Tap Ball Act 3 Is Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Good Morning to you all.  It’s about 4am here on the East Coast and Period Act 3 is Live!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Homer will kick things off for Act 3…

Just what does Act 3 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

Soccer Event Splash Screen

New Prize Currency for Act 3..

ico_june2015_pennants_01 Pennants 

You’ll be awarded Pennants for tapping Fans, winning Tap Ball matches, the daily combo (for logging in each day) and completing the Daily Training during Act 3.

You will earn 30 ico_june2015_pennants_01 for every fan you tap in Act 3.

Daily Training

It’s still around.  Now you’ll earn 2,000 ico_june2015_pennants_01 for each day.  BUT this only applies to the Daily Training for Act 3.  If you held some over from Act 2 those will still payout 1200 but will switch to ico_june2015_pennants_01, until you reach the Act 3 stuff (which starts at the Brain and Nerve Tonic).

Daily Win Bonus

Again you’ll still get the Daily Win Bonus for winning your first Tap Ball game of the day (remember the day starts, when YOU start it.  So whatever time you trigger your first daily win bonus, the next one won’t be available until that same time the next day).

For the Daily Win Bonus you’re awarded 120ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md and 300 ico_june2015_pennants_01

Act 3 Personal Prizes

testosterzone_menuTestosterzone- 8,400 ico_june2015_pennants_01

ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md1,000 Amateur Bucks- 17,400 ico_june2015_pennants_01

unlock_ralph_ballet Ballet Ralph- 26,300 ico_june2015_pennants_01

ico_june2015_tonic 9 Tonics- 33,500 ico_june2015_pennants_01

homerclesestatue_menuHomerclese Statue- 38,900 ico_june2015_pennants_01

I know the amounts look more intimidating than the last round…BUT you’ll earn more ico_june2015_pennants_01 for each fan tapped than Act 3 (from 20 each in Act 2, to 30 each in Act 3).

Bonus Donuts

Yes..they’re back once you finish all the Act 3 Prizes!  We’ll get into this more as the morning moves along 🙂

3 donuts

Act 3 Prizes

IF you didn’t collect them all…they’re still there (just move the tab over) BUT you can no longer collect Hats.  So if you want those prizes you’ll have to fork over the donuts.

However, if you wanted the Obstacles they’ve all been added to the Amateur Shop.

New Items in the Store

We’ve got new items added to our stores for Act 3…


tennismachine_menuTennis Machine- 30 Donuts. .50% bonus on all cash and XP

murderhorn_menuMurderhorn- 250 Donuts Earns 5% on all cash and XP.

stadiumentrance_menuGold Stadium Set- 50 Donuts.  Facade/skin for your stadium

unlock_abe_toreador Toreador Grampa- 85 Donuts.  Can play Tap Ball.


Homer_Strongman Strongman Homer- 50 Donuts.  Can not play Tap Ball, but has a Amateur Buck Earning Task.

Tapped_Out_Duff_Party_Bus Duff Party Bus- 45 Donuts.  Should I Buy Awards a 2.25% bonus on all cash and xp.

duffblimp_menu Duff Blimp- 60 Donuts.  Was originally free back during Superbowl 2014.

Tapped_Out_Excellence_Prize_StatueExcellence Prize Statue- 20 Donuts. .50% on all cash and XP

Community Prizes

They continue through Act 3, so keep collecting and sending those ico_june2015_soccerball_lg

And that my friends is the details of Act 3 of Tap Ball!  We’ll be back after we catch a few more zzz’s with the Act 3 Calendar, Turbo Tappin’ and more.

What are you’re thoughts on Act 3?  Excited about the prizes?  How about the new/returning stuff in the store?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. You guys wrote that the “obstacles are all craftable” now. I failed to reach the obstacle wall and the obstacle log in my standard prizes, and I do not have either of those available to craft! Sad I thought I was going to be able to get the entire collection 🙁

  2. Has anyone else failed to get the 2000 pennants for completing today’s daily training within 24 hours?

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