Halloween 2015 Event Teaser!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Check out this little teaser EA released on their TSTO Facebook Page a short while ago…


So this does confirm that Halloween will be coming to TSTO this year!  And like I said in the Oktoberfest post, I think it’ll hit Tuesday/Wednesday of next week….so be prepared!

So what could this possibly be referencing? Let’s take a look…

Well according to our resident Simpsons experts (aka Bunny & Wookiee) they’re in agreement that this looks like it’s from “Boy Scoutz n’ the Hood” (S5:E8)…



Look familiar?  Here’s a closer look at the teaser…


Are you in agreement with Bunny and Wookiee about the reference?  Think is fits in with any of Wookiee’s wish list for 2015?  Excited for Halloween?  Ready for the event in your town?  What else are you hoping to see? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

186 responses to “Halloween 2015 Event Teaser!

  1. Bitte addet mich .. 🙂 brauche noch Freunde in meiner Liste !!

  2. Does anyone know if the cemetery is going to come out in the next few days? 🙂

  3. Does anyone know what can produce skull?

  4. Does anyone know what can produce the bunnies?

  5. add me guys daily player domiking23

  6. Any word if they will rerelease the drive in theater?

  7. It’s here!!!!!

  8. just downloaded an update with halloween start screen but nothings happening in-game…anyone else?

  9. Halloween update has now hit iTunes! But I can’t get the event to trigger, it’s making me mad!

  10. As long as they rerelease Booberella, I’ll be happy with whatever they have for this year. Been saving up to add her to the collection.

  11. I’d love to have Maggie as her own character and with the option of giving her a fang and tenticals. Also homer as Death! And lastly the shinning mansion. Can’t wait for the update. Ive been saving my donuts!

  12. Well I contacted The Tapped Out crew
    And asked when the update lands
    And they said the update is coming soon
    Not a big help why they just can’t tell ask when is beyond me
    But what they did say is that they have heard
    The voices of it’s sky fingers and they have made this the scariest
    Halloween update ever
    Which is good to hear considering how un creepy the last few have been

  13. The event will be released today at 12 noon EST/ 1pm this afternoon.

  14. Sometime tomorrow we’ll know if the event has arrived. (This will be my first THOH event, and, yes, I am getting excited.) But in 11 hours Oktoberfest deals will end. I don’t know if there’s any event related reason to get the Wiggum skin. I know that if I could have afforded Uter then he’d be good for SH and monorail and probably trick or treating. I’ll probably be twiddling my thumbs until the deal expires, trying to decide if I should use up part of my donut stash or save it all for whatever the next event brings.

  15. You know this Tapper can’t wait for Halloween 2015 (why else am I saving my Simpsons Cash & Donuts? (lol). I can only guess this year’s Halloween Event will be in 3 Parts (just like every Event this year has been doing) … 😉

  16. This is my first Halloween event. The Treehouse of Horror episodes are my favorites, so I’m very excited for this event to start.

  17. When do you guys reckon this update will come out? For me its Monday the 5th of October today AEST. Do you guys think it will come tomorrow Tuesday 5th of October AEST?

  18. Woot woot, can’t wait. I missed out on some stuff for my first tsto Halloween last year. Ready for this year. I see that the Preparatory School and Greta are on special. She can get treat bags. Will she be a good buy to plan for Halloween? I’m thinking yes but not sure if I should save my donuts for Halloween exclusives.

    • Still don’t know if I should save my donuts or spend? :/ I had to grind hard for the last event to get all the free stuff. Hope it’s an easier one

  19. Anybody else see this? It’s a screenshot from my neighbors town. Look closely at Homer.


  20. If we have walking dead trees, (zomtree’s), I hope not only axes but chainsaws. Homer with Chainsaw and Hockey Mask (from the scene of Bart trying to get to sleep on the houseboat with Sideshow Bob on the loose), old classic Sideshow Bob episode.

  21. All I hope to add …

    …is evil dead ☆

  22. Can’t wait.

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