Turbo Tappin’ Monorail Event: The Hippie

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Monorail time in Springfield!  Yes, the Monorail is now in Springfield….as well as a whole lotta garbage.  Loads of Springfielders can help collect junk from town…and some to help sort out the recyclables.  One character in particular that loves to recycle comes to us via the Act 2 Prize track and that’s the Hippie.

The Hippie is a character you can earn via the Act 2 Prizes to help with the event. (he can help collect recyclables like metal, plastic and glass) And once unlocked he comes with his own questline.  For those of you that have earned him already let’s take a look at his short questline now…


Once you win the Hippie from the Prize track you’ll have the option to store or place him in your town right away.  He does come with the Recycling Center, so placing that in your town will unlock the Hippie for you. Remember, if you choose to store him you’ll have to go into your inventory to pull him out…once in your town his questline will start up.  There is a 4hr build time on the Recycle Center.

It Ain’t Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 1
Hippie starts

Make the Hippie Start a Recycling Corporation- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

It Ain’t Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 2
Hippie starts

Make the Hippie Pour Over Projections- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

It Ain’t Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 3
Hippie starts

Make the Hippie Get Back to His Roots- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

It Ain’t Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 4
Hippie starts

Make the Hippie Hang Out with Other Corporate Hippies- Requires Matt Groening. 4hrs, Earns $350, 90xp

And that’s it for the Hippie’s questline!  Not too long, only 4 parts and VERY short.  It’ll take you 4hrs and 15 minutes to complete from start to finish…lots of 5 minutes tasks to drive you crazy. 😉

What are your thoughts on the Hippie?  Have you won him yet?  Are you close?  Thoughts on his questline?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

81 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Monorail Event: The Hippie

  1. I have the hippie and was wondering if I were to tap my monorail every 4hours and let the opossums run around and not tap them is there a limit to how many will run around my town. I know they roam because I have missed a few when tapping when I didn’t realize the number had increased to 12 per 4 hour period.

  2. Unlocked him this morning, built the yard, finished the quest line, and am taking the bonus tracks for all they’re worth. I’ve had good luck getting straight track pieces so far, three straight and one corner, so let’s hope it keeps going.

  3. Expatrie, if you are still around reading today, some people don’t get into events and just like the game itself, some live for events. Hopefully you have good neighbors that will at least clear towns for pep that r playing. Also summer time & lots of pep on vacation. You can always delete & add new neighbors if you aren’t happy with them. I don’t like loosing my neighbors, but do change when they quit playing. I will say I have picked up some awesome neighbors/friends by hanging in this site, if you don’t like to post just read & you get to know people’s habits & personalities! Good luck & happy tapping!The open thread section on this site is a fun place to get to know pep

  4. I wonder if the “pour over projections” a pun or a misspelling?

  5. For trappers who are tired of getting corner monorail tracks…using 4 corners one after the other will keep the track going straight. You’ll have a little bump, but it still works.

  6. Surprised he is voiced. Holding last bit of quest as I’m currently out from under the project cap (forever to escape if you ask me) and need him producing metal for now to maximize bonus rail.

    Anyone else have neighbors quit during events? I have four towns fully stinked.


    • Yes! But they’re still playing, they’re just not clearing their buildings. I’m about to dump them. I tap on their name, and it says they’ve played in the past few hours.

  7. Apparently there is no cap on the amount of duct tape earned daily once you unlocked the hippie – I already earned like 22000 (and 5 track pieces) from projects today.

    • Yup, just like what happened with Act 1. Once you get the final prize the cap is lifted and it’s all about earning however much track you want.

      • The only problem is….
        If you have 6750 points and need 250 to reach the next Track Piece, if you choose a task worth MORE than 250, you will lose those extra points. So keep a low value task available, or Possums running, or friends ready to tap.

  8. I received the hippie yesterday, now he’s gone. I still have the uriah’s heap recycling center but the hippie is gone. He doesn’t show up in the city hall list

  9. I building the recycling center and I will have the Hippie within the hour. Side note: I’ve noticed something interesting. I’m pursuing the “Ahead of the track” quest line for bonus track pieces. I’ve already completed the first round and received my one bonus track piece after collecting 3000 Duct tapes. So now I’m on round two, and it’s still only requiring 3000 Duct tapes to get another bonus track piece. I remember at the end of the first round of the Monorail event that the amount of blueprints required for bonus track pieces went up 1000 with every round. I’m hoping that the bonus round requirements stay at 3000 duct tapes per bonus track piece.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

    • I just discovered the answer to my own question. I just received my second bonus track piece after collecting 3000 duct tapes. Now my next task has been raised to 4000 duct tapes.

      • It was the same in act 1, first two pieces for 3000 each, then 1000 more each time.

      • yeah it was the same in the first act…. first two bonus track rounds were at 3000, then went up 1000 more each round.

        on another note, did anyone have anything out of the ordinary happen to their donut rounds? we were supposed to get 3 in the first act and 3 in the second, but i’m almost certain i had 4 in the first act and i KNOW i only got 2 in the second act. got 6 total, so not complaining, just wondering if anyone else experienced this?

        • Should have only gotten 3 in the first act. There is no coding for a part 4. So it could have been part 3 on repeat, but there’s not coding for a part 4 at all.

          As far as the missing one…this happened to some players last act. Should go to 3, not sure if it’ll correct itself or not though.

  10. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere so I’m guessing the answer is no, but do you get anything for completing every daily challenge? Kind of like Zutroy at Christmas being awarded for completing every elf tunnel task.

  11. I’m waiting on the 4 hr build right now and then the 2 day and 12+ hrs after that… I wanna see what else is in ACT 3!!!! I need to mellow out, anyone have any brownies (kidding, despite what people think of me I do not use anything not subscribed by a doctor).
    I suspect Seth and Munchie will apear in some sort of Homer’s Mom event with Flashback young Homer, younger Burns and Smithers Sr.. Maybe a whole 60s thing with The-Amendment-To-Be allowing police to beat up flag-burning Hippies bringing Nixon Back for those whom didn’t get him last time.

  12. Just had a 5 minute wait for update to complete and was excited to see what new things were instore but nothing changed, do you have any idea what was that all about?

  13. neighboureenos! …I have finally been able to connect my monorails without a crash ….however …if you wanna see a near miss race come and have a look lol ; D

    • Seen it, ….. and I’ve put it on the flickr page (linked top right on this page) so even non-neighbours can enjoy the craziness 🙂

    • This is a reply to our comments on another thread, …..I guarantee you some fool WILL be trying to enlarge the picture 🙂 🙂

  14. Is Uriah one of the guys that help Homer find his mom?

    ♫♪ UPTOWN GIRL!!! ♫♪♫♪

  15. I am so far behind in this event that I probably won’t get the hippie. Part of me really wants the Hippie because he is free while another part is kind of “meh”. Not sure why I fell so far behind – maybe I am just getting burned out. I am frustrated that cans still are the major currency to finish tasks. Even with the addition of glass and bottles it seems like most of the tasks require cans. I know you get more cans every hour but after tap tap tapping so often for Springfield Heights, I just can’t get into the groove of the Monorail event. I kind of can’t wait for it to be over at this point.

    • You’d be amazed how much ground you can make up if you devote a day or more to solid grinding. I made up a 70,000 duct tape deficit in about 2 days. Of course, if you’re burnt out you may not be in the mood to put in that level of effort. I was also not in the mood for an event after spending so much time working on Springfield Heights, so I get where you’re coming from. Good luck to you!

  16. I am a long haired hippie in my 50’s and wear tie-dye almost every day. This dude will have a prominent place in my town. Favourite. TSTO. Character.Ever!

  17. Please help, my people are disappearing!! So far Cletus, Mr Burns and now Uter have gone, is there a glitch or is something eating up my world??

    • It’s a glitch going around…first try storing Cletus’ farm and replacing it. Store the cooling towers and replace them. Store the Hungry Hun and replace it. That should bring the characters back. If it doesn’t contact EA. I know they are working on a fix for it, but still contact them anyway if it doesn’t work so they know more players are impacted.

  18. Got him this morning, now on the Matt Groening task

  19. I got him late last night actually think it was early morning! I love him, made me smile & reminds me of home in California, ah the good ole hippie days! I have to go have him meet Matt this morning, Matt was busy last night lol. Then going to try to get as much track as possible, so funny as I wasn’t one asking for it, but now that it’s here all I want is more track, please!
    Happy tapping everyone!

  20. Looks like I’m quitting TSTO: half my town keeps disappearing. That’s the last straw. Just wanted to thank the Addicts. This site was super helpful.

    • Have you tried contacting EA about it?

      • Not worth it, the effort to fun ratio is way off at this point.

        I let a lot of stuff slide with TSTO, with occasional crashing and worse; my town disappearing and it telling me I didn’t save on my other device…. Even though I only play on one device. This constant decimation of my town is too much though.

        So yeah, its time for me to move on.

        • To each his own. But in my opinion if you put all that time and effort into it you should at least try to contact EA and see if it can be restored. If the bank had an error and you were missing money (money that you put time and effort into earning) wouldn’t you contact the bank to get the issue corrected?

    • You are not alone! So many players reported the same thing. So yes do contact EA about it and perhaps they can compensate you or think about coming back to play after the monorail event as this is what’s caused the problems in the first place and yep it sucks!

    • Had the same troubles, but I am addicted, so did a lot of storing of buildings to get characters back and moving buildings off of the vanishing area. Seemed to be triggered by placement of a piece of track. (I changed the track layout). It also helped that I could now store Springfield Heights buildings. Had to contact EA to get Lisa and Cookie Kwan back. They are finally home again. Things are looking up now. It was discouraging, know how you feel.

  21. Got the Hippie yesterday! Now I am just plugging away for more track. NO more corner track!!!! Have a great monorail so far but need way more track. I love this event, can’t produce the metal fast enough. I also love visiting all my neighbors and getting to see what everyone is doing with their monorail.
    Also want to shout out to the 3 of you running this blog. I have just started commenting, but have been reading since you started. This site is a wonderful enhancement to my game play and a wonderful positive community. Thank You!

    Keep tapping everyone you can do it!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yeeeeeepeeeeee! Will have the Hippy in 37 minutes! Matt Groening is on a 12h task 😕. Earning more tracks for my monorail! Really great had three today so far.

  23. It’s building !! 3h 53 mins left
    Now let’s craft some more tracks. i need lots more to have a decent monorail

  24. Got him this morning , 9am UK time , woohoo ! Just waiting on the 4 hour build time . Never doubted for a minute at the start of act 2 that I would make it in time ( liar , liar , pants on fire ! ) Ouch , just caught my nose on the computer screen . Pinocchio , eat your heart out ! Now to grind like mad in the 3 days left for as much track as possible . If you haven’t got him yet , keep going , you can do it ,

  25. I’ve won him after completing today’s projects and receiving the bonus. The recycling center is currently building. Looking forward to have another helping hand in the recycling stations.

  26. I like that you bought the premium characters up front in act 1 and so far no more are required. And the unlocked characters allow some added flexibility. What I hate is that you get nothing of some sort of crafting material and then all three projects demand it. Now I am waiting to craft glass to get out of that trap again. I probably should be looking at it from the perspective that I can craft track faster with three options, but it doesn’t feel that way when one is stuck waiting. Will compare extra track results for acts 1 and 2 and see which yields the most track.

  27. Yeah. I unlocked him yesterday morning. This event is boring. The only reason I am going to finish it is because I want the free characters.

  28. I won him today and am building as I type so thanks for the heads up!

  29. …looking forward to the wdtcf post as for the life of me I don’t think I remember seeing him in an episode and it’s definately not flanders dad lol!

    Just unlocked him this morning and already have two lots of bonus tracks : )

  30. I got him this morning. I didn’t start this event until 5 days after it began so I’ve been playing catch up ever since so I’m pleased I got there 😀😀

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