Monorail Act 2 Is Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Sunday Morning!  It’s just after 4am here on the East Coast and I’m on my way out of town….BUT Act 2 of the Monorail is now Live!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

2015-08-11 17.12.37

Bunny here taking over to update… Cletus will get things started with an autodialog, Worth a Shot Pt. 1. You will Place the Tetanus Terminal and any 3 Track Pieces for it. Previously placed pieces seemed to count in my game.

Side Note: Cobb starts out Phase 2, Cletus triggers the lil questline when you hit 5000 Duct Tape and the Terminal.

New Prize Currency for Act 2..

ico_mono15_ducttape_lg Duct Tape

You’ll be awarded Duct Tap now for the Project Board, Clearing Possums and visiting neighbors (and clearing neighbor actions in your town). This also includes the 5 day Daily Combo, you will now get 5000 Duct Tapes on the 5th consecutive day of play.

Possums +10 Duct Tape Each

Clear “Garbage Stench”(Neighbor Tap) +1 Duct Tape Each

Neighbor Visits are still +6 Duct Tape for a MAX of 90 Actions per 24hrs.


Daily Challenge Bonus

It’ll still happen for the Project Board, just like Act 1.  Only now you’ll be awarded ico_mono15_ducttape_lg for completing actions.


Act 2 Personal Prizes

tetanusterminal_menuTetanus Terminal- 4,450 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg Also comes with 3 straight track pieces

trackcurvese_menu trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menu3 Track Pack- 10,800 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg

trackcurvese_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menu3 Track Pack- 20,200 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg

tetanusterminalmodule1se_menutetanusterminalextension_menutetanusterminalextension_menutetanusterminalmodule3_menuTerminal Station Pieces- 36,850 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackcurvese_menutrackscurvese_menutrackscurvese_menu5 Track Pack- 48, 450 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg (this should include S curves)

tetanusterminalmodule1se_menutetanusterminalextension_menutetanusterminalextension_menutetanusterminalmodule2se_menuTerminal Station Pieces- 65,100 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackcurvese_menutrackscurvese_menutrackscurvese_menu5 Track Pack- 78,150 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg

tetanusterminalextension_menutetanusterminalextension_menutetanusterminalmodule2se_menutetanusterminalmodule3_menuTerminal Station Pieces- 94,800 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackcurvese_menutrackscurvese_menutrackscurvese_menu5 Track Pack- 109,300 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg

uriahsheap_menu unlock_hippieUriah’s Heap Recycling Center-  132,700 ico_mono15_ducttape_lg (includes Hippie)


Bonus Donuts

The bonus donut questline is back!  This time it is Project Management: Plastic!  The questline will ONLY appear for 3 parts and then you’ll complete it.  So you can only earn 6 donuts this round at most.  But hey free donuts are free donuts! 😉

3 donuts


Act 1 Prizes

IF you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT ONE PRIZES” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright by each one left at the point you left off at.


New Items in the Store

We’ve got new items added to our stores for Act 2… TIMED FOR 11 DAYS


garbagetruck_menu Garbage Truck- 35 Donuts, 0.50% Bonus

golfcourse_menu Golf Course- 100 Donuts, 1.50% Bonus



Returning Items.. TIMED FOR 11 DAYS

recycledcastletower_menuRecycle Tower- 20 Donuts, Improves Vanity

recycledcastlewall_menuRecycle Wall- 2 Donuts, Improves Vanity


And that my friends is the details of Act 2 of the Monorail Event!  Enjoy your Sunday…we’ll have more on Act 2 tomorrow 🙂

What are you’re thoughts on Act 2?  Excited about the prizes?  How about the new items? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

271 responses to “Monorail Act 2 Is Live

  1. Is it possible to earn or buy extra “Tetanus Terminal” pieces after we have earned all ones available from the questline? Also, how do we get the “Glass Depot?” Was it a timed event? Am I out of luck? It doesn’t seem to be coming up and I have all buildings and characters in my town. 😭

  2. So, I’ve been getting 2 donuts each time I complete a Level 2 prize pack for the Monorail Quest. At first I didn’t notice after the initial 6 donuts, but I’ve definitely “earned” another 6-8 donuts since then. Anyone else notice this?

  3. I don’t think their is a limit to the amount of tape you can get per day.I think it limits you to one prize per day. It always limits me by stopping me from getting more prizes after I win a prize. Anyone else’s game like this?

  4. Is the daily cap of 9500 accurate? I’ve just hit my limit for the day already. Only added 7900 to my total before being capped and that includes my 1200 daily bonus and 440 for tapping possums. So by my reckoning, the project board only gave me just over 6300 today.

  5. Hey there, I missed the last half of act one I’m up to Act One part 6 for 115Donuts. But if I spend the donuts does that unlock just one part of it or all the missed monorail pieces?

    • It only unlocks that current item. So if you are looking to unlock some of the personal prizes, the donut amount is ONLY for that number it is currently one. Then once unlocked, it will tell you the cost of the next… then the next… and so on til you get all 10.

  6. Apologies if you’ve already answered this question somewhere but I missed out on virtually all of Act 1. Can anyone tell me how many donuts I have to pay for the prizes? I only see that it’s 55 for the first track pieces and would love to know how much it would cost me in total to get to the first station pack.

    • I want to say it was around at least 1000 donuts total. I’d have to double check each one again

      • I don’t really care about getting Ray or all the railway tracks, I just want the first Station Pieces Pack, but I don’t want to blow all my donuts on it (freemium player). :-/

  7. Do I need the monorail station from act 1 to build a monorail? I missed the whole act one.

  8. We’re only a couple of days into act 2,and 2 of my friends already have over 100,000 duct tapes. How is that possible when projects max out each day?

  9. I’m doing so well at recycling, I’m thinking about taking on Super Hero status.
    Just call me… GARBAGE MAN!! Errmm…but I’m a woman…and, umm, “Garbage Man” should be Sanitation Worker.
    *heavy sigh* Guess I’ll just get back to sorting trash….WITH GUSTO! 😀 😀

  10. So not impressed with the cap on projects. Really prevents you from getting the final prize for each act without spending donuts. For Act One I got all but the final prize, Ray Patterson. Looks like it will be the same for Act Two. So not cool!!!!

    • Actually… it doesn’t. We proved that in the Math on Act 1. Will have a Math post on this one too for Act 2 coming soon. 😉

    • Actually me and my boyfriend got ray patterson without spending donuts. We even finished one or two days in advance, and me not completing the daily cap for the first half of act 1. So if you didn’t get ray it can’t be because of the cap. You must just have left several days out, not turning in Anything.
      So just keep it up and you’ll get the hippie…👍🏻👍🏻

    • I got all the prizes for act one without spending doughnuts to advance personal prizes. And I skipped the first few days. I can’t recall hitting a daily cap during act one- maybe because I started late.

  11. Is anyone else being locked out from turning in projects??

  12. Hi looking for neighbors. Just started this game not long ago. I play everyday several times a day. ****

  13. Help! Is anyone else only getting metal projects to complete? Both my plastic and junk have been full for two days and I am repeatedly collecting metal for the project board. Is something broken???

    • You got to keep cycling those projects clear the one in front for another option.

      • Yep. Tried that about 10 times and still just metal. It’s been driving me insane. Until now. Just refreshed to one with plastic. Thanks x

      • By “cycling those projects” you just mean completing them, right? As in, just doing what we’re supposed to be doing? Because if there’s an option to actually cycle through the projects until you find one with different materials needed, then that would be AWESOME because I’ve currently slogged my way through my last 13 completed projects because each one required only metal (as do the 3 that are currently open – and 16 metal projects in a row and 0 plastic seems like a bit of a balancing issue to me)

        • Correct on first part. Clear one with materials gathered, another appears. Clear another… repeat. And vary it. Don’t focus only Left or Middle or Right. Switch it up. Clear them all. Do big and small Projects.

    • Can be frustrating, I went 31 projects without any for plastic. Metal seems to be a lot more common – at least for me.

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