Monorail Last Chance: Act 2 Premiums

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick reminder that we’re down to the final few hours for the Act 2 premium items.  So if you’re thinking about making a purchase be sure to do so BEFORE tomorrow (9/3) morning at 4am EDT.

So what’s leaving our stores?  Let’s take a look…



Garbage Truck
35 Donuts
Earns .50% bonus on all cash and XP
Should I Buy


Golf Course
100 Donuts
Earns 1.5% bonus on all cash and XP
Should I Buy


Spruce Caboose
85 Donuts
Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs
Should I Buy


Recycled Tower
20 Donuts
No bonus % awarded with it
Should I Buy


Recycled Wall
2 Donuts
No bonus % awarded with it
Should I Buy

And there’s your quick recap of the premium items leaving our games tomorrow morning.

What are your thoughts on the Act 2 Premium items?  Did you purchase any?  Any you’ll pickup before the leave?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

59 responses to “Monorail Last Chance: Act 2 Premiums

  1. I got up to needing 7000 duct tape for Above the Track bonus pieces, but no sign of the glass depot. Is there some part of the walk thru I need? I’ve been focused on having characters collecting recyclables.

  2. I hope the Garbage Truck returns …. 😉

  3. I was getting 11 possums per station, but now as of this morning its down to 8. What gives?

    • Did you store some tracks?

      • Yes, I’ve been having lag and stop working issues so I stored all my tracks.

      • Do the tracks need to be attached to increase possums, or is just having them out of storage sufficient? I have a bunch of track in storage that I can’t hook up to the line yet, but I could put them out on some empty land, if it will make a difference…

    • You can leave the tracks, if you don’t connect them to any of the stations. The trains won’t run, so no lag, but you still get the additional possums.

      • D’oh! Should have read this comment before I posted my question just now.

        Okay, be right back… Gotta go get a bunch of track out of storage… 😉

  4. Mapple Store!!! I have lusted long for this particular cubic configuration of pixels. My life is now complete! I never thought we would see this one made available again.

  5. The Mapple Store is back! Along with giant mechanical ants. Must buy more donuts…

  6. ….please wake up soon I’ve got ants in my pants ..erm in the store I mean : D

  7. When I visit a friend and tap for trash, it just closes game, and I don’t get the rewards! Been like this a few days, sorry to all my Simpsons friends. Is this a known bug?

    • It’s going around since this event started. Some devices are having issues loading everything in towns (with all the monorail additions) and it causes the device to crash when visiting neighbors. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling TSTO. Or you can try to contact EA. Or you can just wait it out until the event ends…

  8. ugh the caps are so annoying!?! when you wake up early and time everything specifically so the 3 h tasks will work and it’s reached the cap and no projects are available!?

  9. I waited til four am since i live in florida and have insomnia. And my dreams came true…the MAPPLE STORE came up for 90 sprinkles and i bought it faster than you can say GONut!!
    So happy!!!

  10. Ants now available !


  11. The Mapple Store is Here !!!

    Mapple Store !!!

    Mapple Store !!!



    …mapple store.

  12. Thanks for the reminder 🙂
    Here’s another for everyone….

    If you’ve got enough track (or no chance of making the next piece)……don’t waste resources on projects for duct tape…..

    leave your town stinky overnight, release the possums from the stations but don’t tap them, (Max 50) delay neighbour visits till after the change, then collect in the new act 3 currency for a small head start 🙂

    ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩

  13. lotta people that have been waiting a looooong time are gonna be pretty happy come 1am pst….. :mrgreen:

  14. I honestly feel like this game is set up make you have to spend donuts. I try not spend any real money on my game. I have been playing SO MUCH to try to get the Hippy as I did not get Ray Patterson in time. I’m on the last level to get the hippy, but I still have to get about 10,000 more Duct Tape in a day. It’s just impossible. The rewards seem to be decreasing the closer I get. It makes you wonder why you bother all the effort if it’s basically impossible without spending donuts!

    • Yes they do want your money, however, you can still get the hippie,

      I’m looking after a friend’s game today and I was in that position a few hours ago, you can usually do 2 × 1,000 projects every couple of hours

      you still got 18 hours :-). 🕒

    • I’m surprised…I had to curtail my tapping while I was on vacation and I had none of the premium characters who could earn event currency (although I did have all of the freemium characters who could), and yet I managed to get Uriah this morning.

      I think that strategy with the projects board was kind of important…I made sure to set myself up to get the daily bonus every day. Also, I would imagine that newer players who might not have all of the freemium characters working the recycle sheds might have had since difficulty (as well as those with no, or few, neighbors).

  15. and in just a few hours the return of the most requested item (other then Springfield Falls) to come back 😀

  16. I don’t have the Hippie yet, do you know if we will be able to buy him in the next act?

  17. With all this fun stuff soon coming to an end. Any word on updating Krustyland land?

  18. I’m getting really frustrated – metal, metal, metal – where are the jobs for plastic and glass? They show up once in a while, but I was hoping to get a lot more bonus track than I have. Just venting, sorry. I love the Monorail, BTW, and would be willing to store a lot of other stuff for a nice system.

    • You are welcome to trade me… all I am getting is Plastic and Glass and I want metal and trash. 😉

    • I’ve had the most glass and plastic jobs come from the middle spot if it’s any help. I get them in all 3 spots, but the middle one seems to offer the most for me so try targeting there for your next few clearings.

  19. I’m a liiiiittle confused, I admit. Is Act II ending tomorrow or is it just the premium items? 😅 I see the clock says one more day and haven’t yet seen the final day’s 5,000 bonus Duct Tape objective from the project board, but things have been wrong before LOL. There are also those new and RETURNING premium items being released soon, which is another reason I’m a tad confused.

    Long story short: My timetables are turned… help. XD Thanks guys.

  20. I know we have a whole act to go, but based on past events and your experience, what’s your guess on the availability of track pieces?

  21. Random question, semi connected to this post: with act 2 ending and thinking toward preparing for act 3, how many possums can a town hold? Between my 2 stations I get 26 possums every 4 hours. Trying to figure out when I need to stop tapping them to get a good jump start on Friday.

  22. Send them away to the digital dump, bring on a new level and speed up to the next Act. I’m just kicking an empty can around (hope Wiggum doesn’t catch me)

    • Shush, you! Some of us have work to do and lives to lead! I’m looking forward to some down time after this event and most of the new level stuff is just gonna have to wait.

  23. Any idea if we’ll be able to get more track after the event is over? I’ll use donuts now to get the extra pieces if it’s going to be pulled permanently, otherwise I would like to use them on other stuff

  24. Argh. The bug that has been hitting other people has hit me. Pieces of my Springfield have disappeared and EA was no help at all, there is a patch coming in a few days. Wait. It has taken all of my event buildings. Blargh, urgh, UGHHH. I am going to contact them again tomorrow and see if I can’t get it fixed or get someone more helpful. I am so annoyed.

    • Happened to me, had to store and re-place 28 buildings and characters. But because they don’t appear in town hall when missing, had to list all 150+ characters and tick them off to check got them all… A loooot of work. Now try and give as many ‘inside’ jobs as possible, as that was a suggestion to help avoid again.

    • I had this problem. Sent an email but must have not got through with a suggested fix … Have you got curved or s tracks overlapping road/bridge/water? This causes the problem. Store all your tracks. Store all buildings within the vicinity of offending tracks; place back buildings which returns characters; place back tracks keeping curved/s ones from overlapping road/bridge/water.

      • I was redesigning my monorail yesterday, trying to get two of my stations hooked up. I found the catalyst, in that Jasper went missing, I stored the community center and when I put it back out, that’s when my buildings and decos went missing. They were in my game again this morning, but I’m still missing Jasper. I’m not going to touch the community center again, but I will disconnect my monorail and move the tracks back to a empty patch of land and see if that helps.

    • Problem is the patch will likely prevent more items from being lost rather than replace what has disappeared, just like the missing donuts. I hope that’s not the case though, good luck.

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