New Character Tasks: Season 27 Episode Tie In

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by with a bunch of Updates to Random Characters all over the game. It looks like EA is cleaning house and trying to give us a lot more synced times to use for our Characters.

Those without certain time slot tasks are now getting them. Random Buildings are being used a bit more too with these additions. Let’s take a peek at all the New Task Additions.


Keep in mind that these are ONLY the New Tasks that showed up with the Episode Tie In Update.

artieziff_menuArtie Ziff

Jury Duty 24hrs $600 & 150xp Court House


Barbarian Play Clash of CastlesBarbarian

Sharpen Sword 1hr $70 & 17xp Brown House
Ponder What Is Best In Life 12hrs $420 & 100xp Brown House


BerniceBernice Hibbert

Acessorize Accessories 4hrs $175 & 45xp Vulgari Jewelry Store
Test Her Credit Limit 8hrs $275 & 70xp Vulgari Jewelry Store


chesterdupree_menuChester Dupree

Take a Nap 1hr $105 & 26xp Unfinished Shed


unlock_cookiekwanCookie Kwan

Fix House Decor 8hrs $275 & 70xp Pink House


Database anticipate Bullying 3Database

Design Interactive Exhibits 8hrs $275 & 70xp Knowledgeum


Dewey_LargoDewey Largo

Dream of Proper Funding 12hrs $600 & 150xp Springfield Elementary


DrederickDrederick Tatum

Line Up Endorsement Deals 1hr $105 & 26xp Springfield Coliseum


charactersets_mrburns_ebenezerburnsEbenezer Burns

Hoard Holiday Bonuses 24hrs $600 & 150xp Burns Manor


unlock_furiousdFurious D

Attend a Stag Party 4hrs $260 & 70xp Cletus’ Farm


grampa abeGrampa Abe

Flirt With Pharmacist 2hrs $110 & 27xp Oedipus Rx
Look For Missing Dentures 12hrs $420 & 100xp Springfield Retirement Castle


Greta WolfcastleGreta Wolfcastle

Text Children of Other Stars 8hrs $420 & 105xp Wolfcastle Mansion


Grumple 1Grumple

Practice Speech Therapy 4hrs $260 & 70xp Calmwood


unlock_helenlovejoyHelen Lovejoy

Be Judgemental on the Internet 24hrs $600 & 150xp Java Server


Homer Stand on Elf HatchHomer

Battle His Outer Demon 6hrs $225 & 55xp Power Plant
Fail At Staying Awake 12hrs $420 & 100xp Visual


hugs victoryHugs Bunny

Rehearse Children’s Stories 8hrs $420 & 105xp Springfield Elementary


Jub JubJub Jub

Eat Insects 1hr $70 & 17xp Visual
Enjoy a Heat Lamp 4hrs $175 & 45xp Springfield Pet Shop
Molt 8hrs $275 & 70xp Spinster City Apartments
Sit Motionless 24hrs $600 & 150xp Spinster City Apartments


King Winter 1King Winter

Clean Blood From His Beard 1hr $105 & 26xp King Winter’s Cave



Search For New Fans 12hrs $420 & 100xp It Blows



Interrogate a Rat 1hr $70 & 17xp Businessman’s Social Club



Interrogate a Rat 1hr $70 & 17xp Businessman’s Social Club


Lisa saxLisa

Verify Internet Studies 8hrs $275 & 70xp Springfield Library



Shop at Kwik E Mart 1hr $105 & 26xp Kwik E Mart
Jury Duty 24hrs $1000 & 375xp Court House


Marge Reject Artie 1Marge

Color Her Hair 8hrs $275 & 70xp Jakes Unisex


Mayan MargeMayan Marge

Chant Ancient Song 8hrs $275 & 70xp Simpsons Home


Matt Groening Pronounce GroeningMatt Groening

Jury Duty 24hrs $600 & 150xp Court House


Maude Flanders GhostMaude Flanders

Wander the Halls 1hr $105 & 26xp Flanders Home
Play in the Ceiling Fan 8hrs $420 & 105xp Flanders Home



Bake a Turkey 4hrs $260 & 70xp Pink House


Mr Teeny 3Mr. Teeny

Balance Krusty Burger Books 4hrs $175 & 45xp Krusty Burger
Refine “Monkey” Business Act 8hrs $275 & 70xp Springfield Pet Shop
Direct an Exotic Dance 12hrs $420 & 100xp Florence of Arabia
Buy Nicotine Patches 24hrs $600 & 150xp Kwik E Mart


Mutant RabbitMutant Rabbit

Buy Food 1hr $105 & 26xp Springdfield Pet Shop
Take Part in a Nature Exhibit 4hrs $260 & 70xp Springfield Museum of Natural History
Munch on Mutated Veggies 24hrs $1000 & 225xp Cletus’ Farm


Number_1Number 1

Review Stonecutter Rules 4hrs $175 & 45xp Stonecutter Lodge


unlock_oldjewishmanOld Jewish Man

Dance the Drugs Away 2hrs $110 & 27xp Oedipus Rx



Accept Grea Power Responsibility 12hrs $600 & 150xp Simpsons Home


Ralph Burn ThingsRalph Wiggum

Swallow Coins 4hrs $175 & 45xp Wiggum House


Respectable MoeRespectable Moe

Make Fine Conversation 8hrs $275 & 70xp Moes Tavern


Rex Banner Banana KaboomRex Banner

Lecture Boozers 8hrs $420 & 105xp Moes Tavern


The_Rich_TexanRich Texan

Holster A Big Gun 4hrs $260 & 70xp Springfield Downs


Rod FlandersRod

Memorize Scripture 4hrs $175 & 45 Flanders Home



Cyber Bully Other Teens 1hr $105 & 26xp Java Server
Try on Tube Tops 4hrs $260 & 70xp Pink House



Tidy Up In The Closet 1hrs $70 & 17xp Burns Manor



Spray Water With His Trunk 1hr $70 & 17xp KBBL Radio
Eat a Ton Of Food 4hrs $175 & 45 Springfield Pet Shop
Never Forget 8hrs $275 & 70xp KBBL Radio


Suzanne_the_WitchSuzanne the Witch

Brew a Potion 12hrs $600 & 150xp Gingerbread House


Todd FlandersTodd

Memorize Scripture 4hrs $175 & 45 Flanders Home


There you have it. A whole lot of New Character Tasks for just a handful of all that are available in the game. Some of the Payouts are a bit odd, I assume intentional or EA may tweak them later. We will just have to wait and see.

Did you notice these New Tasks? Have you already started using them? Any favorites so far? Any missed? Let us know.


96 responses to “New Character Tasks: Season 27 Episode Tie In

  1. Love the interrogate a rat. Hated when one hit 4 hr task and Smithers 1 hr task now

  2. All the jobs were added because the character shared a job or EA wanted some buildings to be useful.But why does Marge have a new 8 hour task


  3. Homer Dog is in the Town Census “waiting for something to do,” but when I “go to” him there are no tasks for him to do. Is he suppose to have tasks?

  4. Awww man so many characters that i dont have mostly event and some premiums :7

  5. Disappointed nearly all of them are indoors, and none are in Sequel Stop [or Bad Dream house] it’s cool Database will animate the Knowledgeum but surely they could put one skin from one kid or geek there. “Why won’t someone from EA please think of the Sequel Stop?!?” *wrings hands in anguish

  6. Mr Teeny 4 hour task grayed out … do I need more than one Krusty Burger? I also have the bug, not all characters are sent on jobs with the Job Manager. Perhaps Teeny is also part of the bug. Any news from EA on an update? Thanks

    • You shouldn’t need more than 1. Could just be a glitch on it, or something else preventing it. I’d contact EA on that.

      Everyone has that bug, it’s outlined in the post about the Unemployment building:

      An update for what? The next event? We won’t see anything from EA until it hits.

      • Thanks … but I have friends with IOS and all characters are sent on tasks from unemployment building, so not everyone has that bug. The update I was hoping for is the fix for Android. Sorry for the confusion.
        Great updates to the game though I can only send about half my characters right now this way. Love having new tasks for so many too. Still getting used to the mass collection from IRS leveling … I keep tap tap tapping. Hehe.

        • Hmmm… I hadn’t thing about whether this could be an iOS vs. Android thing… I did find that it sent all of my characters on task when I used my iPad yesterday morning, but that was also first thing in the morning, so, when it didn’t work later in the day, I thought timing had simmering to do with it. But now I’m realizing that, during the day I was using my Kindle Fire HD (original version), which runs on a “flavor” of Android, so maybe that’s why!

          Now that it’s weekend, I can use my iPad all day, so I’ll see what happens when I do my next unemployment office job sending thing!

    • I also have that glitch with Mr Teeny’s 4 hour task. Guessing it will be fixed with the next update.

      • I built another Krusty Burger and the task appeared. I think the internal counter is off by one. I dare not sell the extra KB … there are actually several in Springfield anyway.

  7. How do you get KBBL studios? I can’t find it anywhere or any info on it…… Is it one where you have to be a certain level or?

  8. What I love is that before, many of the characters had tasks that were tied to Homer, meaning you couldn’t do all of them at once. This frees up everybody to do something during the day.

  9. I only noticed Mr teeny today. And that made me think… Hmmm bet had the scoop as usual. Because I do rely on you all to help my addiction. πŸ˜‰ I love seeing all these new tasks to the characters I have. Can finally sync more up as I do use 4 and 8 hour tasks a lot too

  10. Why can’t more people have 16hr tasks? Its basically like sending them on a full day task but you don’t have to wait until the same time the next day to collect..

  11. Homer also has a 2 hour task to “Surf the Net” – is that new or have I just never noticed that before???

  12. Also I think marges new 8 hour option is a sign that we’ll definitely be seeing Maggie at some point in the (hopefully near) future, since all joint tasks were given alternatives and walk Maggie will be a joint task once she a full character of her own.

  13. This is my favorite thing that has ever happened in this game I don’t even care about the send all that nuch but I love the uniformity that all characters now have the basic task lengths πŸ™‚

  14. Psyched that Teeny and Stampy finally have more tasks. Glad to have more options.

    The only disappointment that I think is lacking, was from the Stonecutters event, and that is only 3 characters (Homer, Krusty, & Chief Wiggum) have an outdoor task to sing the Stonecutters Song. I was hoping I’d be able to send more of them to do so since it is such a long table.

    • actually there’s 4 characters who can sing the Stonecutter’s song, Number 51 (the martian) is the fourth.

    • I agree with you, and it would be nice to have more options for the Stonecutters table and the Thanksgiving table (Lisa & Flanders). I sometimes push them together. I am glad Teeny has something better than buying cigarettes to do when Krusty is busy. I wish Mrs Hibbert had a positive outdoor job. She is such a bad role model! It is the Simpsons, after all. πŸ˜‰

    • I have my wall constructed so that when all the other Stonecutters spill out of the lodge (which isn’t much lately as they’re all recycling and working in SH) they have to stop by the table for a minute. I also have it in close proximity to the open air stage and rear entrance to Beer & Brawl where Lurleen is BBQ’ing, throw in Giuseppe’s fireworks and it’s a real party.

  15. I’m jazzed about all the new tasks, these are gonna make life easier. I think I actually yelled out loud yea when I saw these show up yesterday! *insert happy dance here*
    But now for my total “Debbie Downer” part…..what good is it giving Stampy new tasks if not one of them is a lone visual one. I want to be able to see the elephant now and again (but by himself). Pfft! I might as well just leave him on the 24 hour task then.

    • I know! And some of the new tasks sound very visual…I was sure I was gonna get to SEE Stampy spraying water and was disappointed when he ducked into the radio station to do it. But I’m thinking that perhaps, in future updates, they’ll make some of these tasks visible. It would be to much to expect that they could get that done for all of the characters at once, so I’m not surprised that they didn’t. But I hope that they will in the future!

  16. So excited for this update! More jobs for Teeny and Stampy! Updated jobs for those characters with incomplete lists (4 hour tasks for Mindy and Ralph, 1 hour task for Shauna, etc). And updated jobs for those who have tasks tied to others (finally Smithers has a 1 hour tasks that is no longer dependent on Mr. Burns – but will he be able to handle the independence lol?)

  17. Yay! Loving this update! They needed to do this a long time ago. It probably was done to make the characters work better with the new feature at the unemployment office, but now I can bring the monkey and the rabbit back out of storage without them driving me up the wall with their short task lists. And I won’t have so must trouble syncing up tasks with other characters while I’m waiting for something to finish either.

  18. I can’t tell you how happy some of these make me, especially being able to send Bernice on a 4-hour task without Marge (whom I usually need to have speeding up triffids, when she’s not making glass or pills…busy lady!) and giving Mr. Teeny a 4-hour task, too!

  19. Yay! Now I can send Hugs and Sherrie on 8 hour tasks at the same time since they aren’t both dependant on homer!

  20. I have Cletus farm in a 24hr task and it won’t be done until later today but I was just curious if they added the hour task back for growing crops? I was disappointed when they changed it to 30min and was hoping they would eventually add another crop for the hour task.

  21. Number 1 new has a 1 hour job “quick drink at stone cutter lodge”

  22. Seems like we got a shiny new job manager at the uneployment office to go with all the new jobs. We can FINALLY send all available characters on jobs of the same time lenght at once. BEST.UPDATE.EVER

  23. And now we know why all characters got those standalone 1-4-8-12-24 jobs… Unemlpoyment office is useful at last πŸ™‚

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