25th Anniversary Simpsons Winners!!!

Hey there Hoppereenos!!!

Here at the Addicts, we LOVE to spoil our Readers. On many occasions we do so by just giving away “Stuff”. It is now time to award that “STUFF”! WOOHOO!!

We had a Giveaway for the 25th Anniversay Keychains & Homer Buddha’s from some Amazing People at kidrobot®

Let’s take a look at the lucky Random Winners…

Homer Buddha Box 25th Anniversary Simpsons Keychains Box

With all the Random Winners now verified, we can now post the list of those that will be receiving either ONE Keychain or ONE Homer Buddha.

Random Winners will NOT know what they have won until the package arrives at their address and they open it. (Homer Buddha is a bit more obvious, Blind Boxes can only be revealed once completely opened.)


Let’s take a look again at just what the items that a Random Winner may see when they open their package.


SIXTEEN of these will be rewarded. 

25th Anniversary Simpsons Keychains Box

These kidrobot® Blind Boxes come with a possibility of one of the 16 Cool 25th Anniversary Simpson Keychains. They each have Matt Groening’s Signature Mark on them.

25th Anniversary Simpsons Keychains 125th Anniversary Simpsons Keychains 3


25th Anniversary Simpsons Keychains 225th Anniversary Simpsons Keychains 5

25th Anniversary Simpsons Keychains 725th Anniversary Simpsons Keychains 4

Keychains in 25th Anniversary Simpsons Collection:
Pink Sprinkly Donut
Bobo the Bear
Homer’s Baseball Bat
Duff Beer
Plutonium Rod
Lisa’s Saxophone
Maggie’s Binky
Marge’s (Homer’s) Bowling Ball
Bart’s Sling Shot
Jebediah Springfield’s Head
Bart’s Skateboard
Hellfish Logo
Buzz Cola
Simpsons Couch

If you want to see more of the details on these particular kidrobot® items or want to buy some yourself, go to the link below.




FOUR of these will be rewarded

Homer Buddha & Box

The Homer Buddha comes sitting on top of a Pink Sprinkled Donut, a lil Pretzel, and his own lil Beads. He also comes with Matt Groening’s Signature mark. 

Homer Buddha Homer Buddha 1 Homer Buddha 2 Homer Buddha 3

If you want to see more of the details on this particular kidrobot® item or want to buy some yourself, go to the link below.




After the Submission Form was closed, all those that entered were placed into the Randomizer. We then sent out emails to verify all Winners. Here are the Results of the 20 Final Random Winners in no particular order. (All contacted us back & verified.)

  1. Austin G.
  2. GooberJLM
  3. Snake Nada
  4. monanmin888
  5. jasonteck
  6. Samm Jayy
  7. abotski
  8. barleecreations/ canid88
  9. Emily
  10. actoraandb798
  11. Fine Chinas
  12. halocrashing
  13. maggiegarden
  14. orionsriver
  15. Dan
  16. sk8er0508/ sk8er587
  17. fallsd0wnstairs
  18. Mikey
  19. ciarathomp988
  20. ohariel

WOOHOO!! Twenty Winners!! Congrats!!


There you have it. ANOTHER fun Random Giveaway from the Addicts for YOU… Our Amazing Readers. Congratulations to all the Random Winners and a big THANK YOU to all those that entered. We love doing stuff like this!!

~Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee~


UPDATE: Per request, and sorry I forgot to put them in the first time, here are ALL the Keyword(s). 

Sunday 7/26 : D’oh!

Monday 7/27 : I am so smart, S-M-R-T!

Tuesday 7/28 : BORT

Wednesday 7/29: It’s pronounced GRAY-ning

Thursday 7/30: MMmmm Ice Cream!

>Friday 7/31: Maggie

Saturday 8/1: Eat My Shorts!

54 responses to “25th Anniversary Simpsons Winners!!!

  1. W00t! I’m not the proud new owner of a Squishee keychain.

    Thanks again, and looking forward to all the future contests on here–Hint hint!! 🙂 Time to go on a Squishee bender. o_O

  2. Thanks so much you guys for this wonderful gift! I totally forgot about this contest because I never win these things, so I didn’t even check the winners list. Then I came home and saw this box outside my door! This was totally unexpected and it really made my day (I was having a really really bad day). So thank you so much!!!! You guys are amazing!!!!

  3. Woohoo! Donut keychain! Thanks guys!!

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