Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  Act 2 just launched for Monorail, panicking yet? Don’t worry Sandra… Calendar coming just for YOU. 😛

I am really craving some good homemade treats and meals lately, any family recipes for a good meal/dessert you would like to share? Seen any good TV shows you would like to recommend? How about a good book to read? Do/Doing anything fun this weekend?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And Happy Sunday!

Naked Homer Running

408 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. i purchased rail yard from the monorail update. I can still produce metal; plastic and glass. Still able to turn them in for blueprints, but I’m not being rewarded with more monorail tracks. Is anyone else having this problem? Is this a bug that needs fixing?

  2. I’m going through the Rod and Todd questline and read this quote:

    “I hope we play Crucifictionary. I’m good at drawing “scrourging”!”

    What is scrourging? Is it from an episode? I didn’t find anything relevant in a google search.

    • scourge
      a whip used as an instrument of punishment.
      synonyms: whip, horsewhip, lash, strap, birch, switch, bullwhip, rawhide; historicalcat-o’-nine-tails
      “he was beaten with a scourge”
      a person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering.
      “the scourge of mass unemployment”
      synonyms: affliction, bane, curse, plague, menace, evil, misfortune, burden, cross to bear; More
      antonyms: blessing, godsend
      verb: scourge; 3rd person present: scourges; past tense: scourged; past participle: scourged; gerund or present participle: scourging
      whip (someone) as a punishment.
      synonyms: flog, whip, beat, horsewhip, lash, flagellate, strap, birch, cane, thrash, belt, leather; More
      cause great suffering to.
      “political methods used to scourge and oppress workers”
      synonyms: afflict, plague, torment, torture, curse, oppress, burden, bedevil, beset
      “a disease that scourged North America”

      • Thanks. I saw that, though. “Scourge” isn’t “scrourge” unless it’s a typo…which it probably is. So, you think scourging makes sense in this context? Would he be drawing someone being whippped?

        I wonder if I should ask EA (on their forum) to tell me what scrourging is or to fix their typo. heh!

        • Yes – self-flagellation is common among certain ascetic sects (think of the creepy guy in The DaVinci Code). Plus, I think Jesus was said to have been scourged prior to and/or during the crucifixion.

          And, yes, I’m pretty much positive that it was either a typo or a little boy struggling to correctly pronounce the word.

      • EA seem to have been making a lot of typos recently, new writers maybe?
        A lot of typos
        This morning I saw a “Mr Simpsons”
        now I can’t remember the rest

  3. Morning Bunny, how’s your rabbit hole this morning?
    I hate twiddling my thumbs for half the day till you guys wake up


  4. If any of my neighbors happen to see this by 9:30 ET or so (and if it happens to get moderated in time), can you please go to my town and tap my triffids crop to revive it? I hate to lose all the money I spent, and, even more the XP that I can reap.

    TIA! 🙂

    • Hi Sandra

      Can’t do anything in your Springfield for another 10 hours but will check then in case no-one else has – although I suspect that that would be unlikely with your neighbours! 😄😄😄 The triffids still seemed to be doing ok – or is that the next crop already?


  5. So I just noticed something for the first time yesterday. The Simpsons Laser Tag building animates! It looks sooooo coooool!! Grandpa Simpson’s eyes shoots out lasers (just like in S19E11) and the double gates open, with lasers shooting around inside! Has anyone else seen this on theirs? But after I moved the building it stopped. I don’t know what activated the animation. Does anyone know how???

    • It may be one of those “hidden” animations. Where a neighbor tap brings them to life. Otherwise… just a happy glitch. Many of the animations get disabled to keep game stability and only come back now and then for certain Events.

  6. I purchased 900 donuts at a cost of $65NZD. The donuts never appeared in my inventory and I contacted EA immediately. I was told to wait 24 hrs incase they appeared, and if not, to then send receipt bill from Apple and also invoice receipt from iTunes and it would be credited urgently. I did so, and then was told this would be put thru to customer service team to add them with an indefinite time frame. 36 hrs since I purchased these donuts and still nothing! And when I re-query I am told to just wait, that there is no time frame able to be given and I’m not even told an expected time frame to have these. Considering the $$ I spent, this is terrible customer service from EA and I will never purchase another load of donuts at this value again. I’ve never had a problem purchasing smaller packages of donuts but the overall experience of having to chase and chase for these to be given to me is disappointing to say the least.

    • If you do not get resolve… you can always go to the App Market for a refund and maybe try again later. It sucks to have to go that way about it… but if you don’t get the help you need… it is at least an alternative.

  7. I found that ppl are more impresed by towns whitch have tones of premium stuff, rather then towns of players who care about plan and drcoration of their citys… Some ppl cant spent mony on a game and try to build a nice city with no dounats, but ppl moastly care about cool premium stuff…😓
    So i think i will make a website for them in a day or so and i invite anyone who cares for design to join!!! ill post more information here.
    For now, the website will be called TSTO BUILDING

    • People want to see all the premium stuff if they’ve never seen it before, but some people waste a lot of cash and just pile up stuff in a corner, I agree towns are better with a little thought and don’t need to have all the premium stuff 🙂

  8. I’m going to work to earn donut money, then I’ll be back to bother y’all,

    and guess what? ……’s a public holiday on Monday so that’s an extra whole day of tapping and bothering y’all

    Later tappers. 🙂

  9. I need some neighboreenos! Hit me up

  10. Silly Bunny, not Earl Grey, just plain old tea, (with 4 sugars) ☕ ☕

    that didn’t seem like much sleep, now I’m out the door again, no chance to tap till tonight, ….have a good morning 🙂

    • Psssh… what about the “cream”? I hope you at least had some “biscuits” with it too. 😉

      • Cream, ….you’re thinking of ye olde tea shoppe where yanks would go in Strat-Ford or Edin-burro a splash of moo juice is fine ….

        Yes biscuits are something different to you guys with gravy …:-)

        I’ve thought for some time there should be a thread like this……

        U.S. sidewalk U.K. pavement
        U.S. garbage truck. U.K. dustbin lorry
        U.S. fawcet U.K. tap

        Etc. etc. Like a phrase book ….good for encouraging communication, and promoting Anglo-American relations

        • HAHAHAHAHAHHA… I don’t put moo juice in my tea. I’m a honey or pure sugar girl if it needs a bit of sweet. 😉

          I do like my Biscuits and Gravy… but I also adore the sweet biscuits on the other side of the pond. Miss my aunt bringing me back the yummy ones in the colorful tins.

        • Craig (ibuylow2014)

          My personal favorite is torch and flashlight.

    • Strong, so you can stand the spoon up in it , what we call builder’s tea over here . Best cup of tea is always transport cafes where all the long distance lorry drivers go , really hard to find them now though , not many left unfortunately . Really good breakfasts too , bacon eggs , sausages , beans, mushrooms , hash browns , black pudding etc and usually a really good price . That’s the diet out the window then , follow that lorry . Do you drink tea or is it always coffee ?

      • Coffee is for girls, bet the miners down the pit in Yorkshire don’t drink coffee 🙂

      • What is black pudding? (I guess I could Google it, but I figured there are some other folks here who might be curious, too.)

      • It’s pigs’ blood Sandra, … black in colour, starts off like a black sausage about 4″ diameter, then you cut slices about 1″ thick and fry like a burger, has barley and seasoning too

        Trendy at the moment in Michelin starred restaurants like Gordon Ramsay’s etc.


        • Interesting! What kind of seasonings? I’m trying to imagine what it might taste like. I think I have an idea of the texture and the umami-ness, but not the actual flavor.

      • I think the seasoning varies, but nutmeg, and cinnamon are mentioned, I had to oogle it because it’s hard to describe, among the answers I found ….it tastes less like blood than a rare steak and if you didn’t know what it was made from, you wouldn’t guess from the taste …I would say oaty with a bit of spice but not a strong flavour. I also found out that there’s a spicier Spanish version called Morcilla (which is probably easier to get where you are)

        Now I’m hungry for breakfast 🙂

      • Drool…

  11. Hey all, still here…

    • Oh, good – I was starting to wonder!

      • Hey Sandra, life has been immensely busy lately, how are things in your world?

        • Craig (ibuylow2014)

          Cube – I had to severe ties. I just couldn’t make a connection with you without my device freezing or closing the app on me. I tried all the ways available to increase my available memory but it was not working. I have a old, old iPad 1 so I am getting hit pretty good with this problem. If I decide to upgrade I would love to get back in your neighborhood. Otherwise, we will see each other here. Thanks!!!

        • I’ve been away on vacation this week (Wi-Fi is limited, so I haven’t been my good visiting neighbor self so much…just trying to at least keep pace with the calendar so I can get all of the Act 2 prizes). It’s been generally nice…just came out of the pool to eat lunch), except I basically lost a day of my vacation because I lost my entire set of keys and spent 4 hours yesterday justlooking for them (to no avail). Fortunately, my husband was able to overnight FedEx me his key to my car, so I’m now able to drive my car again (and go home tomorrow).

          Can’t wait to hear about all of the changes you alluded to…I hope they’re good ones! 🙂

      • (Apologies to all, forced week off)

      • Howyadoin’? All good I hope! Many, many changes, all too many to describe here 😉

      • Craig, all good mate, was wondering where you went! Be good to see you soon.

    • Craig, I assume you left my neighborhood for the same reason. Sorry to see you go. When you were able to visit, you were a regular and I appreciate that. If you do upgrade, I would love to have you as a neighbor again. @ SANDRA SHILL., I wondered where you were. You were a daily visitor as well. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Hope to see you soon.

      • Craig (ibuylow2014)

        Yes, I am having a heck of a time with the memory demands of this event. I go in, clear everything, make sure I sync and then close the app, hard reboot the iPad and try to get in to friends and it boots me out of the app. So, rather than hold you all up in getting visitors, I got rid of myself on your list so you can get an active player. I hope that after this event the memory demand is less.

      • Just got back. Managed to visit midst of my neighbors twice this week while I was on vacation, but that’s all I could manage. Hope to return to regular daily/near daily visits as of tomorrow. Believe me, I wish I could have done more visiting while I was away – think of all those free donuts I lost out on! 😉

      • Hey NCR, howya goin’?

      • Good Cube how are you?

  12. Is anyone else losing hope that their monorail plans will not come to fruition? With so many curves, short, and S tracks and a lack of strait prices is killing me. I would love to see an option of prices we get in Act 3

    • More is coming. 😉

    • Thanks to the number of curve pieces my monorail will be able to go round and round in ever decreasing circles ! Gimme some straights please . Put four curves into a tight circle , looks like a modern version of Stonehenge !

      • That is odd as I have a TON of straight and not many Curve.

      • yeah we musta lucked out, because i was receiving plenty of straight track during the bonus track rounds as well.

      • Swapsies ? Available to all at a knockdown price ! Eat you’re heart out Gil ! Seriously though Bunny , as the wise man said , it’ll be alright on the night . Feel better for having a whinge , just hope they even out over remainder of act 2 and act 3 otherwise my Springfielders are going to get very dizzy riding the monorail round and round in a circle !

  13. oops please delete this, i posted in the wrong thread

  14. Got myself a dilemma that is, yet isn’t quite an issue. Got my second Spuckler brood spawn today automatically even though I still had 20 days left. Yay me! However, where it was the second one, Brandine is still prego lol. Here comes the dilemma, the current time on the third kid is ONLY 20 days, which is the time I had left on the second one. So, that saves me what, 2 months and 10 days worth of pregnancy. I could store her, and put back in the town, or spend the 8 donuts to get the third kid spawned immediately, contact EA to see what they will/won’t do, or, wait the 20 days, which I think will end up being after this event is over.

    • Up to you. Those that let her sit… just got the kid early. So, a freebee that didn’t take 90 days via the patch and another quicker than 90.

      • Suppose it won’t hurt to let her sit a few more days. Never know they may get generous and give the third kid in a patch also. Oh and I just noticed the pool which was reset to level 1, you can now choose which pool you wish to display, although I did still have to “buy” level 2

    • Oh and on top of that, my pool, although not that hard to get back to level 5, is reset to level 1?

    • despite being able to help with trash and metal, brandine really isn’t necessary to have for this event. if you were planning on birthing the third kid anyway, it seems like a no-brainer to wait out the remaining 20 days to get it.

      • Hey TB, agree, I’m about to “Spuckle” in 4 or so days, was cool to get a free Spuckler the fitst Act but a bit sore on missing the “find the lost Spuckler” task. Did it give another Spuckling?

  15. Just maxed out XP for the first time. But I’m still at Shotkickers storyline. I started the game sometime around the end of Feb or start of Mar this year. 6 months of obsessive tapping! Thanks to all the addicts and players for their help and advice.

    • Hey, TSTO twin! I came here to post how I finally maxed out after 6 months of tapping. Still on shotkickers, too. Lol

  16. I have now saved up $30 million I game cash as of today (and got 3 sprinkles during my daily visits!)
    Hints on best use of cash?
    I don’t have all land (don’t need it yet) and have only the sit and rotate aspiration all.
    Feel like I should have $50 million before in vesting in one, but would love feedback!
    (I have the money pit but still level one, that is lower priority)

  17. Do you guys think they will ever increase the item limit? I just reached 5700 and I’ve done nowhere near the amount of decorating i want, not to mention the new stuff that will come with the next act of the monorail and future events like Halloween and Christmas. I only started playing at the start of the year during the stonecutters black market sale, i don’t know how people who’ve been playing since the start and have loads more event stuff handle it! I hate the idea of storing most of my stuff, especially when I’ve worked so hard on it!

    • To protect devices (see the post on all the issues with TOO much in a game going on) I doubt they ever will. Remember, these are mainly mobile devices and not home gaming systems or PC’s. They do not handle that much going on in a screen at once the same. Many devices struggle.

    • 4500 is just the first warning mark, the actual limit before the game no longer allows you to place objects is supposedly 7500. so if you got a relatively new device you should be okay running up your object count. you may begin to experience visual glitches the more you stuff your town with objects, but as long as it runs smoothly for you and your neighbors, you should be okay for a while. by comparison, i’m up above 7400 objects and still going strong, despite my outdated 2012 devices… though i have to admit it runs soooo much smoother on my wife’s newer smartphone (snapdragon 800 cpu).

      • I just wanted to point out another side of the limit. Keep your neighbors in mind too… even though tapebelts game functions for them… but others have run into a severe lag or issue trying to get in and visit. So awesome towns are awesome… but if you plan on having neighbors think of them too. “Won’t somebody think of the Neighbors!!”

      • i DID say “as long as it runs smoothly for you and your neighbors”… 🙂

        unfortunately, it seems like this latest event is causing a lotta lag and slowdown for a significant amount of people visiting neighbors. love the monorail, but ea still has work to do in terms of minimizing its hit to game performance overall.

  18. To Bunny ….. And Alissa, who probably won’t see this (already got Wookie). If I wanted to be y’alls neighbor I know I’m supposed to email you my ID and you’ll request me when you can. Will your ID names be obvious? Just wondering.

  19. Hey Bunny🐰,
    Reading your comments about hitchhikers guide, coupled with your comments about British comedy, I thought, ……..

    have you heard of a show called “Red Dwarf”? it would be right up your street 🙂

    • Lol. Of course. Watched it. Loved it. I am a geeky girl after all. 😉

    • It made me giggle in a similar way watching Spaceballs did parodying geek films… but an entire Series of it. 😉

    • Good call Lee , Red Dwarf is in my top 10 of all-time great television . Really lucky it gets rerun quite often .

      • I vaguely remember hearing they were going to make another series 🙂

        • Okay, so, as I mentioned before, I’m definitely an anglophile, but I have to say, that is one little thing I find slightly annoying that the Brits) (no, Swype, I did not mean to types “Bros”) do… What you guys call a “series,” we call a season, because a series is the whole show. So a “season finale” is just the last episode for this year (or whatever period they show a bunch of episodes in a row for), but a “series finale” means the last episode of that show forever (or at least until someone makes a whole new version of it, like they did with Battlestar Galactica, for example).

          If you’re going to buy the DVDs for all of the episodes ever made of a show what is the noun that comes after “The Complete…”?

          • For me… it is all in the language you grow up surrounded by. I grew up round my Gramms and Gramps… so a movie is a “show” to me. Where as others around me call TV Episodes “shows”. Drives Alissa nuts. But then again, she says things that drive me nuts. It’s not just one side of pond over another, it can even be neighbor to neighbor. I love the diversity though and seeing the origin of why people talk and say things the way they do. 🙂

            • I love the diversity of language, too! And some things others (meaning not the people I grew up among) say I think makes more sense, or are helpful, so then I “adopt” it’s usage myself. For example, most folks in NYC do NOT say “y’all,” but I think it’s a really helpful word, so I’ve adopted that one, especially in informal writing (like here).

              • Craig (ibuylow2014)

                I have a great picture of my grandfather (born in 1896) riding in his fancy one-horse carriage. So, he saw the introduction of automobiles. His whole life, he called his car, ‘the machine’.

            • Oh, and BTW, it’s “grandma” and “grandpa”! 😛

      • To answer Sandra’s question, it could be “complete collection”….

        and “season finale” sounds very grand when you really mean “last in the series”

        While we’re talking TV have you guys seen “Jeeves & Wooster” with Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie ? by P.G. Wodehouse

        Also, who the hell is Tila Tequila, and Farah Abraham? They’re over here in “big brother” (started tonight)….. can’t wait for the season finale on that one …. 🙂
        📺 📺 📺 📺 📺 📺 📺 📺 📺

        • Let’s just say they are two girls that… ummm… make their way round town? Lol. “Stars” made popular by reality TV airing all their lives.;)

      • Told you I lived next door to Alunited1961, 🙂
        such a small country,

        Bedtime here now (after this episode of family guy)
        Take care Bunny 🙂

    • I hope so , but they’re all getting a bit long in the tooth now . Think I heard / read that Robert Llewellyn dislikes all the prosthetics and make up needed for Kryten . Can’t blame him .

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