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Just a quick note to let iOS users know that version 4.16.9 is FINALLY live in your app stores.  This is a patch that Android received last week and it’s now finally hit iOS devices.

So if you’ve been experiencing issues with your game on iOS try downloading the patch and see if that helps.

Note: This is NOT an update to release new content into the games…so you won’t see anything new.  This is a patch, the same patch Android players got last week.  So again, if you’re on iOS and you’ve having issues make sure you download it should help.  Android users…you won’t get this update because you already got it last week.  So don’t panic that you’re missing something.

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  1. How do I fix overlapping buildings and decorations. Happened after the Halloween update. Thank you.

    • What do you mean by overlapping? Just something you’re seeing? Could be a visual glitch..they happen from time to time. Can you post a screenshot?

    • EyesofMarsandSaturn

      I’m not sure what is going on with this overlap glitch. From what I have read this has been going on for the last year at least and since the most recent Halloween event has increased tenfold. A lot of people seem to have picked up this glitch during the Halloween event i’m not sure why EA is acting like they don’t know what to do this is not a new issue and is affecting a lot of players now as opposed to a few anomalies in the past. In over a month nobody has gotten any help and it is impossible to enjoy your game when this bug is present. what is more frustrating is no one seems to care. In over a month nobody has gotten any help and it is impossible to enjoy your game when this bug is present. some people spend way too much money on this game to be told that they have to just deal with it being told to restart the app or go to Krustyland. this is an issue on EA’s end. we have all downloaded the app 1 million times we have all gone to Krustyland and back 1 million times we have all downloaded the App on another device. I for one have tried it on droids and iPhones to no avail. this bug is EA’s deal and they need to fix it and stop taking our money if they can’t run a competent game. I mean in order to own everything an individual has to spend hundreds of $ on donuts and that should generate a giant revenue for EA but instead of creating an amazing game for us bc we basically pay for one with luxurious prices, we get constant bugs and glitches and inept and rude customer service. And the fact that they have no managers of supervisors means customer service is not a concern. There is no one to report rude or incompetent behavior to or seek compensation for being wronged rendered not whole. Quite a shame bc I was one of EAs biggest defenders against these kinds of complaints and rants but they really need to reevaluate how they treat us who make them their paychecks or maybe we need to reevaluate why we don’t all just become freemium players.

  2. When I click on a friends town the app stops working. I have iOS9.

  3. On my main screen i have 1000 odd m’sorons however when i go to the trophies screen i have only 300 odd. Whats wrong

  4. on my iPhone I cannot even get past the ‘a new look’ EA screen, I can’t click the ok button??

  5. The update did not fix my issue visiting friends. After the event I could visit a cpl ppl at a time before I was kicked out now I can’t even load my friends map. It just kicks me out of the app when I hit the friends icon. I have everything else mentioned & no other big issues. My neighbors are tipping me, I feel like a bum not being able to tip back. Guess,I’ll be contacting EA in hopes of getting it resolved. 😢

  6. The update yesterday came after my friends visits so I couldn’t test that out until this morning. Unfortunately today I crashed even more often during friends visits than I have been lately. I’d been at 8-10 between crashes, but today it was down to 3-4 (about where it was for the monorail event). I’m on an iPhone6+ with iOS8. I’m still optimistic they’ll figure it out since I didn’t have any problems at all before the monorail event started…

  7. After the updates on my iPad (both inline and App Store) I still get a crash visiting neighbors (after around 10-12 neighbors).

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