Where Did THAT Come From – Giant Mechanical Ants

Woo to the hoo! Monorail, monorail, monorail! I know there’s been issues for tappers with the new event but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super stoked for all the new goodness. Of course, with a new event in our silly lil game, we get new items that you may not have a clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but you just can’t pinpoint from where. That’s why Team Addicts decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

2015-09-03 13.58.15

Wowza… new premium items in the game courtesy of Act III. In the monorail event, EA decided mechanical ants were just the ticket to tempt our pocket books. But what do mechanized eusocial insects have to do with the Best. Show. Ever.? Why would robotic hymenoptera be added to the game? Well my friends, I’m pleased as punch to tell you but first let’s meet our new friends.

Mechanical Ant Alpha is named Chompy in the files.


Mechanical Ant Beta aka Daffodil


Mechanical Ant Delta likes to be called Nippy


But we’d be remiss if Mechanical Ant Gamma, or Killer, was left out.


They look like a fun bunch of evil automatons, don’t they?  But don’t confuse them with the insect overlords that “consume the captive earthman or merely enslave them” from “Deep Space Homer’ (S5:E15).

Hail Ants I for one welcome our new insect overlords

That’d be akin to comparing them to Lisa’s ant farm in “American History X-cellent” (S21:E17) and Annie Ant.

Lisa Simpson ant farm & Annie Ant

Ok… not similar at all but you know I love talking about this cartoon.  Anywho… it really doesn’t take a Wookiee to point out the origin of this one. It comes from the episode most of this event is about… “Marge vs. the Monorail” (S4:E12). Lots of stuff actually originates in this episode: the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper, the 50ft Magnifying Glass, the Escalator to Nowhere, the Tentacle Tree AND the Lady Justice Statue. EA must love this episode as much as me considering now there’s a whole event adding even more goodness including the beginning of a colony of super ants.

The episode has a simple, yet awesome, premise. Burns is caught dumping nuclear waste in Springfield Park thereby turning the trees into tentacled monsters and the squirrels into laser-eyed mutants. Burns’ fine is 3 million dollars. Lots of things all that money could buy. But before we get to the town meeting which includes suggestions of hiring fireman to defeat the blaze on the east side of town, investing the money back in the nuclear plant, getting more police officers or fixing Main Street which all ends magnificently in one hell of a sales pitch from Lyle Lanley, resulting in a MONORAIL, we have to remember the ideas of our favorite family while they eat and talk around the kitchen table. Lisa dreams of virtual reality helmets for history lessons at school.

Genghis Khan virtual reality history Simpsons

“You’ll go where I go, defile what I defile, eat who I eat…. Hmmm?”

Bart on the other hand knows how “this money should, nay MUST be spent.” On an army of giant mechanical ants. In this case said ants are a group of four (just like our game) and are quite effective at destroying Springfield Elementary and halving principals.

mechanical ants Simpsons

Marge thinks the money should be “spent on something the whole town can be proud of.” Homer offers the idea of a giant billboard that says ‘No Fat Chicks.” There’s an original decoration EA! So there you go… another awesome item available for our towns that has a bodacious animation from the best Simpsons episode. What do you think of the ants? Did you buy one, some or all of them? Ready for decorations to come from other episodes? Sound off in the comments and stay classy like always.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

16 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Giant Mechanical Ants

  1. Simspons should remain on air for all eternity. Love the Show

  2. My Rightousness rating has been at one star since the sporting event with the soccer field. Can’t get it back up. Tried going to Other Springfield and arresting SS Bob numerous times, but doesn’t work.
    Any advice from the experts is my last shot…… Help !!!!!
    Thanks guys, love your site

  3. Well, I have recently found a glitch within the simpsons tapped out. I dropped out of tapped out around the first christmas event due to school. I come back at the end of the terwillinger event. The glitch is that i cant activate the Kiwk-E-Mark lotto ticket, no matter what i do. Ive stored the kwik-e-mart, bought another one and still cant get the ticket to activate. Is anyone else suffering this glitch?

  4. So I have a question I just looked at (other springfield) when I was collecting my b&w’s I noticed this new building when did it come available and how long ago I thought I had all of them lol to be more specific it’s next to billionaires haven and furniture outlet and modern mansion and the pill store I have a pix of it if you need it let me know when you can please and thank you

  5. Personally I would rather have Laserbeam-eye Squirels (I tap neighbors Mutant Tree’s in hopes to see one jump down, but no) 🙁

  6. Any idea as to when Bart wanted to use money to resurrect the Three Stooges? I thought that was this episode, but guess I was wrong.

  7. I just love how Bart introduces his fantasy. I watched this episode recently and this is one of the best scenes.

  8. OK, I’ll admit it. I would LOVE a “no fat chicks” billboard.

    But I’m guessing such a billboard might be a little too non-PC.

  9. Personally I may have purchased them, if they were a bit smaller, so they could put all four of them as one group of ants to purchase. At the price they are, and the fact that you kinda need to buy all four to get the full effect of the animation, I’ll pass. Not to mention, bad timing for something this expensive, Halloween items/possible event right around the corner.

  10. Hey Hey Any Information About 2015 Halloween Events??? Spasibo Tovarishch 😉

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