Springfield Heights 101: Institute of Technology

Hey there Hoppereenos!

With the New Springfield Heights in our games, there are a lot of lil details that I am sure many of your are trying to figure out.

One of those being the “Storage” Capacity and Character Tasks that take place within the New Buildings. Tasks to help you gain Material Items needed to unlock New Land as well as other Buildings.

In this post I will breaking down the Institute of Technology.Institute of Tech Complete

First up, some Basic details.

Land: You are going to have to work at this. That is fine. It is meant to take a LONG time as it is here to stay. Much like Squidport. No rush needed. So it may take you some time to earn the appropriate items, gain Storage, gain Materials, gain Real Estate… all to be able to unlock the Land surrounding the following Buildings. To get an idea of the shortest/cheapest route to go in order to get to each one, use the Land Map Guide.

You can find the Land Map in the post HERE.

You can find some tips to gain Real Estate HERE

You can find the Funiture & Coffee Shop Details HERE


Now on to the Building…


The Shortest/Cheapest way to get to the Institute of Technology is to purchase the plot of Land ABOVE the Furniture Shop for 3 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg. Then once you got the Coffee Shop Unlocked, go the opposite way to the 6 Latteico_heights_coffee_lgPlot. Then up into the Institute of Technology for 6 Latteico_heights_coffee_lg.

Institute of Technology Map


Now that you have access to the Institute of Technology, the collection of Smart Devicesico_heights_smartdevice_lg can begin. Here are some Basic Stats…

Starting Storage Capability: 10 Smart Devicesico_heights_smartdevice_lg

Characters Available to Unlock: Frink, Apu, Milhouse, Mayor Quimby, Ralph Wiggum, Willie

Starting Characters (Unlocked with Building): Need Materials to Unlock First 3 Characters (Frink, Apu, Milhouse)

Task Time: 5mins

Task Material Cost: 2 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg & 1 Latteico_heights_coffee_lg per Task

As you can see on this one, you will need additional Materials just to send a Character on a Task. So you will want to stock up on Furniture & Latte’s in order to be able to send Characters on Tasks to get Smart Devices. 


These Tasks will go quick. So you can have a LOT of Smart Devices done in no time at all just by the few you start with. My suggestion is to first get some Latte’s & Furniture built up.

Speaking of, let’s look at the Break Down for WHAT you will need to Unlock each Character to be able to use them in the Institute of Technology too. The more you Unlock, the higher the Storage goes up, the more you can progress in the game (as you will need those higher amounts for Land, Buildings, Decos, etc).


Character Task Time/Cost Reward Unlock Requirement Storage Increased By
Frink Work on Frinkiac 8 5m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_coffee_lg 2ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 5XP Unlock Institute of Technology &2ico_heights_furniture_lg 1ico_heights_coffee_lg ~
Apu Work on New Thesis 5m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1L=ico_heights_coffee_lg 1ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 3XP Unlock Institute of Technology &2ico_heights_furniture_lg 1ico_heights_coffee_lg ~
Milhouse Consumer Test Products 5m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_coffee_lg 1ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 3XP Unlock Institute of Technology & 20ico_heights_furniture_lg 20ico_heights_coffee_lg 10 (20 Total)
Mayor Quimby Certify’ Voting Machines 5m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_coffee_lg 1ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 3XP Unlock Milhouse & 30ico_heights_furniture_lg 30ico_heights_coffee_lg 30 (50 Total)
Ralph Wiggum Be Subject of a Study 5m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg 1ico_heights_coffee_lg 1ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 3XP Unlock Quimby & 5Mico_heights_realestate_lg & 40ico_heights_furniture_lg 40ico_heights_coffee_lg 50 (100 Total)
Willie Erase Groundbreaking Equations 5m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg 1ico_heights_coffee_lg 1ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 3XP Unlock Ralph & 8.8Mico_heights_realestate_lg & 50ico_heights_furniture_lg 10ico_heights_yogamat_lg 100 (200 Total)

So remember, this one you can’t just send a Character on a Task. You will need Furniture and Lattes for each Task to send them.




You are going to need the Yoga Matsico_heights_yogamat_lg next, so I would suggest to start heading over towards the LA Body Works. 

The Shortest/Cheapest way to get to the LA Body Works is to purchase the plot of Land ABOVE the Furniture Shop for 3 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg. Then you will need an additional 10 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg to Unlock the Land under the Coffee Shop. Then once you got the Institute of Technology Unlocked, go up from the Coffee Shop Towards LA Body Works. 10 Latteico_heights_coffee_lg for the first section. Then up into LA Body Works for 6 Smart Devicesico_heights_smartdevice_lg.

LA Body Works Map


There you have it. An overview of what you can do as soon as you Unlock a Building along with what to look forward to as you progress through Springfield Heights. Just take your time. No hurry. Enjoy the New Area.

What do you think of all this? How many Buildings have you unlocked? How many Characters? Like that they used mostly Freemium Characters for tasks and just a few Premiums? Let us know.


37 responses to “Springfield Heights 101: Institute of Technology

  1. I am not seeing Milhouse slot so I cant upgrade it… Help please

  2. I don’t understand how to get more storage for the institute of technology I am maxed out at 10/10 is there a way to get more storage? I need more to buy the land for the pill mill.

  3. Is it worth purchasing Frink for SH purposes? Does he just help w Institute of Technology?

    • Depends on if you like him s a character as well. SH can take a while, so time sent to get where you want on it can be shortened with him.

  4. This Springfield Heights.. I can’t play and I don’t know why. Theybjust don’t give me the notification, I just play like normal I mean I don’t play this event. I just see the coffe and pharmaceutical etc like dark when we don’t have property idk and I csn’t play the event.
    What can I do? 🙁

  5. That would be nice, but I have a full neighbor list and several requests pending, so I can’t send any friend requests right now. Maybe you could post a picture?

  6. Help still need help piecing together the mansion I mean the modern mansion it just doesn’t make sense

    • You do it anyway you want…just like the game. There’s no right or wrong answer.

    • I know what you mean…I can’t get the lower-level balcony to fit on it anywhere… I’ve tried rotating it every which way but it just won’t work. I’m thinking that maybe it will fit on the side of the building, but I have the garage on one side and the other side is up against land I haven’t purchased yet, so I’ll have to wait to find out.

  7. I’m definitely taking the approach of NOT playing Springfield Heights as an “event.” I’m just taking my time and only spending as much time as I have to spare to sit doing all that tapping and not worrying about where I am on the leaderboard.

  8. What a great article (thank you for publishing it)
    Now Tappers can patiently build up their Springfield Heights 🙂

  9. Love it. This is very do-able without the assistance of a certain pastry. It just takes time. All I have left for land is the top tier. With the buildings I have built and decorations grinded out, I’m at 92 mil WITHOUT the use of those spherical pink devils. (I’m so tired…)

    • I agree of I’ve spent a lot of sleepless nites making sure I’m above my daughter who is also playing the game and I haven’t spent any donutee’s hehe on Springfield heights my hubby just said do what you can to be on top but that means having a lot less sleep.

  10. I’m hoping that at some point down the line they give the option for longer jobs. I understand wanting to keep things in check early to make it last longer, but eventually it would be nice to be able to run Springfield Heights similarly to the rest of Springfield.

  11. Is this a limited time thing, or a brand new area like Krusty land, that will carry on forever ?

  12. bugger, wrote a war and peace, then pressed wrong button, so lost the lot, so will try again.. LOL.. I left TSTO a while ago, but decided to pop back and see what’s been happening, and i like the new Heights game so am giving it a go, HOWEVER, one of the tasks is to arrest sideshow Bob, but since i have been back, he has never appeared, i used to get random pop messages on my ipad to say one of the neighbours had arrested him, but since i have been back, he has never appeared, and i have been on very very frequently – every thirty minutes for a while, all day, yes i know, very sad, but hey, it is addictive – ANYWAY – can anyone assist in advising where he is, and why he is not appearing, i cant get past the arrest him three times task…..

    As ever, all help gratefully received.

  13. The Problem Child

    Whatever you do, just don’t abbreviate Springfield Heights Institute of Technology!

  14. A bit annoying that all the tasks are so short. The grinding to get anywhere kills a lot of time. Time I do not really have.

    Also, there are several chokepoints. You need to produce yoga mats to produce pills and you need pills to produce statues. All of them are rather slow, and it is difficult to produce enough mats to supply the pill-producers which in turn chokes the statue producers.

    It looks like I will have to save up donuts for Disco Stu. That might help.

    OTOH, the shøp is now near-useless for me. The furniture can only buy so much land and after that only decorations are on offer. It still supplies the institute, but the pad production is slowly turning irrelevant as well (again: Eventually running out of things to upgrade/purchase).

    I guess yoga mats will be in short supply for the duration though, so Disco Stu it is…

  15. Springfield Heights Institute of Technology, where Apu attended, I believe. I was always amused at the subtle acronym for this place of higher learning.

  16. Thanks for the info. I sometimes wonder how anyone who doesn’t follow this site gets full enjoyment of the game. I am actually finding it really hard to generate enough phones, and am always at a deficit. All the upgrades, buildings or land I need are all total phone hogs.

  17. I really like Springfield heights.. But my game had stopped loading this morning and I keep getting a message to retry loading the game.. I’m connected to the Internet …

  18. Got all the characters for all the buildings apart from the theatre, have 2 characters for that, got 52 million, so far so good, could do with more boardwalks but its taken 3 days to make one, working on another big upgrade to complete the theatre character’s, major tap day needed

  19. Matthew Lenton

    I’ve unlocked all the main buildings and have just three upgrades left for the theatre (which I’ve unlocked). I’ve bought ten of each of the buildings and am in the process of upgrading them all. I also have 15 plots of land left to buy. I’ve made a lot of quick progress, so it’s just grinding now to get the required resources

    I’ve also just reached Level 55 and have the hotel in the process of being built

  20. the new stuff is just annoying because you have to go into your game every couple of minutes and really need hours of real game time to get the stuff.

    i would rather send my characters on a 4hr quest to get a smart device rather than every 5 minutes.
    the game was always for being picked up in the morning once, than after lunch and in the evening to give characters stuff to do. but now it is the whole goddamn time 😀

  21. I am deadlocked on this. I am at the point where I need to unlock the pharmaceutical lot and without purchasing Disco Stu to get more storage I am stuck. It seems to be taking forever to get Bart unlocked. Is this intentional?

    • Yes, it’s meant to take a while (the update). Build some condos/mansions and upgrade them. They’ll help boost your Real Estate Value.

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