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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  An all new episode of The Simpsons airs tonight, what do you think will happen in the new episode?  Friday night we got a little spoiler from EA about the upcoming Halloween Event, are you excited for Halloween to hit?  Of course this week wasn’t without an update, Wednesday saw a Gil deal hit our towns for Oktoberfest.  Have you picked up any of the Oktoberfest items?
Today was the last game of the regular season for baseball, so no Sunday Night Baseball tonight.  How’d your team do this season?  Excited for the Postseason?  Sunday Night Football, however, is on, tonight it features the Cowboys vs the Saints.  Will you be watching?  Did your team play earlier today?  How’d they do?  The Jets and Dolphins played in the UK earlier today, any of our UK readers go to the game?
How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  The East Coast  of the US was hit with a crazy nor’easter this weekend, did you fare ok?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


253 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Any new news..what’s next now that casino is done and why can’t we buy more land in the heights area

  2. I didn’t know where to put this so I’ll put it here.

    I’ve noticed that the Count Burns skin from 2013’s THOH event has a 24 hour task to earn 24 brains. So if he has this task then surely there must be others that have similar tasks to earn resources for this year’s event?

    • Ninja Homer- 4 Snake Eggs/4hrs
      Mayan Marge- 8 Bunny Ears/8hrs
      Shadow Knight (Bart)- 12 Bones/ 12hrs
      Count Burns- 24 Brains/24hrs
      Mausoleum- Earns 8 Skeletons/8hrs
      Pet Cemetery- 10 Bunnies/10hrs
      Freak Mobile- Earns 12 Zombies/12hrs.
      Hollow Snake Log- Earns 12 Snakes/12hrs

  3. Anyone else having trouble with accepting friend requests? My icon on the homepage is showing 4 new requests, but when I go to the friend tab it says no requests. I’m not at the friend limit. Thanks

    • That kind of thing happens sometimes. Wait a bit, then close and reopen your game and you may find it’s fixed. If not, the other recommendation I’ve seen posted here is to try using the Origin desktop app/site (or whatever they’re calling it now that they’ve done away with the “Origin” name).

  4. Is there a monorail building that will stop the Homer walking Bitey task? Pressed it by accident and now I am stuck for 24 hours!

    • Check your Monorail Stations to see what one he is in. 4 were available during the Event.

      • I only have the mall, the main station, and tetanus, plus the railyard. None worked. Darn, seems as if Bitey is here to stay. Oh well I will wait this one out. Homer will be free today 😛

        • Hmmm been a bit… trying to remember WHERE he went for the task. Maybe… the Project Board or Simpsons? But I swear it was the Station.

  5. My Springfield is so totally whacked this week.

    Last week Skinner & Wille just vanished, the buildings were there, but they didn’t exist. If I put the school/shack in inventory, and put them back, 1/3 of my town disappeared.

    If I tried to get them via railyard tasks, it said I didn’t have enough resources – but I could get them for zero donuts. Tap zero donuts, 1/3 of the town is gone.

    All my blue houses were stuck at 7:59.

    Then the halloween update came.

    Well Skinner/Willey are back (Yeah!) and my blue houses are back (yeah!) but the rendering of the town is a disaster. It’s hard to describe, object alignment is all screwed up, characters walk through buildings, fences run through buildings, some buildings are impossibly huge and overlap others, the poor monorail looks like a nuclear bomb really did explode in Springfield.

    Yes I put in a bug report but I am not hopeful.

    Is it just me? Is anyone else seeing this? The game works but I am afraid to do anything but collect $$/XP as moving an object, placing track pieces, etc. causes 1/3 to 1/2 the down to vanish, but randomly some objects remain.

  6. Really enjoying this event. I am having fun watching my neighbors fight for the first place spot on the friend leaderboard. A spot with no prize or recognition 🙂 I send out Faceless terrors to neighbors who are behind and avoid those who don’t bother to return the favor or have to be on top. HAPPY TAPPING 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. I am missing Monty Moneybags. I just completed Money Mountain and have the mount the mountain task but no skin. Checked characters and it’s not there. Not there when I tap burns. Tried going to KL and back. Tried restarting. Nothing works. Any suggestions?

  8. Looks like finally got through YAY I miss u’all.
    Sorry about the Yankees Alissa, what a shock!

    • Not a shock at all. They played like crap for the last 2 months…I didn’t expect any different. Actually glad they’re out…now I can actually enjoy watching the games.

  9. Still trying to post

  10. I’m back, please don’t ask, ‘pologies to those that lost me, but happy if you want me back 😉
    Saw the update, finally re-arranged and accommodated THOH, felt relevance as I began TSTOing @ midway through AllHallows 2 years ago and missed half the content…
    Thanks to two, Sandra for a backbone; Tapebro for my first check today.

    • SO happy to have you back!!! 😀 I’ll be by to visit later on this evening.

    • Cube so happy you’re back! Was worried when your town went untapped for awhile. Figured you were getting through those crazy hours you spoke of awhile back. Was actually planning on asking @Sandra if she’d “seen” you here (lol Sandra you’ve become the Doyenne of this site) How’s work now for you?
      If you’ve got the inclination check out bands -Deathstar- and -Ghost- (Swedish industrial metal). I’ll be seeing Ghost (and Die Antwoord!!!) at Beach Goth this month (and no I’m not a goth).
      I sent some Formless Frights (wish they were called that cuz I love me some alliteration) to your town.
      Take care!

      • “Doyenne,” huh…..I’d really like the sound of that if it didn’t make me seem so old!

        • @sandra lolololo didn’t mean that of course! I guess it is a more archaic word…but those are so fun! Like consarnit (I doubt that word would violate the TOS but so sorry A/B/W if it does). Plus I’m pretty sure you’re only a few years older than me anyhoo 😉 not old yet not old yet not old yet 😉
          Have a great weekend all! My back is slowly getting better so I’m not so grumpy and my jaw surgery went well. Yay!

      • Hope you enjoy Die Antwoord. I was amazed (& very happy for them!) to discover how popular they are outside of South Africa. If you haven’t seen it yet check out Ninja & Yolandi in the movie Chappie 😄😄😄

    • Glad to have you back 🙂

  11. barleecreations (canid88)

    Hey Bunny, have you mailed out the prizes yet? I haven’t received mine so I’m hoping they haven’t been mailed, I’d be crushed if the post office lost it.

  12. Should I buy the pet shop?

    • barleecreations (canid88)

      If you like it and want it I say yes, but personally I would save my donuts for Halloween.

  13. Old Dude who runs the House of Evil

    Just watched the Casino episode. How is that not a level yet? Build Mr. Burns’ Casino. Characters can be Homer & Flanders’ Vegas wives. You can do skins for germophobe Burns, Dealer Homer, Pit BOSS Bart. Plus Lisa’s “Floreda” and Ralphs Idaho

  14. Random thoughts…

    > The straw that tipped the scales to my not getting Greta was how out of scale (see what I did there?) her building is. I just know that would bug the heck out of me every time I saw it. I have a pretty good-sized garten of kinders, so, hopefully I’ll get along okay without her for Halloween.

    > Why is my Other Springfield only at Level 30?

    > I’m thinking that, once the event hits, it’s gonna take a lot longer to win the weekly 5-donut Rail Yard payout. I’ve been getting that by sometime on Friday…hopefully that means I have enough slack to bring it in by the following Monday night. Of course, my Springfield Heights work will pretty much go back on hiatus during the event, I’m guessing…

    > What one thing do I want EA to release right now? Probably more land for Springfield Heights. Can’t stand that crowded, ugly back row I have and, even with that, I don’t have enough room to place all of my buildings, so I’m losing out on some significant XP multiplying! But I’m not gonna junk up the rest of my Springfield Heights, just so I can shoehorn them in.

    > I wonder how many people read the Weekly Open Thread after its been up for a few days? Do the people who do, do so via email subscription (like I do) or do they just keep going back each day and scrolling through all the contents to see if anyone added anything? Is anyone reading this?

    > How come I don’t have time to do a zillion other things (even some things I really enjoy doing), but I have time to write this?

    > If a comment is submitted in a forest, does it register optically?

    > Jim Henson, Mel Blanc, and Phil Hartman were all mighty men, for in each one, there were many. May they all rest in peace.

    • 1. I like your word play. But, doesn’t straw break camels’ backs, not tip scales? 😉 heh.

      2. I assume you’re at level 58, yes? According to the wiki, a little bit vaguely stated, it says that OS should be level 51 if you’re above level 30. Mine still says level 30 and I’m at level 49. I don’t get it either.

      3. I was thinking that it won’t be possible to really focus on the Monorail nor SH during the event. Events usually require Homer and Lisa, plus all the main ones used in the expansion and pseudoexpansion. Let us know if you can actually get to your bonuts. I think that I’ll just stick to getting the first prize of rails.

      5. I just come back, but I notice that it doesn’t get the traffic it deserves for being what it is. I really wish the link under “Community” would go directly to that week’s “Open Thread”. So, how does one get all the comments posted to one’s email? I tried it once and I don’t recall seeing any except for notices that there were new posts (i.e. not comments).

      • To get the comments via email, you have to first make a comment yourself and, when you do, choose the option that says “Notify me of new comments via email” (not “Notify me of new posts via email). Of course you also need to make sure to include your email or have out logged into your WordPress account, if you have one.

        As to earning rails, I think I’m fine laying track in my town, so, if I find that I can’t get to the 5-donut bonus during the event, I won’t be bothering with recycling until the event ends. (Wish I could share some of my extra tracks with my “friends” here!)

        Straw on the scale…was thinking of something very light to put in the scale to just cause it to tilt ever so slightly and a straw seemed that it would do the trick. No camels here…they’re pretty neat creatures. But, a llama might be okay….

    • I’m not usually able to get on the thread while everyone is active so I’m usually catching up with my reading on Monday or Tuesday. Later in the week, I’ll check out the number of comments and if it has increased by more than one or two, I’ll use the search function to look for dates (day I left off, year works great) It’s much easier than scrolling through everything!!

      Vacation, weddings (not mine) and work have kept me a little less active lately so I’ve slacked off. I’m starting to get back in the routine though – no time for slacking with an event on the horizon!

    • Stupid straw! Had I known that Greta’s face was gonna be there taunting me every time I sent youngsters to make s’mores, that might have tipped the scale back in favor of getting her. (I mean, I knew she might be useful for Halloween, but I didn’t know it would be so in my face all the time!) Grrrr…..

    • I have to check the open thread all week so I don’t miss your words of wisdom Sandra!
      I think only regulars check it after Monday when it’s not top of the list.
      a lot of people just come to ask a question (which has usually already been answered) on the top thread, especially like now, as people are just getting into a new event ……..

      My favourites are the ones who will turn up in a couple of days time, all despondent, and their comment will be something like……..

      “I didn’t know the event had started till I was forced to update, now I’ve missed the first week, no point playing, I’ll never catch up, stupid EA…… and some of my trees have lost their foliage, is this a glitch? stupid EA”
      🎃 👹 😈 👽 👻 😱 💀 👾 🐍 🎃 👀 🐇 🎃

  15. Happy Monday everyone. Hopefully everyone had a fanastic weekend.

  16. How do I know where my “Drop Zone” is? When I land in my town it is by SH tunnel but if I come in from my B town it is usually toward the center of my Springfield but not always.

  17. Hi Everybody!
    Hopefully we’ll be having THOH drop tomorrow since Oktoberfest ends tomorrow. I picked up Beer Stein Wiggum from the store and really enjoy watching him roll around Springfield. How’s everyone doing on Springfield Heights? 3 of my neighbors have already hit the billion dollar mark and I just hit 300 mill. I’m focusing right now on maxing my business centers first since it looks like they build up your real estate value pretty quickly. Does anyone have any other tips they use as well?

    • Hi, Dr. Nick! (I had to.)

      17 of my neighbors have hit 1bn. (I have around 80 neighbors total). My top person is at 1.3bn. You know that’s gotta mean some design love if they’re going beyond the goal by that much…and yes, it is quite a treat for the eyes.

      I’m not sure, but I upgraded to each level of each building, including business centers, and got to over 150mil. I figured I was gettting really close to the 200mil prize so by the time this comment is approved I will have the Lake. 🙂

      You make me pine for the Wiggum skin… *sigh*

  18. I won two premium characters in the mystery box in the last week or so!! I hadn’t even realized you could win characters! I got squeaky voices teen and blue haired lawyer! Hope my luck keeps up!!

    • Congrats! Only one more character you can win through the Mystery Box, though, so you’re almost done with that part (unless they decide to change it up again, which would be great!!).

    • I think there is also Kearney, but after that I’m not sure there is anyone else. I have all 3 of them.

    • Get ready for itchy and scratchy billboards and channel 6 vans . That’s all I keep getting……

      • Hey, that’s not bad…at least those both have bonus multipliers! Better than getting a ton of fallout shelters or one if the other cheap, non-bonus-multiplying items!

  19. Is there an Add Me page for people who enjoy designing their towns? I seem to have accumulated a lot of house farmers as neighbors and I would really rather see inspiring designs!

    • Nothing specific, but you can say what kind of towns you’re looking for on the Add Friends page.

    • Same! I have even kept inactive players if they have a nice looking town design. I added you, if your origin name is the same as your username. Keep a look out for this chick!

    • I have seen such descriptions in the add friends posts. Be warned that they often do not have neighbour friendly designs, so it will increase your visiting times. You might want to have just a few like seasoning in the pot. Mine is still a mess after all of these changes but I am slowly developing an idea of where I want to go, namely task based building clusters separated by Monorail. That will make collecting easier and add a bit of grace. Roads are just for town centres so that visitors have something to tap on when they arrive during an event.

    • marissabunny, maybe your neighbours have nuked their towns recently with all the new stuff…I’m thinking of nuking but so much work.
      My town is fairly well set out, no house farms, but at least there’s always something to tap on when neighbours have house farms.
      Hmmm with Halloween coming maybe I should add more friends too.

  20. Does anyone know if they’re going to bring back the Monorail event? My game was constantly crashing and I missed out big time 😔😔😢😢

    And I really like the integration of the monorail in Springfield. I was really looking forward to it 😢😢

  21. Random questions:
    Visiting friends and it indicted they last played 6 weeks ago. Does mean that they haven’t PLAYED in 6 weeks, or a that they haven’t VISITED me in 6 weeks? I always thought it was the former, but when I read comments from people indicating that they track how often each person visits – whoa! – it makes me hope that it is the latter. (I certainly don’t want to maintain a note pad by my game, checking off each time I clear a visit and who that visit came from.

    Second, is there an announcement when SSB delivers bonus donuts? I know I must have earned them by now, but I can’t recall being told so.

    Third and last, I visit KL daily so as to earn and exchange the tickets for game cash. But having played for a year now, it seems to me that the game doesn’t “dump” me in KL as frequently as it did eight months ago. Even after I completed all KL quests, I frequently found my self there. Not so much now. Now I have to visit on purpose. Thoughts? Maybe my mind has gone round the bend.

    • Played.

      Bonus ones, no I don’t believe so. I think you just get them in tickets.

    • I track visits manually in Excel from time to time. Right now it is pointless as I can’t blame people for not visiting when it takes so long. I have a great set of neighbours (which took a lot of work and tracking to collect) and when things improve, I am sure most will return to visiting (unless I just screwed that up (enigmatic smile)). Now that the IRS has arrived, the only way to do it is by storing the IRS building so you can tap handshakes individually. Often you cannot track visits during an event so you have to do it between events, which is one of the reasons there is a flurry of add me requests just before and after an event. In short, your friends list will probably reflect the amount of effort you put into it. The more effort you put into finding friends that suit your tastes (frequent visitors, easy to tap on, nice designs, etc.), the better the collective whole will be.

  22. Hey tappers.
    I was with 2M in the Mr.Burns Money mountain and send the character for a 10h task witch is deposit 250.000, but when I collected, the counter remains in 2M.
    This bug already hapen with simeone?
    What shold I do?
    I just lost 250000 its not to much but is half of day of work

  23. I just have to comment on last night’s episode. Easily one of the best ones I have seen in the last 10 years, hands down!

  24. Happy THOH Eve everybody! I wanted to give a shout out to all my neighboreenos! You guys rock, thank you for all of the visits – I hope there’s plenty to tap!
    I’m discovering that chugging away at the SH expansion as a way to keep main characters available works, but I will never make it to the Billion mark. Nope not never. . . I just wish I could store the crafting buildings (the constant task reminder gets tiring after a while); but I do enjoy being able to “purchase” new decorations (yes the gold is GAUDY!!!!! no I don’t have any of it in my town).
    I was reading comments here and have a thought for the forum – I see some tappers having difficulty with vandalism. . . and I was too for a little bit of time. It seems Moe’s was getting hit every other day or so, and this was not normal for the names I saw as the vandals. So, the social experiment began, and I moved Moe’s down the line on the other side of my row of buildings. Moe’s being about 3 more inches from the SH tunnel did it, and no one has tagged me in a week! This made me supremely happy, only because the vandalism in my eyes is unsightly. The star rating I do not worry about too much. SO . . if you’re seeing a lot of unusual vandalism, I would suggest re-working your layout, especially when the spray cans end up close to the SH tunnel or just right of that area. . . . that’s where I usually accidentally tag when I’m swiping.

    • Yes, this new town centre at the passage has really put vandalisable buildings in the firing line. I fully agree that those who do not want to be vandalised should put them as far from temptation as necessary. ANd those who DO want to be vandalised should mark the buildings with a training wall. It can be done tastefully.

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