Addicts Question Corner: Monorail Act 1 (Crashing, Brandine, Blueprints, Negative Tasks & More)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So the Monorail Event hit our games about 24hrs ago..and we’re seeing loads and loads of questions come in.  Most of them repeated questions asked.  So hopefully one big Addicts Question Corner post will help address many of your questions AND prevent you from asking the same questions over and over again.

So check out this post for issues with Crashing, Brandine (and the spuckler brood), Blueprint limits, Negative tasks and more…

Let’s get to it shall we?

TSTO homer thinking

First thing I’m going to tell you guys is that 99.9999% of this stuff can be solved by using common sense.  If something seems wrong it’s because it probably is. Trust your instinct.  If you think it’s wrong, it probably is.  Don’t panic and think it’s just your game if it seems like something bizarre is going on…use your good old noggin’ and think “if it doesn’t look right, it’s probably not.  I bet something else is going on…” Also, check the comments before you comment.  Often times you’ll see others with the same issue if it’s widespread.  (note if it’s between 10pm EDT and 7am EDT, often times we’re not available to moderated the comments (surprisingly we sleep 😉 ) so you may not see comments on it then…)

So now let’s get into the issues…

Brandine and the Missing Spuckler Kids.  OR Brandine and Not Able to Complete her Find Lost Spuckler Kid Task.


Ok so MANY of you are reporting that you rushed Brandine’s birth a Spuckler task to do the event and the Spuckler kid never showed up in your Springfield.  This is a KNOWN issue with EA.  All I can tell you to do is contact EA.  They can’t restore the kid, but they should be able to refund your donuts.  If you get someone that says they won’t refund them, try again until you get someone that will refund them. (every rep is different..and some just have bad attitudes)

There is a patch (supposedly) coming to fix this, but for now just contact EA and get your donuts back.

As far as the Find a Lost Spuckler Kid Task…first of all (as the walkthrough says) this is NOT required to progress in the event.  It’s just a side quest.  So you do not have to rush Brandine to do this.  It’s optional.

Second, the task won’t appear in her task list.  It’s her task at the Dump (the 30s one).  So click on the dump and find Brandine’s name listed.  Then tap Do it and it’ll start that task for it.  It’s really that simple.

Negative Tasks Listed

On many of your random tasks you’re seeing a negative number listed.  It looks something like this (any variation of this):

2015-08-12 15.34.45

It looks strange because it is.  You never see negative numbers with a task in TSTO.  Even when they’re asking you to do something multiple times it still shows up as positive, like this:

2015-08-12 15.37.13

So yes, this is a glitch.  It’s going around, impacting almost everyone.  The good news is it’s pretty much only on side quests.

A side quest is a random task that will popup to keep you engaged in the game.  But they’re not even remotely close to being essential to progressing in the game.  You’ll know it’s a side quest because there will be no dialogue that proceeds it, it’s just an ! over a character and then a task.  

So my best advice is to just ignore it for now.  Don’t worry about that quest and move onto something else.  It should correct itself in a couple of days.

Now…there are a few of you reporting that it’s happening during a level questline (i saw some of you say it happened during Ruth Power’s questline)….if that’s the case then contact EA and let them know what’s going on, as in that case it’s preventing your progress.

Game Crashing When Visiting Neighbors, Tapping Buildings, Just in General

No one likes a crashing game, that’s for sure.  However, this is one that’s not super widespread (at least not yet).  So it’s very possible if your game is crashing after you’ve updated that there’s a bad file that made it’s way to your game when you updated.

My suggestion is to uninstall TSTO/ restart your device/ reinstall TSTO.  This usually will solve crashing issues.

*Note: ONLY Do this if you have an Origin Account backing up your game.  If you have not created an account, ie you play anonymously (no neighbors), do NOT uninstall your game.  You will lose it.  Instead create an account to back it up and then uninstall.

If this doesn’t resolve the crashing issue, contact EA…


Project Board Projects Maxing Out



So it seems many of you are hitting a wall at a certain point each day with the number of blueprints you can earn from projects.  (ie you can only do so many projects/day) And when you hit that wall you see this message:

2015-08-12 21.05.23


This does NOT appear to be a glitch.  This looks like there IS a cap on how many projects you can turn in per day.  Well, let me rephrase that …it’s not a cap on how many you can turn in, it’s a cap on how many Blueprints you can earn via the project board/day.  (at least that’s how i’m seeing it)

There’s some indication in the files of “caps” for blueprint totals from the project board each day, BUT it’s not adding up 100% correctly (although it’s still making sense).  Let me explain…I ran a little experiment in my game…here’s what I discovered:

The Files show the cap for August 12th (today’s date) is 9,000 Blueprints.

I ran projects, I did the biggest numbers I can get, here’s what I earned:

Project 1: 2,061 Blueprints
Project 2: 1,806 Blueprints
Daily Bonus of 1,200 Rewarded 
Project 3: 2,123 Blueprints
Project 4: 2,178 Blueprints

This equals 9,368 Blueprints (with the 1200 Daily Bonus)

So in my case I did 4 projects and maxed out for the day.  If the file max is showing 9,000 Blueprints than this makes sense for that as it’s just over 9,000.  (it’s pretty hard to get it to stop exactly at 9,000 since each project is worth something different)

So this explains why some of you are getting capped at 4 projects, and some of you are getting capped at 12 or 13.  It all depends on the Blueprint Payout for the project.

For those curious…tomorrow’s Blueprint cap is listed in the files as 13,500 from the Project Board.  (and yesterday’s (8/11) was 4,500)

I will test this again tomorrow, if it works out again I’ll post the full list.

Now, for those worried about the cap screwing up their daily allotment of how many blueprints they need to get all the prizes….don’t forget you still get blueprints from Neighbor Actions, clearing buildings in your town AND from clearing possums in your town.  So there are still loads of other ways to get Blueprints.

So this is how I see the Blueprint cap…it may not be 100%, as I’m still testing it out, BUT it makes complete sense.  And based on the verbiage in the game when you cap out (Sebastian is tired….) that tells me it’s NOT a glitch.  It’s intentional.

Where Can I Place the Monorail Tracks?

Monorail tracks can go over roadways, over rivers, etc.  So there aren’t a lot of limitations on where you can put the track.  So go crazy and let your imagination run wild with designs!


Springfield Heights Building Storage

fancycondo02_menu Deluxe Condo

Yes, the ability to store Springfield Heights Buildings (Valet Parking, Condos, Business Centers, Mansions, etc) have temporarily been disabled.  So no, you’re not going crazy.  This is happening to EVERYONE.  We’re not 100% sure if it’s permanent or temporary, but my guess is it’s temporary.

My theory is this was disabled temporarily while EA fixes the disappearing building issues (when you’d previously put them in storage).  So don’t panic and just go with the flow for now…and remember Springfield Heights is a PERMANENT addition to our games, so don’t rush it.  Play the Monorail update, because that will be leaving next month…

Will You Be Doing __________ Post?

This is the 18th major event we’ve covered here on TSTO Addicts…and there are just certain posts we always do.  Calendars (which is now up for Act 1), Should I Buys, walkthroughs, WDTCFs, and more specific posts about aspects of an event…we ALWAYS do those posts.

So if you don’t see them up on day 1 or 2, don’t panic.  We will get to them.

Please keep in mind that we are real people, with real jobs…shockingly this isn’t our full time job.  We have actual jobs that pay our bills and keep food on our tables that sometimes we need to focus on.  Not to mention families that need our attention too.  So when an event hits, sometimes it takes us a day or so to get our “feet wet” in the event and figure it all out.  Because just like you, we’re playing it too.  That’s how we learn and figure things out…we just play the game.

So sometimes the regular posts (like should I buy etc) take a backseat to more pressing issues (like blueprint caps and crashing issues).  BUT we will get to them and they will be posted (and soon) they always are.  🙂

And that’s the basic 411 on all your pressing Monorail Event Questions (for now 😉 ).

What are your thoughts on the Monorail Event?  Any issues you’re having not listed here?  Are certain issues making more sense to you now?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Anyone else struggling to log into the game at the moment? I keep getting the screen with bart holding the cord. I’ve restarted my device AND reinstalled the game 🙁
    I neeeed to get my duct tapes! Lol

  2. This post is regarding a fix for the crashing of the game when collecting from specific properties that have been trashed by neighbors. If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps and even spoken to EA with no resolution, this is a simple way to fix this glitch.
    Put the affected buildings in your inventory, and then replace them into your game. You will not be able to collect that time, but they will work from then on. Hope this helps!

  3. Do you know why mine didn’t update till the 19th?is it a glitch or?

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