Jiminy Jillickers Level 57 is Up and Atom! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like…amongst all the other craziness going on in our games right now…Level 57 has arrived!

2015-09-03 14.29.22

Along with 2 of the more requested characters/buildings.  (one Bunny and Wookiee have been asking for since 2013)

Things are a little hectic this morning but I’ll be back with more details as I have them.  But for now know that Homer kicks things off.  And you’ll be tasked with building the Overpass Diner which will cost you $1,062,600 and take 24hrs to build.

Back with more in a bit…

Oh and remember..this is a Level Update and it is NOT timed.  So take your time on this, and spend your time focusing on the Monorail (since that IS timed).  Level 57 will still be here when the Monorail is over…

Ok now that work has calmed down a bit…at least for the time being…let’s take a look at the details behind Level 57…



overpassdinerOverpass Diner- $1,062,600.  24hr Build.  Earns $60, 6xp/2hrs.  5×7 in size and comes with the Old Jewish Man!

centerforgeriatricmedicine_menuCenter for Geriatric Medicine- $268,600. 24hr Build. Earns $90, 10xp/4hrs.  4×11 in size.

shotgunpetes_menuShotgun Pete’s- $268,600.  24hr Build.  Earns $120, 12xp/6hrs.  8×4 in size.


gargoyleGargoyle- $7,500.  Improves Vanity.  Not unique. (so you can have as many as you want)


unlock_oldjewishmanOld Jewish Man- Comes with the Overpass Diner



maisonderriere_menuMaison Derriere- 150 Donuts.  Instant Build.  Earns $200,22xp/8hrs.  5×10 in size and comes with Belle.


oldgreymare_menuOld Gray Mare- 40 donuts.  Adds a 2% bonus to all cash and XP.  Not unique.  (when purchased Old Jewish Man pops up with some dialogue)


BelleBelle- Comes with Maison Derriere

And that my friends concludes the details behind Level 57 and the Old Gray Mare….

As usual we’ll be back with more posts about Random Changes, Turbo Tappin’, Should I Buys and more!  For now remember (as i said above), this is a Level Update and not going anywhere.  So take your time with it and focus on the Monorail, as that will be leaving our games in just a couple of weeks…

What are your thoughts on Level 57?  How about the Old Jewish Man making it into our games?  Excited to see Belle arrive? (I know loads of you have been requesting her, including Bunny and Wookiee) How about all of the new freemium buildings?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

162 responses to “Jiminy Jillickers Level 57 is Up and Atom! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I just got a complete install, all 600 MB. The difference is, no more Origin and “hello” EA. It has thrown me back to the start of level 57 🙁
    The upside, another 15 donut because of the Jewish New Year 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Alissa have you had the baby yet?

    And what does it mean by ‘issue no more level updates’? Are we unlikely to see a level 58?


  3. When will you be doing a should I buy for the masion derrière

    • As soon as the Monorail event is over. Right now that’s more pressing, since it ends tomorrow. And Belle will still be there tomorrow, next week, the week after and basically forever until the game shuts down.

  4. Could anyone please tell me what Belle’s task are and which ones are outside? Thanks!

  5. Hah! Patty’s considered a gentleman for Belle’s surf the net task.

  6. Since I was on my 3rd Round @ Level 56? I embraced Level 57 (especially since the new Level comes with more Freemiums then I’ve seen in almost a year).

    I do agree that the Monorail Event comes 1st (even though building the Shotgun Pete’s Wedding Chapel was worth the quick lol courtesy of Reverend Lovejoy for this Las Vegas Resident) 🙂

  7. Just curious… who maintains Other Springfield?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some code or something that clears friend actions, but there’s gotta be somebody at EA who places buildings. Is professional tapper a job title at EA?

  8. I bought Maison Derrière immediately. That’s on my no-matter-what list along with the Airport and the University. Like other posters here I’d love to see Rabbi Krustofsky, though I know it’s unlikely (and from that category, Mona Simpson). It’s too cruel that we should outlive the characters we love; if Grimey can make a comeback, I can hope right? Very happy with level 57 though.

  9. I was so thrilled to see Maison Derriere! “Bart After Dark” is one of my favorite episodes.

  10. Maison derriere? Talk about an insta-buy.

    Sadly I did not get an unexpected level up like I have the last few level updates but oh well.

  11. Thank you EA for letting me store Springfield Heights buildings again, THANKS

  12. Wait, so can you buy the stuff if you’re up to level 57, but haven’t completed level 55 quests? Cos it’s available but I haven’t had any Homer dialogue

    • Early Access. It’s been happening for the last several updates (i think since level 50). You get the chance to buy the premium items for a limited time when they’re released if you’re not at that level yet.

      • Even for the freemiums and OJM?
        Because I haven’t had a quest from Homer come up, but I can buy the Overpass Diner if I want without having finished level 55 or 56 yet

      • It’s not just the premiums! I’ve experienced this as well. I’m level 57, but I have stopped doing level quests several levels ago (at Municipal Pancake House, because the buildings became just SO expensive). I’m still able to build the Jewish-Guy-building.

    • I also noticed I could build the suite of buildings (geriatrics centre, overpass diner, shotgun chapple) all at once which doesn’t usually happen.
      Choice level up anyhow.

  13. MAAAAPPPPLLLEEE!!!!!!!!!

    I seen it in new store items, so stunned I stared for a moment in awe, babe for my glorious donuts were spent.

    with furious double fist pump excitement. The Grail list continues to get checked off, in some twisted Kill Bill similar satisfaction way,

    The journey continues….

  14. i had lvl 57 and now its GONE!! Ive logged out, deleted and reinstalled app, turned on and off. it doesnt even show lvl 57 characters on the build menu anymore??

    • Roll back glitch. Is it showing Level 56? If that’s the case you have 2 options…play and earn enough xp to level up again. Or contact EA.

  15. [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2h2dyjd.jpg[/IMG]

    My most wanted character/building combo is here. Yes.

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