Tapped Out Oktoberfest Walkthroughs: Beer Stein Wiggum

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Gil’s back in Springfield and this time is donning his lederhosen because it’s Oktoberfest time!  And one of Gil’s Oktoberfest specials is Beer Stein Wiggum, the only new Oktoberfest specific item to come with a questline.

We broke down the pros and cons of purchasing Beer Stein Wiggum earlier today, so now it’s time to tackle his questline.  Once purchased Beer Stein Wiggum’s short, but fun, little questline starts up.  And it’s all about…beer of course!

So let’s take a look at all the rolling fun of Coptoberfest!


Coptoberfest Pt. 1

Lou: Chief, come on, we’ve had zero reported cases of underage drinking.
 Drunk kids aren’t dumb enough to just stumble around in public like drunk adults.  I need to look like them, think like them, and above all else – drink like them.
So you are going to get drunk and expense the police department for your Halloween costume again?
Once you pee in it, you can’t return it. And I always pee in it.  Now stick to your job, Lou, and stop busting my chops just for breaking the law.
Make Beer Stein Wiggum Drink Undercover- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Make Lou (Reluctantly) Investigate Bogus Case- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Eddie (Reluctantly) Investigate Bogus Case- 
4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Coptoberfest Pt. 2
Wiggum starts

Kearney: What do you want, freak?
I wanna hang out and drink with my fellow youths, as well as educate them as a peer about the dangers of drinking, as well as possibly arrest them. But honestly I can’t tell if you’re a youth.
 Depends. Not according to the DMV. But I’m technically a fetus according to Springfield Elementary’s reading comprehension test.
 I’ll go straight to the source at Springfield Elementary! That’s a great idea, Kearney!
What is? You’re talking in text bubbles, and I can’t read.
Make Beer Stein Wiggum Teach Kids to “Just Pour It Out”- 6hrs, Earns $350, 90xp
Make Kearney Go to School- 6hrs, Earns $350, 90xp (if you have him)

Coptoberfest Pt. 3
Wiggum starts

Jimbo: Me and the other boys really liked your message and want to help spread the word!
That’s great! Pressure from peers is a tried and true method of getting kids to stop harmful behaviors.
We want to “Just Pour It Out” in front of everyone! But they won’t let us buy beer at the store for the demonstration.
I’ve never been prouder to be an officer of the law – of course I’ll buy you kids beer.
Thanks Chief! We’ve got a lot of peers so get us a case.
Make Beer Stein Wiggum Buy Beer for Bullies- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Coptoberfest Pt.4
Wiggum starts

Jimbo: That was so *hic* successful, we want to spread the message to an *hic* even wider audience.
It’s nice to see today’s youth so excited that they can’t even walk a straight line or keep from vomiting.
A single beer isn’t cutting it anymore, what with social media and whatever. The youth of today need something bigger, more impressive, something they can tap into.
 You mean like a keg?
 I mean if you think that’s the best idea, Officer Wiggum, let’s do it. IPA this time. Don’t cheap out.
Always happy to make the responsible choice. Mind holding my gun while I go inside?
Make Beer Stein Wiggum Buy a Keg- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Round Up the Usual Suspects
Lou starts

Lou: Huh, another slow-walking streaker. It looks like there’s an underage drinking problem after all.
Want to round up the usual suspects?
Nah, let’s just assume it was the Chief’s fault.
Make Lou Investigate the Case- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp
Make Eddie Investigate the Case- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

Coptoberfest Pt. 5
Wiggum starts

Lou: Well, Chief, we were wrong. There is a youth alcoholism problem.
Wiggum’s right again! Once we find the source, boys, the first round’s on me!
Actually, it looks like the source is you. We’re gonna have to arrest you.
Arrest me?! But I’m your Chief! There must be another punishment that lets me retain my dignity!
Fine. Eddie, hit him with the hose.
Make Beer Stein Wiggum Roll Uncontrollably- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

And that completes Beer Stein Wiggum’s short little questline!

What are your thoughts on the questline?  Did you purchase Beer Stein Wiggum?  Thoughts on the dialogue?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

11 responses to “Tapped Out Oktoberfest Walkthroughs: Beer Stein Wiggum

  1. Nope, didnt purchase anything, will save for christmad event unless sonething good in yhe haloween event

  2. Are we going to get any other content besides the “Gil Deal” this month during Halloween Fest or this is all?

  3. Just wondering what the in game update today was for.

    • Did you get yesterday’s Gil deal? Could be that or just your device re-downloading content which happens sometimes

      • Got the Gil deal update (although new items come tomorrow, that could be why) My system updated while I was in game as well. Tried going to K-Land, it booted me, and started auto downloading something. Checked, and currently nothing new in the shop, doesn’t mean there won’t be tomorrow maybe…or *shudders* could it be….a pre-download for…dare I say it….an event? Maybe for Halloween? 😀

  4. I got Wiggum’s new outfit immediately but I’ve always wondered why characters like this even have non-visual tasks. After the quest I certainly never use the non-visual tasks…What’s the point of putting such a cool outfit away in an indoor task just to activate a barely noticeable building animation?

    • I always wondered about that myself. Granted, Wiggum earns premium rate just sitting inside Moe’s, but still…

      This outfit was tempting, but the two outdoor tasks are the 1hr and the 4hr task, which i personally don’t use that often (mostly 12hrs. and 24hrs).

  5. I bought the skin and really enjoy it. That is all that I will be buying from this offer. The rest of the stuff seems quite lame.

  6. This skin is really tempting. Cannot wait for the Halloween event.

    P.S. Feel free to add me: myolie19

  7. Man, reading this REALLY makes me want that skin, but gotta be strong for next week tho. Thanks Alissa.

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