Addicts Want to Know: New Poll About the IRS Building and Unemployment Office

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well last week two new, highly requested, features were added to our games….the Unemployment Office, which sends “all” characters on a task at once, and the IRS Building, which works as a collect “all” feature for tapping.

Of course these features don’t come without their share of bugs/annoying traits….for example:
-the Unemployment Office won’t send everyone on a task.  Only sends 1/2 or less.
-The IRS building clears everything in it’s path including character jobs and buildings, making it harder to leave stuff for neighbors to tap.
-And with both…there’s an added expense to use them.

Now that both features have been in the game for about a week I thought it’d be the perfect time to see what y’all think of them so far?  Are you using them?  Kind of annoyed by the feature?  Love it?  Hate it?  You tell us in the poll below and if you’d like to elaborate on your response please let us know in the comments below…


174 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: New Poll About the IRS Building and Unemployment Office

  1. hate to post on an old thread but…
    Did they turn off the Office of unemployment, or do I have a glitch?

  2. I love both, but they Arent the greatest thing added to tsto…. Voting inhibited…. :p

  3. I <3 the same the fact I expanded the radius of what I can click (but this only works within your Springfield). I can't say the same for changes to the Unemployment Office as you can't get every Simpsons Character to go on a Task (I do <3 the new Tasks some Characters received). Maybe EA can fix this (if so? I will offer an appreciative opinion) 😉

    • The unemployment office works fine on iOS, they just need to fix it for Android. I play with both and it’s so frustrating not to be able to use my iPad during weekdays because it’s SO much nicer when the unemployment office is working properly!

  4. Cant see the point of the Unemployment Office’s ability to send characters on jobs when it doesnt work, so I wont be using it again. And I stored the IRS building as soon as I discovered it wiped out all my tappable buildings, thereby removing anything for Neighbours to tap. So basically a fail on both.

  5. I voted hate both
    Since I got them I’ve been losing money rapidly
    Not the only one found a lot of people who are
    I keep collecting money but it don’t add up

  6. I voted “hate both” but that’s too strong. Need a “cool idea but I’m not using them” option in the poll. I like the idea of the IRS building, but until I have time to rearrange my town I’m not going to upgrade it. I like to keep a strip of building available for neighbors and with Sky Finger in scattergun mode, that’s not possible. As to the Unemployment Building, the idea is cool, but frankly the cost to send isn’t worth the time/taps saved. Maybe once I’m at the point where I’m just swimming in dough I’ll use it, but until then it’ll sit idle. If it had a “collect & resend” option I’d be more prone to use it, as then I could tap in while doing other things for a quick refresh of my characters rather than setting everyone on a 4 hour task while I’m running errands or whatever.

  7. I love them both.

    The unemployment office works differently on iOS and Android. On iOS it sends everyone without a quest (yellow) task.

    For android it also excluded characters that have tasks in the Heights or the monorail resource buildings.

    • Now – the Android situation isn’t that neat. It failed to send a bunch of characters who neither had recycling tasks nor Springfield Heights jobs. However, I *think* it did send a few charters who do have potential SH jobs, but I’m less sure of that.

      I haven’t yet been able to determine how it decides who it will and won’t send….mostly, I just wish I could stick to playing this on my iPad, instead of having to use my Kindle on weekdays.

      • Yeah, I find performance so horrible in TSTO on my Nexus 6 that I generally only play it on an iPad. It’s very annoying. “The other game that shall not be named” doesn’t have those problems on Android.

      • It has been observed in another thread that it doesn’t send anyone who has any tasks with less than a one hour duration. So, once you build the convention center, that’s a whole bunch.

        • What convention center??

          Not sure about the “not sending characters who have tasks shorter than one hour”…I don’t think that’s right, but I should be able to confirm that in about an hour.

      • Sandrashill – the Convention Center was added with Level 56 ( It added a 30 minute task for 11 characters, but upon closer inspection, the only one who didn’t already have a <1hr task was Skinner, so it's not really a big impact. Either way, the theory checked out in my game. Did you have a chance to confirm/contradict in yours?

        • Wow – that convention center wasn’t very long ago…starting to really worry about my memory! If you have the convention center, is it at least used for when characters are sent to sci-to conventions and stuff? Uter went to the elementary school to attend one if those, which is just plain weird!

          I do think you’re right about it not sending characters who have tasks that are under 30 minutes… Don’t know why it would do that for Android but not iOS! I hope they make the Android code work like the iOS code when the next update comes out (likely the Halloween event due imminently).

      • Actually, I’m pretty sure Üter went to the school for the sci-fi convention even though I had the Convention Center. I guess Üter’s tastes are more obscure than those big pop culture cons can handle?

        I totally agree that the iOS approach sounds nicer. Hopefully whenever the functionality returns it will be at least consistent, if not ideal…

  8. I’m firmly “meh” about both features. The IRS building is nice in theory but it’s way too expensive to upgrade and the radius is cumbersome even at level 4. I won’t be upgrading it any more for those reasons. I like the unemployment building a little more than the other for the easiness of sending everyone out at once but I find I make more mistakes as far as sending out people I need for other tasks. I haven’t run into the issue of it not sending everyone out.

  9. Arnie Pie is ALWAYS stored for just. that. reason.

  10. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    I’ve almost fully upgraded my IRS building (one level to go). I am pretty much keeping it stored right now. I just don’t like clearing massive parts of my town at once because I want to leave things for my neighbors. However, once the next event hits, and if they keep doing what they’ve been doing, then my neighbors won’t need my buildings and I’ll bring it back out to make life a tad easier for me. I like the building, but (outside an event) it’s just not practical if you want to be a good neighbor, IMHO.

    • This makes the most sense. I don’t have the money to upgrade it that far (I’m sticking with level 2 for now) but out it comes next week!

    • I agree completely. I am extremely glad EA made the IRS building storable. Now, we just need to develop a real-world app…. 🙂

  11. I thought the name of the game is Simpsons Tapped Out! I like the look of the IRS building when fully upgraded, but when I go into my town to clear handshakes & tasks I store it. People may say it’s not about my neighbors, well they shouldn’t have neighbors then. True I design my town how I like it, but I have a lot of neighbors & not fair to have them searching for something to tap on or fair to me to have to search and search and sometimes nada. It’s a big time waster for both not to mention inconsiderate!
    One of my favorite aspects of this game is seeing other towns, and my neighbors have pretty cool towns! I love the interaction, both through visiting and chatting on this site, without that I wouldn’t still be playing.
    I don’t use unemployment office even when I’m a hurry as I don’t like some of the tasks and won’t use them. Plus I pay a fee to be lazy?!
    I understand some pep get super busy & it helps them so more power to them we all play our game our own way. I would rather let my characters roam around & socialize with each other lol then use tasks I don’t like, plus I want to spend my money on what I want for my town!
    with that happy note (not) I hope everyone out there is well. I’ve taken a turn for worse which is why I’ve been so quiet. Been using what energy I have for tapping neighbors and keeping town cleared. Have still been reading, just not posting?

  12. Good Features, both of these.
    I learned to turn off (store) the IRS building when tapping in the Heights because sometimes I am just going for the coffee’s and gym mats and waiting to do the pharmacy or the statue things.
    Also, learned from routing that putting the people on specific timed tasks via the Unemployment office misses out on specific characters so I am learning who gets left behind, searching for them, and visiting City Hall to see who “is waiting for something to do”
    I am also learning that I have to have Arnie Pye on a task that doesn’t have him in the helicopter because whenever I tap on something and he gets in the way I am automatically transported to the Channel 6 building, which is mildly annoying depending on where I am at or if I am searching for characters that the unemployment office missed.
    The benefits far outweigh the above mentioned topics so I am giving EA a “thumbs up” on this one!
    Also, a “thumbs up” ALWAYS for Alissa, Bunny, and Wookie.
    Thanks : )

    • I like both features. Dont you guys have any brown houses around for people to click. If you go collecting on all your buildings within minutes there will be something for friends to click.
      As for flying characters, the concept is awesome but it is really annoying they get in the way of taps. For Arnie Pile I have him set on the stonecutters outfit and he is never flying for me.
      the only time for me a character doesnt get sent on a task when I use the unemployment office is when they dont have a corresponding task for that time amount. I like to do 12 or 24 hours mostly which always misses the monkey (blanking on his name right now) and Stampy the elephant. But I got 90 donuts and i might buy the pet shop with jub jub so that will be a bit less of an issue. And I generally try to send my people i need to do things on tasks before i hit up the unemployment office so they are busy. At the moment I cant ever use the lotto ticket or the town hall census to find characters cause it crashes my game, but usually just 2 are left so I leave task book open and use it to find them.

  13. It appears that the results are only visible if you vote, but I do not want to vote a second time. When will you the post the poll results?

  14. I said I loved both. However I don’t use the unemployment office everytime though.

    In recent weeks I have struggled with time in my game with work and study. So having these features has made this go alot quicker. With these few changes I can spend more of my time tapping neighbours and any left over time I can start remodelling my town.

    It may have not saved a great amount of time but I have noticed that it has helped (train journey in the morning is timed exactly to collecting money and assigning tasks, noticed I didn’t always have the time before to complete it all)

  15. I love both ideas. The IRS building I upgraded to lv 4. I may just leave it there. It seems to collect enough at a time. I can leave buildings for Neighboreenos that way. As for the Unemployment Office, I would be nice if they straightened out what characters will be sent or clarify why they are not. And I’m pretty sure it does not take into account Premium skins. But for the most part, if I’m not in a crunch for money, its a swell idea.

  16. For me it’s love love. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use the unemployment office at first but with the rail yard resetting yesterday I decided to send everyone who wasn’t recycling on one hour tasks. Since I need to reset the recyclers, why not the entire town. Well the increased tapping radius made clearing tasks so easy and the UO worked like a charm (I’m on iOS) and I really raked in the money too. In fact while the IRS is great for clearing buildings I like it even better for clearing tasks. You get a few characters close together and money and xp flying it can be a bit of a pain but now it’s one tap and done!

  17. I like seeing the pop of a bunch of items go of with the irs tap. However the cost to upgrade is a bit ridiculous. Unemployment office is cool. Does miss a bunch of characters but still decent when in a rush.

  18. I would love the unemployment office if it worked for me. I’m on android and it consistently misses characters. That being said, I think it’s a great feature. Loving the IRS building! I don’t understand all the hate for these buildings. If you truly dislike them that much, just store them. The game isn’t forcing you or anyone else to use these features.

  19. I am really enjoying both options, and when I feel like tapping on everyone/thing I do.

    Now, if they’d just create an easy way to find what I’ve just put in storage, that would be great 🙂

  20. barleecreations (canid88)

    Hmm.. None of these options truly reflect my feelings. I like the unemployment office, not exactly in love with it. I most likely won’t be using it unless I’m very pressed for time. However I am happy to have that building in case I need it. Now IRS, I have mixed feelings about it. *IF* the building had a feature where you could turn on and off, along with the option to dial up and down the tap radius…then I would be so in love with it.

  21. Maybe I misunderstood the post. I know there is a fee to use the Unemployment Office to send characters on tasks (so I have not been using it). Are you saying there’s a fee to use the mass-collection feature of the IRS Building as well? I don’t remember being warned about that 🙁

  22. Too much money and not a Springfield item. Boo IRS

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