Monorail Event: The Rail Yard

IMPORTANT: If you’re having problems with your Rail Yard paying out….read this post:

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Monorail Act 3 is now upon us!  And one of the super cool things about Act 3 is that the final prize not only awards us a cool looking building and character…BUT also the chance to earn Track pieces AND Free donuts ppermanently!  So for everyone worrying you don’t have enough track…don’t panic because as long as you unlock the 10th prize of Act 3 you’ll be able to keep earning track long after the Monorail Event is over!

Of course the prize I’m talking about is the Rail Yard and it comes complete with Sebastian Cobb as a playable character for your Springfield!  The Rail Yard  is  the final Act 3 prize and is earned at 154,550 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg.  But just what is it?  What does it do?  How do you earn free donuts from it?  Let’s break it all down below….


Think of the Rail Yard as the replacement Project Board in Springfield.  Once you’ve won the Rail Yard (ie hit the 154,550 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg mark) the Project Board will no longer work..instead you’ll have to turn items in at the Rail Yard:

2015-09-08 20.06.07

So yes, this means that after you’ve unlocked the Rail Yard you will no longer be able to earn ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg via the Project Board (or the Rail Yard) and you’ll no longer earn the Daily Bonus.  Which makes earning bonus track via the Ahead of the Track quest very difficult (but you can still earn it this way by visiting neighbors and clearing possums, more details on our Math Post).

Once the Rail Yard is in your Springfield you’ll be able to turn in projects there (note: even if you haven’t placed it in your Springfield the Project Board will no longer work.  Once you earn this prize the Project Board stops working).  Projects turned in at the Rail Yard will earn you tracks AND Bonuts!  (bonus donuts)  Who doesn’t love free donuts?!

Here’s how it works:

Each week the Rail Yard will reset with 5 goals to achieve.  Achieving each of these goals will earn you Monorail Tracks and the final goal will also earn you Bonuts!  Turning in projects here will earn you Blueprints.

The nice thing is the goals are always the same, and here’s what they are:

Goal Earns
5,000ico_mono15_blueprints_lg 1 Mystery Track Piece
15,000ico_mono15_blueprints_lg 2 Mystery Track Pieces
30,000ico_mono15_blueprints_lg 3 Mystery Track Pieces
50,000ico_mono15_blueprints_lg 5 Mystery Track Pieces
70,000ico_mono15_blueprints_lg 5 Mystery Track Pieces + 5 Bonuts

The track pieces are a Mystery and random.  I will tell you that I’ve gotten very few straight track pieces in the first round of this.  Hopefully round 2 will provide more.  

You have 1 week to complete all 5 tasks, as the Rail Yard resets every 7 days.  But it’s not 7 days from when you started it.  No, it’s programmed to reset every Tuesday.  (so it reset on 9/8 and it will reset again on 9/15 and again on 9/22..and so on)

Once you’ve completed all 5 it will let you know you’ve earned all the prizes for that week and to check back once it resets

2015-09-08 20.16.59

Turning in projects at the Rail Yard is just like turning them in at the Project Board.  You’ll need a certain amount of each item to hand it.  So keep sending characters to earn Trash, Metal, Plastic and Glass.

So now that we’ve covered the basics let’s talk about a few questions that we’re seeing pop up in the comments that you guys have concerning the Rail Yard:

If I Don’t Place the Rail Yard Right Away Can I Still Use the Project Board?

No.  Once you unlock the Rail Yard the Project Board will no longer work.
Note: this is different than what I initially thought last week, but now that i’ve had a chance to test it I can tell you for 100% certainty..once you unlock the Rail Yard (even if you put it in Storage) the Project Board no longer works. 

Can I Earn Tracks and Bonuts Permanently from the Rail Yard?

Based on what the in-game messaging is saying, Yes.

2015-09-08 20.03.59

Is There A Cap On the Number of Monorail Tracks, like Squidport Tiles?

So far I cannot find a cap for the number of Monorail Tracks in town.  So I would say as of right now there isn’t one.  However, that doesn’t mean EA won’t impose one in the future.  As always things are subject to change based on what EA feels will/won’t work with the game.

If I Don’t Unlock the Rail Yard, Can I Still Earn Track After the Event Is Over?

No.  You must unlock the Rail Yard by September 15th in order to earn the track once the event is over.

And that my friends concludes all of the detailed info on the Rail Yard.  It’s great that there’s a way to continue earning track even when the event is over (plus it gives use to the dump and metal/glass/plastic depots!).  And the free donuts aren’t bad either!

What are your thoughts on the Rail Yard?  How close are you to earning it?  Looking forward to earning more track?  What are your Monorail Track Plans in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

293 responses to “Monorail Event: The Rail Yard

  1. Debbie Dovenbrink

    Two quick questions: Would you recommend to make bolts, sprockets or gizmos if given the choice? I mean, you sometimes, for example, can make bolts or sprockets at the same time, but what is the better choice, if one wants to get donuts out of it as fast as possible? Is it better to choose the bigger or smaller object to use the collected trash wisely?

    And: Is there a list with all characters one can send to the dump, glass, plastic and metal depot?

    Many thanks for your kind help and have a nice day.

    • Although the larger amounts are a slightly better “deal,” I usually prefer to do the small ones (the box on the left), so as to not deplete all of one resource and then be stuck unable to proceed. By doing the leftmost box, I can usually spend down my metal, plastic, and glass a bit more evenly and keep the recycling centers humming.

      The list of characters you can send are shown right in the dialog box for each recycling center, including those characters you may not have yet (although, of course, those will be shown as not active options).

  2. There is a change now with monorail; after earning the track pieces and donuts I am offered another track piece for 5000 more blueprints. I have tracks in storage. Are there more donuts after earning the newly offered additional track piece? Or will it be more track pieces until next week?

    • Not sure I follow…in my game you are always rewarded in track pieces…then 5 donuts at the end of the full cycle. You used to be limited to one cycle per week. Now, it just keeps starting over again and again.

      • That is exactly what I am seeing. The track-earning cycle now _immediataly_ starts over from the beginning instead of once a week. And the bonus donuts at the end of the Rail Yard Prize Track remain available. I’m still wondering if this might be a glitch introduced be the current “Magic Event”?

  3. Is there a way to trade rail pieces for different pieces?

  4. I earned the rail yard and the character associated, but neither are showing up I the game or in my inventory.


    • Not sure what is up with that…how did you earn it? That was a limited time event…unless you won it during Christmas? Not really sure how to help on that one…except for the old, “Close down your device…reboot…restart…” and see what happens in your inventory.

      • I guess that EA must have made the Monorail available for everyone (from a certain level on). I came back to the game around December 18th and got the monorail quest. Finished that and received the Railyard + character. However, I am not putting much effort into it now because I want to finish the events and the normal level quests (I am behind!). Love the idea of receiving bonuts though! Didn’t understand it at first but now I think I know how to get them.

  5. I joined after this event ended, and was prompted to complete this quest line anyways in July of this year. I have been doing it, and have the rail yard. Did EA make it available to everyone now instead of those who where around during the original event, or are there still things you cant get because you were not part of that original event?

    • I started in October and I can’t get the rail yard unlocked or tracks or anything so I think it’s bs. Why am I missing out? The only way I’ve seen it work after the event, was my friend moded the game 🙁 I can’t find help anywhere

      • What level are you in the game, because the original track system didn’t trigger for me till I had reached as certain level. It became a story even for me, however I do not remember which level it triggered for me at.

  6. Tammy Jo Smith

    As of today July 2016 I’ve been throttled by EA on getting donuts on the rail yard. I played every week for many weeks and have over 1000 pieces of rail in my inventory. I play for the donuts. It is impossible now in the seven days to even get to the first five pieces of track. Let alone the second five with the donuts. Jerks.

    • I doubt that they’re really throttling you. I haven’t missed a single week of rail yard donuts yet, and I haven’t noticed any kind of throttling, so I don’t know why they would throttle you, but not me.

  7. As of April 7, 2016, I now have 119 curves and 107 S-bends that I have no need for in my construction of my monorail. I wish I could trade them for straight pieces.

  8. I didn’t finish the event and therefore didn’t get the rail yard. So is there any reason for me to still recycle the metal, glass, plastic, etc? It still prompts me to send characters to those places, but It doesn’t seem like I can do anything with the materials.

  9. Rail Yard clock has not reset? Main screen shows reset in 48d 13h 45m 58s, the guide screen shot shows reset in 6d etc etc. now I can’t seem to get any more track pieces. Any ideas?

  10. This may have been asked but is there a limit of how many track pieces you can get from the railyard?

  11. i have been crafting trash constantly to get the monorail prizes and i think i’ve gotten 2 or 3 straight pieces. really making it hard to build the mono rail. I redesigned my town a bit – around the monorail and this is making it hard to move forward.

  12. I’m also not getting straight track pieces. This week I got one. I have 25 spare turning tracks now. Maybe EA thinks this makes things more challenging. It doesn’t. It’s just frustrating.

  13. I’m also hardly getting any straight pieces. This week I got one. I have 25 turning tracks spare now that I have no use for. I don’t know if EA thinks this makes things more challenging somehow. It doesn’t. It’s just really annoying.

  14. Can I buy the rail yard? I wasn’t able to play the rest of the quest and never got it.

  15. I’m not getting the track pieces I earned. Last week it was the 3 piece prize that never came, this week not even getting one….

    • Read the post that’s linked at the top of this one that says If you’re having trouble getting tracks read this…

      If that doesn’t work, contact EA

  16. I am not receiving the track. I go to Krustyland and I receive notice of track reward but it never shows up. This occurred the last 3 times. End of last round said I have received award but didn’t.

    iOS iPad hope someone can help.

  17. I’ve been able to receive the rail yard and everything is working fine, I just find it annoying and tedious to do all that for random pieces. All I need to complete my track are straight pieces and keep getting turns and bends have close to ten of them and no straight. I wish it were more like the boardwalk generator. Pay gold and wait instead of having to check in every hour just for a chance to get something you might need.

  18. It’s not giving me the bonus I’ve earned them twice?!?

  19. I won all the monorail prizes with time to spare and yet I’m struggling to meet the weekly target. I’m only to 53000 and 14hours to go. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Almost all the tasks have been metal which has made it hard. Any tips?

  20. I have collected over 56,000 and haven’t received the 5 mystery track pieces?? The blue bar is nearly touching the sides of the screen??

  21. My tapped out won’t open this morning. (Android) Keep getting message “cannot connect to server”. Is anyone else having this problem? I have tried everything I can think of but always get this message. Very aggravating.

  22. I run two games…got the Rail Yard on the main one, but not the second. So there’s no reason to keep the garbage dump and recycling depots in the second, correct?

  23. My rail yard isn’t giving me my rails and moving on to be able to get the 5 donuts. It’s a rip off.

  24. I’m up to 80,000+ and still have yet to collect my 5 track pieces for reaching 50,000. I tried to submit the problem to EA, but I can’t get through to anyone.

  25. Hello. I have completed the monorail event and have placed the Railyard.
    I was able to collect the first 2 track prizes available on the Rail Yard Permanent Prizes but it won’t give me anything beyond the 3 piece track prize. I currently have almost 60k b & w. I only require 30k to unlock the next weekly prize. It shows my xp building but will not allow me to have the prizes available. Please look in to this. I enjoy playing very much and would be disappointed in not being able to participate in this ongoing event. Thank you.

  26. I dont play the monorail event and i heard that i can buy the raíl yard for 400 donuts but i dont found where it is, can you tell me?

  27. I am stuck… I got the rail yard, and now I got up to the 3rd prize for the week, 3 mystery track pieces, and I now have 42,934/30,000, so basically I am over by almost 13,000 points and it hasn’t awarded the prize to me so I can’t move on to prize 4 or 5 (the donuts). The blue status bar now goes off the end of the screen.

  28. Now, the update has completed, and the monorail quest has ended. How do I get more pieces for my track, as it says I need 4 more pieces to unlock my monorail station.. I’m so confused..

    • You can’t unless you have the Rail Yard. The event is over. Which means everything associated with the event is over. The only way to keep it is via the Rail Yard, which is something EA put in so you could earn track even after the event is over. If you don’t have the Rail Yard there’s no way to add more tracks.

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