drops even more. Say a million people buy a ball, and each one luckily sends it to a neighbor with none. Then just 200,000 don’t have to buy one (well, a bit more since they could help another 40,000, and those another 8,000, and so forth).

      In the final week of the game, the daily prizes include free balls, perhaps 15 or so in total. It could be that EA expects those to get us up into prize territory.

  21. Pretty unimpressed with EA right now. Mr Burns’ Mansion and Smithers vanished from my Springfield this evening. I contacted support, got passed to 3 different people during chat and then had this convo:
    I have checked your account and I can see that they are missing from your inventory but I am sorry to say you that we do not have tools to add that in your account and our specialist team is not available now.
    So could you please contact us later? I will mention all details in my case notes that would help you to get your characters back.
    Okay. When is later?
    Please contact us any time after 24 hours.
    As they are not available on Sunday.
    Sure. Is there anyway this will get actioned without my follow up or is nothing going to happen until more than 24 hours from now when I try again?
    I have mentioned every details in my case.
    Please contact us and provide this case id. You wont need to explain everything again.


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