App Store Update!!

Hey there Hoppereenos!

There is an update patch that has FINALLY hit the App Markets. It is specifically noted as a Patch Update. (Version 4.16.5 in iOS & Google Play)

I am looking through it all right now to see all the changes, feel free to chime in if this fixes items you have been waiting for too.

App Market Update 8 27 15

Back with more in a bit.

UPDATE: Quick note, sorry… I am not sure why this did not save to the post when I added it, but the Spruce Caboose is here too for those that did not buy it the first go round. 

sprucecabooseSpruce Caboose: 85 Donuts, Earns $300 & 30XP every 12hrs. Timed to end the same day as the Garbage Truck and Golf Course.

Original info on it HERE



fancybusiness01_menu Business Center mansionclassicmainbuilding01_menu

As I bounce around, the first thing that is MOST noticeable to me is the one thing I was waiting for them to resolve… storing those 10 of each Buildings in Springfield Heights. WOOHOO!!

Though… it seems you still can get them locked out and buy more. So maybe complaints you just prefer them put away overtook the lock out til fixed?




Looks like the amounts I was seeing in my game were pretty accurate, they did update the numbers to match. The Caps are around 9500 as I predicted. This will make your earning of the all the personal prizes REALLY easy. Updating the list now.

Date  Cap Increase
8/23 9500
8/24 19000 +9500
8/25 28500 +9500
8/26 38000 +9500
8/27 47500 +9500
8/28 57000 +9500
8/29 66500 +9500
8/30 76000 +9500
8/31 90000 +14000
9/01 104000 +14000
9/02 118000 +14000
9/03 133000 +15,000

So as you can see, the Project Boards alone are MORE than what you require for the Act 2 Prizes. Easily done with lots of room to get all the extra Tracks you want.



Project Board Capped Cobb needs a rest

I know many of you were also concerned that the Prize Cap did not lift after getting all the Personal Prizes. I just tested this out and in my game that has them all…

22+757+2661+1806+2054+1669+18+883+2915+1669+2+10+836+21+1449+1013+1930 = 19715

I have not been stopped yet. So it looks like you can go on after getting them all without an end in site. This randomly gives you 1 extra Rail on the Ahead of the Track Bonuses.



Akira 1 bonsai_menu

I knew there was another I was waiting on. Lol. Thanks for reminding me. I am seeing some of you now stating that this feature is back to working again as it should and Akira and his Bonsai planting is going forward.

Please let us know if any of you run into issues with this one again.


As for the other glitches in the game, please let us know if you see changes in your game (as many of these I did not run into, so can’t check to see if resolved).

  • Monorail Running causes crashing, have to unlink rails. Can you link them back and run it again now?
  • Stinky houses crashing the game. Let us know if it continues past this update.
  • Mutant Rabbit won’t stop multiplying. Let us know if yours stopped. (Mine they all go away when task ends.)
  • Parts of town/Characters disappearing. Let us know if the items came back or if you run into it past this patch.
  • Neighbor Crashing. Let us know if you see a decrease since this update.


It will take me a bit to go through the lil ins n outs to see if there are other subtle changes to the Monorail Event. But those were the main ones I was hoping this Patch helped.

How did this impact you? Were you like me and IMMEDIATELY tapped like mad on the Heights Buildings? Anything else stand out to you? Let us know.


380 responses to “App Store Update!!

  1. Thanks for this info

  2. I’ve been having a weird issue with the dollar signs over my brown houses. It might be happening to other buildings to but I only really notice it on the brown houses. When I first login all my brown houses have no dollar signs over them to collect money unless somebody has visited them and there’s a handshake over it. The same thing happens if I leave the houses with dollar signs over them but then go to a friends town and come back. It acts as if I’ve collected the money on all of them and restarts the countdown. I’m not sure if the money is actually going into my account, but it makes me wonder if people visiting my town are able to click on those houses consistently. Has anyone else noticed this? I’ve also experimented with clicking half of the brown houses before I leave the screen or logout and when I come back, the ones that have dollar signs no longer do, but the ones that I had clicked now have dollar signs again. Wtf?

    • It’s one of the many, many, MANY glitches going on since the Monorail Event ended

      • Well, damn, it’s not just my brown houses. It’s all my buildings. I had not cleared my town yet after about 6-8 hours and was working on updating my monorail first. Stepped away from my phone and it shut off (screen times out after 3 min unused)… Came back and ALL my buildings were missing the $$ and handshakes. Not cool.

  3. I connected my monorail tracks and now the characters that were recycling stuff are marked “under construction”. I stored their buildings, and they came back when I placed the buildings again. But I can’t store the Simpson house and Lisa is “under construction”. Cletus too, and I’m in the middle of growing corn. Is this what is meant by characters disappearing? Do I really have to uninstall and reinstall, losing almost an hour? I should’ve known better, but I thought the patch would finally let me run my monorail. Help!

  4. Thank you for the helpful link, Alyssa!! Followed the advice and only a little of my progress was lost. All is well! Thanks for alleviating my momentary panic.

  5. I am not sure where to post this. When I clicked on my game tonight an automatic update downloaded. I had to sign in again with my Origin ID. I did that but then when it finished I got a message that my other device didn’t save my game and I should sign into that device before playing with my Springfield. I don’t have another device with this game on it! I can click a PLay Now button, but I then get a message that some of my progress on my other device may be lost. Should I continue anyway since I don’t have another device? If I lose my progress now I will never make Uriah’s Heap in time. Help!!!!

  6. The option to have more than one pool launched the same time I got to the level where I got spiffanys and the mayors wife. Now it wants me to upgrade the pool before I can do the fundraiser but even though I have upgraded two pools all the way it keeps asking me to buy more pools. Just a glitch or should I contact EA?

  7. I just laid some mono track, it glitched, the half my town disappeared! I uninstalled and reinstalled with latest updates. It did not fix this.

    I am glad(?) to read it is a common problem, but how do I fix this? This is premo mono railo building time also and I’m missing 73.6%ish of my core production characters! Will EA provide recompense? (I accept donuts sprinkled with appologies)

  8. The patch has NOT fixed Akira’s glitch for me. Argh!!! It actually seemed to have fixed itself before the update hit (I got my last bonsai just before I downloaded it), but now I’m back to planting bonsais with no option to prune or re-pot them.

    By the way, the “missing SH buildings” glitch never applied to me. I’m glad they re-added the possibility to store them anyway; all of my deluxe condos, valet parkings and business centers are now maxed out and stashed away. Denizens of Springfield Heights can finally see the sun again!

  9. My project board no longer works.

  10. The update made the game glitch ALOT WORSE than before!!!! I have to exit the game every time I send someone to the plastic depot. Upsetting EA!!!

  11. Hi, I didn’t know where to ask this. I just went on my game today. When I sign in, it acknowledges I’m on level 53 but when the game starts I’m back on level one. I don’t know what to do and was wondering if I could get some advice.

    • It happens from time to time (has happened to me a few times). Few suggestions…hard close and restart tsto. If that doesn’t work uninstall/reinstall. If you’re still having issues you can try logging in from another device (that’s usually the kicker that works). If you don’t have another device you can contact EA. Your game isn’t lost, it’ll come back 🙂

  12. I don’t know if this has to do with the update, bit it’s the first glitch I’ve had since starting this game. It shows that I am logged in, but it starts as a new game. I figured if I log out and relog in it would be fine, but it won’t even do the log in screen now

    • It happens from time to time (has happened to me a few times). Few suggestions…hard close and restart tsto. If that doesn’t work uninstall/reinstall. If you’re still having issues you can try logging in from another device (that’s usually the kicker that works). If you don’t have another device you can contact EA. Your game isn’t lost, it’ll come back 🙂

  13. The game for me has been crashing a lot more frequently AFTER the update. The game just freezes and I have to manually push home button and then go into settings to find app and then manually close it. What can I do? This is getting really not fun at all.

    • You can try an uninstall/reinstall. Could also be your device. If you have an older device, or your device is full it could cause issues. This update requires a TON of space to run. If you’re still having issues, my next suggestion is to contact EA.

  14. Played for about 2 hours. Moved my monorail tracks then took a nap. Came back and the game crashed 3 times.
    Cletus disappeared. But the farm is still there. Game says I need the farm.
    Mountains disappeared.
    All the resource buildings in Springfield Heights disappeared.
    Playing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

  15. Only glitch before the update was game crashing between neighbors (a lot). After update, this is not fixed AND I am on level 56 with all characters but the tasks for both the monorail and Springfield Heights acts like I don’t have Mr. Burns, Skinner, Cletus, Moe, Marge, Brockman, Frink, and more. Which means I get less metal and less plastic (less Heights stuff too) even though I’ve already purchased the characters. Putting them in storage and back into play turns off half of my village buildings and it doesn’t matter anyway since when I get out and back in the game it resets to think that I don’t have those characters again. Even after I put them to work, it doesn’t give the earned points. Extremely frustrating. Anyone else still seeing this? Reported it to EA.

    • I’m having exactly the same problem! For me it started today when I placed a new track piece. Apart from Cletus and Burns (who are important for earning material) about 20 other characters are missing, as if I never built their buildings (they are in the build menu, although they are in my town). I tried all the troubleshooting, but no luck. Then I contacted EA, but they only said I should wait 24 hours, sometimes the servers need to reconnect to the game, or something. I really hope this will resolve itself….

      Also some buildings and characters don’t progress. When I login again they are free, although I assigned a job, and the buildings don’t pay anything, always starting again as if I just cleared them. This all started after the latest update, before I had no problems at all 🙁

  16. The donut prize for completing projects is gone in my town all of a sudden today. Is this a glitch or will it return?

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