Tap Ball Community Prize #5 Achieved: The Gridiron is Now Unlocked!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With the reduction in sports balls required, we’ve quickly unlocked the final Community Prize…the Gridiron!  So log into your games to claim the newest prize!thegridiron_menu

So just what does it do?  How big is it?  What does it earn?  Are there questlines with it?  The answers to all that and more below the fold…

When you log into your game you should see this popup…

2015-07-18 13.09.00

Here are some Gridiron Basics…

Size: 6×9
Build Time: Instant
Conform-o-Meter: Consumerism +10
Earns: $300, 30xp

It is animated at all times, the little animated guys on the sign are well, animated.

There is a little questline that will popup with it once you place it, you will need Lisa free to start it:

Team with a Capital “I” Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Lisa: We did it, gang! We worked together to accomplish an astounding goal! This is a testament to teamwork and community!
Lenny: I didn’t do anything. I just watched.
Carl: Yeah. I was going to help you tap, but then my index finger felt like seeing a movie.
Lisa: Well, okay. But everybody else pitched in!
Wiggum: I took a nap in my cruiser. Was that helpful?
Sea Captain: I actually did everything in my power to sabotage your efforts. Don’t rightly know why. I just did. Yar.
Lisa: I can’t believe this! A few of us worked our tails off to earn prizes, and now we just have to share them with all the freeloaders.
Make Lisa Sulk- 12hrs, Earns 12 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md
Make Non-Tap Ball Players Admire Tap Ball Prizes- 12hrs, $420, 100xp (you only have to send 1, and my game went to Moe first)

Team with a Capital “I” Pt. 2
Homer starts

Homer: What’s wrong, Lisa?
Lisa: I just can’t believe some people. They get all the benefits of Tap Ball fun, without contributing anything to its success!
Homer: Think of it this way. Millions of people can play it and have fun for free, just because 1% of the players spend a lot of money.  We refer to these people as “whales.” And they’re perfect angels.  Not like all those lousy non-whales! How I hate them!!!!!!!!!
Lisa: It’s just… it’s just that whenever someone doesn’t drop cash on our game, I feel so sad inside.
Homer: Oh, honey. Non-whales don’t care that their “rational spending behaviour” makes a little girl cry.  Because they have no hearts. And no souls. And they probably like to hurt others.  Now let’s focus on the people who DO have souls. Let’s thank the whales!
Make Springfielders Thank the Whales- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

And that’s it, the details behind the Gridiron the 5th and final Tap Ball Community Prize!

What’s next?  Well Community Prize wise, nothing.  We’ve achieved them all! But there still are 3 days left in Tap Ball, so make the most of those 3 days and unlock the rest of the personal prizes!

What are your thoughts on the Gridiron?   Excited to have unlocked it?  Where have you placed it in Springfield?  How about the Community Prize concept overall?  Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

102 responses to “Tap Ball Community Prize #5 Achieved: The Gridiron is Now Unlocked!

  1. I wish there was a use for soccer balls now that all the community prizes are unlocked. Keep dropping them in friend towns for bonus donuts would be cool.

  2. It is a shame that there’s no prize for completing all the daily tasks. Zutroy was a wonderful surprise around Christmas and I was hoping for something else. Oh well. May be able to get one more set of bonus donuts. Probably not 2 more though.

  3. sarahsunshine82

    I’m frustrated with this update. It was very glitch for me. I had around 1300 tickets and when buying gate pieces I clicked it many times and it took my tickets but only gave me one piece . So I lost 1000 tickets and recieved one piece of gate. I expected them to be in storage but alas never came. Also one of the skins for the coach never showed up either I think from week one. Wouldn’t matter as I don’t have him unlocked but all in all I think this was a promising update that fell short.

    • I think that the last event had the same issue with clicking multiple times and only getting one item. I hope EA fixes it before the next event.

  4. Um, my part one of this questline, just finished today. Had all my characters off jobs since it was/is morning, went to K-Land, and part two never triggered. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi folks,
    Can anybody tell me how many Springfielders I need to thank the whales? Surely it’s not all of them l, right??

  6. I’m not sure if I want to put my balls in my neighbors’ hands for free, I would much rather sell my balls.

    • Agreed, I’m not sure whether to hang on to my balls, or empty my balls all over my neighbours’ ⚽🚝⚽🚝⚽🚝

      I’ve got eleven left, nobody seems to want them 🚅🚴🚵🗼

      • And would your neighbors appreciate you emptying your balls all over them, or would they consider a chore cleaning it up?

      • I’ve reluctantly decided not to unload my balls on my neighbors. Instead I will sadly clinch onto them as long as I can and let EA decide what to do with my balls. I hope they don’t simply just rip them away from me.

      • I wish there was more to do with my balls. I like watching balls bounce around my town but our only options are to hang on to our balls or drop our balls on our neighbors. I want to play with my balls.

      • It would also prob be fun if I could play with my neighbors balls or my neighbors could play with my balls.

      • It’s very sad. I wish EA would give us more options of things we can do with our balls. I just feel as if my ball usage has not reached its full potential. I believe there is so much more I can do with my balls.

      • I guess you could say EA prematurely awarded me the prize before I could finish unloading my balls.

      • You guys are funny. I’m still giving mine out. I think I will save exactly two balls and see if I still have them past event’s end.

      • Thanks for the chuckles 😀

  7. callum geraghty

    Samuraigeezer , i agree , but where did it come from

  8. So now we unlocked the last community prize, but two of the last daily challenge prizes are those sport balls, kinda useless.. or do we get a final reward for completing ALL the challenges (like free Donuts) ??

  9. my names jeff

    Did this appear in the simpsons show ?

  10. kimberlyah794

    I didn’t think it was clear, so I have to ask. Does anyone use this building? Even if it’s a one-time quest?

    Also, did CBC get a task or short quest for Springfield Arms?

    The buildings are fun, and nice additions to my town. I just wish more of them were used.

  11. So what do we do with our leftover balls now?

  12. EA certainly played around with the ‘cost’ of these prizes. It seemed every time I logged in there was a different cost! I’m still not sold on the sports balls, would have liked them to actually do something other than bounce around a town. Never even knew who sent them! It would have been cool to have a character chase a ball, just because.

  13. How can anyone complain? It’s cool and free! I’m really going to miss this event. My favorite in the 2 yrs. I’ve played!

  14. barleecreations (canid88)

    It is a shame you can not exchange all your left over balls (I have eleven of them) for tickets, that would be cool. 🙂

  15. Why is the final personal prize still balls? I have some balls I collected after the prize too. What are theses good for now?

  16. Hey, everyone,
    I wish there were bonuts for everyone for every certain number of balls still dropped. I think the community prizes were by far the best things in this event. The daily task prizes were pretty weak especially the last week or so, all consumables. The final prize should not be sport balls, it should be something great. Or there should be a really good prize, if you finish all the daily tasks. Anyway, I am enjoying this event and since I just unlocked homercles(what ever happened to deco prizes adding to the bonus multiplyer?) I’m going for as many bonuts as I can get. Thanx and have fun.

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