Monorail Bug Alert: No Access to Monorail Section of the Store

Update: The Monorail section of the store is now working in my game…so whatever it was it looks like it was a quicker fix than initially thought. Check to see if it’s back in your game…if not Contact EA.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a bug alert that’s going around right now.  This bug is ONLY impacting players who have completed all of the Act 3 prizes.

Once you complete all of the Act 3 prizes the Monorail Section of the Store stops working.  As in you go to your store menu and hit the red “Go To” under the icon of Conductor Homer and nothing happens.  It won’t open at all.  Causing you not to have access to ANY of the Monorail items in the store right now.   (However it still works for all other areas of the store)

If you’re experiencing this bug my best advice is to contact EA.  Let them know what’s going on.  But first BEFORE you contact them…try uninstalling/resintalling TSTO.  Why?  Because it’s the first thing they’re going to ask you to do.  So do it first and see if it works.  If it doesn’t solve the problem then contact them and let them know you’ve already done an uninstall/reinstall and it didn’t work.

Contact EA

I’ve got the same issue going on right now and I’ll be contacting them as soon as I leave work. I will update this post once I get in touch with them.

For now I suspect it’s going to take a patch to resolve the issue…which most likely means waiting it out.  BUT the more people that contact them the quicker they are to react to these types of issues.  So if you’re experiencing the same problem contact them.

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  1. elaine188jessie

    How do I uninstall/reinstall the game? I can’t find instructions any where. Please help with easy instructions. Thanks.

    • It depends on your device. You uninstall the app the way you would uninstall apps on your device. And to reinstall you just download it from your app store.

      • elaine188jessie

        Sorry. I have an Amazon Kindle Fire. I made sure the game was in ‘Device’ Then went to Store found ‘The Simpsons: Tapped OUT. That’s as far as I get. I don’t see any thing that says uninstall. Once it’s uninstalled do I just go back to the ‘Cloud’ button to reinstall? Thanks for your help. I can’t find the instructions any place. Sincerely Elaine

        • Honestly I don’t use Kindle so I can’t really help. Any one from the community know? Or you can also just Google unistalling apps on the kindle

    • Long press on the icon in your carousel, then choose “Remove from device” (NOT “Remove from carousel”). Then, once the uninstall is done, go back to the app store (or go to your app library and choose the Cloud view) and re-download the app.

  2. Hmm,
    I must have missed this glitch within the TSTO Game … which is fine a th me 😉

  3. My game is still pretty laggy. I’ve disconnected the rails from the stations, but it still judders. I thought it was my phone, but it’s the same on my brother’s brand new iphone.

    Does anyone know if this is an issue they’re working on?

  4. My game has been glitching a lot. The loading screen shows the correct Origin id & level, the game loads as a restart then during the tutorial, goes to the Bart screen. I followed the stuff EA told me to do, which was awkward as it involved borrowing another device to download the game on. It seemed to have fixed things but I’m still having connectivity issues and once landed in someone else’s Springfield! I hope it all sorts itself out for everyone.

  5. Hi, my id is andmglge.
    I’ve got a lot of problems with this update. My game keeps on freezing and crashing and I haven’t been able to play for five days. I contacted EA, but they failed to solve any problems. I tried to follow any procedures to fix them with no results. I was enthusiastic about the game and I’ve been playing since August 2012, but now not very much…

  6. I’d be super glad if a patch comes along and puts a Rail Yard in my town! Collected only 70,000 B&W, and its not everyday that I can play once every 1 hour to collect and initiate tasks. This is by far the more strenuous event, but I do so hope to get the Rail Yard to make my own tracks in future! Wish there was an easy way to get the B&W faster, donuts-free. Darn!

  7. Hi guys,
    Slightly concerned with the game crashing problem that’s occurred since Monorail Quest began, causing the game to crash UMPTEEN times when visiting neighbours towns as EA state they are not working on a fix for this.
    I queried this with EA initially when the release came out, and was told to add comments onto the EA site, which I did, and have waited for a patch to resolve things. Each update hasn’t seemed to remedy the situation and this morning I raised a separate case with EA Support around a missing item from my inventory (Check your town or inventory if you purchased a country’s flag in the Soccer Cup 2015 Quest. I purchased an NZ flag and it disappeared recently). EA reinstated it back into my game in resolution to the case raised, however when they asked if there were any other problems, I commented the below:

    Thank you for your patience. Do you have other concerns besides this?
    No, thank you. No doubt you guys are aware of the ongoing crashing problem visiting friends towns since the Monorail event? I had previously queried this but was told to post comments up on the EA forum, along with a lot of others commenting as well…. any idea when that might be fixed? Would be awesome to have that sorted, but obviously it’s nothing to do with this case.
    I see. The Studio is not working on a Patch to fix the Monorail. Sadly I don’t have the date or time on when it would be released so we may need to check our game regularly and download the patch as soon as It is available.

    Thought I had better share this, and also the issue with missing flags incase people hadn’t noticed. If they are missing, contact EA and it’s a quick fix for them to reinstate it for you.

    • I can tell you that if the crashing isn’t with every single neighbor, it’s probably a neighbor related issue. They could have problems with their town not working or it could be that your device can’t handle their town. (ie too many things in it) Since upgrading my phone this past spring I’ve had zero issues from visiting neighbors or game crashes (unless it was wifi related). But prior to that my old phone (which was about 2 years old) would often crash when I visited neighbors during events.

  8. Alissa: YOU ALL ROCK!!!! Big thanks for this site, ALL you all do, and thanks for spending the donuts: your effort and expense help me choose what I wish to do…..unless an individual is hacking how could there be cheating in a game such as TSTO….respect to you all, and big thanks

  9. Wow you sound busy !!I thought this was your job, I’m not an active user on this site I just pop in at beggining and near end of events for tips etc ,I didn’t know you were pregnant so apologies if I got u angry best of luck with your new arrival , when you take maternity leave from you job you should take some time out here as well ,your life sounds stressed already and you don’t need extra stress from us and our comments 🙂

    • lol nope I have a “real job” too. Lots of balancing going on. And I plan on it 😉

      And nope not angry…just wanted you to see that sometimes you really are busy. 🙂

  10. The patch hit, installed….and I got yet another rail yard.

  11. Now why would I want to contact EA? Extra tracks and terminals. That’s why I paid donuts to rush to complete Act 3 in the first place.

  12. How did people get so far in the Act? I’ve been hitting my project caps, and otherwise getting possums and neighbor dump runs…

    I know it was a glitch, and I didn’t really want extra stations (but rails and parts would have been cool)…. Just wish I knew how to be as cool as y’all. 🙁

  13. not impacting me as I didn’t get the last couple items yet, however something just downloaded on my TSTO, and nothing new showing in the shop, might be the fix to the bug?

  14. Did anyone just get an email from ***** with the subject “The Monorail rolls into Springfield with 50 Donuts!” and then it saying you could get 50 free donuts? Is it a legit email or just a phishing scam

  15. Not only can Sebastian go get a haircut, he has a pretty darn cool job which I wont share here! But its one of my favs in the game and it will be yours too if you are a fan of 80s movies… 🙂

  16. I had this problem appear this morning BUT i also got all the Act 1 prizes again! It gave me the first monorail station and its extras and monorail pieces. Then I came home from work and logged on just now and it gave me the Cleetus station and some of its extra buildings and more monorail pieces!

  17. For what its worth – a patch DID come through, about 3MB. The store is restored and luckily I got to keep all my extra rail stations, extra three rail yards, and extra three uriahs heap centers. Also the extra expansion pieces that go along with the stations.
    I have NOT however stored the extra stations etc, and wont do so for fear of losing them. BUT they all survived the patch!

  18. Thanks for the warning Alissa. Let’s hope they patch all these bugs soon!

  19. Was wondering if this glitch started before or after the in-app update rereleasing the Krusty Burger station (now with 10 track pieces!) or if a patch could have been in that update to fix the issue. Haven’t been affected, but trying to think and help you guys. 😁

    • The Krusty Station was back before this started. So I was locked out in my A game but in my low level C game i could get into the store and see the krusty station etc. But in any event…it’s fixed now 🙂

  20. If you finished act 3 you use the monorail terminal. It’s the new store now. Just no morning bonus.

  21. Maybe it’s a surprise for those that want it all now , I would assume this lock out won’t happen if you completed tasks nearer to the end date ,there’s a saying in sport cheaters are only cheating themselves and no one else

    • Who’s cheating? Spending money to rush it with donuts isn’t cheating. Sometimes life gets in the way (as is the case for me) and you don’t have the time to grind it out. It’s not cheating…especially when you put $100 in your game to buy the donuts…

    • thats insanae, its not cheating to spend money to rush it all through, if anything those idiots are the bread and butter of the game.

      • Um i resent being called an idiot. Again…sometimes it comes down to the amount of time you have to spend in your game.

      • Dude having an opinion is fine but calling certain gamers idiots is below the belt

      • Idiot? I prefer “Baller” lol. I don’t own any console nor PC games from the past few years and I can spend $100/week on this silly game and not miss it. I have a job and grew up on the simpsons… so, maybe I don’t have all day to rack up tokens from hourly tasks, but I’ll make it RAIN donuts if I feel like it!

      • You do understand that one of the reasons that she does this is so that she can write articles for this site to let us know how things work and what we can expect as we progress? She spends her own money for OUR BENEFIT and you have the nerve to call her an idiot for doing so?!?

        I hope you give this some thought and issue the same kind of sincere apology that deepsone did. Alissa (and all of the moderators) deserves WAY better treatment than that.

    • Well your not cheating the game as in hacking your cheating yourselves out of the enjoyment and fun out of the game, saying you are to busy to play properly is like saying ok I got no time for dinner tonight so I’ll just throw it all in a blender and save time by drinking it, I don’t even understand why you are trying to justify your actions if your not “cheating yourself out of fun ” , a freind of mine designs proper games and many will try to skip parts to be first to get rewards so coders put various bugs in games that mess up part of the game for those that advance too quickly ,

      • Let’s see…I have a full time job, I run this site, I’m 7 months pregnant and it’s the summer so essentially every weekend my husband and I aren’t home. So yes, I am busy. I play every single event, this one I’ve just been slightly busy and exhausted over. It’s either spend the donuts or don’t play at all. And if I don’t play at all…well then you have nothing to read on this site.

      • Your comparison isn’t strong, nor does it make proper sense. If you don’t agree with this “form of cheating”, then please continue to refrain from doing so and avoid all those who do it due to whatever reason, including myself.

        Alissa, you have your own life to deal with 🙂 Sometimes I wonder how you deal with all of this.

  22. I still have 3 more prizes to unlock first, but thanks for the heads up.

    Please tell me you can send Sebastian Cobb to get a hair cut :p

  23. Today is the first time my game has ever glitched. Every time I log in it says I unlocked stuff and asks if I want to place or store it. Got some free track pieces and now it’s stuck on giving me Uriah’s recycling with the hippie.

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