Tap Ball 101: Community Prizes

Some changes were made to the Community Prizes on 7/7, these changes have been updated on the post below.  You can also check out more details on the change post here

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Act 2 of Tap Ball launched last week and with it we saw the return of Community Prizes!

Initially launched in October 2013, Community Prizes was another aspect of events designed to get the Tapped Out Community to work together for a goal, in each case the goal was a group of prizes.  They were short lived though, as we only saw them for Halloween 2013 and Christmas 2013 (You can check out details from Halloween here and details from Christmas here).  After that EA tried a bunch of different methods to engage people in the games, but there were always cries for Community Prizes to return.  So now those long time Tappers have their wish and they’re back!

Of course being that they were only around for the last two major events in 2013, I know many of today’s Tappers have no clue what they are, how they work, or what the heck is going on.  I also know that the numbers can seem overwhelming, they always have.  So let’s break down the ins and outs of Community Prizes and how exactly they work for this event….

2015-07-06 13.56.18

As always let’s start with the basics…

What Are Community Prizes?

Community Prizes are a group of prizes that can be won in your Springfield if the ENTIRE Tapped Out Community reaches the goals set by EA.

Is the Counter Just For Me and My Neighbors, or Is It Tapped Out Players World Wide?

It’s the collective total of ALL Tapped Out Players World Wide, so not just you and your neighbors.

How Do I Unlock the Community Prizes?

Community Prizes will unlock at Part 9 of the Act 2 questline.  You’ll get a prompt that says this:

2015-07-03 08.21.18

That will unlock your ability to see the prizes and start collecting Sports Balls.

How Do I Collect Sports Balls?

2015-07-06 14.17.42

There are a few of different ways to get Sports Balls:
-You can purchase them in the Amateur Shop for 500 40 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md
-You can earn them from Daily Training Tasks (there are three in Daily Training (and each one should unlock several balls for you to throw), but won’t appear for a little while)
-You can earn them by collecting balls your neighbors send you. (we’ll cover this more in depth below) If you see a ball bouncing around in your town tap on it.  You have a 20% 68% chance that that ball you collected will earn you a ball to throw at your neighbors town.

How Does it Work?

It’s pretty simple really, you collect Sports Balls and send them to your neighbors and that’s it.
You’ll have a sports ball counter on the bottom left of your Main Springfield (next to Cap and Amateur Buck totals), this will tell you how many Sports Balls you have available to throw.

2015-07-06 14.17.52

When you have more than 1 you can visit a neighbor and you’ll see in the upper right corner of their screen the Sports Ball Icon with a the number of balls you have available to throw.  Tap on that Icon to throw the ball.

2015-07-06 14.18.07

You’ll then see the ball rolling around your friend’s Springfield.

2015-07-06 14.18.33

And that’s it, you’ve contributed to the Community Prize Total!

For the Questline, Do I Need to Spend the 500 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md to Complete it?

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure because I’ve already completed it.  I know that you do need to complete the questline for Act 2 in order to advance to the Act 3 questline when it hits.  I’ve seen a few comments from players saying ones they’ve collected in their town have counted towards the task complete, but I have not been able to verify it myself.
Personally, I think right now Amateur Bucks are a little easier to accumulate, especially with the fans dropping them…so for the greater community I say  just spend the 500 Bucks when you can…or as they say in baseball “suck it up and take one for the team”.

Do I Have to Participate to Get the Prizes?

No, as long as you unlock the ability to get the prizes you don’t have to participate to actually get them.  BUT I say yes, participate.  Buy some balls and put them in your neighbors town.  You don’t have to do it a ton, but every once in a while is nice.  It helps everyone out to get those prizes.  So don’t be selfish and be a “team player”, everyone’s participation (no matter how great or small) is what makes the goals achievable.

What Happens When I See A Sports Ball In My Town?

You will see sports balls rolling along in your town (they can be VERY hard to see, especially if you have a large town).  They’ll look like one of these:

ico_june2015_soccerball_lg ballbeach_back_walk_image_1 ballfootball_back_walk_image_1

If you see one, Tap on it!  You’ll have 20% 68% chance of earning a free sports ball to throw to another neighbor!   It’s a great way to earn free Sports Balls!

Will I See Any Sort of Notification That There’s a Sports Ball In My Town?

No.  There are no popups indicating that someone left you a Sports Ball.  It’s mostly just look around your town, if you see it Tap it.  But for the most part you’re “flying blind” about it.

Will I Be Able To See Who Left Me a Sports Ball?

When you Tap on the Sports Balls they’ll only say Ball Collected (or + 1 Sports Ball if it’s one of those 20% ones) it will not tell you which neighbor left it.

I’ve Been Sending Balls To Me Neighbors and No Ones Throwing Them Back, What Gives?

First of all remember that there’s no indication in the game who sent the ball a player just tapped.  So they may not know how to give credit too.
Second, it’s difficult to accumulate Sports Balls.  Just because you sent one doesn’t mean the player will have one to send back.  Even if they tap on that one there’s only a 20% chance it’ll turn into a Sports Ball to throw…so be patient and don’t unfriend people because of it.

Remember it’s a Community Goal.  As long as they’re throwing Sports Balls too, whether they’re to you or not, means that they’re contributing to the Community Total for the prizes…and that’s something everyone should be happy with.

How Long Do I Have to Tap A Ball in My Town?  Do They Disappear After a While?

Honestly, I don’t know.  I’m still checking to see if I see anything in the files that indicates a timer on them.  However, I can tell you I dropped a Sports Ball in my C town from my A town a couple of days ago and it’s no longer bouncing around in my C town.  So it does look like they have a timer, how of a timer?  That I’m unsure of at this time.

What Are the Community Prizes?

Here’s the breakdown:

Tapped_Out_Community_Prize_Donuts10 Donuts- 110,880,000 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

springfieldarms_menu Springfield Arms- 230,400,000ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

tasteofdufftruck_menu Taste of Duff Beer Truck- 402,200,000 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

thegridiron_menu The Gridiron- 538,040,000 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

How Can I View the Prizes/Counter?

It’s simple, just bring up the event hub in your town.  Scroll to the very bottom and you’ll see the Community Prize icon, tap on it and it’ll show you the prizes and latest totals.

2015-07-06 14.04.13

Why Is the Counter Going So Slow?!  It Feels like We’re NEVER Going to Earn All the Prizes!

I know.  It’s moving slow right now.  I get it, everyone’s frustrated by it.  But keep in mind we’ve never not achieved all of the Community Prizes, I have a feeling now that the holiday weekend is over something will happen to cause the counter to start to spike.

I can also tell you that the in game counter is only an estimate of what the actual total is.  While the counter itself is very real, the one we see in game (because it changes every second) is only an estimate based on the last average the server took.

So just keep playing your game and try not to focus too much on the numbers.

And that I think covers all of the details of the Community Prizes!  Hopefully all of the players who weren’t around in 2013, will now get the hang of things and we can all work together to earn the prizes!

What are your thoughts on Community Prizes?  Thoughts about the prizes being offered?  How about the Sports Ball challenge?  Have you earned any for free so far by tapping?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

191 responses to “Tap Ball 101: Community Prizes

  1. I have a feeling in act 3 you’ll have a chance to get balls from tapping fans. Just like tonics were added with act 2


  2. Was wondering if we don’t collect enough balls by the end of act 3 will the community prizes disappear? I hope not as I really want these prizes. Thank you


  3. I found the message in the EA prompt very confusing and misleading: “Throw a ball into their Springfield and they’ll throw one back”.

    This infers that if you give a ball away, you will get one back. That isn’t what happens at all. As the receiving player has no idea who gave them the ball, they have no opportunity to return the favour, even if they were in a position to do so. The game itself certainly doesn’t present you with another ball so how does EA rationalise the prompt message?

    If the count is remotely legitimate, I would be curious to know how many active TSTO players there are globally. This would help with the math(s) to calculate, on average, how many balls each player should be contributing to win all the prizes. As we’re 4 days+ in to the event now, and a little over 1% of the way to winning the first prize, it seems beyond comprehension how this can be achieved without EA massaging the numbers or making substantially more balls available.

    I think that flooding Springfields with balls would spice things up and move us closer to the prizes at a more believable rate. This event needs some fun injected into it as the tap ball games have become very boring with the outcome of the game already known before it begins, unless you match up equal strength players and see what happens in the coin toss.


    • Actually, I’m finding the outcome of the games isn’t always a given if you’re playing someone who’s just half a star lower than you because, sometimes, it turns out that all of their players except for one are at the same level as yours, so, unless you use some tonic, you’re still at the mercy of the coin toss.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Not sure if anyone answered your question, Alissa, about the quest line. I caught a ball bouncing in my town while waiting to purchase one (was short a few bucks). I threw that ball into a neighbour’s town which completed the part where it says to toss a ball into a neighbour’s town, but if you remember (and I just checked the walk through) that particular part of the quest has 2 things to complete: purchase a ball and throw one. If you throw a ball you caught, it will say that’s Done, but it still made me purchase a ball to move past this part of the quest line.

    On a side note, I was surprised to hear that only 20% of balls would be “caught.” I have caught about 5 or 6 balls and all but one have resulted in becoming part of my counter. The only time collecting a ball did not add to my total was when I already had one (the other times I had zero balls), so I assumed that had to do with it and was just always throwing them so I had zero! Or, do you mean 20% of balls thrown show up in your Springfield… Now I’m confused lol


  5. Half a billion balls. That’s a LOT of balls.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The target numbers make me think that either this aspect of the event was planned for the balls to be persistent (for multiple or even unlimited tosses between neighbors) or there is a significant twist coming to increase the participation rate.

    I have faith that we’ll get all the prizes, but having the balls essentially disappear after one use certainly detracts from what could have been a fun social gameplay element for this event. Imagine logging into your town and finding 100 beach balls bouncing around to chase down and redistribute to your neighbors.

    Liked by 2 people

    • As more and more people progress through the daily tasks it will reward them multiple times with balls so then you will start seeing a sudden spike


    • I couldn’t agree more! I remember playing the event with Christmas gift bags and it was so much fun. At first, people would just drop the bags by the depot Christmas tree. But as the event went on, people would go out of their way to hide them in the most inconspicuous places. You would get a message that you’ve been left a gift bag and then you would have to go hunting everywhere to find it. And then once you found it, you got the info about who sent it so you could return the favor by hiding a bag in their town. I remember dropping bags behind buildings, inside hedge mazes, pretty much anywhere that I knew it would take them awhile to find.

      I really think EA missed a fun social opportunity here. Of course, who knows what they have planned for the remainder of the event…


  7. OrdinarilyBob

    Thank you Alissa for the write-up. My friends and I are all too new to TSTO to know how Community Prizes work, so this was a great primer for us!

    My girlfriend and I had done some testing passing balls back and forth and were confused on why we couldn’t always “catch” the ball… Only 20% chance of actually collecting? That makes sense then. Stinks too, seems a small amount, but ah well. I expect EA “crunched the numbers” and it’ll work out fine.

    As for the prizes, Donuts are always great, and the two buildings are neat enough, but for some reason I really like/want the Taste of Duff Beer Truck. I can’t explain it. I just think it’s really cool. (This is especially strange since in RL, I don’t drink much alcohol at all, and I never drink beer…) So yay, if we even get to 3rd prize, I’ll be content. Heh.

    Though of course, I wanna have it all! Yay Tap Ball! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  8. a member of this site notified me that they left a ball – a beach ball – just the tiniest bit bigger than the others – and i’ve seen the others – tiny! I searched my town big time. even zoomed and looked all over, set the town on move mode and made buildings etc transparent – couldn’t find the ball. sad face.


  9. As far as not knowing who sent you balls I have received notifications on my iPhone that says “xxxxx has placed a ball in your town”. I think that was the wording. But I know it’s probably only good if I log in and see only one ball and they are on my friends list.

    Thought I’d share. And hope the community helps us get all those freemiums!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. If we won’t achieve all prizes ea will probably change the amount of balls


  11. So throwing the ball is the part that contributes to the prize total, not catching it? If so that’s a relief, I was concerned that I would miss some behind buildings.


    • Throwing contributes.


      • But does catching contribute, too? In other words, if someone throws me a ball, but I don’t see it in time to catch it, does that count less than if I had caught it? (Like, is there 1 point for throwing and 1 point for it being caught, or just 1 point for throwing?)

        (Not that I think it really matters, since I have some confidence that somehow we’re gonna get those prizes at some point anyway…)


      • Thanks for clarifying lovely!


  12. Very excited about these community prizes. With so many of the other prizes for this event being sport related, I wasn’t feeling terribly motivated by them. Although, i do think i’m going to try and create a tough mudder style endurance race in my Springfield with all of these new decorations. However these buildings and the duff truck look amazing.


  13. I couldn’t care less about the balls, and my neighbours never leave anything (during Terwilligers, I only got one mutant seed left in my town despite me adding 15 more neighbours) so the only reason I got the ball was to complete the quest line. Thanks for letting us know it was necessary to kick off Act 3!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know your pain. I try to leave things for my neighbors but sometimes I can’t collect enough for all my neighbors. Hope they start sharing more!


    • Could be a relation to your in game name depending on what you usee. My name starts with a P, and I hardly get anything from neighboors during events and I figure it’s because of that. I assume at least a good chunk of people play like I do, which means that the start at the beginning of the list of friends that the game loads up and works their way down alphabetically. So being so far down would meaan a lot of my friends don’t make it to me with things like that. Sommetimes I’ll switch it up and use the left arrow and go backwards,, but it’s usually easier to use the right and go forward.


      • I feel that. I make a point of starting at P, but in this game remember that there are leaderboards, and you can choose off those too. Failing that, rename. One of my friends added 123 in front of his or her name. I thought it was cheesy, but they are doing better in this event i reckon


      • Mu name starts with C and only 10% of my neighbours actually help me out. Im gonna start deleting..ill start writing names of those who help me out and visit daily.


        • But, Chezledent, during this event, there’s really know way to know who is or isn’t visiting you and/or helping out! So how are you going to do that?


      • Ohhhh good point! I’m an S name. With the mutant seeds, I randomly dropped some all over my neighbours’ towns so no one missed out. Even during non-event times, I only get 5 regular visitors.


    • Don’t know how long you have been playing Tapped Out, but wayyyyyyyyyy back when, there was much more emphasis on having neighbor involvement in the success of getting prizes and such. I for one am glad EA has gone way from that idea and only have neighbor activities be a little bit of a bonus.

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  14. Thanks for the info! Now I understand why I got a free ball once out of the three times I found a ball. 20% chance isn’t bad, but pretty small.

    I finally saw a ball to tap (in my A town) this weekend, and got a free ball! When I tossed it to my B town, I happened to see a second ball bouncing near the one I just tossed. However it took me ten minutes to find them both, and neither gave me a ball to share. Those balls are easy to miss!

    If the balls time out, do we not get credit? If we do get credit tapped and untapped, Is the only reason to tap is the chance to get a free one?


  15. I made some very rough calculations based on the rate the counter was moving a couple of days ago. Turns out it would take well over 7 years to get all the community prizes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t focus on the rate. As the post says it’s an estimate in game.


    • The rate changes. At the beginning it was around 3 per second and right now it’s at 7 per second, it’s increasing so there is nothing to worry about.


      • I’ve every confidence it will be achieved, although I didn’t think it was possible at that time. As it stands it currently needs to be up at about 418 per second.


  16. The gift bags was the best. That was right when I started playing and I only got the last prize because I started so late, but I logged in constantly to tap all those new bags. The sounds they made falling into your town and how they bounced around (remember you had the tower so it was easy to know where to find them – hint, hint for the balls…). It was the best! Very excited to see community prizing back, but not totally thrilled about how it’s been set up. Prizes are awesome though. I was able to buy and send one yesterday – “lekittynoir”, that was from me!


  17. This may be a dumb question, but are the balls meant to disappear or is there any sort of pop-up when you tap them? I’ve seen a few bouncing around when I visit neighbours, but nothing seems to happen when I tap them.


  18. The community prize concept is great and has potential, but this one is vague, lacks participation motivation and fun factor. EA needed to put more thought into this one, or maybe let`s just wait and see…


  19. From reading about the previous community prize events it seems that there was a much lower cost of entry, that is the gift bags were free instead of 2 or 3 days worth of event currency. I think this is what is bothering a lot of people when it is so hard to get hold of amateur bucks needed for upgrades, and recharges, and items.

    I only today had enough to buy a ball, and only bought it to get on with the storyline instead of waiting for the ones to come in the daily prizes.

    Repeating my prediction for first community prize to be unlocked 21.30 BST Sun 12th, if growth rate is sufficient to hit that then we’re probably on target.


  20. you don’t have to spend the 500 amateur bucks to finish the quest line. I got a free ball from tapping neighbors ball and I was able to use it to finish the task and continue on to finnish the quest line


  21. Thanks, very helpful. As I only started a few weeks before Clash of the Clones I was a bit bemused by this. Especially after I threw a ball to my GF and she did not get it (the 20% I now understand) to throw it back.

    And I really want the Duff truck so come on TSTO players, start throwing some balls!


  22. Never mind I posted this and it fixed itself. Sorry.


  23. Hi, I can’t seem to read most of the sentence, it looks like words have been written over others. What is going on?


  24. I pray we get all the prizes! Freemium players should be happiest if we achieve the goals.


  25. Mandy (amandajane797)

    Thank you Alissa! I was very confused about the sports ball counter. I’ve thrown one ball but had to pay for it. Really not sure about spending the bucks on them though as there are things I’d like to craft.
    Have had a few balls thrown into my town and on two occasions had a notification saying who had thrown it. Doesn’t seem consistent though.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. We’re NEVER going to earn all the prizes !

    Congratulations for your amazing job on this website 😉


  27. HarrisonFordLives

    Thank you for this, it will hopefully put a lot of minds at rest😀


  28. Hopefully it starts picking up soon, because yeah – it’s going super slow. I just looked all around my town, even “greying out” buildings and all that so I might have a better chance at finding something that could be hidden, and I didn’t see a thing. I didn’t even know it doesn’t tell you that you’ve got something to find.


  29. karenskuality


    Some of the prizes are pretty cool…would…be disappointing if we don’t get them all. By if we fall short, do you think the option to “buy with donuts” will come up?



    • We’ve never failed…so I don’t know.


      • EA could easily rig it by giving us all 100 balls each in the last few days for a big throwing frenzy. They’re there in the daily training prize list, but no indication of numbers yet.


      • Let’s just suppose that one of the prizes gives us 10 balls. Really that’s closer to 12, cos if (a big ‘if’) all 10 are caught, 20% will give the catcher a ball.
        If everyone gets that prize the counter will shoot up very quickly.
        And, yes, you’re right, if we’re miles behind, (or miles ahead too, maybe,) EA will tweak the number we get in the prize.


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