Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  Gil hit our games this past week, what do you think of his new deal?  Is Ice Cream Man Homer serving up ice cream in your Springfield?  How are you doing with the Springfield Heights Expansion?  Still plugging away at it?  Sunday Night Baseball tonight features the Nationals at the Mets, will you be watching?  How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  How will you be spending your Sunday?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

353 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Last! 😀

  2. Holy crap! I won the 200K dog race! I have been trying for a month and finally got it! Whoo hoo!

  3. Just an update I will not be playing so often for a while
    I had my right hip replaced on fri and am starting to feel a little out of it
    I will do my best
    Thanks you

  4. Thanks tapebelt👍👍👍 Great instructions 😄😄😄

  5. Put this under the heading “You know you’re an addict when…”…

    Largely because of this game, I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on my tablets. This morning, while working on my work computer, I caught myself trying to scroll the screen with my finger! (Almost 30 years of habitually using mice/trackballs virtually eradicated by one year of TSTO!)

    • It’s even worse when your screen responds to your finger scroll. My laptop is a touch screen as well…happens all the time lol

      • Actually, that would be less embarrassing and more effective!

      • very effective, especially if you use bluestacks. i don’t use it THAT often (trackball mouse/keyboard for life), but i love my laptop’s touchscreen for things like tapped out, and it’s great for the kids. in fact, i grew up an apple/mac user all my life, but the last couple years i been using a windows laptop as my everyday computer, and the only way i would go back to using an apple macbook now is if they include touchscreens.

    • I think that’s just a tablet issue. The rarer amount of time I spend on a desktop I find that I try to “tap” an icon on the screen…but no touch screen. I have a keyboard connected to my tablet, so I have a system of type and touch, but not mouse and type. It can get momentarily confusing when switching between different styles.

  6. Found a tip I thought I should share with everyone after I’ve already tested it, and found it to work. Some of you may already know, but suppose you tap the income of 3+ buildings. Usually the income/xp slowly goes into your counter one by one, in the order that you tapped them. If you tap the same 3+ buildings, but then open or close your task book (if it’s open, close it, if its closed, open it) all the income/exp gets stored at the same time. Sure this doesn’t save alot of time, but even a few seconds can add up when it comes to battery life.

  7. Yesterday I noticed the task on the Montessori School on Springfield Heights says “Being Better Than Springfield Elementary.” I couldn’t resist and made the school yard the same as what I’ve done for Springfield Elementary but made it smaller and with fewer decorations 🙂

  8. Hey i was just wondering is anybody else noticed that its much easier to tap finished tasked now and im loving it lol. Especially when you house farm and put all your characters on the same duration of tasks. Now it seems that you can keep on tapping finished tasks without the earned money getting in the way of your tap which is Verrryyy nice. Goodjob EA!

    • I think I’m in the minority here, but I do NOT like the way out collects both thumbs and earnings at the same time now. I like to leave certain buildings untapped for my neighbors, but I can’t do that if there happens to be a character in there. I prefer to control myself what I collect when, rather than to have it make the choice for me, even if it is faster.

      • I agreed before, but I’m enjoying it now. I think the best part is that the icon to click is always above the money to collect, meaning you can keep tapping and forget about collecting (let it autocollect). I might be wrong about that.

        But, if you really need to release the character, try using Town Hall. If you click “Go To” doesn’t it release them but not any building they were in?

      • I’m not totally sure, Simp – I’ll have to check that out….

        It’s not a huge deal, but I still prefer the choice, I think, though it does seem a mite faster this way. Actually, I’ve been doing an experiment lately and leaving a lot fewer buildings free, to see if my neighbors run into any problems with nothing available when they visit me, but I don’t think that’s the case, since there’s always at least a free of the buildings I had left untapped still untapped. I’m happier now, because I can rack up the XP faster by collecting from as many buildings as possible. And with the HUGE extra bonus multiples we’re getting from SH, I think I could be raking in bonuts a LOT more often now!

      • definitely in the minority… 😉

        • I get what you mean Sandra and have issues with it too myself. I like to leave Characters on tasks AHEAD of time and don’t want to accidentally “clear” the task until I trigger the questline pop up for it. The auto clear option, cool as it may be, does create an issue with this when a LOT of Characters are in the same location, but I only want one to come out.

      • Ryan – That’s only true if the character is still working on his/her task. Once they’re done, it changes to “Go To,” and, if you tap it, it immediately collects their task proceeds and sets them free from the task.

  9. So I tried the thing to let me play the game on my pc. I had everything all jumbled and jammed in my town. Didn’t like the idea of blowing up my town to redo it. The app works really well. Just make sure after you close it you reopen the app so it saves your springfield or you won’t be able to open your town on your phone. Love the way my town looks now. Also I love what I have been seeing in other towns. Just wanted to share.

    • Sorry, its

    • Craig (ibuylow2014)

      I went to and kinda looked at the site.
      Is this only for Android apps. I play TSTO on an ipad. is there a way to play on my PC, too?

      • It’s someone you can download to your PC and then play. It is android platform, but that doesn’t matter much for you. The game can play across multiple platforms on the same account.

  10. shawtymclittle

    I have ran into a little problem on my game. I contacted EA but they pretty much told me they couldn’t do anything. Any help or advice will be much appreciated. I have two task that is stuck, I cannot complete them.
    The first one is “A woman’s work part 7” I have completed Homer and Ruth task but can’t complete Lenny and Carl. Which is to send them to have drinks at Moe’s. The task is at the top but not highlighted. When I do the task it doesn’t count.
    The second is “the price of donuts part 4” I have completed 2 of the task but it doesn’t give me the option to compete the last one which is “make Homer take Declan Desmond to drink at moe’s”
    Sorry so long, thanks again.

    • Sounds like there’s an issue with your Moe’s. If you’ve already tried storing/replacing it…try an uninstall/reinstall. If that sill doesn’t work EA may have to rollback your game to before those questlines started.

      • shawtymclittle

        Aww man. If that happens, hope I don’t lose my donuts. Thank you, I’ll try storing Moe’s then go from there. Thanks again 🙂

  11. Somehow I managed to get 11 Business Centers. I built all 10, and stored most of them until I had enough real estate. After placing them, I ended up with 11 somehow!

  12. Somehow I managed to get Eleven (11) Business Centers!! I was building and storing them and when I finally had enough real estate to place them all, I had 11 in total. Crazy! Hope they don’t disappear.

  13. I have a theory that the brown houses are really tardises, since I currently have 65 (yes, I counted) characters stuffed into one brown house (sending Kang elf berries)!

    • I love when I have all or most of my characters in one building at the same time. It is SO satisfying to see a mile-high pile of thumbs and a mass of cash when I click it. LOVE it.

    • Sorry Sandra, I wouldn’t dream of questioning anything you say, but is that the correct plural for tardis?

      🚕. 🚚. 🚛. 🚗
      🏫🏢🏭🏡🏢🏠🏢🏠 🏬🏢

      🙂 🙊 😁

      • Funny you should ask, as I went through a whole train of thought on that myself and almost added “tardisi?” In my post!

        I guess if The Doctor (or another Time Lord) wonders by, we can ask him/her for the definitive answer… In the meantime, I’m open to suggestions/corrections!

  14. Last update on Paris Texan probably. The one statue task disappeared after the quest line finished. So only the 12 hour task (putty tat) is now in Billionaire’s Haven.

  15. I hope my new neighbor doesn’t mind but I thought this arrangement of hers(?) was a really neat take on a road up to SH:

    The rest of the town is very nice. Lots of great and unique (yes, unique amongst my neighbors) designs. …I nuke my town in shame… (I kid, but ya gotta nuke something.)

    • How do you post such nicely reduced-sized images without losing resolution? The only image shrinking app I have totally degrades the image more and more the smaller you make it. I hate posting huge-sized pictures here, because then it makes all of the text on the page so small!

      • I used GIMP. It’s a free photo editor available for all desktop platforms, including Android, where I used it. I just used the standard setting when I resized. I think that if you pick the right number (like a multiple of two possibly) it helps with the resolution staying pretty sharp. I saved it as a .png to maintain the quality. Changing it to a JPG would cause you problems. If your screenshots start out as JPG, then I don’t know….

        So, I take it that you browse primarily via your mobile device, tablet? Me, too. Yeah, it shrinks the text, but I’ve been getting used to it. I just zoom in and zoom out as necessary.

        I’m not sure what happened when I posted but I think the page forced the dimensions to smaller numbers for me. I can’t really say, except that it’s not a thumbnail.

        • Oh, yeah – I could reduce the image sized fine on my PC using SnagIt, but, since I play on my mobile devices and almost always take screen captures on my iPad, I’d love to be able to do all of the image stuff on my iPad, if possible. (I’m too lazy to turn on my PC a lot these days.)

      • Me, too. Just have to find an app that can resize. I was using GIMP anyways, so I resized there, but I got another app that can do it, too. Not a good app, but it did something. Good luck finding apps to increase your laziness. 😉

      • there is no need to reduce the size of the file manually, unless you wanna post a very specific size. different image sharing sites have different behaviors depending on the url links you use, but if you wanna know how to do it with dropbox using their web interface, there are three different ways to have it display here:

        1. FULL SIZE – upload image (jpg/png doesn’t matter) to Public directory of your dropbox, then click on the Share button to the right of the filename to bring up a popup window with the link highlighted and ready to copy. if the link has a ?dl=0 after the jpg or png extension, you know you’ve got the right one. Then just copy and paste in your post here. you can mouseover the image to see the link used for my example.

        2. THUMBNAIL – this is my preferred method, as it doesn’t blow up my whole post with a giant pic, yet clicking on it redirects to the full size original. so again, upload your image to the Public directory of your dropbox. this time right-click on the filename and choose “Copy Public Link…” and a different window will popup with the direct link to the file. this one SHOULD end in a jpg or png extension. then copy that and paste in your post here. mouseover the thumbnail to see full link.

        3. LINK ONLY – same as the thumbnail method, except once the window with the link pops up, click on the “Shorten Link” option to get an abbreviated link that with automatically redirect to the full size image. the need to redirect is why no image shows up here.

        • Excellent, clear, and thorough post, Tape – thanks!!

          Only problem is, two of those three options don’t exist in the Dropbox iPad app. 🙁 There’s only a choice to coy a link, which is that full-sized image one. It was the thumbnail one I think that I’ve been admiring in other people’s posts, but, unless I want to drag out and start up my laptop each time, that doesn’t appear to be an option…

          I guess one last thing to do would be to check whether there’s a third-party app DropBox app out there that does a better one of capturing the options that the desktop version has than the official DropBox app did.

          Oh, wait…. One more thought…. Can DropBox be accessed/run from a browser? Maybe that’s how I can get around this and not use the app at all, while still staying on my iPad!

          I’m going out for the day, but maybe I’ll play around with that at some point tonight…

      • yeah i mentioned using their web interface because the mobile app limits what features are available. you can definitely go to on your mobile browser, just make sure you click on the “Desktop version” link at the bottom so you will have access to all the options i mentioned.

    • Ditto Sandra’s question & add 1 more… How do you get the pic to appear & not just a link to the pic?

      Not planning on flooding this site with pics but would like to know how to do it properly😄😄😄


      • I pasted the URL directly as text. Like “http:/” but with a .jpg or .png at the end and no quotes. I take it that WordPress does the rest.

        I didn’t know it would successfully embed when I went to post it. If you have tried in the past, it might be due to your link not using “.jpg” or “.png” at the end. I’m assuming that might be the magical part.

      • Wassup neighbor! Check my reply above to Sandra, should have the info you need there.

    • Found some secret sauce for embedding pics through Flickr. Grab the BBCode for the small size and just paste the URL portion (ending with a jpg or png file name) into the comment. Not sure if you paste the whole BBCode whether it will show, but just the URL portion worked for me.

    • Hey!!! That’s me! I’m flattered lol. I wanted to use the gold fancy fence but didn’t have enough statues. Thanks for the compliment though, I really try to make my town look nice and organic, next on my list is building a factory district and a farming/forested area. And yes I am a she haha.

      • I’m glad you found it! You’re welcome. I think that the brick works better than fence as the brick feels more like an extension of the tunnel. Like in real life, tunnels often extend beyond the actual covered part.

      • Maybe they will offer a premium skin for the entrance: gold. 😉

    • I hope I haven’t offended any of my neighbors. They have unique things, too. My neighbors are great. *saves face*

  16. Alright, only one more building in Heights to get to level 5, currently it is level 4, I know, I’m slow going at this lol. Noticed one of the buildings when maxed has the H symbol on it, which makes me really wish I hadn’t passed on Radioactive Man’s mansion a few sales ago. Would have been a good match. Hope they bring it back.

  17. Does anyone know if the helicopter can be placed on the Business Center helipad? I am guessing not. Only way I will get it is if it can. Land is too scarce in SH to waste on something I can’t massively upgrade or tuck up on the helipad where it doesn’t use any land.


    • Don’t believe it can, just tried myself, and you no sooner get the hellipad showing on the screen, and if you go any higher for the helicopter to be placed on it, the building disapears from view showing stuff behind it.

      • Thanks for replying. That’s what I figured. Just like the cars that can’t go on parking spaces & the parking spaces that can’t have cars on them. Or dumpsters that can’t rotate 360 degrees to have the front facing the right way for a garbage truck to approach & empty them.


      • just an idea, but could always make your own helipad on the grass. use the regular pavement, and have the square big enough that you can delete the squares in the middle to create an H so the grass shows through. I dunno only way I can think of that you can actually have your chopper on a pad. Could even make it 3D with the brick/cement blocks as border

      • @tonflo1
        Minor limitations that can be worked around, get your design game up son!

        @tsto addict
        Or just create a structure that looks like a landing pad and don’t worry about the H, since it would probably be covered up by the heli on top of it anyway.

  18. Shearer is back!

  19. BOOOO! My Springfield Heights Store is gone. No Bueno! I thought new things were coming today!! I guess it doesn’t matter because now I can’t even buy the old things. Sad panda!

  20. Here’s some trivia for you geeks,
    If you tap the lighthouse at Squidport, the light flashes a Morse code sequence of letters 🙊

    That’s got you looking ….. 🙂

  21. Completely random question but:
    How do you eat bananas? Do you peel as you go? Or peel the whole thing off first?

    • Of course you don’t peel the whole thing first,
      If you did that you would have to hold the sticky bit 🍌 🍌

      Would you unwrap a whole bar of chocolate and hold it in your hand? 🍫 🍫

      🍫 🍌 🍫 🍌 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 😁 🙂

      • Thankyou!!! 😀 Having a massive argument with a friend about this!!! 😀

      • Ditto. Plus, if you don’t peel the whole thing and want to save some for later, the unexposed bits won’t turn brown!

        Your friend is just plain wrong. 😉

        (Autocorrect really amuses me sometimes…it tried to turn “unexposed” to “unexploded” – so I guess peeling it as you go would be safer, too! Lol!)

      • Thanks Sandra! My argument is a lot stronger now! 🙂
        Haha sounds safer!

    • Peel it from the bud end, not the stem, like the monkeys do. If you peel it as you eat, then you can eat a banana when your hands are dirty, like during Xmas shopping.

    • If you’re a small one, then you peel the whole thing. Yes, my baby does this. He holds it directly with his little hands. It’s okay, he eats the whole thing…well, whatever the floor doesn’t….

      For myself, hold it with it peeled partly, about halfway. After I get that far, I peel as I go. Do you need any more details? 🙂

      • Nah that’s plenty thanks! 🙂
        I think most people peel it halfway, but there are a few who peel the whole thing. (I think I won the argument! 🙂 )

        • Craig (ibuylow2014)

          Ginger v. Mary Ann
          Toliet Paper roll over v. under
          Now, we have the Great Banana Debate

    • Craig (ibuylow2014)

      I usually peel the whole thing so I can throw the peel away right away. Then I go to where ever I am going to eat the banana and eat it. As for sticky fingers – it doesn’t last long and then I suck all the rest of the banana goodness off my fingers.

  22. As to adding neighbours, I definitely have people not visiting, but I have noticed that some of my dedicated tappers are slowly coming back to life after the strain of tap ball and SH, so I am afraid to start pruning for fear that I will prune someone who come back strong. But if a near-daily visitor were to send a friend request to SnailSimone…

    • If SnailSimone were to send me a request, I’d make room…. (I can’t send requests, because I have a full boat, plus several requests pending.) Handle is the same as here (but maybe without the space…can’t remember……)

      • Will do, as soon as the glitch passes in Add Friends (few hours probably). SH is mostly finished, the rest of Springfield is in a state of transition as I finish adding the extra land and try to decide what to do with Springfield central. Currently disposed to move the SH crafting division there so that I come back to the centre every 30 seconds instead of the periphery.

  23. Latest on Paris Texan. She has a second 12 hour task in Billionaire’s Haven that involves playing with her putty tat. Better animation than walking her dog because it is big enough to see. And she has been nominated for a nerfy.

    • ….I have no words for what you just said. lol.

      Ignore me. Um, we’re family friendly here, right?? *nerfs off*

      • LOL, dude i dunno how i missed that post until now. thank you for flogging—flagging!—that for me!

      • Actually, I misspelled it. It was a neppy. Only saw it once briefly and it took a while to bring back the memory. And some people do not like spoilers, so I purposely did not explain the word. Some of my comments on Paris have not exactly been encouraging for the poor tappers with 900 000 points left to go, so I was trying to balance things out a bit. Also why I did not describe the putty tat’s actions more precisely.

  24. Does anyone have a good design layout for the fully upgraded modern mansion in SH? I have one currently at L4 and soon to be L5 and I just can’t seem to make it look nice (the pieces just don’t seem to fit well like the classic mansion). TIA

    • Hi Nona80

      Not sure if this will work cos 1st time I’ve tried to add a pic but this is the layout I like best – so far…

      And this is a variation for fun…

      Don’t think there is a right or wrong way of doing it but that it all depends on what you prefer, space available etc. Some parts are more flexible & can rotate 360 degrees (Modern Upper Balcony etc) while others only turn 90 degrees (Modern Side Building 1 etc).

      You can see another variation if you visit your Other Springfield. Although they haven’t used 1 piece – Modern Side Building 1 – it helps with ideas…

      Have fun!😄

    • No idea yet how to do a print screen, so can’t show you mine. What doesn’t work in front, I use as a partial view in the back. Thus the lower level balcony thingy became a backyard patio that is partially visible. And my buildings form an arc across SH. Aside from the building in the very back, I just put in about five buildings and randomly added extras wherever they looked good so that everyone has a unique configuration. Not enough space now to put everything, so I am not even trying. And roads – those people don’t pay taxes, so they don’t get taxpayer dollars for roads. Let them walk. The valet parking looks like a living room cabinet, so they all get stored when they reach level 5. And I’ll keep storing them no matter how many EA knocks down to level 1.

      • I just learned mine recently. VOL Down + Power Btn for a few seconds. It depends on your device, but that one is pretty common. If you leave your game alone for a few more seconds beforehand then all the GUI (buttons, level info, etc) will disappear and you’ll get a better screenshot.

  25. ok you’re all going to think I’m nuts for asking this, and it must have been something I missed while on vaca, but can you not tag anymore??

    • Apparently not – or at least not for now. I feel bad for newbies who are losing out in income from some if the few buildings they have!

      • Yeah, they should keep it, or make it not reduce righteousness.
        OR add some new way to earn off it! Same with SH buildings, they should earn at least 1 of some currency, or be able to be tapped by neighbours!

  26. Hi all and a happy tapping to you!
    Neighbours of SLIQSTREAM:
    I’m still having a gnarly time with my back. I love this game and you guys, my neighbours, but I’m taking a little break from Neighbour visits this month. I haven’t visited any of you for a few days now and I’m sorry for that. I’m usually an every day visitor A-Z but I’m noticing fatigue and lotsa pain after doing the 100 visits. Drop me if you like (don’t drop me!) 😉
    If there comes an event I’ll be here to participate (or ask Hubs) cuz I’m a good neighbour (great now I’ve got that jingle in my head) (like a great neighbour Sliqstream is there🎶🎵🎶)
    I’m going to up my PT and docs ordering an mri and some other tests so hopefully soon this will get better.
    Sandra so sorry to hear that you have been in chronic pain. That is nasty schisse. I hope your pills bring relief. And anything else that helps alleviate the symptoms. 🙂
    I hope all my neighbours and everyone else is having a lovely summer so far.
    Alissa, so glad to hear you have a/c during your pregnancy! Gosh I don’t even want to imagine the sweltering humidity you east coasters are having. Better than the drought and fire we are getting here though:( Sending good thoughts your way Alissa.

    • Awww…sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time – hope it eases up for you soon.

      It’s funny, but my back disability was why I *started* playing TSTO….I was bedridden for months and, after binge-watching Weeds, Breaking Bad, and the Sopranos, in just a few months, I need something else to become addicted to, lol!

      No worries on the neighbor visits…I won’t ditch you. It would be great if you were able to clear your town for others to visit, but, if you can’t do that sometimes, I’ll understand. Just take care of yourself! ((hug))

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