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Update- Gil Deal! Muscle Marge!

UPDATE 8/26 7:15PM EST: Seeing coming and going of the Bart Screen. Hang in there. I had it too, but was right back in after a couple minutes. Could be an influx of Players on the Servers. 

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Our dear Ol’ friend Gil is back with another deal. Begging and pleading for our Pink Sprinklies.

I am going through it really quick and will have the full details updated to the post shortly. Mainly, you will see your app Update as you go into your game and you will be pulled to Gil on the Streets once you enter with a Weight over his head.

Gil Kneeling

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Monorail Math Act 2

Hey there Nerdereenos!

Act 2 is now in full swing and much like Act 1… there is panic of “Can I really get all the Prizes in time?”

Once again we are seeing the same kind of panic on the Project Board caps, Neighbor Visits, and daily tapping. No worries, here to help out as usual for those that scream “I CAN’T MATH!”

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