Act 2 Questions, Clarifications, and Concerns

Hey there Monorailers!

Hopping on by to go over some main concerns I am seeing in the comments in regards to things going on now with Act 2 of the Monorail Event in our game.

Take a peek at all the issues below to see if it addresses the one you are going through.

Addict Tech Support



Smelly Garbage Building

During this event you can dump garbage on your neighbors Buildings creating “stink lines” to fume up from their Building.

The issue arises when you go to try and clear the stench off your Building. For whatever reason it is causing Players games to crash. I still have not found a specific reason as to why this is happening, but there is a workaround for it.

If the Building is one you can store away into your Inventory, do it. Tap on the Movement Menu to go to the moving/storing screen and then tap on the Building and store it. Then exit out, go back in, and replace it. You will lose that Duct Tape and payout, but it is the main way to keep it from crashing your game.

Outside of that, you need to reach out to EA.



Project Board

This one is very common and we have been seeing it from Act 1. You are now earning Trash, Metal, and Plastics. Each one can be used to clear Projects off the Project Board.

If you haven’t been paying attention, you may have not noticed that those Projects rotate around on what they Require as well as what they Pay Out. I have found that if I clear small payouts, there are usually larger ones further behind them but still random when and where they pop up.

So if you have Material maxed out, just keep clearing those Projects until you get capped out and eventually the Materials will come back to being Required so you can use them.



Project Board Capped Cobb needs a rest

Speaking of caps, many questions on the Project Board Cap for this Act 2. I am still working through it and to FULLY test it out… we like to spend a few days to be sure on our games. So please hang in there while I go through and test it over a period of a few days to see what my games show me live in play.

Otherwise, the details I see show me that it SHOULD be this…

The cap is 7500, BUT there is a daily Cap too that it applies to. That cap did not start until today. So, staring on the 24th the cap will be 15,000. Then going forward…

24th- 15,000
25th- 22,500
26th- 30,000
27th- 37,500

And so on. Each day an extra 7500 added to the cap. So if you are a bit under the prior day you have a bit more wiggle room the next day. If you are OVER the day before, you will have less room.

Remember, these caps are ONLY for the Project Boards. You can still get bonuses, collect Duct Tape from Neighbors, and from everywhere else no problem. ONLY PROJECT BOARDS ARE LIMITED.

Again, it will take a few days of actually testing this out and ONLY the Project Board Payouts. No bonuses, friend taps, possums, etc.




I covered this in another post, but will put it here again…

Memory Drain. It is a big issue in highly outside animated Events. This is why keeping 4500 items in game helps among other things. Help your device when this hits really hard, like this Event.

  • Disable Monorail. Pull the track pieces away from the station to prevent it from moving around your game or when Neighbors Visit.
  • Players stating moving Project Board to an isolated area is helping with crashing too. You may want to try it.
  • Store the Building with the “stink” on it if it’s crashing (see above)
  • If this happens while Neighbor tapping… see if it is ONE Neighbor crashing or specific ones, they may be having issues getting in too. So “hide” them and don’t visit them until they can fix it or replace them if concerned about your game play.
  • Store NPC’S and any other animated items not in use.
  • Don’t push the 4500 limit. If you do, expect the game to slow and more “texture” glitches to name a few things
  • Keep non essential Characters on indoor tasks or store them in your inventory.
  • Play ONLY this App. In other words kill all other Apps that are running BEFORE launching this one. Anything in the background while this is going (Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, etc) will take Memory away from the app as they fight over the availability.
  • Give it space, LOTS of space. Like 2-3GB of empty space on your device. Insane I know, but highly active Events take a lot and so do the game files.
  • Run on highest stable internet connection as possible. WiFi usually works best, and also doesn’t wipe out your Data Plan

Remember, if you are having trouble getting in your game… so might your neighbors. Memory Drain impacts more than just you. So help you and your Neighbors or they may not visit if your town crashes their game each time.

Outside of that. EA knows how big this one is pulling on the Memory Drain. Hopefully they can make some cuts to help combat it too. Until then, try the tips to see if it helps. In the meantime, keep reporting to EA the Crash Issues.



mansionclassicmainbuilding01_menu mansionmodernbigbuilding_menu

This is still in effect. You still can’t store them. Period. No indication when this will change. I am sure we will post on it when it does, so in the meantime… still can’t store them and still not date when you can. 😉



tetanusterminal_menu krustystation_menu

Right now we currently have THREE total Terminals in the game (including Premium Krusty). Many of you wonder what would happen with them if you connect them all to one track. To my personal disappointment, no crashing involved. BOO! Lol. But seriously, you essentially then see just one Monorail running the line.

So keep this in mind. You can have 2- 3 running or just one.



Mr Burns 3

A very odd one is creeping in that I am seeing in the comments. Complete sections of the game just disappearing. All the Characters and Buildings from that area. Makes me wonder if it is linked to the Crashing and Lagging above and the games way of almost forcing items out of the game play area to combat it.

Either way, if a Character goes missing… check for their Building. If it’s in your game store it and then put it back to see if Character returns. Also check the Inventory Storage Character Tab.

For a missing Building, check Inventory Storage under the Buildings Tab.

If these steps do not help bring the Character and/or Buildings back, try other Basics. Even to a complete uninstall/reinstall. Overall, this does need to be reported to EA so they can track it and put a stop to it. So please reach out to them too.



This one comes and goes and only impacts a small amount of players. Essentially you progress in your game, but somehow when you return hours later… you are back to BEFORE you started. If this happens, note all the missing items and contact EA for support.


If you do not see a particular issue here, use our handy Search Tool in the Menu links. We may have already covered it in another post.


If you need to reach out to EA, here is the post.


There you have it. Other more detailed items we will cover in the usual breakdown individual posts, so keep an eye out for those.

Did these help to clear up your issue? Did you run into any of these? Tips to your fellow players that you used on the issue you would like to pass on? Let us know.



190 responses to “Act 2 Questions, Clarifications, and Concerns

  1. is it just me? ive already finished two weekly rounds from the rail yard but ive never received a long straight track. all they give me is plenty if curved and s track.

  2. So I just got off the phone with Aaron at EA(best customer service ever). He says the studio is aware of the missing building/characters bug and are working on it. He also says its triggered when placing track over water. Hope that helps.
    He also told me to check tsto addicts to stay updated with the latest updates.
    Sounds like an official endorsement from EA to me.

  3. Why want you answer my question I said I can’t get the monorail to move I have 7 games

    • Contact EA. At this point that’s all I can tell you to do. I can’t go into your game and fix it…you need to contact EA and have them help you.

  4. Help Help Help!!
    I’m freaking out and dknt kno what to do.
    I was placing tracks and half my Springfield vanished. I powered down. Restarted my game. My buildings are there and usable but characters are gone. The game us telling I need to rebuy from the store. But I don’t want anything else to happen. I will contact EA.

  5. Is the project board still capped once you complete the Act 2 Prize track?

  6. With my games a section disappeared with its contents including premium content, visiting a neighbour brings it back, but only briefly, this should be sorted from the recent update, if not, move the items to an area where it doesn’t disappear. I stopped it by movining a piece of track that disappeared with the area, then placed that piece back whilst the area was gone. When I visited a neighbour and went back everything came back incuding an extra track piece!

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